The Conglomerate Empire

Conspiracy for Control By Crisis, Deception & Technology

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Psychological Operations

A Goal of Total Control
The cabal behind the parasitic Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom” (TICK) has developed methods over the centuries for controlling the rest of us by crisis, deception, technology, corporatism, psychological science (“psyence”) and multifaceted poisoning, in their attempt to achieve a tyranny of full spectrum dominance.

The methods of mass hypnosis have been explored since ancient times and include: trauma, acts of terror, mutilations, sacrifices, mythology, religion, ritual, symbols, stories, politics, wars, and genocide.

With the development of psychology, propaganda, public relations, advertising, entertainment and electronic media, effective mass mind influence was greatly enhanced. The saturation of the hypnotic tools of radio, television, the internet and personal digital devices, and the increasing sophistication of programming has led to a distracted, subliminally manipulated populace of very limited awareness of reality.

At the same time we have been made less intelligent with brain-suppressing poisons and “dumbed down” learning with incomplete knowledge and false information. We have been deceived and “psy-oped” into suspicion, divisive associations, misunderstanding, fear, confusion, anger and selfish pursuits.

Now we are being personally invaded. In addition to the chemical public poisons, we are receiving biologically-engineered nanobots, "smart dust", and frequencies that can generate discomfort and pain, foster disease, implant thoughts and trigger emotions and behavior. Weaponized viruses are also being tested. These are high tech secret weapons of individual and collective physical degeneration and mind control.


Psy ops
A "psy op" is a well-planned psychological operation designed to test, program or otherwise manipulate people. It can be a created or adopted event or policy utilizing fear, blackmail, threat, punishment, torture, murder or tragedy, or it may offer happiness, incentive, reward or pleasure. It is a modern propaganda or predictive programming strategy of military and/or geopolitical planners.

Some examples of historical psyops include:

(the obvious and direct)

jail, war, siege, rape, torture, public execution, assassination, crucifixion, beheading, dismemberment, burning at the stake, hanging, "walking the plank", the electric chair, lethal injection, poisoning, genocide, scalping, "false flag" events, martial law, concentration camps, "water boarding";

(the subtle and indirect)

banking, credit cards, debt, taxes, lotteries, religion, entertainment, pro sports, educational system, celebrity "news" coverage, images, symbols and hand signs in movies and by music, acting and political celebrities, political correctness, hypnotic television, movie and video game programming, fluoridated water and dental care, vaccinations, plagues, "pandemics", starvation, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, chemical agriculture, MSG, Aspartame, genetic modification, geo-engineering, airport scans;

(events and narratives)

Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust, Hitler, Nuremburg Trials, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, The Cold War, Project Paper Clip, CIA, NSA, IRS, DHS, FEMA, TSA, MK Ultra, Project Monarch, Operation Sedgwick, "Cointelpro", Federal Reserve Notes, assassinations of the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, Gulf of Tonkin, Apollo moon exploration project, Oklahoma City bombing, Waco siege, World Trade Towers bombing, 9-11, "the terrorists", "weapons of mass destruction", HAARP, Aurora movie shootings, Sandy Hook school shootings, Boston Marathon bombings, Naval Yard shootings, Parkland High School shootings, Las Vegas shootings, violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Gaza, etc., Benghazi attack, disturbances in Ukraine, ISIS, Ebola, "Common Core", "Obamacare", the "Illuminati", Miss America, American Idol, "Trump Derangement Syndrome", Halloween, Christmas, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny!

The hypnotic false reality most of us are presently living in is the result of the most elaborate set of psy ops in known human history.


Maya & Mass Hypnosis
Illusion is the term that describes what our perception leads us to believe about reality. The concept of "maya" taught by the ancient sages of India and the Himalayas suggests that illusion is almost universally keeping people from understanding most of what happens.

Long ago the wise ones suggested that what our senses detect, how our mind works and the way of interpreting our perceptions, are effected by our socialization and manipulation by the overlays of others, all combine to distort our thinking about the presentation of phenomena, and keep us from recognizing reality.

In primitive group consciousness, individual pursuits were minimal. A person with intelligence, character, skill and strength  filled the role of leadership for group decision making.

To the mythic mind, the environment seemed to be effected by unpredictable spirits, and practices were developed to honor or appease them. There may have been an intuitive shaman who would guide the community in numinous spiritual matters.

+Leaders realized the benefit early on of their people being calmed and mystified by someone adept at handling what the people did not understand and thus feared. Spiritual guides or priests operated by the good graces of the ruler, so they would not rock the boat too much.

Gradually religion became an institutionalized method for perpetuating a common paradigm to keep the people in order. The sacred establishment and its doctrines and priests presented the social conditioning for the family and beyond. People worked in their individual daily activities and came together for religious rituals and celebrations.

Depth psychology has described the elements of the human unconscious mental and emotional environment, as probed and analyzed by Sigmund Freud and his breakaway pupil, Carl Jung. Through hypnosis and dreams they explored the human psyche and elaborately described their findings. Jung's vision was broader, as he surveyed the mutual human territory of culture through art and literature as well as psychology.

Little understood illusory images and symbols and their powerful references in human experience, mythology and theology, have long influenced consciousness. Social conditioning, selfishness, trauma, misunderstanding and complacency, have been the major factors in impairing the advancement of perception and insight, preventing full clear conscious awareness for most people.

Jung's holistic approach to understanding the interplay of personal and collective conscious and unconscious archetypes and symbols, has improved the process of expanding awareness. Those with a profound appreciation for art and the soaring enlightened beauty and healing power of consciousness, represent the essence of religious experience as an expression of loving energy.

On the other hand, Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, developed the science of "public relations" also known as propaganda. Others, whether in America, Europe, Russia, China or elsewhere, who have mastered the art of public persuasion have probably studied the work of Bernays or his followers, and probably Freud and Jung, as well as the symbols, mythologies and methods of ancient dynasties and empires.

Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, acknowledged Bernays as the source of most of his powerful mass hypnotic techniques. From there the tools and tricks were developed for manipulation of both individuals and the masses with concepts and images in politics, controlled news and advertising.


"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."

- Edward Bernays, from Propaganda, 1928


Controlling Essentials
Controlling basic needs is a key tenet of maintaining a captive population.

A modern lifestyle has been fashioned by the TICK in which distribution of "scarce" fuel, remotely delivered metered energy, commercially engineered food, medicine and access to avenues of communication, are all owned and controlled by their corporate system.

Universal health care, dietary practices, family size, child rearing, lifestyle and more will be managed by the TICK system. Travel, utility use, consumption and health care support will be rationed according to predetermined limits. Even length of life could be preset by genetic programming or another eugenics protocols.

Further, they are consolidating their ownership and/or control of oil, natural gas, water, land, farms and forests in the United States and around the world. It is important to learn about Agenda 21 of the United Nations.

Thus the TICK has ever more effective control of populations dependent on these essentials, as well as substantially controlling most governments.


Continuity of Power
Over a very long period of time, the TICK has developed a multi-faceted operation to guide what the masses believe and accept about how things are.

As work became more collective, and as education became more institutionalized, and as technologies advanced, people came to share other interests and pursuits than just the basics of survival and religion.

At the same time, those in power, wealthy royalty and the warriors, financial strategists and clergy in their service, teamed up to permanently insure their advantage as societal changes progressed.

Based on the privileged knowledge, resources and guidance from earlier generations of the elite over the centuries, the TICK's controllers, strategists and technicians have become masters of deception. Whatever developments can be utilized for their continuity of power are incorporated into their bag of tricks.

If you watch television programs and commercials, or listen to the radio for either news or entertainment, or watch movies or play video games, think about what concepts, philosophies, technologies, social conditions, abuses and violence are being presented. What ideas or emotions are they attempting to cultivate in the audience? What are they suggesting about human relationships and family life?

