The Conglomerate Empire

Conspiracy for Control By Crisis, Deception & Technology

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The TICK Conspiracy

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Tyrannical Technocratic Tricksters

Behind the scenes of what goes on in the economy, politics, the media and much more, there is a cabal of elite people whose powerful leaders have a strategy for controlling the world through a conglomerate of corporate entities, including companies, agencies, governments and non-profit organizations.

I describe this conglomerate empire as the "Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom". For ease of reference I sometimes call this little understood conglomerate by its acronym, the "TICK". This technocratic corporate statist parasitical TICK is similar in a way to the tick insect that hides in the grass and imbeds itself in the skin to feed on one's blood.

Emerging from centuries of development is a growing global tyranny, a corporate state dictatorship run by a synarchy, of rich powerful oligarchs and their carefully developed network of organizations, a small number of people controlling many.

These powerful elitist manipulators and their predecessors have created ongoing distractions and crises that have preoccupied people around the world for centuries.

This is not a "conspiracy theory", a term coined by the CIA in the 1960's, initially used to dissuade further analysis of President Kennedy's assassination so the participants in that conspiracy would not be fully revealed. The term has been repeatedly applied since then to cause analysts of conspiracies and false flag events to be disregarded, and to keep away experts who want to avoid ridicule.

This secret organized culture of dominance manipulates economies and governments. It defines the nature and actions of relationships between people, businesses and governments. It undermines personal growth, health, freedom and self-expression. It impedes development of independent, self-determining communities among people.

The TICK cabal lies and deceives. It poisons, drugs and hypnotizes the populace. It generates conflicts and wars. It disrupts and destroys lives in its drive for total global control.


Hidden Control
The global conglomerate empire is too big and complex for any one person to understand it all and respond.

If we work together to uncover what is going on, there is the added possibility of transforming the crisis for good. There are many who are already researching and sharing information about this situation and the powers behind it.

The minions that intentionally serve the TICK are life-sucking parasites that hide in companies, governments, intelligence agencies, the military, the media, bureaucracies and law enforcement agencies and religious organizations, to control and feed off of the energy, efforts and value of the rest of us, while engendering distress, disease and discomfort.

The TICK conglomerate empire has also been called "the Establishment", "Big Brother", "the secret government", "the shadow government", "the hidden directorate", "the deep state", "the Organization", "the globalists", "the invisible empire", "the corporate mafia", "the cabal",  and "the New World Order".

The top oligarchs are sometimes referred to as "the power elite", "the controllers", "the world operators" and "the powers that be".

They may belong to private strategy groups such as "the Illuminati", "the Club of Rome", "the Committee of 300", "Bilderberg Group", Bohemian Grove, the Trilateral Commission and/or the Council on Foreign Relations.

The associations and shared concepts, strategies and activities of the ultra elite upper echelon are even more private and esoteric.

The Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom is a real conspiracy for purposes of power, deceit and ultimate control. Through the mutually interconnected corporatization of most major businesses, governments, agencies and organizations into a web of dominance, those at the top of this interwoven global corporate system secretly seek to have all people under their dominion.

Another way of understanding the TICK is an expansion of the control network described in the prophetic warning words of President Eisenhower below. It is more thoroughly described as the military-industrial-financial-energy-chemical-pharmaceutical-media-corporate-state complex.


“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

President Dwight Eisenhower, farewell speech, 1961

Click here for the full historic televised address.


The TICK empire is more than just a conspiracy, a group secretly making plans. It is a highly organized guidance of events by generations of powerful wealthy people behind international institutions and governments.

To conspire means to agree together and act toward the same goal. There does not need to be a readily identifiable, publicly recognized organization with an official name, for agreed upon plans to be enacted.

Those who are high up in the TICK know very well that they are setting goals and planning together. Further, there are organizations that do have names that are controlled or strongly influenced by these elitists in power.

Compliance, secretiveness, ruthlessness and loyalty are qualities sought in selecting lower level agents and servants. Extreme criminality is cultivated in some depending on their roles.

Of the various secret plans that have been laid, many of them have already been completed; some over the course of centuries, and some on a very large scale. Long term strategies have been unfolded incrementally to minimize recognition of the process by people outside of the loop.

It is crucial that you know about these deceitful plans, as they have had an effect on you all of your life.

The TICK does not control every detail, but it influences most of what goes on in business, the economy, the media, politics, government, medicine, etc.

These people are "globalists", whose interests w loyalty to any particular nation or creed. They are transnational in scope.

Many modern agents of the TICK work through giant corporations, serving on multiple boards of directors; others are are officials in various areas of government; some are higher-ups of international agencies, religious institutions and/or secret societies. Most tend to stay out of the limelight, but some of them are better known, especially when that is their role.

At this time, having thought that they were very close to completion of their New World Order plans, they have realized that, despite their efforts to reduce our intelligence, limit our knowledge and distract and deceive us, more and more people are heeding the alerts of watchdogs and recognizing their game.

The cabal manipulators are now moving more quickly and openly in their attempt at global tyranny. They realize that an alliance of good people in the military, government, business and academia has developed among those recognizing various elements of the TICK, its structure and activities.

There appears to a battle in progress between upper level players of the TICK cabal and this alliance, Meanwhile, it is important for the public to be made aware of this serious life-effecting situation.


Secret Connections

Esoteric Organizations
The heritage of the TICK leaders and operatives includes royalty, nobles, knights, diplomats, political leaders and insiders, bankers, financiers, industrialists, the ultra rich, military officers, spies, high level clergy and members of esoteric groups.

Powerful secret societies have been just as important in western culture over the centuries as the monarchies, governments, militaries, multi-national corporations and the church, which has its own secret societies.

