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Conspiracy for Control By Crisis, Deception & Technology

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The TICK Is Pervasive

A Finger In Every Pie
In addition to all significant industries, The TICK has a hand in most important social institutions, including schools and universities, think tanks, research labs, the medical establishment, etc. Corporate statism is pervasive in organizations of all types.

Many college departments are funded by TICK corporations, and influenced to teach concepts that serve the related industries. Information and even research may be manipulated to serve a sponsor, as a condition of further funding.

For example, the curriculum of college nutrition and dietetics departments is oriented toward the interests of the food and agribusiness industry who have contributed funding and information to these programs for decades.

Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry has dominated medical training, including continuing education for doctors and other medical professionals.

There is a common history of collusion and crossover of officials between an industry and the government agency that regulates that industry.  This has been especially a problem with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the medical / pharmaceutical industry.


TICK Medical "Health"
Official health decision-making has been entrenched in the hands of the medical and dietetic cartel BY LAW for many years.

They continue to lobby for greater limitation of freedom of choice in health and nutrition matters, despite the fact that medical side effects, especially drug interactions, are one of the greatest causes of ill health and death.

There is compelling evidence that vaccinations may be more harmful than helpful.

The injection of viruses, dead or alive, and of other contaminating proteins and chemical agents found in serums, into the body and blood stream can be a terrible stress on the immune system and set one up for later degenerative diseases.

Still today most vaccinations contain a substantial amount of thimerosol, a mercury based compound. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin. The astonishing rise of autism is considered by many to result from toxic effects on the brain by vaccinations containing mercury and other contaminants.

There have also been other contaminant viruses in inoculations, whether known to be there or not at the time of administration, that may be increasing the incidence of many of the degenerative diseases.

A few years ago it was revealed that an "error" resulted in the avian (bird) flu virus being combined with human viruses in a flu vaccine distributed to many areas of the world before this mistake was discovered. This incident may have given the bird flu virus an opportunity to mutate into a deadly human virus that could be devastating.

Many believe that military recruits have been experimented on with the vaccinations they have received, resulting in many strange illnesses among veterans.

The combination of drug effects; poor food selection; low food quality; chemicals in food, water and air; nuclear radiation; electromagnetic frequencies from numerous sources; and a high stress lifestyle, have resulted in vast numbers of people with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Gilliam Beret syndrome, autism, nervous system disorders, and other degenerative "lifestyle" diseases.

In the 1950's and 60's we did not really hear much about kids having cancer. Today three children per day die of a brain or spinal tumor in the U.S.  Almost all of these are among the thousands of children getting medical treatment for their cancer, primarily chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Children have already been taken away from parents based on parental health decisions opposed to established medical protocol. Another coercive step to eliminate resistance to medical tyranny could be the threat of incarceration.

What will you do if they strengthen medical statutes to state that you and/or your children must be vaccinated or treated for some disease or you will be quarantined in a detention camp?

There are some observers who are concerned that the TICK may also attempt to insert a minute tracking chip into each person via compelled vaccinations.

Further, it is conceivable that the incidents of microbial contamination in the food supply could be experiments, foreshadowing a possible future epidemic from contagious germs purposely released.

Such biological weapons have been developed to be used in war. It is also possible to employ these for population control.

Click Here for information on the work of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, renowned public health authority and controversial author.

Strategic Operations
has conducted a continuing long term gradual movement in the direction of accomplishing the goal of global government. There may or may not be a written plan. There may or may not be a certain date set, but it is presumed that they have a target time frame for a North American or Pan-American union, and beyond that for a global government.

The controllers have used the threat of terrorism and "false flag" events to justify expanding security measures. The security state is now full blown. There are cameras all over the cities, on the streets, in stores, in public buildings, also on the highways, and on many computers, very nearly like the society depicted in George Orwell's 1984.

Cell phone calls, texts, emails, internet browsing, social networking sites, and purchases are all monitored by computers looking for suspicious or incriminating key words, products, services or relationships. Travel and whereabouts are tracked by global positioning, license plate reading, and even facial and body recognition and iris scans.



