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Economic Changes

The financial transformation of the world is in progress.

Economic & Financial Challenges

The "Great Recession" arising from the 2008-09 financial crash is not over despite government and media claims of recovery. That was just the beginning, the early warning signal. We are already in the "Greater Depression".

A recession may last a few quarters as the economy adjusts. This economic decline has gone on for nearly 6 years. That is far beyond a recession. It is a depression. If you haven't realized it, the pitch about "recovery" and the reported economic numbers are falsehoods.

The economy in the U.S. and the world continues to be seriously distressed. Many economists think we have fallen into a deep depression of unknown length.

The overwhelming debt, and the mortgage backed securities and speculative derivatives that contributed in large part to the "Crash of 2008", remain a huge problem, with little attention in the press, and virtually no investigations by authorities. Some major financial institutions are presently holding highly leveraged contracts that leave them very vulnerable to financial disaster. JP Morgan Chase's admitted monstrous losses last year were just the tip of the iceberg.


Quantitative Easing

The Federal Reserve Board was running "Quantitative Easing III" for the last couple of years. Until recently that was set at $40 billion per month of the FED buying mortgage backed securities with the fake money they have been allowed to create out of nothing for about 100 years. They were simultaneously conducting what some call "QE IV" or "Quantitative Easing to Infinity", whereby the FED had been buying $45 billion per month in U.S. bonds.

$85 billion per month is over $1 trillion per year, so another couple trillion has been added to the "national debt". This spending has now been "tapered", with each program reduced a few billion at a time to supposedly nothing. Meanwhile, Japan has been increasing its similar money creation, so the main flow of "Quantitative Easing" just moved to a new spigot. The FED is probably still pumping funds into their bank system somehow.

Many watchers expect the FED to publicly resume money creation in some form before long. The fall in the price of oil is one sign of a deflationary trend. A number of major corporations that make a profit are buying back their stock, not investing in new production. The number of people out of work or working less than enough to earn a living, is far greater than the doctored, government-reported unemployment statistics.

The accumulation of Treasury Bonds by our central bank is unprecedented. The FED has been funding public debt that should not even be, as that is not the way our government was supposed to finance itself; and they do it using fake money created out of nothing. Then they charge us interest on it. The FED has garnered into the trillions of dollars of assets in U.S. bonds as well as in sub-prime mortgages from the ongoing bank bailout.

The FED's actions perpetuated the flood of declining value dollars in the world. For years this spreading of dollars around the globe has delayed painful inflation in the U.S. Now the tide is changing as other nations are bypassing the dollar in international trade. The dollar is being rejected for use in many international business interchanges, and a total collapse may be coming soon to the United States economy, probably preceded or accompanied by Greece and and other Euro nations.

The bond rating of the United States has been reduced twice in recent years, as the government struggles every year to fund its bills. Further, Moody's rating service has downgraded 15 major global banking institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Could this be the grand finale of banker scams? It would seem the international banking / major multi-national corporations cartel I refer to as the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom, is wrapping up their century of plundering the United States and its people with nearly full financial ownership of the government, and sharing owner control of half or more of the property in our land with their controlled opposition Chinese and Russian buddies.



Financial watchdogs say that precious metals prices, especially silver, have been manipulated by major players using paper contracts and currency trading. These prices have been artificially held down as China and some other nations, central banks and wealthy elite accumulate these tangible assets at bargain prices. Some experts look for dramatic rises in the precious metals eventually, especially in relation to the dollar as it continues losing world reserve status.

With the ongoing economic uncertainty, the large demand for real silver and gold has made them scarce. Yet the prices have remained low, in part due to manipulators placing phony low-bid paper orders that expire unfulfilled.

Those who are investing or playing games of risk in the various financial markets should be very cautious. Significant international currency and banking changes are said to be in progress that may have a dramatic impact in multiple markets.

The breakthroughs to new highs in the Dow Jones stock market average not long ago reflect a major bubble in the market that has also been propped up by FED quantitative easing. Although some analysts thought this was the start of a new bull market, others think the market will crash severely again before long. It is already showing signs of fragility.



Experts in economic and societal trends anticipate much worse major economic challenges and social changes in the next few years. Some warn of an impending total financial collapse.

The financial crisis in Europe has flirted with economic collapse there, especially in Greece. If that does happen, it would probably bring the U.S. the rest of the way down to ruin as well. If Western economies fail, the rest of the world would also suffer considerably.

