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Conspiracy for Control By Crisis, Deception & Technology

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TICK Plans

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Coming Changes

Undermining The U.S. Economy
It is projected that the TICK is moving to reduce the strength of the U.S. economy and the world leadership position of the United States, and to further erode the lifestyle and freedom of expression of the U.S. population.

The intent is to eventually rearrange the United States into several regional governments within a North American Union, and ultimately a global government.

The ups and downs in value of the U.S. dollar, the changing prices of many goods and services, the mortgage crisis and real estate crash 10 years ago, the bank takeovers and closures, and the weakened economy are thought by many watchers to have been engineered by the TICK.

If you are aware of the economic challenges in Europe, as that situation worsens so will conditions in the United States.

The derivatives market of speculative shaky hedge securities has as much as a quadrillion dollars of value vulnerable to wipe out. That is expected to be a major factor in triggering a global economic collapse.

The TICK plan is to severely devalue the Euro and the dollar, and to collapse the U.S. economy in preparation for implementation of a world currency, a unified world financial system and global governance.


Changes In North America
Significant transformation of the economy is underway now, with major political and governmental differences likely to follow, and more changes in the areas of food, energy, health and lifestyle.

"The Trilateral Commission" is an international body of corporate and government leaders that since 1973 have focused on relations between Europe, North America and Asia. They have been planning and coordinating the formation of larger unions of the developed nations in these zones.

There is a relationship, including some crossover participants, of this Trilateral Commission and the Council On Foreign Relations, which plans the global strategies that use U.S. financial and military resources, which have long been at the service on the globalists through NATO and the United Nations.

In the works among TICK planners is an expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that was enacted several years ago under the Clinton Administration. This may lead before long to a "North American Union".

In many cases on the international stage, the U.S. is accepting adjustments that reduce its status relative to other nations. The GATT Treaty which includes Europe, and the "Trans Pacific Partnership" (TPP) agreement now in negotiation between the U.S. and many Asian nations, put further restrictions on what people in the treaty nations can do.

As economic power leaves the United States and goes global, planning is in progress for a "trans-American corridor" superhighway, at least three lanes in each direction, being built from Mexican ports through Texas and the U.S. to Canada. It is to be a commercial toll-road, possibly owned by a corporate group headed by the King of Spain (whose ancestors formerly owned Mexico, including portions of what is now the United States).

The North American Union would be patterned on the European Union. An Asian Union and an African Union are also being developed.


Trade Agreements & Mergers of Nations
There are many hidden treaty provisions already in place between Canada, the United States and Mexico that are steps toward this North American Union. CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement being considered, may lead to those nations being part of an even larger TICK regional bureaucracy. Beyond that, South American countries could be included in an "American Union".

The apparent fading away of the southern border of the U.S. and the flood of unknown immigrants into the U.S. are further examples of the process of dissolving the U.S. into a larger regional government administration.

If a terror attack occurs or the violence of the drug gang wars escalates in the U.S. in conjunction with financial collapse, economic depression, unavailability of needed supplies, panic, civil disturbances, etc., we could see the United States as we have known it disappear into a martial law lockdown with regional governance.

Some are saying that the United States will be divided into regions, likely along the lines of the FEMA regional schema already established. There could be another layer of government, or the U.S., Canadian and Mexican federal governments may be restructured into regional governments within a North American Union.

The TICK may ultimately want three mega regional trade and governance zones in the world: an Eurasian Union from Atlantic to Pacific including New Zealand and Australia, an American Union with North American, Central American and South American nation states, and an African Union.

A new "Silk Road" from from London to South Korea through China is a reflection of the ancient Eurasian trade route. This new super infrastructure highway is constructed with extra strength for Eurasian commercial and military use only. Passing through China, this road is accessible by Russia, England and most of Europe. Using this route reduces shipping time from China to Europe from 42 days by sea to 14 days via truck.

Similarly the transcontinental corridor highway will serve the North American Union, moving the goods from a port in Mexico through Texas on up to Canada.

What has been known as the United States will be taken through chaos to break the spirit of independence in preparation for Agenda 21 and the oligarchic/socialist New World Order tyranny in which the United States will no longer exist.

The UN's Agenda 21 for the 21st Century will compel most of the population to live in cities with limited use of resources.


State Sovereignty
Leaders in several states have realized that their states are considered subsidiaries of the federal corporate government which is apparently moving toward the planned TICK system.

The aware residents and legislators in these states perceive the takeover of the federal government by the international bankers and giant corporations. They foresee the TICK momentum toward martial law, and know about the FEMA camps potentially being used to house those who protest or resist the growing takeover of our nation.

These states are in the process of reclaiming their sovereignty as originally intended by the founding patriots.

As an example, a number of states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, a relatively benign herb actually helpful for many health conditions. Marijuana is the medicinal variety of cannabis or hemp, which also has psychoactive properties. Two states have even voted to allow it to be used recreationally through controlled sales or private growing. More states are considering legalization at some level.

The prohibition on sale and use of cannabis in the United States, mainly enforced during the forty year "War on Drugs", has been a dismal failure. The illicit drug market is a vast criminal enterprise, including plenty of violence, not unlike the situation with alcohol prohibition in the 1920's and 30's.

Prohibition of cannabis in particular has also been incredibly costly in terms of the lost value to the economy of hemp cultivation and products. Many of the founders of this nation were hemp farmers, and found it beneficial for many uses. Hemp is highly useful for a vast number of products, including paper, textiles, construction materials and food, as well as its medicinal properties.

Since cannabis consumption is not physically addictive or harmful like heroin or other drugs, the main reason for its prohibition is assumed to be that drug cartels have not wanted the competition from legal marijuana.