Global Corporatism
Routinely, there are little publicized meetings and agreements between government officials of various nations that are rarely subject to critical review. There have been many unopposed small steps, seemingly of minor importance, toward a global corporate state.

As examples, the volatile relationship between the U.S. and Canadian currencies in the last couple of years, the trans-American corridor superhighway planned to run across the mid-western U.S., and the periodic meetings between the presidents of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, are steps toward such a reality.

Those behind The TICK are strategic and deliberate in their progress, and they have a very long term view that spans generations.

They try to gauge how much the public will accept at any point; they set themselves up for rationalization and deniability; and they create manipulative circumstances that make their solutions more palatable.

The TICK uses advertising, public relations, propaganda, manipulated events and various feedback methods to test their policy ideas, and many of the same tools to spin their actions.

Sometimes they set up experts and other respected voices to request actions that further TICK plans.

Based on the "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" dialectical concept of European philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the elite tricksters employ a strategy of alternating strokes, first slightly this way, then slightly that way. They move back and forth with problems and reactions, raising one arm then the other, creating a threat from one direction then another, and offering their preset solutions.

The TICK often moves like the process of a single person paddling a canoe to a destination, where the target is held in the middle of the back and forth swings of the bow of the canoe.

In TICK actions, the synthesis between two pre-selected alternatives is usually the goal. 

In this way the TICK guides the course of events so their solutions seem acceptable to enough people that their policies are gradually enacted without evoking a rebellion. Even better if they can get the people to request that something be done, in response to which they roll out the preset paradigm.

As an example of their use of the Hegelian dialectic philosophy, they have used methods of socio-economic organization they developed to divide and conquer the world.

Capitalism is private ownership of property and means of production primarily by individuals or corporations. Business is developed with either one's own funds or other people's money through selling stock or borrowing.

With socialism and communism there is community ownership of property and means of production, which is usually by the state. In practice, a communist state may be controlled by totalitarian dictators.

Setting capitalism against communism was the basis for the "Cold War" build up of militaries, nuclear weapons, technologies and espionage.

With the Hegelian formula:


Thesis: Corporate Capitalism


Antithesis: Communism/Socialism

Synthesis: Corporate Statist Communitarianism


Communitarianism is a softer sounding version of collective ownership of property, resources and means of production and operation of the government, with a focus on costly limitation on the use of resources in the face of the false threat of climate change as caused by normal human activities.

However, through regulation and control of a hypnotized populace, and a corporate structure crossing traditional lines between business and government, using the propaganda of saving us from disaster with a one world community agenda, communitarianism would also become a monolithic totalitarian highly controlled state.

While promoting the paradigms of sustainability and reducing overpopulation, the global elite are consolidating their ownership and/or control of oil, natural gas, water, land, farms and forests in the United States and around the world. It is important to learn how they are using Agenda 21 of the United Nations to redesign life as we have known it toward a fully controlled society.

Communitarianism, communism, socialism, capitalism, corporatism and even democracy, are all conceptual and organizational tools in the psyop game bag of the power controllers.

Unfortunately, now the level of criminal fraud of the banksters is undermining the entire world economy. The issuing of sub-prime mortgages, and the securitizing and sale of bundles of these to companies, pension funds and governments all over the world, along with the associated marketing of shaky derivative hedge contracts, made the financial marketplace a gambling casino, destroying the real estate market and the economy along with it. Many have lost their homes and jobs with this fraud.

It now appears that rebellion is possibly being purposely evoked as a reaction to problems concocted by the TICK. "Order out of Chaos" is a key Illuminati principal that coincides with Hegel's philosophy. Stir up trouble, generate a disturbing reaction, offer an appealing solution. This is how "false flag" events and the preplanned reactions to them are used.

Insurrection would set up martial law as the TICK's solution. This is considered to a possible method for their final implementation of obvious tyranny.


