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"Climate Change"

Is it Caused by You and Me?

by Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic educator, human nature social scientist and author

~ more than 50 years of reality research ~


 Are Normal Human Activities to Blame for Climate Change?

Are climate change, "global warming" (or cooling), extreme weather and/or earth changes, really caused by carbon emissions from normal human activities like heating our homes, driving our cars and producing our products? Is our modern lifestyle as a whole the primary reason for climate change?

"Carbon emissions" from what are called “fossil fuels“ generated due to routine human use of fuels and energy are assumed to be the main cause of planetary warming or other issues of climate change and weather disruptions. This view is held by world leaders, convinced scientists and millions of concerned citizens.

Although I am a human nature social scientist, not a physical science expert, I have been investigating matters that effect our health and well-being for over 45 years, including earth change and climate theories.

The concept of "global warming" has been a common concern for at least 30 years. Before that there was worry about a new ice age, which some scientists still expect.

There are many credible researchers with views different from the "anthropocentric global warming" theory, who say that this is not at all "proven" as the real problem, not "decided science"

(NOTE: Some scientists have insisted the terms "decided science" or "settled science" are propaganda phrases, that each is an oxymoron. They claim that science is never "decided" or "settled", or it would be over and done. They consider science to be an investigative procedure to ascertain what some thing or process is, how it works and, possibly, how to change it and what the results will be.)

Warming and cooling trends have occurred repeatedly, and naturally throughout the life of this planet. The apparent trend of extremes in temperature and intensity of weather disturbances are likely due in part to cyclic changes underway in the planet and the solar system. Researchers indicate that other planets in our system, including the outer ones, have for years now been going through changes similar with our planet.

One respected scientist, Dr. Peter L. Ward, claims to have proven that it is "physically impossible" for carbon emissions from humans using fuels to generate atmospheric "greenhouse" warming. Rather, the atmospheric ozone layer has been less effective at filtering the sun's rays, while our planet is heating internally along with the others.

There are scientists who claim that the sun is in a cyclical period, on its way into a Grand Solar Minimum. Even if so, there may be other factors, perhaps galactic changes, that are causing hotter, brighter rays to come through at this time. There are claims that these rays heat the areas in direct sunlight abnormally more than the spots in the shade.

(NOTE: There is an alternate theory that a sun simulator, with a lens array for magnifying and intensifying rays, has been strategically placed in orbit in each of several locations, providing light and warmth on the days when the sun goes dimmer. Those investigating this theory think the artificial sunlight is hotter and more intense than the normal sun. This sounds like an out-of-bound "conspiracy theory", but the simulator technology does exist and hiding its deployment may be part of the reason for the artificial cloud cover often created by geo-engineering for "solar radiation management".)

Beyond that, the geo-engineering weather manipulators have mastered the ability of warming or cooling an area targeted with their technologies.

Climate change from solar system cycles is natural, but the hidden climate engineering technology operations of the secret power cabal are manipulating the climate, the weather and earth change activities artificially.

Climate creation and modification of weather and earth dynamics are weapons of warfare and exploitation that the elitist cabal has been developing for decades.


Origins of the Climate Change Issue

"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill . . . . But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

-- The Club of Rome, "The First Global Revolution", 1991

The environmental movement had its roots in a plan presented in the "The Report From Iron Mountain" in 1963, later developed by the Club of Rome think tank in the 1970's.

Environmentalism was introduced through Germany and Sweden at that time, particularly at a conference in Stockholm in 1972. The danger emphasized at first was acid rain from burning coal with high sulfur content. Climate change overall was soon conceived as a bigger and easier threat to be propagandized.

The real motive for blaming the climate problem primarily on too many humans burning fuels is found in the eugenics movement from earlier in the 20th Century. The promotion of the overpopulation myth is also used to justify the depopulation and infertility protocols of the public poisons, including the push for toxic vaccinations, as well as a high volume of routine abortions.

By the late 1970's the elitist planners began to promote apparent climatic changes as a threat to life on this planet. Years later using the term "anthropocentric climate change" to lay the blame for intense weather events and apparent climactic trends on carbon emissions from human activities.

At first the social planners expected and warned of global cooling -- a new ice age, which may be the real threat. However, a temporary warming trend was charted during the last half of the 20th Century, so they decided by the early 1990's to change horses in midstream, thinking it would be easier to convince scientists and the public that warming was the climate issue.

Many questions have been raised about the accuracy of statistics and charts used to support a long term global warming hypothesis.

Global climate of the last 60 years or so has certainly been altered by geo-engineering. Cabal scientists have been working on weather manipulation warfare methods since World War II.