In fact, secret societies include members from all of these sectors forming powerful connections utilized for large scope strategies and operations.

Esoteric societies are usually pyramidal in structure with a serious commitment to protecting their secrets, enacting their agendas and growing their power.

One well-known historical example was a source or a connecting link for several other secret associations. Considering it will illustrate the importance of these esoteric organizations.


The Knights Templar
"The Order Of The Temple Knights", a renowned secretive organization of medieval Europe, developed from humble origins to have a great deal of widely recognized influence for at least two centuries.

Beginning at the time of the "Crusades" about 1118, the knights of this order devoted themselves to the service of the Catholic Church at the ruins of the Temple in Jerusalem and other parts of the Holy Land during the period after the Muslims were expelled from Jerusalem, bringing it under the control of Christendom.

Order of the Temple initiates gave up their financial holdings to the order. The organization was also supported by donations from wealthy nobles, fees for services to travelers and by hidden treasures the Templars earned and recovered through their activities. Many of these knights were from wealthy families, often of noble blood, though usually not the first-born son in line for a title. These men were usually well-educated and self-confident.

In the process of their work in the Holy Land, the knights formed contacts among Jews and Muslims as well as Christians, and utilized these connections for strategic purposes. They became masters of espionage.

The Knights Templar, already familiar with Christian theology, learned much about Judaism, Islam, Gnosticism and occultism as well as the esoteric teachings the many religions, philosophies and mystery practices of the ancient cultures of Rome, Greece, Egypt, China, India, Babylon and Sumer, perhaps even knowledge from pre-Sumerian societies such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

Their own spiritual tenets were far more eclectic than the dominant orthodox Catholic dogma. There are stories of secrets and relics that the Temple knights were uniquely privy to that they would not reveal even in the face of death.

The Knights Templar are considered to have introduced the practice of banking to European culture. A common service of theirs was to guard and transport valuables. From observing Muslim commerce they learned the concept of issuing financial script representing assets held on deposit for transfer to new owners.

During the wide, international, centuries long Muslim empire under the Umayyad Caliphate (661-750, centered in Damascus) and the Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258, centered in Baghdad), the control by Islamic rulers stretched from Portugal and Spain, across northern Africa, and nearly to China. Their territory included Uzbechistan, where the Muslims learned the art of paper making. The first known usage of what today is called writing a check, was during this era. The Muslims also developed the skills of espionage in maintaining control of this vast territory, which included many diverse cultures.

Muslims regained control of Jerusalem in 1187. After the Crusades had finally failed in 1291 and Christian forces were expelled from Palestine, the Knights Templar returned to Europe and took advantage of the influence they had already developed there over the course of the nearly two hundred years of their work.

These strong well-informed leaders had become skilled at security, military strategy, diplomacy, politics, espionage, financial matters and esoteric spiritual insights, much of which they learned from their interaction with Muslims and occult teachings such as Kabala.

They also knew well the strategies of empire building and administration from their knowledge of the Babylonian and Egyptian dynasties, the Roman empire and the Islamic caliphates.

Since the origin of their commitment was a spiritual mission for the church, the Knights Templar were not in the service of any particular king. They served the pope, had great independence, traveled far and had interaction with multiple cultures, allowing them to develop their knowledge and power rapidly and well.

The Templars became known for diplomatic, communication, financial and security services for and between rulers and other leaders, as well as for spying and intrigue. With their knowledge, abilities and experience, they had an upper hand in running most of the show wherever they got involved.

At the same time, their organization became very wealthy from the donations, compensation for services and accumulated treasures. With all the talents, areas of expertise and tools at their command, it is not hard to understand why they grew to be so powerful.


Changing Of The Guard
These cosmopolitan knights had gradually become quite diverse in their understanding of life in all its aspects. Their pursuit of spiritual power went beyond religion. They gave nominal allegiance to the Catholic Church, but were really involved in various occult activities including astrology, astronomy, numerology, gnosis, the Kabala, alchemy and more.

The Templars adopted symbols, hand signs and coded cyphers for keeping their communications private, some of which are still used in freemasonry and other esoteric groups. Many were dedicated to "the Holy Grail", whatever it meant to them, as well as to protecting hidden knowledge and relics.

There were rare tales with some evidence of possibility that the Temple Knights, who wore the "Rose-Croix" (Rose Cross) on their garments, had a secret ritual that repudiated the Christian Cross that they outwardly served. Some had come to be secretly devoted to idols considered evil and even to "Satan" or "Lucifer". Some of the Templar knights sought advantageous predictions from spirits through skulls of the dead.

Many of them celebrated a hybrid sacred figure called the "Baphomet" with an androgynous human body and a goat's head, seeking increased knowledge and power. The inverted 6-pointed star is a symbolic representation of this figure.

Such stories were shocking to the few outsiders who may have heard them. This was the time of the Catholic Church's Inquisition. Heresy was not taken lightly.

Over time many of the Temple knights became self-indulgent. As their integrity weakened some of these less disciplined members became a nuisance, drinking alcohol to excess and bullying neighbors.

As a young prince, King Philippe IV of France had been rejected for entrance to the order by the Knights Templar. By the early 1300's he had become outraged by the reported occult practices, and the rude behavior and arrogance of some Templars. He wanted to eradicate them from his own territory as well as the rest of Europe, while confiscating much of their treasure.

After the suspicious early deaths of two sequential popes, Philippe, who some think may have arranged these events, was able to have his own controlled choice installed as Pope Clement V.