The TICK Was Involved

TICK Related Developments
Following is a list of developments which were either created by ticks or their predecessors, or in which they are very likely to have had a hand:

The Roman Empire

The Catholic Church

The Holy Roman Empire

The British Empire

secret societies and associations (eg., Knights of Malta, Priory of Sion, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, The Illuminati, The Black Nobility, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, Jesuits, Zionists, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.)

fractional reserve banking

compound interest on "credit"

assassination of Lincoln

Federal Reserve Bank System, International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements, World Bank

government borrowing ("The National Debt")

income tax

Internal Revenue Service

inflation of money supply

MK Ultra

Project Monarch

Most wars (eg., virtually all European wars from the Crusades to the present, American Revolution, French Revolution, War of 1812, U. S. Civil War, Spanish-American War, Spanish Civil War, World Wars I & II, Korean War, Viet Nam War, Gulf War, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, etc.)  (NOTE: War is a major TICK profit project.)

Fabian Socialism (Britain)

rise of communism, the Bolshevik Revolution, The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.),

conflict of capitalism vs. communism ("The Cold War")

League Of Nations

stock market crash of 1929

confiscation of gold

Great Depression

Social Security System

changeover of U.S. courts from constitutional to statutory

Nazism ("National Socialism") and other fascism

Maoism and The Peoples' Republic of China


nuclear and other high tech weapons, nuclear energy

United Nations

"Military Industrial Complex"

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Agency For International Development (AID)

World Health Organization (WHO)

various assassinations (John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin L King, and many more)

removal of gold backing from currency and silver from coinage

fall of the Berlin Wall and disintegration of Soviet Union

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

involvement in many conflicts (Nicaragua, Bosnia/Croatia, Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc.)

rise of terrorism and "false flag" incidents

employment of terror events, such as the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, 911, Aurora movie theater attack, Sandy Hook school massacre and Boston Marathon bombing, to restrict liberty and expand surveillance and enforcement policies

Al Qaeda

FEMA, "The Patriot Act", "Homeland Security", TSA, NDAA, etc.

2008-13 bailout of major financial institutions and foreign governments

United Nations Agenda 21 for "sustainable development" being implemented in communities in the U.S. and other nations to undermine small business and restrict the population to a highly limited lifestyle

support for harmful and profitable big corporate products and services while limiting and eliminating small businesses

public poisons, including routine spraying of toxic chemicals in the atmosphere, ruining the environment, undermining the health of most living things and shortening the life of the population

many other events and conditions over the last several hundred years

Click here for James Corbett's description of "false flags".

Click here for a list of the primary organizations, institutions and agencies of the TICK.

Click here to see the rogue announcement about 911 truth at the post game conference of the 2014 professional football championship.

Behind The Scenes
Those in the TICK and their forbearers have played a part in almost all of the international issues and conflicts for centuries.

Through military financing, weapons sales, espionage, and even mercenary soldiers, the TICK has profited from both sides in many situations of conflict.

Similar to the thought by some experts that FDR set up the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor to provide a reason to enter World War II, some people believe that terrorist threats, gang activities and "false flag" events (eg. Oklahoma City and 911) have been cultivated and publicized to give authorities reason for enacting tighter domestic security.

Such events are also used as excuses for pursuing wars against nation after nation that the TICK wants to bring under its control. They justify each war by either calling the country a terrorist enclave or a dangerous dictatorship abusing the people. The real reason is to establish a cabal run central bank and/or to control their assets.

In their evolving security state process the TICK has developed more tools and policies for controlling populations both in the U.S. and abroad.


Weakening Society
It has been revealed that the separation of the family unit, the "welfare state", the deterioration of urban life with crime and loss of jobs, deteriorating houses and neighborhoods, the incidence of widespread degenerative diseases and management of them with pharmaceuticals, and other social problems, were all created by design.

In an interview a few years ago on a powerful radio station that reaches most states in the U.S., the head of a major city FBI office stated that federal agents investigating gangs and crime often seize full crates of automatic weapons.

An urban teacher is given advice by her students that she should be packing a gun. She suspects many of them are.

Suburban neighborhoods are sometimes shocked when a neighboring house is discovered to have been a meth lab or a drug house.

The underground economy trades in billions of dollars of drugs and weapons. This massive black market would not be so vibrant if there were not some degree of collusion by the TICK. They have a hand in the drug trade, gang activities and violence, as well as a profit-making prison system, all aspects of their ultimate domestic control strategy, while making criminal profits at the same time.