It is also rumored that highly secret black ops of federal government agencies have conducted international drug operations for many years, possibly for vast profits directed to secret projects, and/or for undercover control of producer cultures.

In any case, the legalization of cannabis use now in several states is reducing black market sales.

Another theory is that the powers that be may not want the masses using marijuana, as it is known to enhance perception and brain power. They want sluggish minded masses consuming fluoride, alcohol, sugar, anti-depressants, aspartame, etc., rather than marijuana. The silly idea that marijuana makes one goofy, spacey and lazy is a myth. Many recreational users also drink alcohol when they use cannabis, which is the likely reason for this false characterization of the effects of marijuana.

For some reason, federal government agencies have unconstitutionally continued harassment of vendors conducting legal cannabis sales in states that now permit it.

If most states were to disengage from the treasonous "The United States of America" Incorporated, a new corrected union government could be established, as intended by the authors of the Constitution. The recent movement of many people in every state to sign a petition for peaceful secession from the federal government is an indication of the awakening of freedom in the face of encroaching tyranny.

States are also moving to pass legislation rejecting the federal NDAA provision for detaining citizens in the U.S. without a warrant or trial.

If you are in the United States, it is important to find what if anything is happening in regard to the sovereignty in your state, and to support the process.


The Changing Dollar
The instability in exchange rates between the U.S. and Canadian dollars in the last several years may be a forerunner to a related and worse currency issue, hyperinflation.

Such currency disturbances may be engineered to prepare us for a new currency that is projected by some analysts to replace the volatile U.S. dollar before long.

With the severity of the current financial crisis as a backdrop, it is even conceivable that international financiers might prefer going directly to a global currency. For several years it has been considered more likely that a continental currency would be the first step, possibly with a world currency later.

The frequent printing changes in U.S. currency in recent years purportedly to lessen counterfeiting, may have also been done partly to prepare the public to accept major changes in both the appearance and the value of our currency as may be coming.

Major holders of U.S. dollars and dollar denominated assets had moved away from the dollar, which had for many years been the standard international currency. Many foreign businesses and governments became hesitant to even accept the dollar in trade.

The U.S. dollar has varied significantly relative to other currencies in the last few years.

With the global recession, the dollar strengthened as the U.S. government has traditionally been considered to be financially dependable in uncertain times. In fact the U.S. has been able to market treasury bills in some instances with little or no interest paid on them.

Recently the dollar has weakened relative to some currencies due to the massive U.S. borrowing for spending trillions of dollars in the FED's "Quantitative Easing".

The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve Bank created a lot of dollars with their rescue efforts. With the astounding amount of borrowing and spending rolled out, the dollar could weaken as the world turns to other currencies in trade. Domestic inflation is anticipated to increase dramatically. The sign of this being about to happen has been the raising of interest rates.

The casino like derivative securities market will then likely crash, taking down the stock and bond markets, real estate again, and the dollar.


Transactions Monitored
Most monetary exchanges today are by credit or debit card or by checks processed electronically. All of these transactions are recorded. These records can be easily accessed by authorities.

The IRS does not even present a legal warrant to examine your records kept by companies with which you do business. The IRS gets most companies and individuals to comply with their orders by intimidation.

Although cash transactions are less easy to track, the TICK has improved their ability to do that. For several years U.S. currency has a metal strip inside each paper bill, which can be used for detection. The movement of large amounts of cash can thereby be monitored.

Any large cash transactions over $9999.99 are to be reported by financial institutions according to publicized Homeland Security policy. The amount for reporting may actually be lower than that. Some large banks are now imposing their own limit on withdrawals. There are warnings by financial experts to beware of a "haircut" type "bail-in" like the one tested in Cyprus several years ago.

Before long, we may have a cashless economy where ALL transactions are electronic, AND recorded.


America For Sale
With the extreme debt of individuals, companies and governments in the U.S.A., a large amount of United States assets have been acquired by foreign interests.

China has financed U.S. debt into into the trillions of dollars. They are the greatest buyer of U.S. Treasury bills of any nation.

The wealthy of Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asian nations, especially China, have used dollars they have accumulated to purchase much of America's goods, properties and companies before their dollars lose value. 

For example, Chinese investors have extracted from the U.S. as much scrap metal and plastics as they could. They are recycling or storing these resources for future manufacturing. 

Because of China's effect on the recycling market, prices for these materials have been volatile. Scrap materials prices driven by Chinese purchases also have had an effect on the used car market.

As a side note, many old computers and monitors turned in for recycling in the U.S. are illegally being shipped to China. The health and lives of whole communities there are endangered with recycling operations that lack safety controls to protect workers and nearby residents from the lead and other toxic contaminants from this equipment.

Now China has been invited to set up Free Trade Zones in the United States where they can import, manufacture and even sell products in the U.S. duty free, a highly unusual arrangement. Further they are taking over U.S. assets including infrastructure in exchange for reducing the debt. There are whole cities with Chinese workers and factories being established in the United States. Learn more here and here.


Banking Crisis
Clearly many large banks overextended themselves on shaky loans and investments. The scale of the financial bailout to prevent the collapse of the banking system suggests how bad the problems are. The lack of details and accountability in the process is to hide the degree of unwise practices, including fraud, and the poor oversight.

As more U.S. banks close or are rolled over to be part of a bigger bank, the funded insurance reserves held by the FDIC may become depleted. Then the government will be on the hook for backing up deposits. They would crank up the currency printing presses even more, stimulating greater inflation.

If financial conditions worsen, which is most probable with the trillions of dollars of exposure the banks have in the casino-like derivative securities markets, there could be a "bank holiday" declared by a presidential executive order.