The substantial surprise "haircut" tax on all bank accounts in Cyprus mandated by the European Union and the international bankers not long ago, may have been a prelude to a similar process in Europe or the United States, a "beta test".

In fact, the International Monetary Fund has recommended this type of sudden bank account tax on the "wealthy" (meaning non-insider upper middle class) for member nations having financial challenges. Of course, that action would trigger a cash panic, and probably a "run on the banks", so a bank holiday, or a limit on withdrawals of what funds are left might be imposed also.

Depositing money in a banks turns over ownership control of the funds to the bank. Do you trust the bankers to allow you full access to the deposited funds as economic conditions deteriorate? If you were to try taking out more than $10,000 in cash, even in smaller increments over several days, you might be surprised at the trouble you would have, including possible arrest for "financial structuring".

Wise financial advisors suggest judicious gradual transfer of institutionally held paper or digital assets to personally held substantial assets as much as possible.

Some think the FED may be getting out of the currency game if the Treasury begins issuing its own notes, possibly in conjunction with serious devaluation of the dollar and a global reformation of currency valuations and exchanges. (See the section further below on currency.)

Much of the manufacturing work that has gone to cheap labor markets in other nations is no longer available to U.S. workers. These old factory jobs are not likely to come back. Lower cost production in other parts of the world is better for the bottom line of giant corporations. Detroit, which used to be one of the most prosperous cities in the world, got laid off and became a desolate wasteland of blight.

Many of the U.S. jobs created during this recession have been governmental jobs. However, there is a limit on how many the government can hire. Now government workers are being laid off as well. Local, regional and state governments face financial crises as much as the national government.

There are speculations that after the U.S. population suffers for an unknown period as a devastated and economically deprived society, that the Chinese interests will begin hiring U.S. workers at low wages for their new sweat shops here to make the goods that their expanding middle class will consume.

We need creative entrepreneurship and new industries to emerge soon. China, one of the largest foreign holders of U.S. debt, is becoming the world's greatest economic power. Their workforce of what have been essentially controlled slaves, has been cranking out almost any product at relatively lower cost than other industrial nations, but that is changing.

China is the second major holder of U.S. debt and dollars after the FED. For several years they have been unloading dollars by purchasing assets in the U.S. and elsewhere, particularly real estate and businesses here. It has been reported that more than half of the real estate value in Manhattan is owned by Chinese government companies.

Although China has its own financial bubbles that are about to burst, especially in real estate and banking, they have accumulated and hold a huge portion of the world's gold. It is anticipated they will be making some major adjustments in their currency, and that it may become the new world reserve or play a key role in a basket of currencies serving that role.

With the number of people that are out of work in the U.S., the layoffs now underway by strapped businesses and governments, and the concerns of many about their financial future, people are not buying much beyond necessities. As a result, under-employment continues to be substantial. Even large retailers are laying off workers.

Many companies have cut employees to part time status to avoid having to provide insurance under the "Affordable Health Care Act". Then the worker is responsible to obtain coverage, but has less income to do so. Raising the minimum wage would contribute to both inflation and job losses, making the situation much worse.

Meanwhile welfare, food assistance and homelessness numbers continue to be very high. If the presently strong dollar loses value, the prices of imports and oil products would increase again.

Are there any significant signs of real economic growth? The situation is much worse than the manipulated and understated government figures and pronouncements try to suggest.

If you live in the United States, consider seeking out products for purchase that are made here. They are usually well-made and often less expensive than imports.

I have always urged people to develop their own home business as best they are able, and to become self reliant in every way possible.

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The oil price has shown the most dramatic price fall in memory. At the same time the dollar has gained strength and gold and silver prices are suppressed. These examples of deflation are signs of the depression that has been deepening despite the false reports of a recovery.

Some think the high volume, low cost oil and natural gas producers, Saudi Arabia and some other Persian Gulf states, are behind the lower pricing to squeeze out higher cost competitors, such as Russia, and the "fracking" industry in the U.S. Controversial hydraulic fracturing harvests shale oil and gas by shooting a brew of chemicals and sand to crack deep rock formations under pressure, releasing trapped oil and gas.

Low oil prices also make it harder for alternative technologies to compete on cost, such electric cars and solar electric that require a substantial outlay to engage.

According to Lindsey Williams, a frequent source for insider information about "Big Oil" and the elite powers that be, they had intended to move the price of oil up to $150 per barrel again. They apparently have had at least a temporary change in strategy.