As you observe events, read the news, and hear the president or other leaders around the world make statements, ask yourself, "What is really going on here? How does this possibly relate to a strategy of deception or manipulation by powers behind the scenes?"


Manipulated Science
What we have been taught and thus think we know about science has been falsely manipulated to create a powerful advantage for those in control. They have knowledge and technology far above what they allow even those in science-related education and careers to know, except for piecemeal information on a "top-secret, need-to-know, non-disclosure-or-else-serious-penalty" basis.

As an example of TICK strategy in this regard from nearly a century ago, the amazing breakthrough work of Nikola Tesla was repressed, then later captured by the power controllers when Tesla passed.

My grandmother was the governess ("nanny") for the children of Thomas Edison, as she also worked as a housekeeper and seamstress for his second wife's parents in Akron, Ohio. She knew Edison well. He was obviously a smart inventor who succeeded by hard work and persistence.

However, Edison was also a competitive corporate baron. He was a crony of Henry Ford as well as rubber company big boys, Frank Seiberling, founder of Goodyear Tire, and Harvey Firestone, founder of Firestone Tire.

(NOTE: Seiberling's daughter Irene, who as a young girl pulled the lever to start the machinery at Goodyear in 1898, was a personal friend of mine after our meeting in local natural health organizations in the 1970's until she passed several years ago at the age of 108. She was a strong voice against the fluoridation of city water, and an avid supporter of natural health principles.)

Edison himself started one of the world's largest corporations also, General Electric. His cutthroat tactics against his brilliant rival Tesla are legendary.

J.P. Morgan, a key founder of the Federal Reserve banking system, refused to fund Nikola Tesla's work on highly efficient free energy at Edison's behest. Morgan's stated reason was that since he could not put a meter on Tesla's electricity, he could not make money.

Worse than that, over the years the power elite have repeatedly sought to eliminate or stall numerous other inventions that would reduce dependence on resources they control, while reserving any new technology that would produce an advantage for their own purposes, particularly those advances with military, intelligence or surveillance capabilities.

The manipulative funding of educational research has served to limit uncensored exploration and new breakthroughs. Most developments are just minor improvements from tweaking existing technology.


Computer Model For Social Control
In the late 1940's the elite energy and banking interests contracted with
Wassily Leontief, a Harvard economist, mathematician and early computer wizard, and other experts to create a computer model of the relationship between economic conditions and social conditions.

They wanted to know for sure if and how hard times would breed social disorder in the cities. Leontief and his crew spent four years creating an input/output model that may have been a primary influence in the deterioration of urban life in the last half century. The elite controllers have fostered crime, drugs and fear to effect the economy and the rest of the population.

In addition to economic and crime factors, other controlled inputs include: advertising and product marketing, "the media" (the content and presentation of music, movies, news, radio and television), politics, education, sports and medicine.


"Silent Weapons"
More than 30 years ago, a copied booklet was discovered that is presumed to have been accidentally left in the cabinet of a copier purchased at auction from a military base in the state of Washington. It was titled Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars.

In essence, it is reportedly a training manual for those recruited to an in group of field agents for the cabal controlling the TICK. This document was "top secret".

The manual was written years earlier based on the scientific analysis the TICK had funded, as well as the strategies of control the powerful had developed over the ages.

This text was supposed to be only for the eyes of those who were carefully screened for the right mindset. These selected insiders, ranging from brilliant psychopathic control freaks to hard core thugs, were being thoroughly indoctrinated to work for the hidden controllers of the TICK.

Through subsequent copying, this important information has gotten into the public's hands, revealing much about the hidden agenda of the power elite.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars referred to the input/output model that Leontief developed, which was being used in conjunction with distracting and manipulating the common people as described in the manual.

The average person was made out to be an ignorant, self-pleasuring clod, who deserved to be guided, abused, mind controlled, poisoned, and gradually eliminated when their usefulness has subsided.

Descriptions of conveniences and goods to be offered, manipulation via the media, and other methods of mass control were explained.

It is eerie that this document described almost exactly how the bulk of the hypnotized population has been led over the last 100 years or so to accept: unhealthy food and lifestyle choices, fluoridated water, medical control of health, vaccinations, widespread use of drugs, chemtrail sprays in the sky, genetic modification, fear-inducing crime, financial limitation and distress, political propaganda, nearly continuous wars, increasing costs of energy, repeated costly replacement of communications technologies, widespread enhanced surveillance and restricted freedoms.

These are the silent weapons for quiet wars against us. The further details of elite plans intended for the first quarter of the 21st Century are described here.


Domestic surveillance and infiltration of groups in the USA that are critical or potentially opposed to the power elite, have been common since the 1960's.

COINTELPRO was an FBI counter intelligence program in the 1960's to study and influence activist organizations, including the Black Panthers, Dr. Martin Luther King and associates, Vietnam War protestors, the American Indian Movement and others. Such monitoring and manipulation of target groups continues today.

The FBI has been involved in almost every alleged terrorist action in the USA for years. They are aware of individuals that might be vulnerable to influence, then contact them undercover. A terror plot is formed and an action set up to both trap the terrorist (created by the FBI), and to get publicity. If the harmful act occurs, another push for tightened security is rolled out. If not, then another terrorist act has supposedly been prevented as justification for the excessive security protocols. Either way, a patsy usually goes to jail or dies.

The security state is now full blown. There are cameras all over the city, on the streets, in stores, in public buildings, on the highways, and on many computers, very nearly like the society depicted in George Orwell's 1984.

Cell phone calls, texts, emails, internet browsing, social networking sites, and purchases are all monitored by computers looking for suspicious or incriminating key words, products, services or relationships. Travel and whereabouts are tracked by global positioning, license plate reading, and even facial recognition.

The revelation by insiders that the National Security Agency gathers all phone calls, emails, internet searches, etc., was confirmation of the degree of surveillance that was becoming obvious with the cameras and cell towers everywhere. "Smart meters" are now being installed in homes to monitor your utility usage, and surveillance devices are even installed in new appliances.

Almost every action and interest is now data mined. There is a giant computer installation being set up in Utah to store all the information. The powers that be want to know everything we do or think.

Now in addition to airports, checkpoints are being set up in train and bus stations, at sporting events, and even on highways.

If you are traveling by air, it is better to opt out of the scanner machine and let them grope you, even if it is aggressive. The full body X-ray machines are disruptive to the body's cells and very unfavorable to health.

There are now vans containing scanner equipment that circulate secretly amidst the population.

What kind of society are we allowing to be developed to the detriment of our precious liberty?


Social Engineering
In addition to political and economic strategy and pulling financial strings, other tools for social engineering have been employed by the elite, from a corporate compliance education system, bureaucratic regulation, re-zoning, strategic statutory lawmaking, manipulated law enforcement, planned releases and suppressions of technology, propaganda, scripted media, mind control, drugs and intentional public poisoning to crime. The controllers have fashioned a dysfunctional society dependent on debt and government programming.

Undermining health and reducing intelligence with fluoride, aluminum, pesticides and medications while suppressing natural alternatives, binding workers to the corporate system with manipulation of consumer demand and debt, weakening families, destroying the currency and the economy and fostering apathy with political correctness and reducing incentive with taxes and regulations, society has been brought to the brink of collapse in the United States.

The 85% who are ignorant, easily misled by the controlled media and more readily compliant as taught in school, are being locked into the intended apathy with the division of the populace into contentious sub-groups and this deliberate gradual erosion of the middle class. The 10% who think more and have more guide the masses through the structures set by the 1

% who live large off of the value created by the others, while directly or indirectly serving more closely the very few upper echelon power elite.


Full Control
Most of the important factors of life as we know it are controlled by the TICK, including:

the financial markets, manufacturing, energy and other resources, oil, chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, medicine, the media, advertising, entertainment, sports, politics, giant agriculture, most of the food supply (from chemically raised, and possibly radiated crops; to genetically altered seeds, plants and livestock; as well as processed junk foods), most of the water supply, nuclear power, various weapons, highly advanced technology, and much more.

