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Social Changes

Water As Means of Control ~ Food Shortage for Control ~ Public Poisons

Pharma Harm ~ Pandemic ~ Vaccines + Flu Shots

EMF & 5GElection Rigging ~ Protests ~ War ~ Peace

Martial Law ~ "Sustainable Development" ~ Depopulation


Issues Of Deception, Manipulation And Control

If you realize that officials and those in control of the media routinely withhold important information from the public, as well participate in deception and manipulation, you can understand why the details of all the challenges we face are not as well known as they should be.

The number of people who are awakening is growing rapidly. You have to dig deep in researching and investigating to get a better idea of reality.

Think of powerful secret societies, organized crime, rogue agents of espionage, the suspicious financial bailouts after the collapse of 2008, the big international banks, the controlled media, the drug industry, and the "military industrial complex" President Eisenhower warned about at the end of his term in office. These are some of the elements of an orchestrated highly controlling world oligarchy.

With proper care of ourselves, we should be able to live healthy productive and insightful lives for 120 years or more. The knowledge and resources to do so are being kept from us on purpose. Instead we are enticingly offered poor options of diet, toxic water, medicines and distractions, laced with poisons and hypnotics that gradually harm us.

The real issue here is the importance of understanding and of being prepared.


Water As A Means Of Control

Cities have added the deadly poison chlorine to the water since 1910 as a disinfectant. Unfortunately, it also causes heart disease, cancer and other diseases that drive victims to the medical establishment where they may get financially and physically abused before an early death. 

Agricultural and industrial chemicals have been contaminating our waters since the 1940's.

In the 1950's governments began insisting on adding fluoride to public water and justified this mass drugging as being for prevention of tooth decay.

Beyond hardening teeth to the point of being brittle, fluoride also hardens the brain and fosters apathy in the population (as first used by the Nazis in the 1930's and 40's in Europe). It also reduces intelligence, learning ability and memory. Even worse, it causes cancer, interferes with the thyroid gland and the endocrine system, fosters arthritis as well as hardening and fragility of the bones, raises blood pressure and increases arteriosclerosis.

Now they are experimenting with spiking water supplies with lithium (to further calm people) and uranium (to reduce fertility and the population).

Meanwhile, what do you think happens to all the drugs that people on medication pee out? It is flushed into the public sewers, treated and recycled into the waterways for later re-consumption.

Further, the radioactive fallout coming from Japan is entering our water supplies. It is very important to clean radioactive particles out of your water before consumption.

Bottled water is NOT the answer. It is a corporate product for profits. Most of it is in toxic plastic bottles with BPA as an ingredient. The bottling companies are stealing the water from precious local water sources to profit from an absolute necessity, while reducing the public supply. Also, who knows what they are adding to bottled water? Toxic contaminants are found in much of it.

You MUST have your own effective method of purifying water for drinking, bathing, showering and gardening.

The drought and water shortages in the western U.S.A. may be generated on purpose by behind the scenes manipulators as part of their planning for total social control.

The Earth produces abundant water from the deep. Yet there severe policies are being implemented from on high to commercially control water using intentional contamination and drought. A false narrative about water being scarce is publicized, while it is in the process of being exploited commercially and politically.



Food Shortage For Control

Do you know how unprepared most of the population is for a real emergency? Storing food, water and health care supplies for such an emergency is crucial. How well do you know your neighbors?

Major disruption of everyday life is highly likely.  The amount of food stocked in local grocery stores could be gone in a day or two as people realize that supplies may not be replenished.

You are undoubtedly aware of serious natural disasters caused by storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, extreme temperatures, wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves (tsunamis), in locations around the world. You have probably heard of the corona-virus in China, and the SARS and Ebola outbreaks of the last few years. These events have disrupted the lives of millions of people around the world.

Within just the last two years a huge number of homes and businesses in the U.S.A. have been damaged and/or without power for an extended time and crops damaged from high winds, tornadoes, massive floods, snow, freezing, ice storms, wildfires, drought, etc., ravaging many areas. Millions have found themselves suddenly without power and and many without food, some for weeks.

In Russia, drought and fires ruined the 2010 season's crops forcing them to curtail wheat exports. In the winter of 2011, millions of dollars worth of vegetable and citrus crops in Florida were ruined by record freezing temperatures. In the last few years, flooding of Mississippi and Missouri rivers has wiped out many acres of crops in the central U.S.A.

A volcanic event anywhere in the world could generate a cloud of ash in the atmosphere that blocks the sun. As a result, we could have year round winter and no crops for more than one season.