Think tank social planners are trying to blame the modern human lifestyle for what they are now calling "global climate disruption" or the "climate crisis" or "atmospheric disturbance", exaggerated by staged and enhanced weather events.

Alternative researchers have uncovered the patents, plans, programs, methods and make-up of weather warfare, including the ubiquitous geo-engineering toxic metals spayed in the air and radio frequencies bounced off of them that are used to effectively control weather systems and other events such as earthquakes and fires.

The vast funded bureaucracy that has developed as a result of the climate change programming has used alarming verbiage to drum up more attention and criticism of dissenters by a public that is not knowledgeable in science and math.

How could people distracted by media, entrained in conventional assumptions and limited in scope by cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias and confirmation bias, with no thorough research of their own, not accept the manipulating media's transmission of whatever the international agencies feed them?

Many people still assume that conventional media delivers accurate information, when instead what they present is filtered and/or scripted to serve the elitist owners of the media corporations. These are the same interests that own the coal, petroleum, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical and big agriculture industries.

What is presented to the public is often a completely fabricated depiction or interpretation of events or information.

The controversy arose first about whether or not there is a long term global warming trend, and if so, then whether it is caused by alleged "greenhouse gases" for which the normal life actions of an excessive population with ever greater consumption are labeled as responsible.

Carbon emissions are said to be generated by routine human life activities such as heating homes, firing various fuels for energy, operating factories, driving automobiles, burning wood, cow farts and even breathing.

In reality, the carbon emissions generated by less than 20 ships sailing on the ocean may be more than that from everyone in the world driving their cars at the same time! The weather creation program itself has about that many ships circulating in the seas, at least in the Pacific, emitting carbon and sulfur to form clouds on purpose.

Vast amounts of coal ash carbon and other chemicals are sprayed in the skies in geo-engineering aerosols from airplanes almost everywhere, also forming artificial clouds

The clouds and the particulates in them are then manipulated with frequency zappers to generate weather events.


Manipulation of Weather and Data

The consideration that needs examined thoroughly is the critical claims by numerous respected professionals that the hype about anthropocentric global warming has been a sophisticated hoax.

If following the IPCC guidelines were possible, it would result in an improvement of only .05 of a degree according to their own projections. Normal variances are plus or minus .1 to .2 of a degree, more than 20 times the expected reduction. This negligible result would cost the people trillions of dollars and make many lives very difficult.

There has been an investigation of the intentional manipulation of statistics used to support the popular theory of carbon emissions from routine human activities as the cause of warming.

Serious questions have been raised about the raw temperature data for the "scientific" computer models that projected "global warming", both about how the data was collected and how it was repeatedly fudged to generate a false narrative.

Anyone familiar with statistics knows that numbers are easily cooked. Reports and graphic charts are then prepared to convince others who did not do the investigating and compile the raw data.

Another example of figure fraud is the false economic statistics published routinely. The real unemployment and real inflation rates are both significantly worse than the doctored numbers released by government related agencies. (See

The global warming/climate change narrative and protocols of the IPCC, United Nations, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, are being exposed as based on incomplete and falsified data and claims of paid propagandized scientists. It is considered a farce for purposes of carbon tax revenues and centralized control of the planet.

Many scientists accept the alleged false data and statistical manipulation, as well as the mistaken computer projections and questionable conclusions presented by supposed colleagues who are trusted to be credible. Just like politicians, "scientific experts" can be created, bought or threatened, and engage in strategic falsification of facts and documents.


(NOTE: I do not work for the petroleum industry, big coal or any other special interest. I love nature and being in the woods, and I have been an environmentalist since the early 1970's. I have started a food co-op, introducing my city to organic natural foods, helped develop the local community gardening program, and have been on the board of an organization promoting energy alternatives.

I have studied statistics and have also taught high school math. Statistics depend first and foremost on the input data, which can be manipulated by those gathering or compiling it. Validity is also subject to methods of compiling and making adjustments in the figures. Finally the presentation and interpretation of the information can be spun.

Still, there are very good reasons to minimize our burning of fuels: it generates pollution and waste, fuel might be spilled in production or transport, the limited remaining plant life of the planet cannot absorb and sequester as much of the carbon dioxide it needs, as it has been diminished and weakened by aluminum and other poisons from geo-engineering.)

There are clean energy technologies that have been suppressed by the powers-that-be. Free, clean energy hs been known of for more than a century.

Alternative investigators are convinced the carbon emissions climate change hysteria is a set-up by the cabal for purpose of increased taxation and continued control of the masses.

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