In that scenario, individuals and businesses alike may have access to their bank account funds restricted for a period of time and/or the size and amount of transactions limited. Even worse, bank accounts may get a "haircut" of a substantial amount, as the banks are considered to own the money once you put it in there. In fact, the phony fiat FED dollars belong to them from the start.

If all paper asset markets collapse, the world economy and society itself would be in utter chaos.

What May Be Coming
With the TICK having its way, the picture of the next few months and years, especially in the U.S., would likely include:

~ rising interest rates

~ worsening unemployment

~ another drop in real estate

~ deep economic depression

~ major inflation (as the funny money dollars pumped into the world economy are rejected internationally and returned to the U.S.)    

~ global biological virus pandemic panic

~ cyber-security catastrophe, followed by more extensive cyber monitoring and control than the vast records already being gathered by Google, FaceBook, Microsoft and Apple, which are all accessible to TICK snoopers, and used to profile you and have complete stored information about you.

~ increasing government manipulation of medical treatment with reduction of services, especially for seniors

~ mandatory vaccination, as already implemented in California (a major public poison)

~ growing control and restrictions on natural remedies

~ additional staged violence events domestically and abroad

~ attempts to restrict gun ownership and possible confiscation

~ civil disturbances, especially in the cities   

These conditions would be fostered by the TICK, which is poised to take advantage of economic hardship, disease and distress, terrorism, fear, and possible civil unrest, riots, strikes, and increased crime and violence in the United States and elsewhere.

The economic plan the TICK appears to be unfolding could make the Great Depression seem like good times. The current recession may become a depression much worse that the one of our grandparents' era.

In the 1930's neither people, nor businesses nor the government were in deep debt like they are today. 

The U.S.A. was the major manufacturing center for the world then, with tremendous potential for more growth. Our society was still developing as a consumer culture, with the newer sectors of automobiles, radio, movies and recordings to sustain the weakened economy. Many people still lived on farms where they could provide for their basic needs.

All those conditions are different today. The debt/dollar collapse is going to financially wipe out many more businesses and eliminate most of the middle class. The elite powers have moved the manufacturing jobs out of the U.S.A., and they are even bringing the Chinese into the country to do some of their manufacturing here in special free trade zones.

There could be massive numbers of poor, hungry, homeless people seeking food and shelter. They could be herded into regional camps to reduce crime and squalor. Many of them may become seriously ill with infectious or degenerative diseases.

Government at every level is already bankrupt and has been for many years. They act like they have money in spending ever more borrowed dollars, but that is actually contributing to the global financial devastation.

It is conceivable that the TICK may decide to suspend payment of Social Security, welfare, and even unemployment. That would almost certainly prompt an uprising, giving them a reason to clamp on emergency controls.


Disaster Scenarios
A major joint operational drill involving the military and local law enforcement is scheduled and announced to take place in multiple states between July 15 and September 15, 2015.

"Jade Helm 15" is being analyzed and warned about by numerous alternative investigators, as it includes covert infiltration of communities by special forces operatives as well as drills for extraction of dissidents from homes to be taken away by helicopter, as well as other actions.

There are concerns that the period of this drill could coincide with one or more disaster events that could lead to martial law. The possibilities include: economic collapse, pandemic, debilitating cyber attack, power outage, civil unrest, attacks by rogue groups or an enemy nation, disclosure of the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth, disclosure of a looming Earth change disaster such as an asteroid hit, or large scale war.


The International Game
Not all of the world's nations are presently in lock step with the TICK. However, the TICK has a strategy involving diplomatic, economic and military means, as needed, to bring this about.

The engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan are clear examples of TICK interests at play. There is a potential for an expansion of war in other hotspots around the globe, particularly Syria and Iran. 

The Middle East is a powder keg.  The battles between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, and the saber rattling between Israel and Iran have raised regional tensions.

The Hezbollah organization in Lebanon has strengthened its position dramatically in the last few years. With support from Iran and Syria, they have installed thousands of well-hidden rockets aimed at almost all of Israel, and they have effectively taken over the Lebanese government.

If tensions worsen between Iran and Israel, or the U.S. proceeds into a conflict with Iran, a face-off with Iran's ally, Russia would become even more likely. The Russian incursion into Georgia a year or so ago raised the issue of possible U.S. or NATO confrontation.

It has been speculated that some leaders of Middle East Islamic nations are in collusion with the TICK. It is conceivable that many incidents, policies and remarks effecting developments in the Middle East could be spurred by TICK involvement.

The press has reported that most of the illegal explosive devices set off in Iraq were made in Iran.

Apparently the big issue with Iran is their capacity to be developing nuclear weapons that could be launched with missiles they already have. It is believed that their oil revenues could be financing this.

The TICK doesn't really want unstable nations having such powerful weapons, even though it has far more powerful ones. Yet they are willing to provide weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical weapons to rebels in Syria, if it suits their purposes.

The disinformation in world affairs is so profound that it is always a challenge to determine what is really going on. For example, the U.S. has supported Al Qaeda in the Libyan and Syrian uprisings, while obscuring the fact that we are aiding a group that was supposedly our global enemy. Some believe the CIA set up Al Qaeda to begin with, and that they use it for multiple operations.

"False flag" events, manipulation of the news, and psychological operations, are all tools in the policy handbag of TICK agents at every level.

The TICK insiders, whose influence reaches deep into various intelligence agencies and black ops activities, monitor, infiltrate and manipulate not only nations, but terrorist groups and other organizations that have power to act in any significant way.

The ticks seem to have strategies for dealing with Iran, North Korea, and terrorists, but they probably are not certain what will work with these unpredictable players.

The nuclear and missile tests by North Korea may have been advertisements to terrorists or other small nations that North Korea has nuclear devices and delivery systems available.