A volcanic eruption in Iceland interrupted European air travel for more than a week a few years ago. The ongoing rash of earthquakes and volcanic activities around the world suggests more are coming.

There is a great likelihood of a major new earthquake or a volcanic eruption at anytime at any of a number of locations. Much of the population of California are very used to minor earthquakes that rumble in the depths frequently along the San Andreas Fault.

The Cascadia zone farther north along the west coast off of Oregon and Washington is expected to have a much more devastating event anytime.

One or more major disturbances of nature could cause serious food shortages. A natural disaster could cause roads to be blocked or damaged, or the power grid to be down for an extended time. Food stocks would be gone from grocery stores in just a couple of days if they were able to conduct sales, or probably even if not.

The major disruption in the economy in 2008-9, was a forewarning of a worse economic collapse to come, and perhaps a deeper depression of unknown length about to unfold.

Some experts expect a financial collapse or reset internationally soon, possibly sparking economic and social chaos.

Further, despite the previous fizzle of super flu viruses that authorities have warned about over the years, a real global pandemic emergency has developed with the Chinese novel coronavirus that has spread around the world. Quarantines of residents in highly populated areas, as done in China may be instituted in other nations if the virus continues to be deadly and spreads.

The best choices for stored foods are nutritious, ready to eat items, that are protected from oxidation, and which do not readily spoil without refrigeration. A supply of prepared dehydrated meals and greens, a variety of edible seeds, as as well as garden seeds, and lots of pure water, would be wise to have on hand.

(More about food availability and storable foods in Report 9.)

(More about preparedness in Report 10.)


Public Poisons

The root cause of degenerative disease behind many of the medical establishment's symptom-based named diseases is "Public Poisons", which are administered in multiple small doses to nearly everyone in the population.

Worse, it has been determined by numerous analysts that this ongoing mass poisoning is being done on purpose.

Vested interests have sought to diminish knowledge and interest in natural herbal, homeopathic and chiropractic remedies in favor of the toxic patented chemical medicines that they can control.

These medicines along with the poisons purposely added to water, food and household products, and distributed through the air, contribute to the deteriorating health of much of the population. Folks are already suffering from the poor quality chemical laced diet presented by the giant food product corporations.

Recognizing the public poisons along with the intentional stress that is built into our highly manipulated rat-race institutional system, brings us to the real reason for much of the degenerative disease that people have experienced over the last century.

(More in the Public Poisons Learning Module.)


Pharma Harm

Pharmaceutical medicine is a major source of harm to the population. More Americans die from drug reactions in one year than die from all the years of our involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It is one of the leading causes of death.

A plethora of health problems has been created by following the poor diet and lifestyle that the global corporate system has presented to us. I have been speaking and writing about this issue for over 40 years.

Do NOT accept Big Pharma's false solutions. Physical disturbances are not due to deficiencies of medical drugs. The treatments of the medical establishment only suppress the symptoms that develop from accumulation of toxins, overmuch stress and nutritional imbalances. Most of these treatments worsen health and create additional unpleasant symptoms, leading to more toxic measures.

The number of people, both adults and children, on psychiatric drugs has more than doubled in recent years. Mental health has been disturbed by trauma, stress, electromagnetic pollution and toxins from our foods and environment. Big Pharma offers behavioral control through chemicals. Lack of these neurotoxins is not what causes people to be bothered and upset.

Learn natural ways of eating and taking care of yourself before getting so sick and weak that you can't figure out how to avoid the medical death trap.

(More in the Public Poisons Learning Module.)



Although the 2009-2010 H1N1 flu "pandemic" that authorities warned about fizzled, as well as the SARS outbreak several years ago, the novel coronavirus pandemic recently started in China, could result in quarantines of residents in many nations, especially in highly populated areas. This novel corona virus may be a bio-weapon release of a truly serious engineered strain,

Virus experts have flatly stated that the H1N1 virus, as a marriage of swine, avian and human strains, could only have been created in a lab on purpose. The announced deadly new strain of E-Coli bacteria that killed people in Germany not long ago, has also been described by knowledgeable experts as an engineered bio-weapon. SARS and MERS may have been additional ones.

Antibiotic resistant staphylococcus bacteria such as MRSA are now often found in hospitals, killing some and seriously sickening others. These may have developed due to overuse of antibiotics, giving bacteria opportunities to mutate into resistant variations. Could some of these have been tweaked in a lab?