By controlling the money, the economy, the media, all essential industries and goods, politics, government, medicine, and technology that can track and record most communications and even manipulate the brains of people, the TICK has almost full control.


A meme is an image, idea or keyword that calls forth an emotional or psychological response. It has symbolic, possibly unconscious elements. Memes may be used as part of mass hypnosis.

Memes can be social, economic, historical, political, scientific, religious, sexual, etc. They are used by the elite powers to guide people in thinking and social directions that are chosen for TICK purposes.

For example, the "War On Terror" meme is the basis for a long term major psyop that has been the justification of the expanding surveillance and extreme security protocols.

Memes may draw on previous social conditioning, including concepts developed and manipulated in education, entertainment, religion, etc. These are used in TV shows, movies, songs, even in comedy routines, to evoke assumptions, conscious or unconscious.

The esoteric societies such as the Freemasons, the Illuminati and Skull and Bones, are adepts of symbolic imagery and use of memes. Aware people are able to identify the frequent predictive themes in radio and television programming, advertising, movies and other forms of controlled media.

Numerous celebrities in music, acting, sports and politics are presenting Illuminati themes, symbols and images.

Recently, Robert Conners, who claims to be a Department of Defense whistleblower, has revealed "Operation Sedgwick", a program formed in 1989 to consolidate the use of the music industry for purposes of the mind manipulation of youth.

It is believed that the elite powers reveal their future intentions in their media projects, and that they may assume some kind of karmic justification in their giving the public a hint. They may also sometimes orchestrate public hypnotic rituals.

Some think that recent Super Bowl and awards show performances, including the costumes and set designs, reflect ancient ideas and symbols purposely scripted by elite organizers. Madonna's Super Bowl half-time show in 2012 has been called an Illuminati esoteric ritual.

Click here for a video from Truthstream Media on Illuminati mind control.

Here are some common memes and psyop keywords we encounter in The Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom: king, queen, president, politician, police, cop, citizen, taxpayer, racist, sexist, sexual orientation, gay, transgender, ET, alien, abduction, GMO, psychotropic, drugs, flu shot, shooting, assault, weapon, gun, control, military, war, civil war, pledge of allegiance, flag, drone, bombing, quantitative easing, unemployment, pension, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, EBT, federal, tax, IRS, dollar, gold, stock, bond, bank, government, liberal, progressive, conservative, left, right, politically correct, occupy, tea party, capitalist, socialist, communist, terrorist, abortion, choice, global warming, climate change, sustainability, smart growth, Agenda 21, UN, regulation, violation, law, homeland security, TSA, FBI, CIA, hegemony, tyranny, secession, liberty, "order out of chaos".


Mind Control
Over the centuries of the emergence of the TICK, those involved have gained vast experience and understanding of how to manipulate institutions and the minds of masses of people.

TICK strategists and agents have employed methods familiar to those involved in covert operations: distraction, diversion, false threats, "false flag" attacks, fantasy, spin, acting, deception, fraud, psychological pressure, public ceremony and more. 

The concepts, attitudes and behaviors of much of the world's population have been secretly guided by those who control religions, governments, military forces, resources, major industries, technologies and the media. All these are used for setting conditions and influencing the common mindset.

The power players are engaged in a multi-dimensional game of world control. They pull diplomatic, political, economic and media strings all over the globe, moving toward having everyone plugged into their system.

By proliferating their corporate network throughout agencies and institutions of every type, the TICK has gained control of companies, industries, unions, governments, institutional churches, non-profit organizations and people around the world.

Those of us living in the TICK planned corporate system have not really ever known the full freedom that the founders of the United States fought long ago to establish for us permanently. Even the limited freedom we have known is being reduced as the TICK extends its reach farther into our daily lives.

With mind control measures, much of the population has become duped, ignorant and enslaved, as predicted in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and George Orwell's 1984, both published as pysops themselves.

For decades the controllers have been using ever more sophisticated pysop techniques of mass hypnosis and mind manipulation, including:

predictive and hypnotic programming in institutions and media, social expectation from peers and controllers, distraction, entertainment, excitement, mind numbing, mass drugging, debt, pressure, stress, cognitive dissonance, anxiety, fear, separation, polarization, shock, sex titillation and perversion, images of death, chemical manipulation, public poisons, electromagnetic manipulation and abuse.

Through targeting of individuals with trauma-based mind control and psychotropic chemicals and frequencies in the MKUltra program and Project Monarch, and commonly done for generations to selected children by the Illuminati, hypnotized, deranged, programmed assassins, mass murderers, patsies and other operatives have been created on purpose.

These mind control techniques were based on German studies under Hitler and Himmler where it was learned that children abused sexually or in other ways develop a dis-associative disorder and heightened senses, as well as further secret experiments in Europe and the United States.

The brain represses the trauma and related memories in one or more compartments separate from the main part of the brain used in common daily activities. These remote sectors of the brain in an individual already more compliant from serial trauma, are very susceptible to suggestion.

Click here for details about mind control programming in a video of Cathy O'Brien, an outspoken victim of child abuse and these secret projects.

Programmed mind control victims have included Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK), Sirhan Sirhan (RFK), Jim Jones ("drink the Kool-Aid" in Jonestown), Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City), Mark Chapman (John Lennon), John Hinckley, Jr. (Pres. Reagan), David Koresh (Waco), Ted Kaczynski ("Unabomber") and more recently, probably also the shooters in Fort Hood, Aurora Colorado, Sandy Hook, the Naval Yard in Washington, D.C., Orlando and elsewhere.

Project Monarch focused on developing mind control of targeted individual agents, through setting up programmed alter personality segments in the brain using the psychological techniques carried over from the earlier experimentation of the Nazi's.

In the MKUltra program these methods have been secretly explored for decades by malevolent agents in the controlling structures of society. The introduction of advanced drugs and electronic manipulation greatly expanded the effectiveness of these sinister activities.

Many more changes in our world are being planned, orchestrated and executed by the leaders of the TICK.

The TICK goal is one global corporate state, with all citizens fully registered, pegged into the appropriate slots, compliant with the rules, tracked for good measure, and fully controlled or eliminated if not needed for their purposes.


Denver Airport Psy Op
Until they were removed, visitors experienced a disturbing display of an Illuminati psy op in the symbolism of the murals at the Denver airport. There are other bizarre objects, symbols and stories still in play.

Further, there is an unpublicized massive underground facility in multiple layers beneath this airport. Based on the limited knowledge of observers, it is hypothesized that this is possibly both a continuity of government operation center for safe functioning during difficult times, as well as a potential mass detainment gathering site.

Click here to explore the details about the Denver Airport.


Washington. D.C. Psy Op
The District of Columbia is a separate entity from the united States of America, similar to the "City of London" in London, or "Vatican City" in Rome. It was designed with an esoteric layout, and many buildings have symbols, geometric forms and dimensions that communicate secret representations for insiders.

Click here to explore the details about Washington, D.C.


"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?"

- Joseph Stalin


"It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit." - Noel Coward


"Truth is treason in an empire of lies." -- George Orwell



Chemical Control

Poisoning has been a major emphasis in the last century, especially since World War II. Public poisons include: chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, pollution, nuclear fallout, strontium, barium, glyphosate and other chemicals for agriculture, food additives, household materials and supplies, medicines, vaccines, geo-engineering aerosols and more.


Chemical Control
The German Nazi's in the 1930's and 40's are thought to be the first to consider using mass drugging with fluoride by adding it to water supplies to foster apathy. It is known to effect the brain in such a way that people become apathetic, a feeling that they have no control.

Consider the added deteriorating effects of MSG and aspartame, and the massive portion of the population that consumes these, as well as the number of those on anti-depressants and other mind-numbing neurological drugs. Couple this with the mesmerizing effect of television, the distractions of mega sports, entertainment and political events, and the rat race.