If crime increases in a depressed economy, people may withdraw defensively even more than they have already. Far fewer people know their neighbors today than 50 years ago when it was common for neighbors to help each other and interact almost daily.


"The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed."

- Adolph Hitler



The Financial Crisis

Financial Control
The credit system is set up to keep people in debt for many years.

The average person works most of the time and still can't meet the bills. They may have purchased many items on credit that they thought they needed to have. In the struggle to meet financial obligations they have hardly enough time to enjoy life.

When the credit is loaned, the banking system instantly creates the money for that credit line to purchase whatever will be bought with it, but there is no extra money created for the interest that will soon begin to be due.

That interest has to come out of the pockets of the borrowers. If their pockets are empty, they may have to borrow more to pay the monthly payments including interest, generating more interest.

How about those exorbitant late fees and over-limit fees? Those add to the balance on which interest is charged. Some years ago, the utility companies got into charging late fees or substantial interest on the balance of unpaid bills as well.

A consumer may not realize that they will pay far more than the stated price of what they have bought on credit. They are not asked, "Do you want to pay two to four times as much as the cash price for this?", but rather, "What monthly payment can you afford?"

Over time, many people agree to pay more in monthly payments than their income can handle, perhaps leaving them without enough for food, gasoline, utilities, etc. This leads to more borrowing.

So the average consumer is deep in debt, worried, and distracted by relatively meaningless news and entertainment when not working. Most of them are apathetic. They feel they have little control over their circumstances and just keep doing the best they can.

In 1968 the earnings of a corporate CEO were on average 40 times what the average worker in their company earned. Today a CEO makes on average 433 times what their employees average.


Fiction Mirrors Reality
There have been many TV shows and movies with a theme of conspiratorial power brokers manipulating situations and events.

This serves three functions in the TICK's process of manipulating us.

First, it hints at the reality of big-shots behind-the-scenes pulling strings, making that somewhat acceptable as the way things are. 

At the same time, the elite powers have a thing about subtly revealing their intentions through their media outlets assuming that only a few will perceive what they are up to. Did you know that the idea of the World Trade Towers being hit by a remote-controlled high-jacked airplane crashing into them on purpose was foretold ahead of time in the movie "Lone Gunman". There were several other references to 911 ahead of time, including an episode of "The Simpsons". Click here for a brief documentary if still available.

Finally, these scripts being fictional implies that any description of a grand level of real world conspiracy is exaggerated or overly dramatized. If you were to raise the issue, the dismissal suggestion would be, "You've been watching too many movies," or "That's just a conspiracy theory."

The TICK is masterful at distraction, disinformation, deception, manipulation, spinning, covering, and controversy. They actually perpetrate events that are either so outrageous and/or so obscured by false narrative, that few can believe that these acts could have been planned and executed by authorities who are supposed to be our leaders.

The TICK has its major media channels available for dissemination of planned or selected "NEWS" at anytime.


Financial Meltdown
The Federal Reserve Bank; the unconstitutional income tax; vast amounts of government, business and personal debt; rampant inflation the recent dismal real estate and home mortgage situation; the ups and downs in the energy market; the fall of the U.S. dollar; the financial collapse; the liquidity crisis; the bailout of big financial companies; the unemployment; the cutback in retail purchasing; the manipulation of markets, the derivatives market . . .

these are all examples of the economic tools that the TICK has developed over time to control the economy and thereby the populace.

Do you remember the extreme inflation and interest rates of the late 1970's and early 1980's. You can be sure the bankers remember that. It appears they are preparing to produce even worse financial disturbances.


The built-in difficulty in getting out of debt and becoming financially comfortable is very stressful and detrimental to emotional and physical health. People get to the point of feeling like rats in a maze with no way to escape.

The strong desire for easier ways to get money leads to the tremendous amount of gambling, illicit activities, cheating and crime.

The TICK has fed our hopes with conveniences and the trappings of a prosperous lifestyle, but they have charged us exorbitant prices, trapped us in debt, and worn us down with personal and large scale inhibitors, disturbances and stress.