We must realize that governments all over the world conduct bio-weapon research to develop weaponized strains of pathogens designed to impair, harm or kill target populations.

How about AIDS and Ebola that were developed to reduce the population of Africa, then the rest of the globe? When it arrived in the U.S.A., the careless responses of medical and political authorities were raising questions about intent.

Further, it has now been publicized that an H5N1 virus that will transmit from human to human has been developed in a lab as a possible bio-weapon.

Many investigators are convinced the 2019 novel coronavirus is a similarly transmittable bio-weapon variant released, either accidentally or intentionally, and now moving rapidly through the population. It is shed by people before they have any symptoms, the incubation period can last as much as 24 days, the virus remains viable for days, and transmission can be airborne.There is concern that this coronavirus might be conveyed even as an aerosol, that can travel long distances in the air.

It is reported that the transmission of novel corona virus is being underreported and that a cover-up information control policy has been mandated from on high in China all along.

This pandemic crisis may have been planned as a triple agenda of control: population reduction, mass vaccinations and economic collapse, leading to consolidation of world tyranny by the cabal of elitists. How long before other bio-weapon variations are released?

NOTE: Despite announcements by authorities that a nasty virus like novel corona virus is making the rounds, and another push for "immunizations" when a vaccine is ready, getting a vaccination or a "flu shot" is NOT a solution. In fact, in most cases, it would be worse for you than the virus itself. Immunizations are a weakening assault on your body, especially the blood and the immune system.

Be prepared for staying at home during a real pandemic crisis, and have natural immune assistance items on hand.

(More on the Pandemic page.)

(Learn about the immune system in the Natural Health Wellness Learning Module.)


Vaccinations and Flu Shots

Children are started off in life with a toxic load and a major stress on the immune system from vaccinations. The theory of immunization with injected vaccinations is completely faulty. Administering such an unnatural concoction, with the quantity and toxicity of the agents in it, causes a terrible shock to the infant, perhaps effecting them adversely for life.

Similarly, flu shots are totally unnecessary and ineffective. Instead, a flu shot is terribly toxic and weakens the immune system. It may make the recipient ill almost immediately.

The controversial vaccine for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) was mandated for young women in Texas and California. This type of virus has been connected to cervical cancer. Many were made ill by the vaccine. Other states joined the trend, and included boys to get this vaccine as well.

Most kids have had so many vaccines and so much of the contaminating poisons in them, it is a wonder they can function.

Spread the word before mandatory vaccinations are universal.

(More in the Public Poisons Learning Module.)



We are living in an electro-magnetic soup that is constantly impacting our health and well-being. The modern day electronic conveniences our population has become dependent on are harming health, reducing intelligence and shortening life.

Cell phones, cordless phones, computers, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets, Wi-Fi, microwaves, smart meters, and other electronic devices generate a sea of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF, EMR, RF, ELF,Wi-Fi). Use of these devices has been linked to various stress-related ailments.

Additional studies have linked electromagnetic pollution to health concerns like fatigue and tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions. We are subjecting ourselves to these harmful external stressors day in and day out that cause a measurable stress response, a negative shift in energy in the human bio-field.

The current roll out of smart meters and the next generation known as 5G will subject us to nearer, stronger fields, much more damaging. These technologies could be used to control us completely, including mind and body.

(More on the Harmful Frequencies page.)


Election Rigging

Despite claims by top government officials that election rigging does not exist, the evidence has revealed it is widespread. We may have not had a valid presidential election for many cycles. The documentation of the 2016 election manipulation is varied and conclusive.

Fake voters have been bussed to several polling places to vote multiple times in the names of those known by records to not have shown up at their precincts for years. Many of the voters on the rolls are dead or invalids, or they have moved away long ago. The fake voters then use these names to vote as instructed or paid.

Many dishonest poll workers stuff the ballot boxes with prepared ballots at an opportune slow point during the day when no one other than co-conspirators are watching.

In many locations, voting machines are rigged to switch votes in certain situations. In some Ohio precincts in the 2012 election, one presidential candidate received 100% OR MORE of the vote.

Bev Harris of has shown that any computer collating voting results can be rigged with a software that fractionalizes the votes for a preset outcome. The desired percentages for candidates or issues are set, and votes are internally fractionalized and totaled according to the settings, while displaying rounded figures.



A lot of people are upset for various reasons, and demonstrating their protests in many locations. A large number are legitimately discouraged with the economic challenges of the debt-based financial system. Too many are hypnotically programmed with a false reality and a divisive attitude.