Realizing the scope of the chemical manipulation with all the other influences reveals how much the elite powers are doing to control our brains. Purposefully "dumbed-down", drugged, hypnotized people have just not been very able to monitor closely what the TICK is doing and respond.


Public Poisons
Similarly, the power controllers have sought to diminish knowledge and interest in natural herbal, homeopathic and chiropractic remedies in favor of the toxic patented chemical medicines that they can control. These medicines along with the poisons purposely added to water and food, and distributed through the air, contribute to the deteriorating health of much of the population, already suffering from the poor quality diet presented by the giant food product corporations.

The root cause of degenerative disease behind many of the medical establishment's symptom-based named diseases is the dissemination of "Public Poisons", which is done in multiple small doses to nearly everyone in the population.

Worse, it has been determined by numerous analysts like myself that this ongoing mass poisoning is being done on purpose.

Recognizing the public poisoning along with the intentional stress that is built into our highly manipulated rat-race institutional system, brings us to the real reason for much of the degenerative disease that people have experienced over the last century.

In fact, the increasing poisons of the last 20 years added to the generational effects of the previous 80 years of chemical abuse, have produced a terrible array of nerve, mental health and autistic disorders.

This elaborate public poisoning process earns BIG BUCK$ for Big Med/ Big Pharma, while "dumbing down", harming and eliminating people as they grow older and more toxic, becoming eventually no longer needed for service to the military/ financial/ industrial/ chemical money machine.

You and I and our families and friends have been systematically poisoned our whole lives in multiple small doses with many of the following toxic agents:

chlorine, fluoride, vaccines, pharma medicines, msg, aspartame, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, nicotine, BPA (bisphenol-A), phosphoric acid, trans-fat, bovine growth hormone, antibiotics, DDT, dioxin, glyphosate, PCB's (poly-chlorinated biphenols), formaldehyde, styrene, sodium laurel (or laureth) sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil, calcium carbonate, di-calcium phosphate, mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, aluminum, barium, strontium, plutonium, radiation, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and thousands more chemicals from industry, agriculture, petroleum, plastics, pharmaceuticals and so on.

Toxic chemicals and/or frequencies are widely laced into our food, water, air, beverages, household cleaning supplies, personal care items, clothing, medicines, dental repairs, furniture, furnishings, appliances, automobiles, computers, light bulbs, etc. Nearly everything we come in contact with has a toxic quality.

My contention is that this is intentional. We are walking test tubes in a giant unannounced experiment conducted without our conscious consent.

Through total control of the media, effective control of the government and the corporate system, and with sophisticated poisoning and mind control measures, the powers behind the scenes of the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom have conspired to reduce intelligence and keep the population ignorant of our slow disease and demise orchestrated by them and their organization.

In an analysis I made of the ages revealed in the obituaries of recently deceased people, about half of them were less than 80 years old, and around 20% were under 70, many much younger! Some of them have been children, and there are likely many more that do not have obituaries published because of their short lives.

When I was a child, autism and childhood cancer were virtually unknown.

On the other hand, a really healthy person should live past 100 years, but that is extremely rare these days. It is not eugenically correct to keep "useless eaters" around. With ever more computerized and robotic technologies, fewer and fewer human workers are needed for TICK operations, so they would like to greatly reduce the world's human population.

Programmed infertility and sterilization through GMO's and vaccinations, as well as abortion, are also used as population reduction measures.

If you think this poisoning protocol sounds crazy, it is. It is incredible by design. Those behind it expect you to NOT believe this is possible.

Do you think it is not so because it isn't presented on the nightly broadcast news or written about in newspapers and magazines?

The controlled media does not tell you the truth. Yet it is true nonetheless.

Why are there so many people now with MS, ALS, and Parkinson's, in addition to the vastly more people with heart disease and cancer?

Think also about all the autism cases, the early onset Alzheimer's victims, and the strange new Morgellon's syndrome, which have developed during the fifteen or more years the aerosols have been sprayed.

The newer diseases from public poisons are in addition to the long time high rates of purposely generated heart disease and cancer, already established since modern large scale mass public poisoning began in the early 20th Century with chlorine in the public water supplies, and refined sugar and trans-fats in foods.


Pharmaceutical Medicine
Pharmaceutical medicine is a key tool in the controllers tool bag. Most drugs do not correct health problems. They simply mask the symptoms. Drug side effects and interactions are major detriments to health. Health issues, often medically caused, preoccupy and stress many people, and waste massive amounts of time and attention.

The amount of psychotropic drugs being administered in our highly stressed and anxious population is shocking. Residues of these medicines are being urinated into the water supply and recycled, as they are not removed at the water treatment plants.

Children are being victimized early by administration of psych medicines, often requested by schools to help manage behavior. Their brain is usually already impaired before they get to school by the vaccinations beginning at birth.


In the 20th Century the introduction and propagandizing of vaccinations was a major protocol for generating illness and early death. The vaccination agenda is an example of the preparation of falsified science and brainwashing to convince the public to pursue a destructive practice that harms us without question or protest.

There is no evidence that vaccinations prevent infectious disease, but plenty of evidence that they undermine health. They actually weaken the immune system and make us more vulnerable to a potential viral pandemic, which could be released on purpose to eliminate much of the population.

The push for immunizations was accompanied by the installation of authoritative "prescription" of chemical medicines by the medical establishment as the only legitimate means of dealing with illness. This has also harmed and killed vast numbers of people.

The mercury in the thimerosal used as a preservative, and the aluminum salt adjuvant used in most of vaccines, are toxic metals that reduce intelligence and foster behavioral problems.

Now they are starting to put nanobots in the vaccines and RFID chips in the medicines so they can tell what is going on in your body and control it more thoroughly.


Bio-weapons have been around for a long time. Some historians believe the British colonial army presented smallpox laden blankets to the Native Americans in 1763 at the siege of Fort Pitt by Chief Pontiac and his men, leading to the deaths of thousands of natives, while the British had developed natural immunity.

Many thousands more Native Americans were killed by diseases introduced to them by contact with Europeans throughout the 1700's and 1800's.

Genetic engineering has created more contagious and deadly viruses that have been introduced in our era to decrease the world's populations, first in Africa as a testing ground, then in more developed zones. In many cases these are initiated or exacerbated by vaccines.

AIDS did not wipe out as many as hoped. The Swine Flu and Avian Flu scares were tests to gauge public reactions and protocols for future more serious events. Now Ebola is being rolled out.

It has been reported the the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) holds a patent on all the Ebola virus variants, and that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a patented Ebola vaccine ready to issue.

The goal is to eradicate millions of people while generating billions in profits for these questionable contractor institutions.

The planned lack of enforcement of the U.S. borders has allowed terrorists, weapons, and diseases into the United States. Many watchers think we will soon see a multiple of major disasters, including terror events, an Ebola pandemic, and a potential collapse or lockdown of the economy, with probable martial law.

In such a scenario, it is likely they would implement compulsory vaccinations with incarceration of those who refuse.

If a deadly pandemic is in progress, be prepared to stay at home with no outside contact. Having plenty of food, water and other necessities on hand is wise. A supply of virus fighting natural remedies is also very important, including: silver, larrea, oregano oil, supplemental oxygen and vitamin D, as well as the best respiratory mask you can get if you need to go out.

The Ebola virus of greatest concern is claimed by experts to have been engineered to be a highly deadly hybrid. It is reportedly now transmittable by air -- not just by breathing it in, but even through the skin. As few as one viral particle that attaches to a cell can multiply rapidly. Virtually all the respiratory cells can be infected at the same time.
It is known that, like the flu, Ebola will be much more easily transmitted in cold weather. The virus does not survive as well in heat, nor in the ultraviolet light of the sun.
Ebola starts with flu-like symptoms, so many people with the flu or entero viruses will be worried they have Ebola. Emergency rooms may be clogged. If Ebola is also in an emergency room, how many of the immune weakened victims of other viruses might pick up and carry out the Ebola? 
The real problem with Ebola infection is blood vessel fragility with the potential of internally hemorrhaging to death.
Massive levels of antioxidants such as vitamin C and turmeric, could save one's life. You can encapsulate vitamin C with lecithin for far greater absorption and utilization. (Search on for instructions about this.) Also the herb, capsicum (cayenne) helps to stop bleeding. 

