The Conglomerate Empire

Conspiracy for Control By Crisis, Deception & Technology

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Beware Of The TICK

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Beware Of Crisis And Control

Urgent Attention
It is time NOW to recognize the Technocratic Interlocking Corporate Kingdom and its movement toward centralized global corporate state control in the New World Order

We must raise awareness of this, get organized, and require our representatives to disengage from the TICK. If we just sit back and watch, it would allow the TICK to expand its control of us.

The TICK already controls essential resources and industries: oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power, metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, banking, currencies, finance, insurance, manufacturing, technologies, media, communications, food and water.

The TICK manages or influences most government officials whether elected or appointed.

Also, they have the big guns, including nuclear arms and and new secret powerful weapons and technologies of surveillance, manipulation and control.

The TICK is moving fast to consolidate the global dominance the Powers That Be have sought for centuries.

The TICK has developed mastery of sophisticated hypnotic programming and mind control of both the masses and their service corps. They are moving rapidly to unfold their tyranny as they perceive that more people are becoming aware of the situation.

Each person's profile is a composite of residential, postal, tax, insurance, legal, license and credit information. Even the 2010 census forms were designed to gather more information than just the number of people living in a residence.

There is now a gigantic computer data center in Utah capable of holding complete information on every individual, including all email and phone communications, internet sites visited, etc. Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, and other major internet companies and phone service providers keep track of your information and share it with other TICK agencies.

They are monitoring the populace, and manipulating citizens to be spies for them, ala George Orwell's novel, 1984.

Now through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), they have the power to detain indefinitely even U.S. citizens without charge, without an attorney, and without a trial by jury. They also think they have the right to attack you with drones or other weapons if you are suspected of being a threat to the establishment.

Through the financial control the TICK maintains, they have manipulated markets to create a false sense of economic improvement while the ranks of the debt-trapped, the unemployed and the government supported poor have grown. U.S. jobs have gone away already, and the faked stock, bond and dollar bubbles are about to burst.

With the severe economic conditions they are developing, a revolt is anticipated. It may even be generated by their own provocateurs.

There is also a great potential for major trouble of other types: a larger more destructive war, earth change disasters, or an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) that could knock out the power grid for a long time, to name a few. Any disaster may precipitate social disorder and be the justification for martial law.

Troops and "law enforcement" personnel are now trained to restrict and possibly relocate the domestic population in an emergency. They are well armed and ready for deployment to control the people if ordered.

Corporate and government detention centers have been prepared to hold people who may be accused of violating emergency statutes. There are also similar mass concentration camps for those who they determine should be evacuated for whatever reason.

It is crucial for more of the population to be made aware of what is happening. By simply raising awareness and fostering caring support for one another, we can transform our society and dissolve the TICK by giving it no more energy and sustenance.


The TICK works to incorporate all people into the corporate state matrix. The elite controllers want to be able to track each person and their position in the corporate structure.

The TICK traps people in a cycle of work, debt, health issues and amusement. The TICK generates a monumental display of drama, including distracting "NEWS" about politics, military actions, economics, celebrities, scandal, murders, calamities and more, as well as a plethora of entertainment and leisure diversions.

People are overwhelmed with information and concerns, and led to prefer apathy and ignorance over motivational fear or activism.

The upper ticks themselves are generally apathetic to what happens to most humans whom they consider as peons.

It is rumored that there are educational workshops set up for TICK personnel that specialize in rationalization, cultivating insensitivity, and relieving potential feelings of guilt for contributing to or allowing the suffering of large numbers of people.


Distraction and Preoccupation
The TICK highlights pseudo-differences of religion, race and culture; it promotes fear of terrorism, crime and disease; and it engages distraction, debt, economic trouble, health challenges, conflict and war to keep people preoccupied.

The TICK does all this to serve its own purposes.

There have been numerous experiments over many years on both military personnel and on various populations, such as: exposure to nuclear blasts, depleted uranium, drugs, vaccinations, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, radiated food and electromagnetic frequencies and other agents.

These have been delivered via food, pills, vaccines and other injections, air and water and other methods. Fluoride, aspartame, preservatives, teflon and many other chemicals that are in most homes.

Electromagnetic pollution effects almost everyone. Do you use a cell phone?

A huge portion of the population is on medication of some type, including incredible numbers of children. Some of the experimenting has used behavioral medicines that have actually caused suicides and murders.

At the same time new illnesses keep appearing: new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria, new viruses, long-lasting respiratory infections, allergies, rare cancers and deaths of people and their pets.

What is this strange new "Morgellan's disease" where it feels like worms or bugs are crawling under the skin and weird fibers painfully erupt from the lesions? Some have speculated that this may be a purposely delivered high tech ailment, possibly introduced as another means of bothering and incapacitating people. It may be one of the effects of the bizarre chemtrails that have filled our skies in the last 15 years.



Lingering Problems

Problems That Should Be Obsolete
Consider the following list of age-old serious issues that still concern us in the high tech 21st Century. 

These issues should be in humanity's past by now, but the TICK, the self-centered thinking it engenders, and the control it seeks to expand, are prolonging our preoccupation with these problems:

~ food and water quantity and quality

~ nutritional deficiency and starvation

~ illness and disease

~ toxic medicine

~ poverty

~ crime

~ gang wars

(NOTE: The TICK has fostered gang rivalry and violence as part of their strategy for raising fear.)

~ prisons

~ "enemies", torture and war

(NOTE: The TICK makes more money in one day of war than in a year of peace.)

~ racism

~ sexism

~ genocide

~ slavery (27 million currently estimated, many children)

~ eugenics


Time For Something Better
There is no need for people to be homeless, to starve, or to be exploited. It is time for the era of mass human suffering due to greed and thirst for power to be over.

We already have adequate knowledge and technology to produce the essentials for everyone with much less human effort than in the past.  It is time to redirect our attention from profit and control of people to the quality of human life.

Hopefully if some grass roots opposition to corporate dominance like the "Occupy" movement, similar activities in other nations, resumes in the U.S., participants will focus on peaceful demonstration and voicing of issues rather than turning to more violent acts.

However, violence may be provoked, even incited by hired, trained provocateurs, as part of the TICK's manipulation of events to lead to martial law. If so, there may be more serious violence slated to follow the developing economic vice of higher prices and low or no income.


Rest Stop

A relaxing breath and fresh thought make things better:

Breathe in life energy as hope and healing.

Breathe out loving energy as forgiveness and gratitude.

~ ~


Caring For One Another

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Caring For One Another

If you are not already aware of it, this information may be shocking and a lot to consider at once. It is unlikely that all that has been mentioned in this analysis will happen, but events that will change life for all of us are more than probable. They are already happening.
Awareness and cooperation are essential for humanity to make our way out of the deep trap The Powers That Be have created for us. We must break free of the ignorance instilled by poisoning with chemicals and electromagnetic fields, and the hypnosis by distraction and fear that keeps us confused and clinging to the hope of normalcy.
It is very important to form an alliance with your close friends and relatives to help each other through difficult times. Such an alliance is the best resource for making plans to provide food, shelter and protection for yourselves.

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