Those who invest their emotions with a political issue or candidate, are identifying with propaganda, a preplanned meme or scripted character. These concepts and performances are planned in think tanks for mass manipulation, which can include orchestrated protests, shootings and other social disturbances. Much of the political scenes, including the impeachment process, is distraction theatre.

In the anti-war and racial protests and riots of the 1960's and 1970's, trained provocateurs sometimes fanned the flames to move a peaceful demonstration to some act of violence. Then things escalated.

Intelligence agencies use such tactics, now with cell phones and social media as tools, to stir up protest trouble in nations around the world.

Law enforcement and military are ready for response to disturbances that get out of hand. If there are widespread incidents in reaction to a trigger event such as election results or an economic crisis, martial law could be implemented.



The U.S. continues to be at war. Our troops have been fighting and suffering trauma, injury and death in Afghanistan for more than 15 years. Although we officially left Iraq after 8 years of war, there are still a few thousand U.S. troops in Iraq. Now we are playing war games there again, as well as in other middle east and African nations.

Where will full scale war be conducted next? Syria? Israel? Iran? Korea? Ukraine? The U.S.A.? Somewhere soon we may have more troops at risk of life and limb.

The war machine marches on. War is BIG BUSINESS. The bankers and weapons purveyors have been profiting vastly from war for centuries. The banks usually lend their freely created debt trap funds to both sides of a conflict, favoring whichever one will produce the most value serving their long term interests.

Defense contractors want their continuous flow of funds to be sustained and grow. Meanwhile, with their vast resources the agents of the financial / government / military / industrial complex have developed technologies far beyond the imagination of the public.

As with the escalation of the Vietnam War from something almost unheard of in the United States in 1960 to be the dominant issue of our society by the early 1970's, the people are the last to know what is really happening, and ultimately who may become the victims of the giant war machine.

With the talk that nuclear weapons might be used somewhere soon. There is great concern about the enmity between certain nuclear nations, as well as the possibility of nukes in the hands of terrorists or rogue extremists.

Beyond that are the 21st Century weapons being implemented, including drones, weather manipulation (geo-engineering), Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons, advanced bio-weapons and other secretive technologies.

The possibility of an attack, even a nuclear or an electromagnetic explosion, is real. Whether this threat is from a genuine terrorist organization, an enemy nation, or from hired agents of disruption remains to be determined.

There are many thousands of undocumented foreigners that have flooded some European nations as well as crossed the wide open southern U.S.A. border. The "migrants" are not just children and families. It appears that most of them from the middle east are young men capable of hostilities, such as the attacks in Paris.

It is estimated that about 1000 terrorists per week, including operatives of radical organizations from the middle east, have been hidden among the tens of thousands of entering the U.S.A. from Mexico. Among those from Latin America are members of drug gangs and their mercenary hit squads.

It is estimated that a number of cells in both Europe and the U.S.A. are planning and preparing for disruptive events when activated.



At this point in human history we should be beyond war as a method of manipulation to settle a dispute, obtain what is wanted, accomplish a goal or control people.

Peace is the natural state for those who have come to be aware of and understand the conscious loving energy that is our true reality. There is no need to secretly control or to harm anyone.


Martial Law

The President of the United States has the power to declare martial law by "Executive Order" in the event of a possible breakdown in social order from natural disaster, civil disturbance, terrorist attack, pandemic, economic collapse, etc.

This may sound extreme, but the plans are already in place for deploying security forces into populated areas, which has been done in recent times after both the Katrina (New Orleans) and the Sandy (New York/New Jersey) hurricanes.

Many think that this is a prioritized long planned strategy of the elite controllers.

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and FED Chairman, Ben Bernanke, warned U.S. legislators more than a decade ago that martial law could result due to civil unrest from economic despair if the 2008-9 "Bailout" was not approved by Congress.

Using this threat to get Congress to approve the bailout revealed that martial law is considered an option in the policy tool bag for events other than natural disasters.

If government considers this an option, then plans for implementation of population control measures are already set. In fact, the further preparation in just the last couple of years for broad sweeping surveillance, unconstitutional detention of citizens, and violent measures of population management, have generated major concerns and warnings from alternative news reporters and commentators.

Lockdown plans could be put in motion with just one trigger event, such as a disaster, a violent demonstration, an apparent terrorist attack, an economic collapse, an EMP, a pandemic or some combination of these.