In the financial markets, the TICK banksters created a disaster which hit hard in 2008 and 2009. The FED kept increasing the money supply. Credit was more readily extended and even encouraged by many in the government, which also loosened regulations in several areas.

Easy credit pushed the prices of real estate, oil and other commodities up. The investment bankers were wheeling and dealing and making fortunes in selling creative new packages of mortgage backed assets for investment.

The easy credit offered by thousands of marketers that scrambled to get their share of the action, left people unable to pay their mortgage payments after the debt-created real estate bubble burst.

Many mortgage bills shot up beyond the budgets of well-intentioned homeowners due to term, rate and decreased home value provisions in the mortgages.

Meanwhile the dollar weakened internationally to the point that foreigners are owning more and more of our assets.

The next financial wave will be a crash of little understood derivative securities, bonds, stocks, credit card debt and more mortgages. 

With credit cards, higher interest rates after the initial trial period, and higher yet rates after a late payment or two, late fees, over limit fees, and reuse of the credit card for sudden necessary payments, make it very difficult to pay down the card's balance.

Simultaneously a further dive in the retail sector will be followed by a crash in commercial real estate and the loss of even more jobs.

If a person has no job or they are working less, how will they be able to pay the high utility bills, a mortgage or rent payment and multiple credit card bills?


Bailout Power Grab
The ongoing bailout of various major financial institutions holding bad debt assets with more than trillions of dollars of borrowed government money has been a key part of the bankster power grab. 

This clearly reveals that the international bankers run the government. 

Big time Wall Street players, including former CEO's of financial firms, are in top government financial positions. The TICK business brokers are ripping off the people of the United States from inside the government after taking us to the cleaners for many years through their corporations.

The false prosperity of credit inflation is collapsing. TICK insiders have pushed to move the U.S. government, already the greatest debtor nation ever, much deeper into debt.

The bailout funds relieved the greedy financiers, the very ones who created the problem. Their credit derivative securities with their credit default coverage were sold to banks, companies, pension funds, hedge funds, and other nations, described as totally safe investments.

In fact, the credit default insurance was sold to anyone who wanted to speculate on whether the underlying mortgages or other shaky assets would go south.

Not only were lower income prospects sold mortgages with payments that would grow beyond what they could pay, there was an incredible amount of fraud in the qualification of home buyers, including many falsified documents.

The rush into the bailout without a good system of accountability suggests the bailout was partly to cover up an incredible amount of fraud that has gone on in the banking and finance industry.

Where is the help for all the people that have lost their homes, their jobs and their savings in this financial collapse already?


Worse Than You Think
The couple trillion dollars in bailout funds so far amounts to a drop in the bucket compared to the reported $62 trillion dollars of bad credit derivatives with their underlying mortgages going into default, which actually might be much more than that.

The financial "bailout" itself has been tiny compared to the $17 trillion in total United States government obligations funneled through the FED and nearly $15 trillion in consumer debt. Just taking care of Fannie Mae has required over a trillion dollars.

Globally there is a credit bubble amounting to hundreds of trillions of dollars. It is absolutely astounding what the bankers have done with their funny money systems.

Many of the credit derivative securities the financial industry greedily created now have only about 5% of their original value. Numerous banks and other companies are holding this junk paper.

These questionable assets were listed at a far higher value than they were really worth. Then they were used as collateral for more borrowing, and even sold as a new type of investment.

There should be a thorough investigation into the fraud involved in this whole scam.

The incredible bonuses paid out in the financial realm are for performance. In most cases that means sales. At a certain point the quality of financial products was diminishing. Nonetheless the sales push for new and intriguing profit centers continued, as the risks were overlooked or ignored.

The liquidity freeze came about partly because of a shut down in inter-bank lending. There has been so much fraud and deception that no one in the financial industry knows who to trust.

The government is trying to undergird the bad assets, and protect companies from the public learning how financially iffy they are. However, if the dollar comes to be rejected by more nations as the world currency, a point will come when its value starts to collapse and the derivative assets and financial institutions would crash. There may be bank closures, and no access to or even loss of depositor funds.