Believing the Knights had turned evil with their occultism and too powerful in their multiple pursuits, and possibly owing them money, King Philippe IV and his puppet pope initiated a secret demand to all clergy, nobles and military leaders in Europe for the Knights Templar to be rounded up on Friday, October 13, 1307, to face the Inquisition and receive punishment. (NOTE: This was the origin of the idea of "Friday the 13th" being an unfavorable day.)

Through their intelligence contacts a number of the Temple knights were aware of the movement against them, but they did not resist.

Many of the knights in France were imprisoned and subsequently tortured, with a number of them executed. Others shaved their characteristic beards and disappeared into the countryside. A few who were related to Pope Clement V were spared. Templars in some other nations than France were given light sentences if any. The Order was ended officially by Pope Clement V in 1312.


Interrelated Secret Societies
Even though the official Knights Templar order was disbanded, their legacy continued in other organizations. Templar alumni involved themselves in related esoteric groups, teaching their secret skills and knowledge.

The Teutonic Knights of north central Europe were founded by the Knights Templar near the beginning of their power. This group continued to be influential for centuries.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta derived from the Knights Hospitaller of the Crusade era who predated the Templars by about 70 years. Both groups worked in and around Jerusalem, sometimes as rivals, other times as associates. There may have been mutual members even then. Later, Templar assets were turned over by the Catholic Church to the Hospitaller Knights of Malta when the Templars were accused of heresy and disengaged from the Church.

Over time, Templars infiltrated and took over leadership of the Knights of Malta, as well as having a role in most other European secret societies.

The Knights of Malta have had their ups and downs over the centuries, but they still continue on today. Their public persona is as a Hospitaller charity, building and supporting hospitals and schools mainly in third world nations. However, their more secretive factions are involved in world affairs in service to the Vatican and the Jesuit order of priests.


The Freemasons
The Freemasons and the Rosicrucians, who shared several early leaders, both trace their heritage through the Knights Templar.

Freemasons say their ties trace much farther back than the Templars, through the Essenes, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, Solomon and the construction of his temple, Euclid's geometry, Moses, and ultimately to Hermes Trimegistus of ancient Egypt.

The Legend of Hermes suggests that he was a legislator about 2670 BC, and that he introduced hieroglyphics to Egypt. He is said to have written thirty-six books on philosophy and theology, and six books on medicine, initiating the hermetic tradition of alchemy and the freemason craft.

Templars that settled in Scotland, which was outside the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, are said to have established the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They seem to have incorporated Celtic influences as well.

Remnants of the Crusade era Muslim influence on the Templars is still evident in the fez caps worn by the Masonic Shriners, the use of obelisks and various other objects, terms and symbols used in Islam.

The modern day Masonic organization for young men is named after Jacques DeMolay, the last official Templar grand master, who was tortured then executed in 1314 in France, following the purge and dissolution of the Order of the Temple.

Freemasons make an oath to protect each other and their secrets no matter what. Masons are known to assist fellow Masons in legal, business, political and social situations, even withholding negative and incriminating information and overlooking any criminal acts.

There is significant evidence of the involvement of top tier freemasons in secret conspiracies to dominate businesses, governments and even the world.

(NOTE: In my opinion most of the people involved in modern local Masonic organizations, even those with high degrees, have little or no knowledge of or involvement with the sinister rites or evil intent that some analysts allege about top leaders of these secretive organizations and the Illuminati branch.

Several of my family members and friends have been Masons or Eastern Star members. Over the years from childhood to adulthood, and I have attended some Masonic events as well as other unrelated activities housed in Masonic facilities. The individual Masons I have known are fine and helpful people. I have not been a member myself.)


The Occult
There are many diverse reports about the dissemination of secret information and practices through esoteric societies in Europe over time, suggesting that there actually was a significant amount of this activity.

Some of the occult insights and activities of interrelated esoteric organizations were passed down from the mystery schools of ancient Greek, Egyptian, Indian, Babylonian, Sumerian and other cultures. These groups draw on a deep-rooted and widespread mystical tradition that includes Hebrew and Christian writings, the Babylonian Talmud, the Kabala, Gnosticism, alchemy, and lesser known documents and practices.

Alchemists were early scientists with an esoteric inclination following the hermetic tradition ascribed to the ancient Egyptian philosopher, Hermes Trimegistus. Alchemists found personal insight and transformation in their symbolic practices and writings about special experiments with metals and chemicals, sometimes described as metaphors for internal visions and physical, psychological and spiritual processes.

At times esoteric practitioners were persecuted by the Church and sometimes by royalty. On the other hand, secret society members have fostered revolutions and helped to gain independence from or depose rulers. Still there are kings and other nobles who have led or been otherwise involved with these secret groups.


The Merovingian Royalty
The Merovingian royalty of Europe have been alleged to be descendants of a possible marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene that was kept secret beginning with the early church. The full veracity of this legend is questionable, but those who are reported to believe it include royals themselves.

Controversial information not presented in standard history books has been uncovered through hints in little known limited print publications and a few rare documents that some say were fabricated. The Merovingian family has been tied to the Cathars, later the Martinists, and what is called "the Priory of Sion". This secret ancient order is said to predate the Templar Knights.

These divine bloodline legends are the subject of both fiction and pseudo-historical writings that expand on actual historical persons and events as well as making speculative connections. 

According to the advocates of this theory, through intermarriage and political connections, this lesser-known family bloodline was involved with much of European history. It is claimed that the thrones of England, France, Spain, Germany (the Hanover's), Austria (the Hapsburgs) and nobles throughout Europe, including the "black nobility" of Italy, are all related through Merovingian blood. Even the Windsor's (actually the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family of Germany) currently on the throne of Britain are thought to be related.