(NOTE: I know Rev. Williams personally. Back in the 90's, a business associate of mine and I collaborated with Williams on a book. Some do not like his preachy delayed-payoff style of speaking, but he has transmitted a lot of important warnings over the last 30 years or so that proved accurate.  More about Lindsey Williams)

Perhaps the price of oil, at least in dollar terms, will skyrocket as events that the controllers influence unfold, such as a devaluation of the U.S. dollar, a worsening crisis in the Middle East or World War III.

Oil prices have been volatile over the years. The price had previously fallen back to about $50 per barrel briefly, not long before the political disturbances in the Mid East, including the Libyan civil war and the fighting in Iraq and Syria, combined with the actions of speculators in oil contracts, pushed oil pricing to $100+ per barrel, where it had also been before. Now it is around $50 once more, and flirting with less than that.

Since oil is a manipulated market like most of them, big time players in oil poise themselves for multiple rounds of vast profits as the price rises and falls and rises again, all as planned and orchestrated. Those in the know make mega money with any change, down or up.

How did the price of gasoline in the $3 to $4 per gallon range affect you and your neighbors? What if it were to reach $5 or $7 or $10 or more in the next cycle?

Oil is not only used for fuel and energy, it is the source of petrochemicals, which are used in thousands of applications from plastics to agriculture, as well as in pharmaceutical medicines. All of those products would be more expensive if oil prices rise again. So would just about everything else.


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When the Federal Reserve Board completed the second round of "quantitative easing" ("QE2") funds in 2011, they had created another trillion dollars in funny money for buying U.S. Bonds as "buyer of last resort". This has substantially increased the national debt and fueled inflation, which is much higher than the altered figures put out by the government (see next section below).

For the last couple years, they have been operating QE3 and QE4, as quantitative easing was set to be ongoing indefinitely. The FED has now "tapered" this easing, but could jack it up again whenever the banking establishment chooses.

Quantitative Easing has created amazing amounts of funny money to buy mortgage backed securities debt and U.S. Treasury debt. This along with the European bailouts has been inflationary, continuing the trend of the 20th Century that saw the dollar lose more than 90% of its value. The inflation in the U.S. would have been much worse if the bulk of these created dollars were not exported in the international banker game.

The FED is currently the largest holder of U.S. debt, with China and Japan holding most of the rest. Other nations no longer want to lend to the U.S., as they anticipate losses from either a devaluation of the dollar, or a financial collapse of the United States. The ongoing funding of government debt by the central bank creating play money out of nothing, has been horrendous economic policy.


World Reserve & "Petro Dollar"

The U.S. dollar has been the world's "reserve currency" since the Breton Woods conference near the end of World War II. The U.S. gave financial assistance for the recovery of many other nations depleted by war, including Britain whose pound sterling was the previous reserve. For seventy years the dollar has been the benchmark currency for international trade.

In fact, the dollar had been exclusively used for Persian Gulf oil sales since the early 1970's, when Secretary of State Henry Kissinger traded guaranteed security enforced by the U.S. military for "petro-dollar" status with key OPEC members, particularly Saudi Arabia.

This status is now being undermined as the "BRICS", several major trading nations, some with oil reserves outside of the Persian Gulf, have made agreements to exchange their own currencies in their oil deals and other business. Dozens of other nations are joining in to do business with the BRICS system, which also includes an international bank.

Further, there are plans under consideration by even the Gulf Arab states to change to a basket of currencies in the trading of oil, or another form of international payments that does NOT exclusively use the dollar.


Abandonment of The Dollar

Nations holding astounding amounts of U.S. dollars and treasury obligations, such as China, have cut off accepting anymore, and they are unloading their holdings. China and Russia may accelerate their disengagement from the dollar to the point of dumping their U.S. bonds and dollars on the market as a financial weapon to collapse the dollar.

The current saber rattling and sanctions between the leaders of the U.S. and Russia over first Syria, then Ukraine and the Crimea, may both serve as a cover for and lead to that result very soon.

China and Japan concluded an agreement not long ago to use their own currencies instead of the dollar in trading various goods between themselves.

It has been proposed that a new world currency replace the dollar as the primary currency of international trade, perhaps one backed by the Chinese yuan and a few other strong currencies, or using the "Special Drawing Rights (SDR)" accounts through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

(The BIS, the IMF and the World Bank are the key institutions of the global banking establishment and its owners. These agencies deal financially with the various nation's central banks, such as the Federal Reserve Bank ["the FED"] in the U.S. They exert influence or control over these central banks, and thereby the governments through financial power.)