A nuclear charge could be used to set off a powerful electromagnetic pulse ("EMP") that could knock out the power grid, satellites, etc. It may be possible to instantly shock society back to a primitive lifestyle, with the economy rendered to a state similar to the times before modern technology, transportation and communication.


The Russians Are Coming!
Beyond its relationship with Iran and Syria, and its muscle-flexing for former satellite nations, Russia has been engaging for some while in covert actions to undermine the U.S. economy.

Many Russian business and government leaders have a connection with the TICK.

The Russians are eager for the U.S. economy to falter. No super power in history has been able to maintain its military superiority when its economy has subsided.

The Soviet Union fell apart as a planned government economy overlaid on multiple states of diverse ethnicity. A similar dissolution of the union could happen in the United States if it continues on the path of fascist corporate statist socialism ("communitarianism").

Russia has made a comeback by encouraging a certain degree of enterprise with the financial rewards of entrepreneurship creating a new class of super wealthy moguls that have political connections, and that are probably involved in the TICK.

The Russian government is still tyrannical though, with a high degree of government management of their economy and control of most of what goes on in their part of the world.

Putin and other Russian leaders, believing that the U.S. played a role in the collapse of the Soviet Union's economy, may be involved in efforts to sabotage the U.S. economy, partly as revenge, with the hope of regaining their own super power status.

It has been rumored that Russian troops have been present in the United States for many years. These and other foreign military, possibly as United Nations "peacekeeping forces", have been trained along with U.S. soldiers to exercise control of American people at a time when expanded security measures or full-blown martial law would be implemented, perhaps after an economic collapse or a disaster event.

The manufactured crisis in Ukraine has been both a distraction from other events, as well as a military response by the U.S. controllers through their proxies to the development of the BRICS economic alliance.

The United States is in danger of being set up to suffer an embarrassing military defeat in this Ukrainian situation as a lead in to World War III.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have established trade between their major economies without using the U.S. dollar, including their own international bank. This new bank could be part of a process of the restructuring the International Monetary Fund away from the dollar and being dominated by the U.S. The IMF has made reference to relocating their home office to China as it becomes the number one economy in the world.


The Chinese Have Already Arrived!
Meanwhile, China has pursued a similar course to Russia by including private enterprise in their economy. Further, they are working around the world to assist poor third world nations with both money and construction of infrastructure. In many cases China gets access to resources in exchange.

China buys raw materials and agricultural products from these nations, while developing markets for their manufacturing systems.

Chinese developers have borrowed or stolen technological designs without concern for proprietary rights and forged ahead with modernization of their economy for doing business in today's world.

Nonetheless, China has cut way back on production at their factories with the global great recession. A few years ago they had many of their facilities running twenty-four hours a day.

With 20% of the world's population, many now with an expectation of moving up in their levels of status and consumption, China has become a major force in the world economy. They are very organized.

A great concern is the worldwide effect of the Earth's most populous nation importing more and more of their food, as their own agriculture is lessened with industrialization. 

China can afford to pay a fairly substantial price for importing food. However, purchasing soybeans from Brazil, for example, leads to continued reduction of the Rain Forest due to encroachment by agricultural profit seekers.

The main market for Chinese exports has been the United States, and Europe secondarily. However, consumers are not buying much now, so China is having a serious economic challenge. The purchases of the growing middle class there helps keep economic activity going in China.

China has been the primary credit card ATM for the United States government. China holds a monumental amount of U.S. debt. They cannot spend too many of the dollars they hold into the marketplace at once or they risk weakening the dollar, which would hurt their exports even more. Instead they have been using the leverage of the U.S. debt they hold to acquire companies and other assets of all kinds here in the U.S., at what are thought to be bargain prices.

As we watch China become more capitalistic as Russia has, the resolving of the old TICK-created dichotomy of "capitalism versus communism" into the global corporate, computer monitored socialist servitude state is becoming more apparent.

The Chinese slave worker system, as well as Nazi Germany's and Soviet Russia's surveillance and control methods, have inspired the TICK's plans for their neo-feudal advanced tech global tyranny of an extremely wealthy oligarchy dominating a highly controlled, low intelligence minimal work force.

There are reports that Chinese are living and working in special remote cities set up in the U.S., and that Chinese troops are here for possible future domestic security action. Their mission may be the securitization of the property assets considered collateral for their lending.


Checklist Of Possible Changes
Various experts are discussing the following potential near future scenarios:

~ rampant inflation, financial collapse and full blown depression in North America and Europe, then the rest of the world

~ bank holiday -- a period of restricted access to deposited funds

~ drastic devaluation of the U.S. dollar, with possible replacement by a new U.S., North American and/or global currency

~ increased weather disasters and earth changes

~ biological damage from geo-engineering aerosol sprays

~ severe food shortages and increased global starvation

~ civil disturbances in the U.S. and Europe

~ declaration of a national emergency and possibly martial law

~ expanded military actions

~ the reinstatement of the military draft

~ deadly infectious disease pandemic, possibly with large cities under quarantine

~ electromagnetic mind control via imbedded chips or nanobots and radio wave frequencies

~ compelled vaccinations, purportedly to retard infectious disease outbreaks

(NOTE: Government TV ads have presented a flu pandemic as inevitable.

A serious killer virus outbreak may not only be expected, it may be planned. The warnings about a serious microbe sows seeds of fear, just as they have done with the threat of "terrorism".

The several recent incidents of bacterial contamination in the food supply may have been drummed loudly as a test of the response to raised fears. Possibly also the H1N1 "swine" flu of 2009.

Watch for possible compelled vaccinations, quarantines and/or martial law.)