The deeply secret ancient knowledge, relics, documents and rituals the Templars, Priory of Sion and other secret societies have allegedly possessed are believed to be substantially at odds with the outward doctrines and policies of the Catholic Church, yet various clergy are said to have been sympathetic or actively involved.

The list of various nobles and other famous Europeans connected to the Merovingian legend includes artists, authors, musicians, diplomats and scientists. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo and Claude Debussy are each mentioned as holding a high position in the secret society related to this tradition.

The controversial implication of a divinely blessed family being protected and groomed for a special role of monarchy, may be partly a cover for an order that gathers information and forms strategies about managing the world.

An alternative theory is that if there is actually a unique DNA marker among the elite and royalty, that it may be from an extraterrestrial source, perhaps from another dimension, possibly the "Nephilim", abusers of humans described in The Bible and other ancient writings.


Secret Societies And The TICK
Members of secretive organizations have been involved in much of Europe's monarchies, politics, business, diplomacy, military and war-related activities, as well as occult spiritual traditions, sacrifices, murder and mayhem, for hundreds of years.

History has many examples of organizations and governments who were once enemies becoming allies and vice versa. Sometimes people of the same group are opponents in another way.

For example, there were Masons on each side of various wars in Europe, the U.S. Revolutionary War, and the U.S. Civil War.

Some writers specializing in conspiracy analysis believe that there continue to be modern connections between secret societies and espionage, including the CIA, NSA, Britain's MI6, the KGB of Russia, Israel's Mossad, Saudi intelligence and other spy agencies.

The Knights Templar perfected cross-cultural intelligence gathering back in the 13th Century, learning some aspects of it from the Muslim Empire. Certain royalty and organizations related to various religions, such as some agents in the Vatican, some Jesuits, and elements of the Knights of Malta, the Muslim Brotherhood and Rothschild Zionist groups, are also said to be very involved.

The identifiable writings and involvements of some esoteric society members reveal that they have been primarily focused on power, economics, politics, technology and culture in Europe and beyond, for a long time.

Do secret societies today still serve as an interface between nobles, business leaders, top clerics, advanced technology scientific experts, military strategists, politicians and government agents, including both diplomats and spies?

It is certain that the TICK of today includes people who have direct family and organizational links to long established international power groups of Europe and the Middle East. These include royalty and others of established wealth, top bankers, government leaders, religious officials and business executives, many of whom are members of esoteric groups, including organized crime and what is called "the Mafia" with its roots in Italy and Sicily.

Documents have been found that indicate there have been connections throughout their history between Masons, Rosicrucians, and lesser known groups, including individuals serving in dual leadership roles.


Masonic Influence In Founding the United States
A number of the founders of the United States were Masons, as were many enemy British leaders at the time.

The Masonic founders of the United States favored the personal freedom of an independent republic. They understood the value of the human freedom to pursue initiatives and personal improvement without government interference and manipulative monetary and banking policies. For this purpose, they decided they needed to disengage from being subjects of the King of England and his oppressive administrators, bankers and military.

Among them were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and James Monroe. Many researchers think Thomas Jefferson was also involved in Masonry. He was certainly familiar with it. Some suggest he was an early member or supporter of the Illuminati, even writing about it.

There are several historic depictions of George Washington in his Masonic apron engaged in rituals of national significance. In one of these he is shown laying the cornerstone of the United States capitol building.

Masonic influences in the layout and construction of most key United States government buildings in the District of Columbia, including the Capitol, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument, are well-known. In fact the positioning of these buildings and the layout of roads around the central mall form multiple Masonic symbols.

Analysts reveal that there were factions even among Masons in the late 1700's. It has been said that the upper level Masonic degrees lead into higher degrees of a more exclusive organization developed at that time.


The Illuminati
An often discussed faction began in Bavaria in 1776, considered to have been officially founded in association with banking magnate, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit trained professor of canon law, who also studied the Kabala, Sabbatean Frankist/Jacobist teachings and other secret knowledge.

Illuminati roots are in occult teachings and practices of ancient cultures, including Egypt, Greece, Persia, China, India, Babylon and the Celts, known to top members of the various secret societies. Some of their activities involve evil energies, sexual perversions and even ritual murders.

"The Illuminati" hid itself as an order within Masonry after being exposed as subversive and hounded by the Bavarian government. The Illuminati include selected high level freemasons with an even more secret agenda to control industries, economies, governments and populations, ultimately the whole world, with an occult spiritual intent.

Some researchers believe there is also a connection between the Illuminati, the Jesuit Order of Catholic priests and possibly the Vatican itself, as well as the Rothschild Zionists and even members of the Muslim Brotherhood. There are numerous indications of Luciferian connections, images and rituals among the Illuminati.

Before, during and after the American Revolution, many Masons in the United States were complaining that their lodges had been infiltrated with Illuminati. George Washington wrote about the concern of Illuminati influences corrupting Masonic lodges.

In Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte was brought to power with Illuminati influence.

Lafayette, the French noble who assisted the American colonists against the British, was both a Mason and a member of the Illuminati.

It is not certain whether Thomas Jefferson was an official Mason, but he definitely associated closely with freemasons. He was quite familiar with Masonic and Illuminati philosophies. Such connections may have facilitated his arrangement with Napoleon for the United States to purchase the Louisiana territory from France in 1803.


Long Term Conspiracy
Some researchers have claimed that legal analysis of the Treaty of 1783 between the United States and Britain suggests that representatives from both sides of the table included Masons and Illuminati, some of whom made sure that the United States would continue to be in effect secretly owned by the British crown, while allowing the people of the United States to simply think that they are independent.

Whether or not that is true, the alliance of royalty and bankers planned and connived for a century to reacquire full control of the United States through the establishment of a central bank in the U.S. that would use debt, currency and taxation to accomplish this goal.