The addition of fluoride to the public water supplies in the early 1950's has done more to foster apathy, reduce IQ, and increase cancer in the population, than to provide any benefit for teeth.

The growing global corporate state bureaucracy had an interest in avoiding vigorous opposition to their policies.

The scientific basis of fluoridation is not only weak, it has been disproved. Such mass drugging of the population is unjustified.

Careful statistical studies in the 1970's by John Yiamouyiannis, PhD., biochemist and specialist in epidemiology (the study of population health statistics), showed no appreciable benefit to teeth from fluoridation of water.

I knew Dr. Yiamouyiannis, who passed away in 2000 at just 58 years of age. I was very familiar with his work.

On the other hand, Dr. Yiamouyiannis found a clear increase in cancer in cities where the water is fluoridated. His findings were supported by Dr. Dean Burk of the National Cancer Institute, who in 1977 estimated from his own studies that by then 10,000 deaths had already been caused by fluoridated water.

Dr. Yiamouyiannis testified as an expert witness in court cases opposing fluoridation in West View, Pennsylvania, in 1978, and in Houston, Texas, in 1982. It was proven in each court that fluoridation of water is harmful, and that it should be eliminated from the public water supply.

In each case, either a higher court overruled the decision or legislators bypassed the court's finding with new legislation, maintaining fluoridation without regard to common sense. Were they persuaded by powerful interests behind the scenes?

Fluoride reduces intelligence, learning ability and memory. Even worse, it causes cancer, interferes with the thyroid gland and the endocrine system, fosters arthritis as well as hardening and fragility of the bones, raises blood pressure and increases arteriosclerosis. (More.)

Fluoride has been found to significantly lower IQ, even to the point of serious mental deficiency, in numerous human and animal studies, including a major one in China. Scientists at Harvard University have also described negative effects of fluoride on the neurological development of children.

In addition to reducing brain power, fluoride also fosters calcification of the pineal gland, which can cause disturbances in the personality and reduces intuitive insight. Fluoride supplements and fluoridated water, including use in food products and prepared foods, should be avoided.

Like vaccination, fluoridation is done on purpose to reduce intelligence, foster health problems, and ultimately to end lives earlier that would otherwise be the case. There are reports that in recent years, the fluoride supplies have radioactive metals being secretly included as well.

Many watchdogs agree that the elite powers behind the scenes are poisoning the public with vaccinations, fluoride GMO's, radioactive materials and other chemicals in the food and water supplies and household products, to control and eliminate population, while driving people to their medical establishment for more profits in the process.

For the last fifteen plus years, highly toxic chemicals, including radioactive metals, have been widely sprayed in the skies. These gradually fall to ground level where we breathe, touch and consume them.



Chemicals In The Food Supply
Food products have contained chemical toxins more than a century ago, but most people ate fresh farm foods then. With the strong promotion of chemical fertilizers and pesticides after World War II, the crops themselves began to contain poisons.

As the soil lost fertility with reliance on chemicals to fertilize, the plants became weaker. At the same time round after round of chemical pesticides, herbicides (week killer poisons) and fungicides have been spread on the farmlands. Among the terrible agricultural poisons have been DDT, dieldrin, organophosphates, organochlorines, neonicotinoids and glyphosate.

Family farmers could not keep up with the expenses, the debt, and the increasing health problems of chemical agriculture. Farming has gone more and more to giant agribusiness.' The sinister infiltration of agriculture by the food chemistry conglomerates with steroids, antibiotics and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) has been an additional pressure on the small farmer.

The major crops of corn, soybeans, sugar beets, canola and alfalfa have been almost totally taken over with GMOs. These foods are devastatingly unhealthy for livestock and humans. The intestinal tract is especially harmed, and many ailments result.

Meanwhile, the additives to food products have expanded from sugar and salt to sophisticated highly toxic chemical compounds. Among these are monosodium glutamate (MSG), high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and propylene glycol.

Chemical agents in plastic food packaging, such as Bisphenol Acetate (BPA), are additional toxins our overburdened bodies have to deal with. BPA is an estrogen mimicker, a hormone disruptor and a powerful infertility agent.

The food chemists in the employ of the elite controllers have developed and laced these carcinogenic and mutagenic public poisons into the food supply on purpose. The intent is reduced intelligence, decreased fertility, disease and early demise of people for reasons of medical profit and depopulation.

Now much of the commercial foods and supplements are being x-rayed, and meat and produce may be sprayed with a biological agent to counter spoilage.



Aerosol Sprays In The Air
Anyone who will pay attention will be able to perceive atmospheric aerosol geoengineering, also known as chemtrails.

The spraying of chemical aerosols by jets flying back and forth filling part or all of the sky is not from transportation jets creating simple contrails.

Contrails are ice crystals that form from moisture in jet exhaust, which usually dissipate rapidly.

The much longer and lasting trails that stretch across the sky several days a week creating a sinister haze, are made up of multiple toxic metals, biological materials and other bizarre components, mostly sprayed by unidentified jets working the skies.

Among these toxic metals is aluminum, which contributes to lowering human intelligence and impairing plant growth, as well as radioactive metals, particularly barium. Obviously these harmful sprays are part of the scientific control agenda for quietly increasing health problems and reducing population.

The official but unannounced intent of these multi-purpose sprays is solar radiation management and climate modification. They are also used for reflecting electromagnetic beams from the "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP) antenna array in Alaska and possibly from satellites as well.

Learn about "atmospheric aerosol geo-engineering" and the toxic aerosol sprays it produces, then watch for them in the sky.

Analysis has found unusually high levels of molds and fungi as well as other microbes, and even human red blood cells in the chemtrail aerosols. The fiber material may serve in part as a delivery mechanism for the biological materials.

Once you perceive the geoengineering spray trails and know that something strange and harmful is going on about which the authorities have not informed us, you will hopefully want to learn more about public poisons and all the other serious challenges we face.


DNA Control
The manipulation of DNA is underway with genetic engineering developing genetically modified (GMO) plants, animals and humans. We are being altered through foods, viruses, and perhaps algae and molds, possibly using the biological materials in the chemtrails. 

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that law enforcement officers may take a DNA sample from anyone upon arrest.

There are now a variety of tests for DNA markers of susceptibility to disease. Is there an intention to learn behavioral indicators of DNA as well? Could they intend to use DNA analysis to screen and compartmentalize people in various ways. Will they say there are markers for criminal behavior, rebellious attitude, etc.?

Many genes have been patented. Will they be or are they already altering the DNA of humans to program people for certain roles such as to create super human soldiers? Will they set a trigger for a limited life span for common workers? Will they blend technology and DNA to make us into bio-robots?



Electromagnetic Control

Prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and EMR causes a measurable stress response, a negative shift in energy in the human bio-field. Additional studies have linked electromagnetic pollution to health concerns like fatigue and tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions.

Our population has become dependent on modern day conveniences. We are subjecting ourselves to these external stressors day in and day out.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation (EMR) emitted from televisions, computers, cell phones, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic devices are known to compromise health and well-being. Use of these devices has been linked to various stress-related ailments.

Now they are targeting chemicals and frequencies to subdue the parts of the brain where inspiration, insight, creativity and passion to help others and the world are activated.


The development of television was a major breakthrough for the controllers. The medium itself is hypnotic. It takes over and runs the mind as you watch it.

Television is not only distracting, it is a master device for propaganda as it delivers the images, sounds and ideas directly to a hypnotized brain. The sound reaches the subconscious mind even when you leave the room for the kitchen or rest room.