~ military troops deployed in the U.S. for controlling crime or riots, or to enforce quarantines, including those from foreign nations

~ further curtailment of freedom

~ removal of occupants from properties placed under control of government or occupying forces by decree

~ detention work camps (reportedly already set up) for those who resist or violate expanded corporate government statutes or martial law regulations

~ the possibility of using these camps as required housing for refugees forced from their homes by foreclosure, quarantine and/or natural or contrived emergencies

~ potential execution of resisters

These bothersome scenarios are being discussed as possibilities right here in the United States. This is serious. People with the wisdom to understand are taking action to prepare as best they can.

Subtle development of U.N. Agenda 21 in communities across the U.S. is already in progress. Based on the fraud of blaming human lives for engineered climate changes, agents trained to guide community organizations of concerned citizens to fashion local policies of "sustainable development" will gradually lead to the population being confined to small living spaces with greatly restricted lifestyle, utility, travel and health care choices.


Mass Control
It has been suggested that the mass evacuations that were ordered in recent years in Louisiana and Texas, and later on the East Coast due to hurricanes, may have been trial runs for orchestrating the logistics of such operations, as well as for observing and charting levels of compliance to public orders.

In an Executive Order (Presidential Directive #51, aka Homeland Security order #20), in May, 2007, it was stated that the President will decide what is a "national emergency".

Once an emergency is declared, the President can become effectively a dictator. The Homeland Security Agency and its divisions, including FEMA, could become gestapo-like controllers of the population.

These agencies have conducted emergency preparedness drills in various locations that include rehearsal of population control measures. In fact there are fake villages set up at some military bases for the purpose of urban lock down drills that include American style settings.

Further, local law enforcement agencies are being provided military equipment and training to be more aggressive with the public.

If the currency were suddenly changed and devalued; or banks closed; or all government payments eliminated; or availability of food and water were restricted; or numerous people were ill and dying; and chaos or riots resulted; or if crime reaches an unbearable level; the TICK is counting on the bulk of our people to be glad to have military troops deployed in our nation to help with security.

Disasters like the 1995 Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing and the events of 9-11-01 were used to institute anti-terrorism measures that limit freedoms in the United States. The disgusting unwarranted searches at airports by the TSA are being expanded to train and bus stations, mass sports events, and even the highways of our nation. 

More recently, mass shootings have provided the context for raising the discussion and attempts at gun control. Many analysts believe these events have been fostered as psychological operations by TICK agents quietly manipulating vulnerable disturbed people on psychotropic drugs to serve as patsies for these incidents. The weak official story line,  is compliantly presented as valid by the controlled media with no investigation of the dubious contradictions and other details of each event, and the facile dismissal of those who raise important questions.

With martial law, more of the rights that United States citizens have believed in, fought and died for would be taken away. Authorities may try to get ignorant people to spy and report on others attitudes or actions.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been practice in action for the military in developing the methods and dealing with the challenges of taking over and occupying a population.

There are many reports of secret "war games" simulating the military takeover of a U.S. town or neighborhood, including practice at confiscating weapons. At the same time, vast numbers of military grade guns and equipment are being procured by Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

These actions have taken place right here in the United States. Similar to early U.S. nuclear testing, people have even been harmed in these events. As in any corporate war activity, this is considered collateral damage from what the ticks believe are necessary trials or rehearsals.

Military leaders are now being asked if they are willing to fire on U.S. citizens as a qualification for advancement. Officers in training are being taught that constitutionalists and libertarians are potentially enemies of the state that may need to be detained.

Hopefully our legislators can be persuaded to not approve the deployment of troops in the United States. It would be a great setback for freedom. However, this may be done by "executive order". There are reportedly both U.S. and foreign troops waiting for such action at bases around the U.S.

NOTE: A few years ago President Obama declared a "public health emergency" in response to the H1N1 "swine flu" threat that may still be in effect, or a similar order could be issued at a time of perceived need.

There are some voices in the alternative analysis field that claim the nation has been under emergency status since the Civil War, with a further un-removed emergency declaration by President Roosevelt in 1933.

When there is a national state of emergency, the government is poised to suspend constitutional privileges, impose quarantines, demand evacuations and/or enforce martial law without further warning. Such an emergency could be implemented at any time.


Earth Changes
There is a growing awareness of a significant potential for massive earth changes that could add to the disruptions begun by economic dislocation and/or military and enforcement actions.

Serious scientists have tracked natural evidence that reveals how ice ages develop and recede. There is indication that there are regular ice age cycles, sometimes including polar shifts, on a schedule of about 11,000 to 12,000 years. Some believe we are moving into such a time of transition.

A few researchers have revealed their expectation of a major cataclysmic event in the next few years.

Some believe it is about time for the return to our solar system of a celestial body that periodically comes very close to Earth, on a cycle lasting thousands of years.

Of more concern is the changes in solar activity of recent years. We have been in a "solar maximum" cycle when activities are expected to be increased. Even though the sun has been less active than normal, there are still heightened concerns that a powerful explosion or burst of radiation could be forthcoming that would have a major impact on Earth.

Our communications and power grids could be wiped out suddenly by a solar blast, or just as readily by a purposeful attack. Either way it could take an extended time to restore power. Even worse, millions of people could be harmed or killed during a long term power outage.

Although natural disasters could alter even the plans of the power elite, many higher up ticks are aware of these possibilities. They are likely to be ready to take advantage of such problems.

A number of ticks are already prepared for waiting out a period of any kind of chaos such as the elimination of utilities, communications and transportation, with their own well-stocked remote hideaways, some literally deep underground.

Meanwhile their law enforcement and military brigades may be set to work to secure viable assets and control any remaining disturbed people.


There are indications that the top elites want a major reduction of the world's population to less than a billion people.