Albert Pike was a major Illuminati strategist in the 19th Century. A very powerful yet excessively degenerate character, he set the agenda for much of what occurred in the 20th Century, including the infiltration and control of governments around the world and both World Wars. Some think his disturbing vision of an awful, massively deadly third World War is unfolding at this time.

The eventual creation of the Federal Reserve and the "income tax" in 1913, set up by a handful of powerful bankers and their insider secret agents, provided the modern vehicles for the easy transfer of the taxes collected by the IRS to go to the European royalty and their bankers, through paying interest on our unnecessary U.S. "national debt" generated through the Federal Reserve's activities.


Illuminati Manipulation
In analyses of the Illuminati, including reports from those who had been involved, it is indicated that these people have pursued various occult mysteries and arts. The ancient practices of astrology, numerology, geomancy, geomatria and ritual magic are common Illuminati interests.

Symbolic projections and low key warnings of future planned events are put forth with some kind of ethic of justification by advance warning, even though few of the hypnotized public will have any conscious recognition or learn about it. For those who perceive what is being revealed, it is like a mouse being played with by a cat before it is killed.

It is said that the Illuminati have sophisticated pathological plans to control other people, using rituals, deceit, fraud, and whatever else works to serve their goals. They thrive on generating fear in the process, as they feel this gives them more power.

The descriptions of Illuminati methods of raising their children, with abusive measures to set up "split personalities", psychopathic segregation of personality qualities in their psyches, for the purpose of preparing them for the manipulative strategies they are later taught for their preset roles in helping control the rest of the population.

Unfortunately, there is reportedly a great deal of sexual perversion and mind control, including application of drugs, among the modern Illuminati and some other powerful secret societies. Manipulation and abuse of children is common.

Some Illuminati groups pursue the dark occult activities, including worshipping Satan, particularly as the image of the "Baphomet", and sadly, engaging in bizarre sex rituals, including pedophilia, and even in ritual human sacrifice and cannibalism. There are undoubtedly different factions, and not all of them are degenerate to this degree.

Further, these practices are passed on, involving selected agents and servants of the Illuminati in multiple pursuits who are drawn in by seduction or persuasion. For example, there are accusations of such activities in political, military, intelligence and entertainment circles.

Agents of cabal secret societies, including well-know figures and high-level authorities, are placed in key positions and controlled using entrapment, blackmail and threat if necessary.

These manipulators are expanding their occult symbols and practices to indoctrinate the general population, as evidenced in corporate and agency logos, advertisements, concerts, movies, cartoons, products and televised events, as well as other Illuminati controlled media expressions.

The placement of indoctrinated and managed Illuminati agents and operatives in many importsant positions in financial, government, military, intelligence, think tank, educational, business, science, media and even terrorist institutions, allows the hidden powers to manipulate individuals, groups and national and global events, policies and programs across the board.

They are influential on all sides of every important issue, in the creation and management of fabricated news, in almost all psy ops, false flags and wars, and in nearly every criminal enterprise, especially the drug trade such as opium.

It is alarming to see how many celebrities, including musical performers, actors, athletes and politicians, are now outwardly showing Illuminati symbols, terms and hand signs in their presentation of themselves. Often a major performance at a televised awards ceremony or sporting event is designed as a full-blown Illuminati ritual. It is not uncommon for one of these compromised stars to reveal in an interview that they have "sold their soul" to become successful.

It is obvious to aware observers that there are revelations of Illuminati plans and expectations of the future through images, plots, actions and coded signs to other illuminists as well as the public, portrayed in movies, cartoons, news, politics, sports and other events. Evidently there is a policy that the populace be subtly warned of coming distress and calamities known of in advance by these power players.

Click here for a striking video revealing numerous satanic and Illuminati-related indicators among well known figures and celebrities.


The Olympics
The Olympic Games are a project of the esoteric power elite to encourage one world society, and ultimately a world government. The pageantry of the opening ceremony is a heavily symbolized ritual of hypnosis and occult enticement.

Mount Olympus in Greece was the home of the gods. The ancient gods, possibly extraterrestrial visitors, are whom the symbols and rituals of the Illuminati and other occult societies venerate.

The Olympic Games, with humans striving for outstanding perfection in their skill, are a celebration of the proclaimed superiority of the gods and heroes of old.

Cities waste a lot of time, energy and money promoting themselves for and hosting these games. The vast effort to prepare for the event, the degenerative social activities that surround it, and the common deterioration of the area in the aftermath, make hosting not worth the effort and expense.

A significant part of that expense is for security. The threat of terrorist actions, as has actually occurred at multiple Olympics, whether genuine or a "false flag", has led to increasingly sophisticated security technologies and protocols.

Similar among participatory projects of the power elite, service to their agenda appears to be positive, but is really a negative experience.


Secret Connections
There are a great number of secret societies, and many interconnections as well as oppositions. Some say the Order of the Garter, a small number of British Royalty and selected insiders, is also connected to freemasonry and the Illuminati at the highest levels.

Remember that the royalty of Europe are related by blood, and they and their agents are interconnected by training and planning, much of it through esoteric associations such as the Illuminati.

People are groomed for secret societies as children, through youth organizations affiliated with the adult institutions. To some degree most college fraternities and sororities and other fraternal and social societies have similar but more subtle esoteric practices, with members bonding and supporting each other just as with the ancient secret societies of Europe. College Greek letter organizations are like minor leagues for adult esoteric societies.

Such youth associations make young people accepting of the reality of secret organizations, as well as prepare them for interest and possible participation in adult level groups.