Better Options
Although it is crucial to restore liquidity to our daily cash markets, the bulk of our government resources should be going toward real needs and substantial projects, not only to propping up the financial markets.

Hopefully recovery funds designated for refurbishing our national infrastructure and other important projects will actually put people to work so they can pay their bills. If most of that money gets soaked up by government and other corporate bureaucracies, the common people will get little real help as usual.


More Financial Disruptions Coming
Soon the additional serious crises in credit card debt, the retail sector and commercial real estate will begin to be recognized. There will be more programs presented to make corrections.

With a push for greatly increased regulation of the financial industry and business as whole by TICK government agencies, obtaining a loan could become an even more difficult and complex process.

Before long the TICK will seek to extend greater regulation into all areas of life, including limiting natural health choices in favor of pharmaceutical medical care, and possibly compelled vaccinations for all.

Government spending to try to get the economy moving is probably going to create hyperinflation. An inflationary depression would be a challenging time, unlike anything most people alive today have experienced. A total economic collapse could generate unprecedented social disturbances.

If de facto martial law is initiated, there will be an additional layer of statutes, regulations and limitations of freedom placed on the populace and enforced by soldiers.

Some witnesses have said that preparations for martial law are well underway. Watch for the quiet movement of troops and equipment along back roads to remote staging areas.


"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt."

- John Adams, 1735-1826


"People only accept change when they are faced with necessity, and only recognize necessity when a crisis is upon them."

- Jean Monet, post World War II advocate and architect of gradual European Union



The TICK Revealed

Who Are They?
As Mayer Rothschild, founder of fractional reserve banking, knew, financial control can trump politics, media and governments. The TICK has plenty of agents in all of these arenas of mass population management.

Rothschild also teamed with Adam Weishaupt to form the Order of the Illuminai, an esoteric society of elite powerful people, which forms plans for world control and draws on occult teachings and symbols to manipulate members and the population toward this end.

Many TICK groups are accused of being the puppeteers. The top strategists encourage this to create confusion.

Starting with their control of banking, the Rothschild family has spread around Europe and guided events there for two centuries.

Henry Ford and others believed and propagandized that there was a multi-generational plot by Zionist strategists to infiltrate gold markets, banking, entertainment and media, and thereby control the world to their advantage.

In the U.S. and globally, the Rockefeller family has been willing to play a public role for the TICK, as they have outwardly influenced the energy, petrochemical, educational, medical, banking and other industries, including research, world politics and social policies, through the various corporations, non-profit organizations and other institutions they have established, including the Council on Foreign Relations that basically operates the foreign policy of the United States in conjunction with interests in Britain, Israel, the Vatican and other centers of power.

Over the centuries, investigators have tried to pin large scale conspiracies on leaders of various organizations, including: the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, the Priory of Sion, the Masons and the Illuminati (all related to the Knights Templar), the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University (certain presidents and many other influential leaders have been members), Nazists, Satanists, Zionists, Communists, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove attendees, and a number of other groups.

For Americans, the communists were held up as the terrible enemy for most of the 20th Century. Then "Islamic extremists" became the primary enemy we were induced to fear. Now war veterans, supporters of the Constitution and even Christians are being designated as potential threats to the status quo of illegitimate corporate state tyranny.

There is obviously serious bias built in to some of these conspiracy ideas. The TICK itself is not made up of people of one religious, ethnic or racial group.

Divisive labeling with concepts such as "racism", "redneck", "liberal", "progressive" or "conspiracy theorist", and the conflicts that they may generate, add to the distractions that keep people from clearly identifying the TICK. It is likely that the TICK encourages these controversies.

Highlighting the differences between religious beliefs or political interests to foster conflict, including policies like the "war on Islamic terrorism" or the "war on gun violence", serve a similar purpose of distraction, while providing rationale for acceptance of ever tighter security controls that encroach on freedom.

Meanwhile, legislators, diplomats, government managers, military leaders, espionage agencies, law enforcement bureaus, judges, executives of big business, corporate directors, media personnel and candidates for office, are cultivated by and incorporated into the TICK.