The media companies have perfected the delivery of controlled news, social programming and distracting "entrainment". Subliminal messages are easily embedded in multiple programs from animations to dramas to comedy. Fear imagery from war action, shootings, or terrorist events, etc., are readily presented and interpreted as the controllers want it to be spun.

How people think, their concepts of society, government, leaders, celebrities, products, etc., and the protocols and procedures of living, are all strongly influenced by television and its programming.

The electronic field generated by the television is unhealthy. The closer you are to the TV, the more of these energies will be bathing you.


Cell Phone Harm
It has become quite common to see people talking on their cell phones just about everywhere you go. The cell phone industry has been very effective at selling people on the convenience and coolness of being connected and reachable no matter where they are.

Project 10 to 15 years into the future.  By that point the “cell phone epidemic” may have claimed many lives through cancer, Alzheimer’s, strokes, auto accidents, and other consequences of regular cell phone usage; unless the present level of use is cut dramatically.

If people knew that they were undermining their own health as well as the health of those around them when they use a cell phone, would the devices be as popular?

Probably not; that is why you have not heard much about the hazard of cell phone use. Just like the tobacco companies who stonewalled against the idea that cigarette smoking is harmful to health, the cellular companies are keeping cell phone dangers from being known. 

Further, the major media have not presented much information on cell phone radiation either. As you know, millions of dollars are spent on the advertising of cellular service and equipment.

Do you think a government would intervene if cell phones are harming people? How many years did it take before a warning on cigarette labels was required? 

What about chlorine and fluoride, known poisons, being added to almost every city’s water supply? Do they warn you about the long term negative health effects of consuming these toxins? 

If something offers benefits that can be marketed, and a big profitable business can be generated, and the product is not immediately destructive, the government tends to let it go, even though it may be hurtful over a long period of time. If fact, many think that the powers behind governments are abusing the population intentionally with harmful products.

What you don't know CAN hurt you. Ignoring the information on cell phone problems could have much graver consequences than just being ignorant. It is time to learn about the cell phone hazard now, before it is too late.

In Europe this would be called mobile phone harm, or mobile phone danger, or the mobile phone problem. Mobile phone radiation is the same as cell phone radiation, and it is not good for anybody.

WARNING: Cordless portable phones in your home are just as bad if not worse. Other electronic devices, such as the new "smart meters" for monitoring electric, water and gas usage, put out harmful electromagnetic fields also. There is much more information in my ebook: Cell Phone Harm.

It is very important to use protective devices with equipment generating electromagnetic fields in your personal environment.

Of even greater concern is the use of cell phone technology to deliver frequencies directly to people on purpose. Experiments on broadcasting mind controlling frequencies through cell phone towers to effect behavior have been conducted for many years.


Techno War On The Population
electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) of satellite and cell phone transmissions, televisions, home computers, utility smart meters, appliances and other electronic pollution, can be thought of as a growing giant experiment on us all with potentially grave biological consequences.

Over the years we have learned from various sources that the secret government agencies and "black ops" have hidden technologies that are so far beyond what the public is allowed to know, that we would be astonished to learn of these.

Simply put, it is normal operating procedure for certain government agencies and privileged high tech corporations to engage in publicly harmful actions and avoid revealing what they are doing.

The secretive "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP) is used for electromagnetic experimentation, weather and earth modification, mind control and warfare. Some think the HAARP project might be using the conductive metals in chemtrails as a weather modification tool and/or as a space age defense weapon. It is also speculated that this Tesla-like system may be used to create droughts, storms and earthquakes on purpose. (Watch an intro video about HAARP here and more about it here.)

Analysis has found unusually high levels of molds, algae and fungi as well as other microbes, fibers, microchips, and even human red blood cells in the atmospheric geo-engineering aerosols. The fiber material may serve in part as a delivery mechanism for the biologicals.

More and more people are becoming allergic to molds, fungi and other airborne biological substances, as immune systems weaken from the many abuses and inadequate vitamin D due to solar dimming by the chemical fog.

There have also been dried self-replicating red blood cells found in the chemtrail aerosols that cannot be destroyed! What are those created to do?

What about Morgellon's disease, a truly weird painful ailment, with skin lesions and strange self-replicating fibers developing under the skin and poking through the skin? Many people actually have strange BUGS IN THEIR BODY, sometimes also penetrating out through the skin.

Are these caused by high tech GMO insect eggs, DNA, fungal spores, algae, or even newly synthesized electronic biological entities in the sprays we're breathing?

Some analysts believe that Morgellon's syndrome and many other illnesses are directly caused by whatever is in the sprays. Click here for information on the possible connection between algae and Morgellon's disease.

A few investigators have even said they have found engineered items, nanobots (micronized "smart dust"), in these chemtrail aerosol sprays. These may be tiny brains that guide the replication of the fibers and other strange high tech items that they are putting into us.


ELF Mind Control
There are magnetite crystals naturally in our brains, which interact with the Earth's electromagnetic fields, as with all living entities. These crystals are very vulnerable to a substantial electromagnetic pulse (EMP - see next section below), which could suddenly turn many people into zombie-like, disoriented, insane crazies, especially those on psychotropic drugs.

ELF waves generated by HAARP or other methods can be used to entrain and manipulate thoughts, feelings and behaviors in humans and animals. Our own brains cycle at these low frequencies, and are susceptible to targeted transmission of external communication. The brain has no firewall. It can be reached by Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF).

Directed energy weapons are being used in military actions, by law enforcement, for behavior modification of inmates in prisons, to effect people in crowds, to influence populations, and even to control individuals.

Microscopic crystals, many shaped like hexagons and pyramids, and intentionally designed, have been discovered in the mix of materials in the atmospheric aerosol geoengineering sprays. Are they attempting to turn us into "transhuman" robots?

It may be possible with this technology, in conjunction with broadcast capability, like cell phone towers and HAARP, to deliver messages directly to our brains.

The sea of electromagnetic frequencies that we are being subjected to from cell phone transmissions and wi-fi, with towers dotting the countryside, HAARP, the new smart meters for utility usage being installed in homes and businesses everywhere, etc.; all of this may be partnering with the nanobot crystals accumulating inside us as part of a coordinated strategy to harm or transform us.

Analysis by independent scientists suggests that these nano-crystal semiconductors are surrounded by an organic shell. These are being delivered into our bodies, seemingly to replicate highly engineered biotech devices that may be designed to change us into some type of hybrid human robots.

The presence of the miniature devices inside us may make us more susceptible to targeted radio wave communications to manipulate and control us, even more than they have been able to do already with television, fluoride, vaccinations, aspartame, electromagnetic fields, frequencies, etc.

Even worse, it is conceived that the "smart dust" nanobots may be programmed to alter our DNA. A synthetic nucleic acid called "GNA", or other genetically modified agents could be inserted into these devices for such a purpose.

Some think that DNA could be used for individualized tracking, and possibly for targeted electromagnetic manipulation through specific radio frequencies. Authorities have been collecting DNA from infants for many years, and now frequently from adults as well. DNA information is going into the the giant database with other personal information, including cell phone calls, emails, etc., so as much information as possible is being gathered about each of us.

How might we each be uniquely programmed?

What is possibly being created is an intelligent field of "smart dust" that we live and breathe in, controlled through programmed electromagnetic frequencies.

What we are experiencing may be called "trans-humanism", a newer term for eugenics.

For years there has been a concern about the RFID chips already being inserted in people for identification, tracking and commercial purposes. Many would want to refuse having one, considering that it may be what is referred to in The Book of Revelation as "the mark of the beast".

Now chips are so small there may be no way to escape having them inside us, as we breathe these high tech devices in from the geoengineering fallout.

If a cell phone can be reached via a specific numerical code, how about a brain being reached by frequencies coded for that particular brain?