For example, the famous very selective "Skull and Bones Society" at Yale University, affiliated with the Illuminati, has produced mutually supportive movers and shakers who have become politicians, legislators, financiers, corporate execs, diplomats and spies.

The CIA was developed by Skull and Bones members, former Nazis brought to America under Project Paperclip, and key agents of the secretive faction of the Jesuit order of Catholic priests. The agency leadership has usually been drawn from these esoteric groups.

Researchers believe the Skull and Bones organization has been especially powerful in American culture in the 20th and 21st Centuries, with members in very high positions, including those of president, vice president and secretary of state. Both the Bush presidents and former Secretary of State John Kerry are "Bonesmen".

Bill Clinton was selected as a "Rhodes Scholar". Cecil Rhodes was a leading British Illuminati member whose scholarship fund supports training of leaders primed for their purposes, similar to Skull and Bones members.

The occult "Bohemian Society", with the private Bohemian Grove campground near San Francisco, has also had a number of presidents, U.S. legislators, business leaders and top media personalities as members or guests at one point or another in their lives, often as a stepping stone to their high position.

The Illuminati are said to be connected to the age-old banking families of Europe, beginning with the "Black Nobility" families of Italy, some of whom trace their origins to the ancient Roman Empire.

At the same time, they may also be associated with Islamic royalty in the middle east and their oil interests. Recall that the Knights Templar encountered and interacted with Muslim leaders and secret agents nine centuries ago.

Fellow members of contemporary esoteric groups help each other with career advancement, deals, projects, policies, falsehoods and cover-ups that further the interests of the TICK.

Some believe that key secret society members control massive crime organizations dealing in opium and other drugs, prostitution, child abuse, human trafficking, and sophisticated financial swindles, that circumvent legal interference by including compromised law enforcement personnel and even lawmakers in the enterprises.

Mining, metals, oil, chemicals, banking, finance, arms, drugs, the media, and music and entertainment, are industries that have been heavily dominated by secret society members for decades.

Some history buffs cite passages from speeches of President John Kennedy that seem to warn about secret society control of key government offices and functions.

Theories about responsibility for Kennedy's assassination lay blame variously on communists, spy agencies, organized crime and "the powers that be" running what is now called "the deep state". The takedown of Kennedy was likely a joint venture. It was certainly not accomplished by patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, who did not even shoot at the president. It was a planned event with many participants. 

(Click here to watch a video about Kennedy's warning to Americans about the planned tyranny by those in secret societies.)

For a thousand years and more there has been an ongoing transmission to chosen initiates of secret knowledge, skills and processes for personal advancement and for developing strategies, tools and loyal servants, to monitor, manipulate and manage the lives of diverse populations, and ultimately the world.

It has been rumored that a common attitude among secret society members is that the masses of the world are ignorant, unimportant, exploitable and dispensable. Outside of the few who believe they have special divine or extraterrestrial DNA, the rest of us are considered by them as livestock, less than fully human.

The life of each of us, and the lives of all of our friends and loved ones, have been heavily influenced by the decisions of people in upper levels of secret associations meeting and planning how to manipulate us to their own ends with ever greater technologies and plots.


Rest Stop

A relaxing breath and fresh thought make things better.

All ideas and events take place in the universal pulse of the creative source.

~ ~


Who Is In The TICK?

No Public Identity
There is no one particular entity that is the TICK global conglomerate. The United Nations, with all of its sub-agencies and programs, is perhaps the best known front organization of it, with the related banking institutions, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, as major players as well.

The TICK is not a specific secret society, corporate group or industry, yet it involves many participants of these institutions.

It is not a recognized government, although leaders of many governments are involved, and government policies are influenced by it. Some investigators call it the "shadow government".

It is beyond the minor differences in political parties. There are conglomerate agents within all major parties of the powerful nations.

The U.S. president is for the most part a front personality, a puppet, an actor and a teleprompter reader, working within the parameters that the conglomerate sets. Most of his advisors are established TICK personnel.

Most Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are approved and selected by conglomerate strategy groups, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), usually after the candidate has had a long term involvement in the TICK. It does not matter which party's candidate is elected. Both are set to serve the global agenda in their own way if elected, and they are each fully primed for their role.

If you carefully compare the ideas and policy points of each candidate and the actual performance of each administration, as well as each congress, you will realize that no matter which party, the thinking is very similar in the important areas, particularly in financial, corporate, international and military matters.

Further, a campaign position of any politician may simply fade into serving the actual TICK agenda after the election.

Meanwhile the conglomerate planners move to consolidate control of the United States through "progressive" manipulation of politics, economics, the media, health care, energy use, military exploits and the status and attitudes of the American people.

The empire is also beyond the apparent differences between religions and ideologies. The TICK tricksters influence or control most of the powerful institutions for their own ends, including religions. They may even insure their favorite outcome of an election by fudging the results by whatever fraudulent method they choose.


Interlocking Mutual Support
The TICK is an interlocking network of members of esoteric groups, vested global corporate interests and government officials.

"Interlocking" means parts or functions connected together so their action is coordinated.

The term "interlocking directorate" is from the business world, referring to individuals serving on more than one corporate board of directors.

For example, if Company A has two or three members of their board of directors who are also directors on the board of Company B, there is a connection between the companies that can lead to movement of executives between them, shared projects, and even a merger.

There are also revolving doors between companies and government bureaucracy positions that serve the vested interests of the big corporations.

There are such crossover connections all the way around the world of corporate executives in all major industries, and governmental agencies, personnel and legislative representatives, across national boundaries.

With this approach, the TICK culture has developed. The officers and directors of large multinational corporations, secretive institutions, non-profit organizations, governments and international bodies, share strategies and engage in practices that further their collective global goals.