TICK Watch
In the 2008 election in the United States, it was interesting that the major primary candidates naturally raised three important separation issues of our society: racism, sexism and ageism. 

It did not really matter which one became president. The TICK does what it takes to make sure they are in control in any case. Each major presidential candidate was already influenced in advance by the reach of the TICK.

Barack Obama, a previously unknown minor politician with little experience, may have been pre-selected by the TICK to rapidly rise to the presidency. He can be a charismatic speaker with broad appeal to the masses. His charming public persona and lack of administrative experience made him an ideal front man for the TICK. His orchestrated popularity was easy to accomplish.

As President Obama assembled his cabinet and the many other advisors he placed in positions not subject to congressional approval, the TICK obviously remained in control, both inside and outside the government.

Obama's selections for top government positions have been mostly TICK insiders or those thoroughly under their influence. Among them have been an avowed communist, and also advocates of eugenics and radical depopulation measures.

The president is like an actor performing a predetermined role. There is some flexibility in delivery so the president and advisors can act like they are in charge as they choose between limited options and snipe with seeming opponents for show.

Some analysts are concerned that Barack Obama's psychological profile and personality are examples of pathological narcissism that are gradually manifesting as despotic behavior. That has served the TICK interests, and they have exploited it.

Both major party candidates in every presidential election are pre-determined by the TICK. Either would be a dutiful puppet of the hidden powers that created their opportunity.

The TICK has set the stage for rapid implementation of a system of tyranny much more subtle, yet more thorough than in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. They have high tech tools of social control and a dramatically motivating personality to lead us into their sophisticated trap.

In offices, back rooms, decks, gardens and luxury resorts; on yachts and golf courses; in secret meetings and other private settings; concepts and strategies for small step after step are discussed by powerful insiders. Quiet operations are enacted.

The TICK has been stealthily moving for generations, behind front organizations, underneath the limelight, to bring us and keep us where they want us, with minimal awareness of our being so controlled.

They have used contrived crises, conveniences, false prosperity, and distracting fascinations to keep our attention from their manipulation of financial markets, governments, our health and well-being, and events to lead us into their rat maze of slavery.

The threat of exposure of their transgressions, or possible harm to themselves or their family, keep TICK operatives in line.

Now the TICK is pulling out all the stops to undermine our economy and raise our fears with terror, financial catastrophe, the threat of a pandemic and more. They are proceeding to turn greater control of our nation over to the FED bankers, and getting us ready to accept, even call for their pre-planned solutions, such as possible martial law in a catastrophic emergency.

Terrorist and mass death events have brought us the Patriot Act and NDAA, the threat of climate change is the rationale for chemtrails and Agenda 21, financial meltdown has led to massive bailouts and increased global financial controls, emerging deadly viruses is accompanied by vaccination propaganda, etc. All these are orchestrated TICK policies to set us up for greater control over us, eventually in every area of our lives.

Watch for more open talk by TICK personnel of a North American or global economic union, a common currency, increased regulations, carbon emissions agreements, local planning for "sustainable growth", expanded "national security" measures, an international "Uniform Commercial Code", a global health codex, expanded medical/pharmaceutical control, etc.

Click Here to learn more about the elite controllers from researcher Jim Marrs.


False Enemies
The power cabal has "problem-reaction-solution", "divide and conquer" and "order out of chaos" as major aspects of their strategies. War and the reconstruction afterward are not only very profitable for the major bankers and the corporate complex, but these are also used as manipulative tools to capture and/or exploit resources, adjust borders, ruin lives with chaos and stress and decrease population.

In a bizarre psy-op similar to the mind control of Orwell's 1984, yesterday's ally can be today's enemy, while a previous enemy might become an ally or proxy agent. Is Russia our ally or our enemy, or both? What about China? What about Al Qaeda, former arch-enemy all over the globe, who the U.S. controllers have now supported in Libya and Syria?