Going Down

Standard and Poor, one of the primary bond rating services, downgraded U.S. bonds a couple years ago from their longtime AAA status to AA. Then another rating agency lowered the U.S. bonds to a much lower rating. On the other hand, for some reason the rating was recently bumped up for not apparent good reason.

American tourists are finding that many vendors in other countries will not accept dollars anymore.

The dollar is dying rapidly internationally. Even though it is relatively strong against many other currencies, it is being abandoned as a medium of trade in many international transactions.

Both the Euro and the dollar could collapse completely before long. This may occur at any time. The Japanese Yen is not in much better shape.

On the other hand, the Chinese yuan is expected to strengthen. The U.S. has wanted that to happen to ease the trade imbalance with China. However, China appears to have bigger ideas. They have accumulated vast amounts of gold, probably with the intention of establishing their yuan as at least one of the new world reserve currencies of choice with gold backing.


Asset Backed Currency

There is talk of at least the currencies used in international trade, and perhaps all currencies, being required to have backing by assets similar to the old gold standard of the dollar. Supporting assets could include, gold and other minerals, oil, agricultural or industrial production, etc.

Some believe that as fiat currencies fail (backed only by faith in the issuing government), there has to be a return to asset backed currencies tied to commodities. The international financial interests own the bulk of these commodities, however, so they would still be in control.

Several nations are expected by analysts to significantly reset their currencies. The revaluation of Iraq's currency has been anticipated for several years, since the dinar was artificially set at a pittance during the international boycott of Iraq and the wars there. If the Iraqi dinar is revalued, it might be the most significant of these currency changes.

That possibility and how it would be done is controversial and debated widely on blogs by people of varying degrees of credibility. Although many watchers think this will not occur for several years, many others are looking for it this year, and quite a few of these think it will be very shortly.

It is believed that the FED, the U.S. Treasury and the International Monetary Fund are assuming that a dramatic currency revaluation will help stabilize the dollar and the Euro, as well as other currencies and financially troubled nations.

There is also talk of the U.S. issuing a new U.S. treasury currency backed by assets. If it is backed by gold or oil, those assets are primarily controlled by the transnational financial powers and can be used to leverage financial manipulation as well as fiat currency.

Some think we will be going directly to a world currency based on the IMF's "Special Drawing Rights" (SDR's). That would likely be the prelude to a global government under the United Nations, which is the ultimate goal of the corporate state tyrants who run that institution and most national governments as well.


Global Banking

The IMF, the BIS, the International Bank of Disputes, the Import-Export Bank and the World Bank are the financial institutions that have controlled the international banking system, including loans and trade exchanges, for most of the last century. The corrupt World Bank has bound many of these countries with loans and serious debt.

The intent has been to prepare the world for a unified international financial system with one currency as a giant step to global governance.

However, there is presently an impasse at the IMF in regard to making big changes. The United States holds veto power over any decision by way of controlling 17% of the IMF voting power. 85% of the vote is required to make a change. Perhaps the U.S. government doesn't want the dollar to be cast aside, or is using its leverage for some other purpose.

Some think the BRICS nations could just leave the IMF and BIS, as they are starting their own international banking authority, currency and settlement account system. It is likely they will continue as members of the old institutions, while developing their new ones.

In any case, the dollar and the U.S. are being left on the sidelines, and our economy relegated to third world status.

Be on the watch for a major change in the structure of international economics soon. Meanwhile, it is considered wise to transfer any liquid assets not needed for current expenditures into substantial goods outside of paper valued in dollars.


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With the combination of the U.S. dollar now losing its status as the world reserve currency, the FED pouring United States debt obligations like play money into the global economy for years, high oil prices not long ago and rising food prices, inflation has already taken a large toll in the U.S.

NOTE: In March, 2011, a price check at a local northern Ohio grocery chain found green peppers selling for $1.99 EACH! These were not organically grown ones. Commercial leaf lettuce was $2.99 per pound. These items are usually transported great distances in the winter, and poor weather conditions can cause shortages.

More recently a box of organic cereal was marked at $6.29 that previously had cost about $3.00 at the same supermarket.

These price spikes were years ago. Now conditions are developing that could bring budget-busting food prices.

There has been a major drought and unreported amounts of radiation accumulating on the west coast. The nation must realize that California is likely not able to continue providing the bulk of our vegetable and fruit supplies.

Demand for food is exploding in China as prosperity increases, including meats, corn, wheat and soybeans. Meanwhile, U.S. farmers are reeling from the financial pressures from drought, entrapment in high cost chemical and GMO systems, cost of supplies and foreclosures.