The pyramidal form of the TICK conglomerate follows the attitudes and style of the ancient kingdoms of royalty and related secret societies, with highly powerful leaders determining sweeping short and long term policies and projects. Those who serve the TICK are kept in line with hefty bribes as well as blackmail regarding career-ending secrets about them, or the threat of death to themselves or family members.

TICK insiders help each other professionally, financially and politically as much as possible, but they may also sacrifice or delay some personal ambitions in service to pursuing the TICK's strategies.

Most multinational corporate executives are convinced that a uniform world government and economic environment, both under TICK control through their banking, technology and military dominance, will be most conducive to their business activities and their position in the TICK.

Those at the very top of the TICK have an even greater interest. They believe that reconfiguring the world's governments, economies and populations into one global system will give them the ultimate power to make the world just as they want it, with themselves in permanent control.


TICK Hierarchy
Many rank and file personnel serving the TICK conglomerate empire are not aware of the strategic planning and agreements at the highest levels. In fact, depending on their arena of work, they may genuinely believe that they are helping to make life better, to improve the world.

The higher you go, the more you know. You do not move up in the TICK without being screened for attitude and loyalty.

Most managers, bureaucrats, law enforcement agents, etc., are satisfied to serve and be paid, perhaps thinking they are making a worthwhile contribution. Maybe they would not be so compliant if they knew the extended visions of those in the upper echelons of the empire. Others are more sinister personalities, well suited for secret operations and criminal activities.

Some wonderful sounding agencies, companies and projects are fronts with secret developments in the background known only to those at the top of the organization or deeply behind the scenes.

Some of the known organizations, institutions and agencies incorporated in or serving the TICK include:

~ the Black Nobility, the House of Rothschild, the House of Windsor, the Rockefellers, the Saudi's and other extremely wealthy and royal families

~ the historic British and Dutch East India Companies (started about 400 years ago, eventually merged)

~ upper echelons of esoteric societies such as the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Priory of Sion, Opus Dei, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Bohemian Society, Skull and Bones, etc.

~ Committee of 300

~ Club of Rome

~ Royal Institute For International Affairs

~ Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

~ Trilateral Commission

~ Rothschild cabal and their banks and organizations

~ Intelligence espionage agencies such as CIA, NSA, KGB, Mossad, MI6, etc.

~ Bilderberg Conference participants

~ Rockefeller Foundation

~ Carlyle Group (corporate strategy & asset management)

~ International Crisis Group

~ Tavistock Institute (mind control)

~ Brookings Institution (think tank)

~ Aspen Institute

~ Jason Society

~ Lucius Trust

~ Rand Corporation (think tank)

~ Hudson Institute (think tank)

~ National Training Laboratories (Sensitivity Training)

~ MK Ultra (LSD mind control experiments)

~ MJ-12 (Majestic

~ Institute For Policy Studies

~ Natural Resources Defense Council

~ World Wildlife Fund

~ Vatican

~ National Council of Churches, World Council of Churches, mainline denominational churches

~ Zionists

~ Anti-Defamation League

~ Muslim Brotherhood

~ Al Qaeda


~ Many universities, including: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford Research Institute, UCLA, Virginia Tech, etc.

~ City of London (British financial and political center)

~ Wall Street (U.S. financial center)

~ Washington, District of Columbia (U.S. political, diplomatic and military center)

~ major international banks

~ Federal Reserve System and similar central banks in other nations

~ Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and similar agencies in other nations

~ International Monetary Fund (IMF)

~ Bank For International Settlements (BIS)

~ World Bank

~ World Trade Organization (WTO)

~ "G7", "G8" & "G20" global economic conferences

~ Agency for International Development (AID)

~ United Nations (UN)


~ North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO)

~ World Health Organization (WHO)

~ European Union (EU)

~ most of the "mainstream media" - print media, radio, television, films, news, sports, entertainment, shows, music, writing, editing, production, etc.

~ many non-profit and quasi-governmental bureaucratic organizations, particularly in the realms of education, public policy, politics, medicine, disease research, catastrophe relief, aid to underdeveloped nations and environmental climate change issues

~ government contractors, including think tanks, defense, military and technology companies, science labs and research and development programs, including certain university departments

~ government leaders and ministers of almost all nations and their military, agencies and bureaucracies, such as FDA, USDA, EPA, FBI, DHS, FEMA and TSA in the U.S., and similar institutions in other nations

~ the executives and board members of many giant multi-national corporations, particularly in banking, finance, insurance, oil, energy, chemicals, munitions and armaments, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food processing, media, communications, computers, technology, mining, industry, manufacturing, transportation, etc.

Well known TICK corporations include: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Exxon-Mobile, BP, Shell, Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Bayer, Baxter, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Pepsico, Coca Cola, General Electric, Xerox, Ratheon, Boeing, Loral, Lockheed-Martin-Mariettta, Grumman, Northrop, the Carlyle Group, The RAND Corporation, Bechtel Corporation, Disney/ABC, NBC/Universal, CBS/Columbia, Fox, Time Warner, Clear Channel, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and the rest of the approximate 145 companies that own and control the world's economic system.

Here is a partial list of nations that are substantially infiltrated or controlled by the TICK: the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, most European nations, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, China, most middle east oil producers, and most other nations of economic or political significance.

Some of these nations may appear to be at odds with each other. A potentially threatening enemy serves as justification for military spending and big profits for contractors.

TICK agencies and governments strive to increase their presence in developing nations, especially those with valuable resources. The military arm of the TICK may be used to topple a government and force compliance with the international banking cartel as in Iraq and Libya.