False flag attacks or incidents are either staged and blamed on the wrong perpetrator for a purpose, or known in advance to be planned and allowed to occur without interference for strategic purposes. Almost every war the U.S. has been involved in over more than a century was initiated with a false flag event, from the bombing of the ship the U.S. Maine in Havana that started the Spanish American War, to Pearl Harbor, to the Gulf of Tonkin incident used to escalate the war in Viet Nam, and the 9-11 events that led to the "War on Terrorism" as well as wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, drone strikes and other manipulated disturbances all over the middle east.

9-11-01 was also used to introduce the "Patriot Act" and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), set up the TSA at airports and sporting events, expand Homeland Security, prepare arms and troops for martial law, install advanced security spy cameras in numerous locations, gather data from every means of communication and track and record one's whereabouts and activities constantly.

Those who seem to be potential impediments to the cabal's accumulation and abuse of power are eventually identified as "domestic terrorists" in an attempt to demonize and isolate those individuals, and to possibly justify arresting or attacking them. Under the NDAA, virtually anyone could be carted off and held secretly or executed with no formal charges or trial.

The organized and well-regulated state militias, which the United States founders designated constitutionally to protect us from such encroachment of tyrannical manipulators, was gradually phased out by the infiltrators and replaced with "National Guard" units, which have come under federal military purview.

Similarly, law enforcement in the corporate state, county and local jurisdictions, have commonly become militarized with war machine equipment provided by the feds, and loaded at the same time with aggressive, less caring personnel trained to harass our own population.

These local law agencies are being roped into coordination with federal fusion centers for direction by federal authorities during an "emergency", such as the ongoing state of emergency that has never been cancelled since 9-11-01.

Local and regional voluntary militia groups that have formed and trained on their own are not the same as the official militia intended by the founders. These groups, as well as active and retired "Oath Keeper" law enforcement and military personnel, are aware of the developing tyranny and definitely under observation by concerned bureaucratic controllers.

In fact, virtually the entire U.S. population, particularly gun owners, Constitutional conservatives, religious groups, freedom advocates, various activists and investigators, anyone critical of the government, and even law enforcement and military vets, including those serving the tyranny -- nearly everyone is on one of the domestic "enemy lists" and under surveillance for possible targeting.


World War III
The recent conflicts in Libya, Syria and Ukraine are TICK sponsored actions to get these nations reshaped for The New World Order Empire, with Iran on the list for the near future. Some of these states have pursued their own independent economic policies outside of the TICK central bank system.

The bigger TICK picture is potential conflict with Russia, which is an ally with both Syria and Iran, and seriously involved in the Ukraine conflict. Russia has a major naval base in Syria, and provides weapons to both these nations.

Russia was manipulated by the TICK into communism and the Soviet Union a century ago, then used as the big threatening enemy for the "Cold War" military technology build-up.

Meanwhile, since the Soviet dissolution in the late 1980's, NATO has gradually surrounded Russia, recruiting former Soviet block nations into NATO. The TICK also secretly incites Islamic terrorist actions against Russia, especially in Chechnya.

Russia has the most nuclear weapons of any nation. If the TICK arranges to expand their current regional conflict projects into a full World War III, nuclear blasts could be part of their scheme, and they may have U.S. targets in mind.

China and other BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as well as Syria, Iran and other nations that have agreements with the BRICS, are likely to side with Russia, against the U.S., England, Israel and some other allies.

The tension between China and Japan over a few Pacific islands is another potential flashpoint for initiation of major hostilities.

This is not where we want the world to go, so we must be aware of the danger and raise consciousness and unwind the tensions the TICK is trying to foster.

Rest Stop

A relaxing breath and fresh thought can make things better.

 Loving is wisdom.

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Caring For One Another

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Caring For One Another

If you are not already aware of it, this information may be shocking and a lot to consider at once. It is unlikely that all that has been mentioned in this analysis will happen, but events that will change life for all of us are more than probable. They are already happening.
Awareness and cooperation are essential for humanity to make our way out of the deep trap The Powers That Be have created for us. We must break free of the ignorance instilled by poisoning with chemicals and electromagnetic fields, and the hypnosis by distraction and fear that keeps us confused and clinging to the hope of normalcy.
It is very important to form an alliance with your close friends and relatives to help each other through difficult times. Such an alliance is the best resource for making plans to provide food, shelter and protection for yourselves.

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