These world criminals undermine our health with stress, poor food choices, public poisons in food, water and air, radiation, electromagnetic pollution, chemical spraying, and toxic chemical medicine, including vaccinations, leaving many debilitated with diseases that preoccupy attention and bring an end to people's lives as soon as possible after their usefulness to the corporate system has subsided.

Some watchdogs suggest that it is conceivable that the cabal could unleash biologically engineered viruses or other calamities. Investigations indicate that they have secret technologies that can modify weather and/or possibly create earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, etc.

The main purposes of such heinous acts are considered to be: to further distract and preoccupy the population, to justify quarantines, forced evacuations, mass internment in secure FEMA camps, or other forms of social control, and to reduce the population (which was recommended by Karl Marx).

Would the elite TICK oligarchs go to the extreme of purposely causing mass loss of life? What is the result of their favorite strategy -- war? They now define the whole globe, including the United States, as a battleground of diverse "terrorism". In essence, they are at war with the rest of the world's population, whom they are attacking with multiple weapons.

The first principle listed on the "Georgia Guidestones" is to maintain the human population at 500 million. This interesting modern granite monument is a secretly commissioned structure with ten precepts for humanity written in seven languages.

Massive disasters could actually help fulfill such a goal. Some think that the controllers are already pursuing this with secretly created disasters, including pandemics, earthquakes and storms that are assumed to be natural.

FEMA has accumulated millions of large plastic coffins, each capable of holding up to three or four bodies. Are they expecting a killer pandemic or some other disaster?

There is much evidence that efforts for population control have been underway for some time. Multiple small dose public poisoning has been an expanding policy for about a century to cause degenerative disease and shorten lives. The Agenda 21 of the United Nations has an unpublicized assumption of ongoing depopulation measures, as well as a greatly restricted lifestyle for survivors.

Examples of depopulation in progress include chlorination of drinking water (since 1910 in the United States), fluoridation of drinking water (for over half a century in the U.S.), medical poisoning with pharmaceuticals, especially vaccines, chemical fogging by airplanes, abortions, the spreading of deadly diseases, production and promotion of deficient foods laced with chemicals, especially aspartame and GMO's, estrogen mimickers in food, air, water, plastics, etc., radiation by cell phones, cell towers and other electromagnetic equipment (see my eBook, CellPhoneHarm) and war.


“Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” -- Henry Kissinger


The secret high tech weapons and other technologies exclusively controlled by the transnational elite, and the near total depletion of the asset base of the United States, is why the cabal is now setting up the U.S. for third world status. Most manufacturing jobs have already moved overseas. The middle class financial strength has been eroded already. With the coming financial changes, and possible war, the middle class may be eliminated while the wealthy are leaving, leaving mostly the poor to fight over bread crumbs or starve.


Viruses And Vaccinations
Virology experts have stated that the combination of swine, human and avian (bird) viruses in the current version of what is called the "swine flu" is so unusual that it must have been created in a lab.

The combination of viruses such as this could lead to the development of an unstoppable strain of virus that may become deadly.

Even if the first round of a combination flu subsides without massive numbers of deaths, it may come around again in a much deadlier form a few months or years down the road.

Who developed the swine flu combo virus, and who brought it out of the lab?

Further, what contaminants were in the millions of doses of flu vaccines they annually pressure the public to get all over the world?


If they institute a regulation that says you must get vaccinated, assume they are trying to inject you with something that will undermine your health and possibly kill you.

Refuse their shots or head for the hills!

Spread the word to resist the take over of our bodies by the "pharmaceutical phascists".

You must understand that the medical interests have economic and political control of the legal authorities. Together they could potentially force us to do what they decide should be done to our bodies.

Click here for more information on the issue of vaccinations.


Does all this sound like a wild-eyed fantastic conspiracy theory? It would be laughable if much of this were not ALREADY HAPPENING.

If you'd like to read more about these and other amazing developments, here are links to additional information:

Activist Post    Before Its News    Dr. Sherry Tenpenny    Jane Burgermeister

You can find much more by exploring the following terms through a search engine: Bilderberg, Council On Foreign Relations, New World Order, Illuminati. 

(NOTE: Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN, etc., track and record everything you do through their searches and emails. It is recommended that you not use these for searching or emails. Your info will be used to profile and manipulate you. For searching, try, which gives you Google results but does not track you, or for unbiased results.)


Long Term View
The freedoms that Americans assume as their rights, protected by the Constitution and our governmental system, have been systematically eroded over the last century. Many people have perceived this, but they have not realized this is being done intentionally by the globalists.

What is here being called "The TICK", is an emerging global corporate, oligarchic, statist dictatorship that intends to control the lives of nearly all the Earth's citizens.

The TICK runs the U.S. presidency, no matter who holds the office. Think of the president as an actor presenting a scripted performance.

Most cabinet members, advisors and ambassadors are ticks. The TICK also has a deep and strong hand throughout Congress and the Senate. Similarly the TICK has connections in all major governments.

Those involved have planned and undertaken to do this over a long period of time by manipulating economic, political, communication, social and psychological factors. The TICK also utilizes advanced technologies and military force when deemed expedient.


"The technocratic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

-- Zbigniew Brezinski, 1970 (Bilderberger, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, key mentor to President Obama since the 1980's)


"The internet is a weapon just sitting there on a table. Either you will pick it, up or your competitor will."

- Michael Dell of Dell Computers


Aristocrats and Peons

Corporations are generally pyramidal organizations wherein the higher ranking owners and officers have titles such as "Chairman", "CEO", "President", "Executive Vice President", "Treasurer", "Secretary", etc.  Within the legal profession, there are additional titles, including "Esquire" and "Your Honor".

Other professions may also have titles like these that dignify participants in a similar way to titles of nobility among royalty.