The figures used by the government and the FED for inflation are not the same calculations as were used in past decades. The formula has been strangely adjusted to exclude gasoline and food, so that the stated inflation rate is much less than reality. Real inflation, which includes fuel and food in the mix, is now considered to have been 8% to 10% or more per year by wary analysts. (See

The prices of energy, and anything delivered by truck, plane or boat, and anything sold by a business that has utilities or transportation expenses, are dependent on the price of oil. Now with lower oil prices we are getting some relief. If that lingers at a low level, and there is an expanding deflationary trend, it could be ruinous for many as the economy declines with more companies closing, more layoffs and more mortgages becoming unsustainable as real estate values decline again.

If and when the dollar falls and oil prices rise again, other prices will go WAY UP! Is your income going to go up similarly? That is not likely for most people. If you have an income now, will it even continue?


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The international bankers have successfully perpetrated their long term strategy to control governments and populations around the world with debt. Convincing politicians, business owners and householders alike that it makes sense to borrow the funds to acquire what is desired ahead of the ability to pay for it, has created a world of debt slaves. The bankers have arranged to create these play money funds out of nothing but the confidence of the borrowers.

We have been duped into thinking that the funny money was real because we got to purchase real assets with it. However, now that the financial plug is being pulled and we cannot generate enough funds to pay for the loan and the interest as well as the necessities like food and utilities, and now that the anchor assets like real estate are not worth as much as when we got the loans, our economy is in deep debt trouble.

Many state governors and municipal officials in the United States are saying that "the day of reckoning is here" regarding their ability to meet their obligations. 46 states are deep in debt and facing huge budget shortfalls. Governments are cutting projects and jobs, trying to reduce the benefits of public employees, and taking steps to get more revenue from their citizens. A few local governments have already declared bankruptcy. Some of them are not even paying their bills!


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Financial Collapse

Add to the debt bubble the additional game of the derivatives market, in which even the big banking institutions are exposed to trillions of dollars of obligations with little or no security, and it is clear that we are on the verge of a financial crash.

Derivatives are speculative pseudo-securities used to hedge financial positions. They have turned Wall Street and London into giant gambling casinos with the world economy at stake. For examples, derivatives were involved in the AIG crisis, the 2008 crash and subsequent bailouts, and the MF Global collapse.

When one or more of the dollar, debt or derivatives bubbles bursting fully hits, banks may close down for a while, governments at every level may claim to be beyond bankrupt and unable to provide the normally expected services, and companies may shut their doors. Even federal government payouts could be suspended.

California has already released thousands of prisoners early in addition to cutting state jobs. Teachers and other public union members in many states are rallying to preserve their collective bargaining power. They are starting to realize that the cuts that are coming will be MAJOR.

A whole lot of people have gradually come to the end of their unemployment compensation. Other government support programs are being cut as well. This is taking another big bite out of the purchasing power of the populace. Less to spend - less sales of goods - less work - less jobs - less income - and so forth.

Many people are starting to realize that things are getting worse rather than better. The repeated terrible tumbles in the stock market tell us that the money managers have figured out that the real long term outlook is POOR. Another major crash is likely to come before long. Meanwhile, insiders are harvesting profits on changes up and down.

Pension programs, both private and public, are vastly under-funded with many in deep doo-doo. Now there are secret government discussions of taxing or fully confiscating various retirement funds, including 401K's and IRA's.

Retirement assets took a huge hit in the crash of 2008, then recovered somewhat. With the latest crash, some "retirement" funds were harmed again, but an even worse loss is almost certainly coming.

The artificially low interest rates have sustained high bond prices for governments and banks to maintain their reserve requirements and pad their balance sheets. Inflation and low yield has begun to force interest rates higher, so bond prices are declining.

The solvency crisis will soon be exposed dramatically. With the FED ceasing the purchase of U.S. Treasury debt, who will buy it? The FED was pretty much the only one doing so lately. The paper markets (stocks, bonds, options, derivatives, etc.) are bound to fall. So will a lot of banks.

What are people already retired that take multiple financial hits going to do? What about the people who depend on government payment programs to pay for food, rent and utilities? Where are they going to get enough income to meet their needs if government cannot pay out and savings are wiped out? The Social Security Administration and other government support bureaucracies are already seeking ways to reduce payouts.