Just as there is a frequency assigned to the cell phone's particular number, and how a wireless computer interfaces with the web and is identifiable by frequency, you and everything about you could be known and controlled through frequencies interacting with the programmable microchips inside you, which you have breathed in or swallowed.

I know some of this seems way beyond the fringe. Much of what the powers that be are up to is difficult to discern because those that are doing it do not reveal much about it directly to us, or falsify what information may be available.

Through unavoidable technological manipulation could we average people be tracked, weakened, subdued, sickened, manipulated, transformed into something else, perhaps programmable, task-oriented, asexual, unemotional, even keel, biological robots, or have our brains shut off?

What does this suggest about a staged event being generated using a targeted individual as an active perpetrator or patsy, who is programmed to act from an alternative personality beyond the awareness of the normal self? Could this be done by a combination of hypnosis, trauma, training and ELF manipulation? 

Can people be disturbed mentally, traumatized, manipulated, made ill and even killed, all by frequencies?

Click here for a shocking presentation on what may be a synthetic biology experiment being FORCED on us.


EMP Damage To The Power Grid
What if all communications and power were knocked out for days, weeks or months by a major storm, a cyber attack or an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) perhaps generated by an enemy with an explosion produced in the atmosphere by an effective weapon, or by a large solar flare?

An EMP could fry the power grids of much or all of the United States or other areas of the planet, and also damage satellites we rely on for communication.

Some of the solar flares and related "coronal mass ejections" (CMEs) that have occurred recently have been very large, though fortunately not directed right at the Earth. With the changes in our magnetic shield, it is more likely than ever that a charged blast shot from the sun may get through to our planet's surface if directed our way, which can have a very serious effect on us.

Consider the damage one major coronal ejection could cause if it comes our way. As a CME has done a few times in the past, transmissions by at least some satellites could be knocked out. Beyond that, a solar explosion could generate a massive EMP.

Research has revealed that such a major solar CME has occurred previously about every 75 to 120 years. The were several lesser solar blasts in the 20th Century that interfered with satellites or shut off power to large areas of the Earth for a long period. We are way overdue for a really large event.
In 1859 such a major explosion (called the "Carrington Event") destroyed much of the new telegraph system in the U.S. Some telegraph operators were injured by the electrical surges through the lines. The telegraph network was set back in its development by a couple of years from this incident.
Nuclear weapons are also an ongoing threat beyond the physical damage they might cause. Even a small nuclear explosion generates an EMP. It is known that special weapons have been developed for producing an EMP, for example the the secretive "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP) installation in Alaska.
A pulse generated by terrorists or agents of the TICK near a city could destroy the local power system, disrupting normal life for quite a while. A sophisticated cyber attack or a couple of EMP bombs in the atmosphere launched from enemy ships miles off the coast could knock out the power grid of the whole North American continent.  
There are rumors that Iran and North Korea practice launching missiles nearly straight up in preparation for attempting such an EMP incident. Some think Russia or China may be planning to launch an EMP bomb or a larger nuclear attack to set the United States back, possibly with an invasion in mind.
Any of these methods could also be used by the controlling powers to set up a false flag disaster blamed on someone else. HAARP may be able to do that as well. It has been speculated that the elite powers behind the TICK may have an interest in shutting down America so it can more easily be brought into the New World Order Empire.
The aging United States power grid lacks the modern transformers that could act as giant "surge protectors". Many other nations have these already in place. A few years ago the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to upgrade the grid by having these protective units installed, but the Senate held up action on the bill, leaving it in limbo.
In any case, these transformers are not manufactured in the U.S., and there is a backlog of perhaps a couple of years in production and delivery.
If all power were shut down for an extended time, and your refrigerator, water, lights and heating system were not working; and you could not get cash from a bank branch or an ATM; and no stores or restaurants were open; and no gasoline or natural gas could be pumped without power; and the computer chips in modern vehicles were zapped so they would not operate; what would you do for food, water, heat, money and transportation? What would others in your area do?
Society would be in chaos within just a day or two. Yet the government is not publicizing this enough that we can prepare. The following videos give you a clear idea of how serious this problem could be.

An EMP Would Shut Off The Power

What If There Were An EMP?


"The technocratic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

-- Zbigniew Brezinski, 1970, Bilderberger, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, key mentor to President Obama since the 1980's



UFO & ET Coverup

The Big Secret
For at least 70 years the U.S. government has attempted to cover up or discredit evidence of the presence on this planet of intelligent beings from another place and/or time than planet Earth. The U.S. has also pressured other governments to keep things under wraps.

Though millions have witnessed displays of astonishingly advanced aircraft and other amazing phenomena, and many thousands have had personal encounters with alien entities, the secret agencies of the human world have colluded to keep these matters top secret, or to suggest that such reports are from fringe element "wackos".

The reason for secrecy and cover-up may be that government leaders have wanted time to grasp and develop the breakthrough technologies that they have encountered in their interactions with ET's. On the other hand, when revealed their cover story may be that they have been protecting the population from panic and disorientation.

Meanwhile, the people in charge have been pondering and planning how to disclose the ET presence to the public, while minimizing the backlash.

There are expected to be many citizens who will be strongly disappointed that their government has presented a sophisticated cover up for 70 years of one of the most important developments in human history. In the process, the truth has been hidden using official falsification, silence and pressure.

It has been standard operating procedure for insiders to be bound to preserving the secret. Loss of job and ridicule are threatened for any official privy to knowledge who might seek to publicly reveal what they know.


Centuries Of Influence
Some researchers of history and human behavior believe that extraterrestrials have been interacting with humans and influencing our lives for thousands of years. Yet they have hovered deeply behind the scenes.

Erich Von Däniken's classic work, Chariots Of The Gods, details references to ET activities in ancient literature and art. He presents several astounding structures around the world, including massive landing sites constructed on remote mountaintops, that would have been challenging to accomplish with any presently known techniques.

ET's may have a cloaking method that bends light or alters magnetic fields, gravity or time, which allows them to remain mostly hidden from view. Far advanced knowledge and technologies give them great advantages over Earth's people, especially since few of us know that they are around.

Zechariah Sitchin, controversial translator and interpreter of writings from the Ancient Near East, was convinced that extraterrestrials had used their own or other ET DNA to genetically alter early humanoids to create human creatures.

Although other Sumerian scholars are critical of Sitchin's work, there are many researchers who investigate the evidence of ancient ET visitors. Among them, the theory of ET's being the creator gods of human creation myths is considered plausible. Some believe there were different cultures of ET's in various locations, each with their own human followers and servants.

There are also ancient reports of extraterrestrial intercourse with humans that generated hybrids. For example, The Bible describes the Nephilim as giants that were the offspring of "sons of God", also called fallen angels, interbreeding with humans.

In his classic book, The Gods Of Eden, historian William Bramley, set out to investigate the historical reasons for warfare.

Bramley reviewed widely known historical events such as Ezekiel's vision in The Bible, as well as many lesser known occurrences, like the mysterious fogging of European villagers by bizarre aircraft just preceding the "Black Death" epidemic in the Middle Ages.

His conclusion is that aliens have secretly monitored and controlled Earth's people for thousands of years for their own purposes. There are many other investigators that agree, at least in part.

Bramley suggests in his book that ET's have amazed humans with their technologies, led humans to believe the ET's are gods or angels, initiated secret organizations through which plans and policies could be disseminated and events could be controlled, and caused people to be preoccupied with selfish pursuits, wars and diseases.

If this theory is even partly valid, it meshes well with the stories of thousands of people who are convinced they have been abducted and analyzed by extraterrestrials.

The similarities of descriptions by "abductees" undergoing therapy have led to the development of psychologists specializing in researching abduction experiences.

A number of these abductees claim to have had an implant placed in their body, supposedly for monitoring them in some way. There are human surgeons who specialize in removing such implants.

There are tens of thousands of modern observers of UFO's that are convinced of the reality of an extraterrestrial presence on this planet. Linda Moulton Howe is one of the most respected of the researchers on UFO's, abductions, crop circles, animal mutilations, unusual earth sounds and other strange phenomena.