In many instances United Nations or NATO coalition troops have been employed to intervene in nations for various reasons. The ultimate goal of the secret planners is a uniform world system of both commerce and governance in service of complete control of all populations.

There are also divisions, conflicts and betrayals among the factions of the TICK. Participants play a high stakes game for advancing their own interests. Unfortunately the ordinary people are nearly always the victims of the economic manipulations, wars and mass poisoning that the TICK and its factions generate. The leaders are eager for massive reduction of the world's population, both to conserve resources and to have lesser numbers of people for easier control.


"Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order."

-- Mikhail Gorbachev, December, 1988, former premier of the Soviet Union addressing the United Nations



"We believe we are creating the beginning of a new world order coming out of the collapse of the U.S. - Soviet antagonisms."

-- Brent Scowcroft, August, 1990, former National Security Advisor



Rank And File
The TICK has orchestrated a vast cadre of workers that are led to serve TICK interests, and rewarded for loyal service.

Well-manipulated subordinates, many of whom may have little clue what the big shots are up to, follow their bidding and carry out their programs.

Meanwhile indoctrinated managers and enforcement agents work through multiple mutually beneficial relationships, or at times through coercion, to insure the success of the TICK.

These insider personnel are recruited based on attitude, including their eagerness for the good pay and other rewards of advancement, their respect for and loyalty to superiors, apathy towards peers and underlings, as well as their willingness to cover up deception or even conduct immoral and criminal actions.

Many are controlled by blackmail or threat of harm to themselves or their family.

At the extreme are the actual criminals who do the dirty work, including drug dealers, teams of thugs who enforce compliance, and "hit men" death squads who eliminate "problems".

Maybe you have worked for the TICK in a big corporation or a government job without realizing the full scope of the intentions at the top and beyond.


“. . . There is no such thing in America as an independent press . . . . We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes . . . . Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

- John Swinton, former New York Times Chief of Staff



"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress." 

- Frederick Douglas, slavery abolitionist and author



"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover


The TICK Kings

"King TICK"
In essence the TICK is run by a committee of "kings" of the world by committee.  It is a hierarchical organization with a small elite group at the top.

That group is treated like royalty by their underlings and servants, who tend to serve the TICK as though it were a kingdom. 

However, the TICK is not a known entity. It is an unnamed hidden organization with an unspecified structure at the top.

Yet the TICK can be identified and recognized by examination of the pattern of its actions, and the positions and decisions of its known leaders; as it guides a highly sophisticated network of governments, economies, media, industries, companies and operations.

The TICK is operated like a kingdom, but it is really an oligarchy, a rule of many by a few.


The King's Court
After the king and/or queen, the three most important positions in a royal court were usually the prime minister, the head of the security force, such as a sheriff or general, and the financial official, sometimes known as the "chancellor of the exchequer".

Today, in most large corporations, the CEO is like a king or queen, the president or vice president acts as a prime minister, and the Chief Financial Officer or treasurer holds the purse strings. The money expert is almost always part of the power group.

Another key royal court position was that of the primary spiritual advisor, such as a bishop or an archbishop, the head of clergy. Often those in high ecclesiastical positions were beholden to the monarch.

Additionally, a historic pattern of collaboration has been revealed by researchers between government insiders, esoteric groups and certain influential clergy.

At times and for various reasons, powerful religious leaders have plotted against and sabotaged royalty and similar leaders, including involvement in assassinations. However, religious and esoteric groups have mainly worked their powers of influence within existing power structures.

Modern corporate executives as well as government officials and agency leaders are involved in secret societies. Some also maintain affiliation with religious institutions, but in our time religion has been outwardly set aside in its own realm and effectively removed from a public role in the affairs of most governments and companies.

Still, much of organized religion continues to have a symbiotic involvement with the TICK as it had with many kings of old.


Is The TICK Losing Control?

Similar to organized crime, such as the Mafia, there are reported to be factions within the TICK hierarchy that sometimes oppose each other, including treachery and murder. There is evidence that several secret society / financial / political / geographic factions are presently vying for control of world affairs, superior technology, etc.

If this is so, herein lies the potential for the reduction of the power in the hands of these elite controllers. If the TICK is weakening due to internal strife, is it possible to disengage from it and reform the world into a healthy, prosperous, happy place?

A group calling themselves "the alliance", some of them also using the term "the White Hats". claims to be working to undermine the factions that seek to enslave or reduce the masses of humanity. (Some sources even state that these good guys are being assisted by beneficial advanced extraterrestrial beings.)

Some alliance participants trace their lineage back through the brilliant founders of the United States to the mysterious Knights Templar and the esoteric tradition preceding them, but the Illuminati are also said to be derived from the Knights Templar and so on. Certain white knights have also been called the "Gnostic Illuminati", suggesting an earlier rift in esoteric circles.

The divergence in the TICK factions that seems to have developed as they have accelerated their drive for control, has led to sloppiness and errors in their planning and execution, which the alliance is said to be working to exploit to help resolve the world crisis.

On the other hand, those behind the TICK are so experienced in deception that it is also conceivable that the reports of internal struggles may be a psychological operation to cause those monitoring the conglomerate to believe its controllers are weakening, while they finish their evil plans and preparations for a final surge to full control.

For example, it is rumored that the elite powers have far advanced technology, including widely destructive weapons, and much more.

It a challenge to figure out what is really going on in this world.


Rest Stop

A relaxing breath and fresh thought make things better:

Fear serves those who want to keep us weak and ignorant; whereas loving is our power, even beyond physical life.

~ ~

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CLICK HERE to watch a video about the regularly scheduled Bilderberg conferences and who attends them.

CLICK HERE to watch a 2 hour + documentary about the invisible empire and the "New World Order".


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