Most of the top ticks have long been used to wielding power, being "big shots". They think they are better than the rest of us, and they want to be more and more fully in control.


Control Of Information, People and Resources
Ultimately, the ticks want to know where every person is located; and to have access to all financial, legal, medical and psychological information about each of us.

The TICK has arranged to keep most people preoccupied with struggling to gather the basic necessities; and focused on family problems, finances, entertainment, sports, and religion.

The TICK wants to make sure that there are no serious threats to their dominance by monitoring and regulating communications and most activities.

They already have vast amounts of marketing and demographic data. Domestic cell phone calls can be and are being monitored. Under U.N. Agenda 21 the lifestyle of the average person will be very restricted.

It has been speculated that the reasoning of the ticks regarding a possible reduction in the world population may be to conserve resources, to have less people to monitor and control, and/or to have more elbow room for themselves.

Others believe their main interest is to have a manageable, docile compliant labor force that supports their lavish lifestyle through both work and purchases.

In any case, it is an issue of control, and anyone who is a threat to that could be eliminated.


Economic Peons
Without fully realizing it, most of us have been led to the point of being unknowing peons.

A "peon" is a person held in servitude to work off debts. It is not as severe a condition as being a slave, but if you are not aware that you are a peon, you are less likely to try getting out of it.

Slaves know they are in bondage. They have only the clothing, food and shelter they are given, and they are sometimes physically beaten to keep them in line and force them to work long and hard.

Slaves know that their situation is wrong. They may have the hope of somehow escaping or being liberated and reaching a state of freedom, which some of them have done.

Peons who do not realize they are being subjugated can be gradually manipulated to being trapped in economic serfdom with little hope of escape.

Despite the allure of reality TV shows, lotteries, gambling, stock market riches or rewards for creative endeavors; an individual has only a tiny chance of making big money, but a great likelihood of being trapped in debt with too little income to get out of it.


TICK Productions
What are the things that you are concerned about? Finances? Debt? Job security? Your physical or mental/emotional health? Health insurance? Medical expenses? Gasoline prices? Your home? Crime? The wars? Your family?

Almost everything you could be concerned about are results of the TICK at work. The TICK makes sure that people are as distracted as possible.

Besides the daily rat race to "earn a living", and the many problems they create for you to deal with, they throw in media entertainment, sports, news of horrible events, etc., as added distractions.

They overwhelm us at every turn with difficulties, extraordinary events, and an ongoing multi-media show, to keep us from realizing that most of what is happening is guided by them. 

Further, the TICK has kept us from knowing that they think we are their peons, although many of us feel that we are being treated like a peon at times.

Some researchers refer to The Protocols Of The Meetings Of The Learned Elders Of Zion as a source document for understanding the plans laid long ago by those behind the TICK. It has been fairly well publicized that this is a literary forgery, although it was accepted by many in the early 20th Century as valid. 500,000 copies of it were printed and distributed by Henry Ford in the 1920's, and a German translation was later used by Hitler to justify persecution of Jews.

Most scholars are thought to consider this book to be a fabrication, clandestinely published to cast Jews in a conspiratorial light.

Yet others suggest that there is a highly organized evil group of fake Jews, who are believed to make up a significant segment of the Illuminati, that put out this fascinating text as a revelation of their blueprint for the world. It is thought to have been compiled in Russia in the 1890's, based on other 19th Century writings, and published in 1905.

It is conceivable that the publication of The Protocols was actually a way for the secretive power elite to communicate their agenda, while for their own purposes implicating the Jewish people. In any case, the foreshadowing of how things are today in these century old writings is stunning.

During the brief Kennedy administration, the group was assembled that put together the controversial Report From Iron Mountain that was published in 1967. This elite think tank paper made suggestions for projects to threaten the public and engage the military-intelligence-industrial complex during a time when there was no major war. Considering war as a key tool of growing government control, the elite powers wanted an effective alternative, as the lingering "Cold War" of propaganda between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. was not enough for them.

In concert with the Club of Rome, The Report From Iron Mountain offered climate change caused by environmental pollution as an issue to utilize for the future tightening of population control that could also be a profit source. Another proposed plan was for a a faked threat from extraterrestrials to warrant a move to a world government.

Kennedy opposed the ideas of this report and tried to expose the secret societies trying to control the U.S. government and others behind the scenes. His assassination was executed by multiple conspiratorial shooters serving cabal interests, not as described in the official version of events.

The battle plan was further elaborated in a document discovered in the cabinet of a copier purchased at auction from a military base back in the 1970's titled Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. This strategic booklet was a manual created for recruits to certain positions in the TICK ranks. It describes the plans for gradually manipulating and guiding the ignorant masses into technocratic slavery.

There are additional source documents and links to various videos of importance in understanding the astounding programming of the elite powers at The future developments planned are spelled out on their page about NASA.

The TICK Considers You A Peon
If any of the following situations apply to you, you are already considered a peon by the TICK:

~ Being in debt. -- The international bankers created debt and interest to get financial control of people, other businesses AND governments.

NOTE: Even if you do not have personal debt, if you are a citizen of the (bankrupt) United States of America corporation, or another nation that is indebted to the international bankers, your assets and the physical body you use for labor are secretly owned by the TICK as collateral. (If you have children, they are TICK assets also.)

~ Having a Social Security Number, Social Insurance Number, etc., which registers you with the corporate state so they can keep track of you.

~ Having an account with the Internal Revenue Service (a collection agency for the TICK in the U.S.), or an equivalent agency in other nations.

~ Holding a birth certificate, driver's license, passport, state ID, or other form of registration with the corporate state so they can keep better track of you.

NOTE: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips will soon be built into most of these documents that will make it possible to easily find the bearer via global positioning.