It is common in writings about the history of extraterrestrials to portray them as greatly superior to humans in position, technology and power.

It may be that the ancient concepts of gods, kings, queens, royalty, and the submission to and honoring and celebration of those in power, came from the interaction of humans with dominating ET's, and possibly their earthly bloodlines.

Some investigators think that ET's may have placed or genetically developed multiple races of humans on this planet as an experiment to see if and how we would eventually get along.

Perhaps by observing how we grow and support families, organize societies, educate ourselves, conduct economics, run governments, develop technologies, conduct business, deal with problems, settle disputes, combat diseases, communicate and entertain ourselves; ET's may be learning what strategies and methods to employ in other cultures of the galaxy.


Ticks And ET's
It may be that the TICK has been guided or benefited by extraterrestrials. It is rumored that ET's and earthly leaders have had contact.

Even worse, there are those sounding an alarm that the TICK actually has powerful extraterrestrial masters hidden behind the scenes really running the show!

Some ET researchers believe that the controllers behind the conglomerate are possibly hybrid human members of secret knowledge societies who are in collusion with extraterrestrials.

They think these "powers that be" have mystified, misled and distracted most of humanity for generations by various means, to keep us servile and to prevent us from developing full realization of enlightened consciousness. They know that the more aware we are, the more likely we will be to pursue freedom of consciousness.

Other investigators believe that most of the UFO phenomena that people have been observing for many years are advanced technologies developed by secret ops projects of human governments.

A few concerned commentators believe that, like a plot from some C-grade futuristic thriller movie, ET's and/or TICK scientists may have technologies that can:

~ monitor all communications

~ alter human behavior    

~ transport people or equipment great distances in an instant, perhaps even to other planets, dimensions or time periods

~ zap a targeted structure or entity into nothing

~ clone, synthesize and otherwise create doubles for important leaders under control of the powers that be

~ genetically engineer super bionic soldiers of immense size and strength, that are totally apathetic to human suffering, to help control or reduce the Earth's population.


It is posited by some thinkers that the TICK may be planning to make a case for preparations to combat ET enemies that have come to Earth.

According to this theory the global government could roll out new weapons projects, and impose martial law. They could state that they need complete population control to uncover alien spies posing as humans.

As though that were not enough, some conspiracy theorists actually think that the TICK will stage a high tech false "alien invasion" performance (decades ago named "Project Bluebeam") as part of their scenario to establish a world government. It is considered that they might use powerful laser-like show beamed off of the metals that have been sprayed heavily into the skies via stratospheric aerosol injection for over twenty-five years.

That something this extreme could be planned may seem outlandish, but it is imaginable that the TICK has considered such a ruse in their think tanks.

TICK strategists recall that Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" radio drama in 1938 drove millions of people to panic who believed a "Martian" invasion was actually in progress. Many movies of recent years have graphically portrayed threats of destruction by aliens, doomsday conspiracies, epic villain vs. hero battles and monumental disasters.

The potential threat of an alien attack could be used as reasoning for the longtime cover up of UFO and ET activities. "National security" and avoidance of panic would seem to be more plausible reasons for the years of secrecy if ET disclosure were presented as a declaration that we are facing a hostile ET presence.

It is considered that a cover-up may have continued for so long because an earthly government would not want their population to know that such vital information was kept from them, and/or that there is a power greater than the government that either is controlling it, or could do so at anytime.

This all may sound crazy, but it is consistent with the scope of TICK long term planning, and the degree of mind manipulation that they consider and employ.

A few years back on the late night radio program, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, the editor of Veterans Today magazine and website, Gordon Duff, claimed that he had been cleared by high military security to announce that a joint force of the U.S. and Chinese navies were combating hostile extraterrestrial forces in the Pacific, just a short distance from Los Angeles.

Duff also said he was permitted to reveal that the United States has had starship technology for many years, and that abductions by ET's has been common since at least the 1950's. He published these same claims on the Veterans Today website.

This is just one of many similar revelations of ET involvement with humanity by a mix of whilstleblowers as well as people authorized to speak by or as insiders.

This could be the start of ET disclosure, or it could be the beginning of the "Project Bluebeam" alien invasion scenario to bring about world government, or it could be formerly sane ex-military intelligence officials going wacko. Is it also a pysop?


Click here for a clip of former President Bill Clinton discussing the possibility of ET's with late night talk host, Jimmy Kimmel. Clinton's thought that an extraterrestrial threat would draw humanity together mirrors a similar idea presented by President Reagan at the UN over twenty years ago.

Click here for a description of a another humanoid species on this planet by Karen Hudes, whistleblower former World Bank lead attorney.



The Powerful Thrive On Fear
It is said that fear in the mass consciousness is a powerful food for the elite controllers. Further, fear is used to manipulate people to seek help to counter that which they are caused to fear.

Using the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, the TICK has guided the masses to accept incremental erosion of freedom and increasing tyranny. They have orchestrated this using subtle and indirect methods, including debt, ideologies, predictive mind control entertainment and security threats, as well as major direct actions such as false flag disasters and war.

Highly publicized, unexpected celebrity deaths, and disasters that produce mass deaths or displacements, are thought to be particularly to the liking of those behind the TICK.

The assassination of President Kennedy, the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing in 1995, the World Trade Towers catastrophe on 9-11-01, the chaos of hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the tsunami that created the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, the various mass shootings such as Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, and other instances of real or threatened terror, were all events of this type.

As demented as it sounds, if there is a guiding involvement of the hidden controllers in such a calamity, they may derive more of a power boost from it. They may even get a buzz from it if some more aware people simply suspect and worry that these powers may be behind a disturbance.

They seem to plan and predict a lot of trouble, possibly for that reason, but through the coverage by their controlled media, they have the masses convinced that it was random rogue terrorists or some violent crazy person that was responsible for each disaster event.

Any negative condition that can produce upset in people, such as financial difficulty, power outage, starvation, illness, pain, war, deaths, etc., or the threat of such a possibility, can serve the elites' bizarre thirst for victims, if those effected let the situation generate distress.

Still, a common understanding of fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real". Much of what goes on in this world is not as it seems.


Rest Stop

Take A Relaxing Breath

There is no fear in the divine presence, the spirit of love's brilliant goodness.

 One can let that be the focus in any circumstance.

~ ~


Learn More And Take Action
Visit for more information, as well as ideas on protecting yourself and preparing for possible changes yet to come.

At the same time you are urged to learn more about how to counter the abuses to our health to stay as healthy as possible at:

A more serious financial collapse, a food crisis, another nuclear event and potential social chaos, are anticipated by many analysts to be added before long to the unusual "natural" catastrophes that have been increasing over the last few years, such as destructive hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, tsunamis and volcanic activity.

Can a poisoned stressed people face and handle these challenges, or will they rather continue to ignore them for fear of fear?

If the worst that can happen is that we die, which we are expecting at some point anyway, what is there to fear? I know that there is no death of consciousness. The body is just a temporary vehicle for consciousness to act in the three dimensional world. If we can live without fear of death, we can think and act without fear at all.


Rest Stop

A relaxing breath and fresh thought can make things better.

Loving is clearing.

~ ~


Caring For One Another

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Caring For One Another

If you are not already aware of it, this information may be shocking and a lot to consider at once. It is unlikely that all that has been mentioned in this analysis will happen, but events that will change life for all of us are more than probable. They are already happening.
Awareness and cooperation are essential for humanity to make our way out of the deep trap The Powers That Be have created for us. We must break free of the ignorance instilled by poisoning with chemicals and electromagnetic fields, and the hypnosis by distraction and fear that keeps us confused and clinging to the hope of normalcy.
It is very important to form an alliance with your close friends and relatives to help each other through difficult times. Such an alliance is the best resource for making plans to provide food, shelter and protection for yourselves.

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