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Food Storage

Disruption Can Happen - Storage of Food Is Crucial

Highest Quality Foods To Store For Emergency Needs

Stock up now before food is too expensive or unavailable.

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Prepare for disruptions with a substantial supply of highest quality stored foods on hand.


lock-in current food prices

enjoy now or 30 years from now


The more of us that have stored food, the better off we will be.


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Excellent Super Foods for Storing

Supplement your meals with with our ready to eat super foods: organic milled flax seed and super foods powder mix.

Organic Milled Flaxseed is one of the most nutritionally dense and beneficial foods on the planet. It is rich in complete protein, rare Omega 3 source essential oil, crucial antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and superior fiber. And it is very affordable, an excellent value for the powerful benefits it provides.

Our flax is specially milled for preservation of its oils and other nutrients; and it is vacuum-packed for extra protection. It has been tested and found to have no detectable deterioration after more than two years of storage at room temperature.

This organic vacuum-packed milled flaxseed is therefore an excellent and very important item to keep as a stored food supply in case of natural disturbances, economic chaos or other reasons that normal food distribution might be disrupted.

This is the highest quality flaxseed available. It is is ready to eat, outstandingly nutritious and life-supporting; and there is no need for refrigeration or cooking.

Finally, it is very economical to order the flax by the case of 12 bags. You can get it at the lowest price by ordering in 20 case lots.

With this and most storable foods, a good strategy is to rotate your stock -- consume older supplies first, replacing them with fresh stock as the inventory reaches your set minimum.

We also recommend Delicious Greens 8000 for food storage purposes. This super food mix complements the flaxseed. Combined, these items contain almost all needed nutrients.

Together these super foods provide: complete protein, essential oils, including Omega 3, many antioxidants, nearly all known vitamins, abundant minerals, raw food enzymes, pigments such as chlorophyll and beta carotene, and ideal fiber for the digestive tract.

NOTE: Avoid wheat, which is not a favorable food for humans.

Be prepared to sustain yourselves and your health in changed circumstances.


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As part of your food storage please consider ordering the best super foods -- organically-grown milled flaxseed and Delicious Greens 8000TM at a tremendous savings.

It is quite economical to order flaxseed and our other organic food items by the case of 12 bags. You can get these at a very low price by ordering in case lots via freight carrier. You could combine orders with friends and neighbors to bring in mixed cases in multiples of 12 cases at a substantial savings.

NOTE: It is recommended that these items be consumed and replaced over the course of 2 to 3 years.

Here is the math regarding usage:

1 case of 12 bags of flax or 1 case of Delicious Greens 8000 is approximately a:

  • 1 year supply for 1 adult

  • 6 month supply for 2 adults

  • 4 month supply for 3 adults

  • 3 month supply for 4 adults

NOTE: In a crisis, more than the normal amount of each of these items may be consumed for nutritional sustenance.

If your household is small in number, perhaps you can assemble a more economical order among friends and relatives.


Click Here To Order Flaxseed and Greens

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12 Cases of Organic Milled Flax


shipped via LTL Freight Carrier directly from the mill in Canada


Organic Milled Flax Seed at just $75 per case plus shipping

(Direct from the mill at a great savings.)

Call us at 330-920-9820 or toll free in USA: 800-542-1923

for information on 12 cases of organic flax


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Delicious Greens 8000TM

Read about this product

1 Case (12 jars) (127.2 oz) Delicious Greens 8000TM

Normal price: $305.64 + $15 shipping

SPECIAL: $277+ $15 shipping

($12 shipping on each additional case)

ORDER Greens by the Case

NOTE: Specify your selection of flavor choice(s) of Delicious Greens (regular, berry, chocolate or reds) in an email message or you will be sent 4 regular, 4 berry and 4 chocolate.


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Flower Pollen Extract

Read about this product

200 tablets

Normal price: $330 + shipping

SPECIAL: $264 with FREE shipping in the 48 Continental United States

CLICK HERE to order 1 case (12 bottles) of PollenAid Flower Pollen Extract - 200 tablets each


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