~ Residing in a city that has chlorinated water (which increases the likelihood of heart disease & cancer); and especially one with fluoridated water, which fosters apathy, suppresses the brain, hardens the pineal gland and poisons consumers, increasing the potential for cancer.

~ Being registered for the military draft, or in the military, now or formerly.

~ Being an employee of a giant corporation or any aspect of the government (which is also a giant corporation).

~ Being a patient on any kind of medical protocol for which records are kept.

~ Owning and using a cell phone, which serves several ends of the TICK. Your cell phone is trackable, the conversations can be monitored, and the radiation it gives off can gradually damage your brain and your health (suggested reading: Cell Phone Harm).

Does one or more of these groups include you?


TICK Change
Did you notice that both major U.S. presidential candidates in the 2012 election centered their campaigns around the idea of "change."

Unfortunately, many of the changes that the current president will be presiding over are not likely to be appreciated by the people of the United States.

It appears that the TICK's plan includes undermining the U.S. economy and reducing our lifestyle to something more like a third world nation. As the United States goes, so will go most of the world's economies, excepting China and perhaps Russia.

The gap between rich and poor in the U.S. was at it's smallest in the 1960's, but it has been growing ever since. It is now a vast chasm, and it could grow even more in the next few years if the economy doesn't get better.

Since the TICK is not a person, it does not know you as an individual, and it does not really care about you as a person. As long as the TICK has control of the aspects of your life that serve its purposes, it it is indifferent to what happens personally to you and your loved ones.

For all intents and purposes, you are considered a peon of the TICK. You and your ancestors were led to that status by an elaborate deceptive manipulation process over many, many years.

You may have had such a thought in the back of your mind without fully realizing what has happened.


The TICK Runs Your Life
Many people are very strapped financially. Most are somewhat stressed by their finances and/or health issues.

In fact the TICK is drugging as many people as they can through pharmaceuticals, poisoning as many as they can with chemicals in the water, including fluoride and geoengineering to develop apathy in the brain, and zapping as many as they can with electromagnetic fields, including vast levels of transmissions, for example the frequencies radiating from cell phones, cell towers, power lines, etc.

Even if you are healthy and rich, the TICK probably pushes some fear buttons in you to keep you stressed and bothered.

Many people have been distracted by unimportant concerns such as the performance of sports teams or by mass entertainment or politics.

The TICK sets the crisis-oriented, problem-solving, competitive, separative, stressful life agenda that occupies the time and energy of almost everyone.

Personal and spiritual growth have been limited by the environment we all live in created by the TICK. By holding us back from higher consciousness they maintain their advantage and pursue their plans for further control.

One way or another we all have been or will be effected to some degree by their orchestrations, even if you haven't noticed it already.


Exposure By Internet Video
There have been some amazing videos on the internet that highlight the movement of the power elite toward the North American Union and the one world government that would end the national sovereignty of the United States and solidify TICK control of most of the world's population.

CLICK HERE to watch one of the most comprehensive of these short videos, This is a "MUST SEE" video, if it is still running. There should be some related videos to watch as well.


The TICK wants to own or control your job, your finances, your home, your car, your utilities, your other assets, your food, your water, your health, your health care, almost every aspect of you! Ultimately, they want to eliminate you, as their target world population is less than one billion people.

The elite powers have been scheming for centuries laying their elaborate trap. They are approaching the point when they will not even try to hide this from us anymore as they shut the trap door.

Any "White Hats" that aren't actually controlled opposition agents of the powers that be, have a monumental challenge to be sufficiently organized, with enough key people to get the established controllers out of power.

The power elite will not easily abandon their goals of reducing the U.S. population in number and value, while consolidating their dominance of the world economic system and transitioning the world's nations to global governance.


"For the first time in all of human history, almost all of mankind is politically awake. And these new and old major powers face still yet another novel reality, in some respects unprecedented. And it is that while the lethality, the lethality of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low. I once put it rather pointedly, and I was flattered that the British foreign secretary repeated this, as follows, namely: 'In earlier times it was easier to control a million people, literally, it was easier to control a million people, than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people; it is easier to kill than to control. . . .' "

-- Zbigniew Brezinski (former National Security Advisor, co-founder of The Trilateral Commission, advisor to President Obama)


Time To Respond
There are those in the TICK that believe that with the methods and technologies they have developed, and the degree of control over the population they have already accomplished, they are nearly ready to outwardly run the whole world.

The purpose of identifying the TICK and its actions in this book is NOT to increase fear and paranoia or generate panic in the lives of the readers. It is to highlight the ongoing expression of this "last hurrah" of collective ego in the attempt to control the world.

Recognizing that the TICK treats us as peons can give us the edge of motivation to make things better.

Similar to the spirit of the labor union movement of the early 20th Century that greatly improved working conditions and wages for hard-working people, we can begin to organize and consider together how to free ourselves from the TICK trap and change matters altogether.

By raising awareness and dedicating ourselves to the loving conscious energy we call "God" that has created all things, we can transform our lives and the world to something much better.

"What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance." - Thomas Jefferson


"When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the state, and calls for an exercise of the power of dissolution."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1774


Rest Stop

A relaxing breath and fresh thought can make things better:

Loving is freedom.

~ ~


Caring For One Another

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Be Prepared



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Awareness and cooperation are essential for humanity to make our way out of the deep trap The Powers That Be have created for us. We must break free of the ignorance instilled by poisoning with chemicals and electromagnetic fields, and the hypnosis by distraction and fear that keeps us confused and clinging to the hope of normalcy.
It is very important to form an alliance with your close friends and relatives to help each other through difficult times. Such an alliance is the best resource for making plans to provide food, shelter and protection for yourselves.

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