Those whose assets are in dollar based paper forms may suffer tremendous financial losses so rapidly that they would be unable to act in time to prevent it once a financial collapse or dollar devaluation hits. Banks may be closed and withdrawals from accounts restricted or frozen. Stocks, bonds and mutual funds may drop so fast that even acting rapidly to sell may result in a tremendous loss.

What if welfare, food assistance and Social Security payments were reduced or curtailed?

The United States could become chaotic as food and energy prices soar with less than half the adult population working, increasing numbers of layoffs and unemployed, retirees becoming broke and the poor left penniless.

It is suggested to move away from cities if possible. As people become desperate for food and fuel, more of them may turn to crime and violence, and as mass demonstrations increase, riots could break out.


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Planned Crises

Many experts are warning of increased economic and social chaos in the next few years, especially in Europe and the United States. (It has already been dramatic in Greece, Spain, Italy and even England.)

According to the FBI there are over 33,000 gangs in the United States, with a total of approximately 1.4 million members. These are in most major cities, with a lot of rural locations as well. In some cases they control a whole neighborhood or region.

Some of the crime organizations are more organized and well hidden than ever. Many have very sophisticated cover operations, perhaps with covert assistance from police and various other officials, whether by association, blackmail or bribe. It may be said that the cabal that orchestrates world finances and events is the pinnacle of organized crime.

Some analysts believe the "Powers That Be" have designed economic and social conditions to be challenging and stressful on purpose. There is much evidence that the black market drug trade is ultimately controlled by officials for their own financial gain and to foster social upheaval, even in the United States.

The hidden producers who run the giant hypnotic magic show want to control both the theater and the audience -- everything and everyone. These powerful controllers do not have the best interests of the rest of us in mind. In fact their intention is quite the opposite.

Some analysts believe that the international financial and technological power brokers are manipulating global economic factors to further stress the United States economy and society in particular, as well as in other nations around the globe.

It is believed that the goal of these elite power interests is to weaken and disrupt the United States economically until the population is so duped by staged bad news events and the fear they cause, that the people themselves call for intervention (military occupation) and accede to full participation in global bureaucratic governance with expanded international regulations and controls.

We are already witnessing the losses of liberty step-by-step under the rubric of the "war on terrorism", with false flag events and rapidly increasing surveillance and security measures.

These transnational power players have been working for a very long time, since at least the Civil War in the 1860's, to orchestrate the completion of their takeover of the United States. The commitment of a strong people to freedom was at one time the major impediment to their world domination plans, so they had to hypnotize, weaken and reeducate the populace.

The "New World Order" has been in "progress" for many years. The United States government and most assets in the U.S. are effectively privately owned by the international financiers. This has been the situation since the early 1900's. The debt these powers have bound us with, and their bureaucratic financial and security regulations have been eroding our liberties for nearly a century. It is already obvious, and will be noticed even more in the coming months.

Just take a look at a United States dollar bill. It says "Federal Reserve Note" on it, showing that they own it. Through taxes, Americans pay interest to use the bankers' dollars, which are debt instruments. The back of the dollar bill is decorated with occult symbols representing the secret intentions of the financial, corporate and intelligence elite and the hidden powerful rulers at the top of the control establishment. Many mega corporation logos contain similar occult symbols.

Click here to learn more about the plans of the elite controllers of the financial / government / military / industrial / technology / pharmaceutical / media complex and its technocrats that have been unfolding for more than a century. This pyramidal oligarchy wants a world wide tyranny with all property for themselves, and most of the population dead except for a small number of controlled servants.

As one of the largest foreign holders of U.S. debt, the Chinese are also accumulating assets in the United States. They have procured companies, banks, buildings and infrastructure. There are reports that there are even enclaves of Chinese residents being developed -- whole cities of Chinese workers and plants being established in the U.S.

Insiders have reported that the mortgage loan fraud has been so extensive that even mortgages that are thought to be paid off may have claims on them from multiple lending institutions. A massive unanticipated transfer of property ownership may be about to take place. It is conceivable that many more people may face foreclosure and eviction seemingly out of the blue, including some who are current on their mortgage payments.

Even worse, are the reports of Chinese and Russian troops trained and quartered in the United States. There is speculation that these may be in place for serving in a martial law occupation of a disoriented and weakened United States population post collapse. Is it possible that these soldiers have been offered the spoils of confiscated property like pirates of old?


Rest Stop

Take A Relaxing Breath

The challenges of life are opportunities for expanding heart love to surround and soften the apparent crisis conditions.

~ Sage Jon

Caring For One Another

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