The Federal Reserve Bank, a private agency of international banks, is the largest holder of U.S. debt. The FED was spending as much as $85 billion per month in "Quantitative Easing" a few years ago. Some of it was used to purchase U.S. Bonds, as well as lending money to European banks.

Now the FED is quietly creating similar billions of fake money per week in supporting the "repo" market, keeping banks afloat and the ongoing black budget funding of underground facilities for secret operations and an elite safe haven.

The FED has flooded the world economy with trillions of inflationary dollars created with no backing. Meanwhile, the oil industry has kept oil and gas prices fluctuating in a high enough range that most people are hard-pressed to afford it.

Rampant inflation or property stealing deflation, either could be the crisis that brings major economic chaos and possibly social unrest. Another possibility that could lead to social chaos and martial law is a major disaster like the earthquake in Japan, or possibly an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that shuts down the power grid. The novel corona virus could also trigger collapse if there are long quarantines.

If martial law or a quarantine were implemented, many more liberties would be suspended. Citizens might be limited to going out only during certain hours, or generally restricted to their homes. Food, water, fuel and more could be rationed or even unavailable. "Dissidents" and the homeless may be taken off to detention camps.

FEMA, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security (which some are calling an arm of the "secret government"), has a number of such camps prepared and stocked around the U.S.A. Alarmingly, the barbed wire strands around the tops of the fences at some of the installations that have been observed by watchdogs are slanted inwards, as in a prison, to keep occupants inside!

Homeland Security and other government agencies, even the Social Security Administration, have ordered and accumulated massive amounts of ammunition.

The bureaucracy has encouraged citizens to spy on each other with video messages in store checkout lines and other locations, and forced people through harmful X-ray machines or groped them in abusive searches at transportation centers. Highway checkpoints are also being used to get people accustomed to being questioned and searched.

In schools, children are being taught to report on the behavior of their parents and others, and introduced to practices of boycotting and social disruption. Further, there is a new policy being implemented in some schools whereby administrators monitor student conversations and even their communications on school buses and on the internet outside of school hours.

Technologies that have been introduced and promoted for us to use, including computers, cell phones, bank cards, social media, etc., are being used to monitor our communications, interests and whereabouts. Most of these are also harmful to health. 

Further, surveillance cameras are cropping up everywhere, on streets, in buses, in public buildings, at businesses, along highways, etc., that can be used with license plate readers and facial recognition software to identify most of us, drawing on a data bank of photos derived from driver's license records, social networking sites, etc.

These and other more sophisticated technologies for identifying unusual behavior and monitoring, tracking and controlling us have been kept under wraps by the powers that be, as well as the sophisticated artificial intelligence quantum computer systems that run it all.

For the last few years of updates, the National Defense Authorization Act passed by U.S. senators and congressmen and signed by the president has included the provision whereby U.S. citizens could be arrested in the U.S.A. and detained indefinitely without charges or trial, or even access to a lawyer. This and other policies indicate that the Constitution is being left in the dust of the worldwide march to corporate statist bureaucratic tyranny.


"Sustainable Development" As Control Agenda

The important emphasis on green living has been skewered with propaganda regarding "human caused global warming".

Ironically, the elitist powers-that-be have co-opted the environmental movement, using and manipulating it for the purpose of bringing about a global corporate-state-technocratic empire.

Worse than being a debt slave, the people that survive depopulation could end up completely under the thumb of a global high-tech fascist tyranny. The long term plans are for hypnotized, less intelligent, dependent "trans-human" citizens to be relegated to living in small stacked apartments in highly planned and controlled cities with severe limits on activities, food, heating, communications, travel, etc.

"Agenda 21" of the United Nations is designed to resettle people from rural areas to into small spaces in thoroughly monitored and managed "eco-cities", with restricted energy consumption and limits on travel.

Our lifestyle itself would be managed with compulsory health care (including forced vaccinations) and Codex Alimentarius, which would limit our access to alternative natural health information and products. These policies serve an intention to rapidly reduce global population and fully control those left alive.

This agenda of the elite planners would have us live our short lives as low thinking, urban slaves, while they control resources, energy, food, water, medical services, travel and production of everything.

(More on the Climate Change page.)



"The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers already existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary." -- Initiative for the United Nations, ECO-92 Earth Charter

We are being poisoned, with the ultimate goal being to reduce the world's population to less than a billion people.

The criminal cabal of world planners are intentionally undermining our health and fertility with stress, poor food choices, public poisons in food, water and air and other biological weapons, leaving many debilitated with diseases. This preoccupies attention, reduces population and brings an often expensive end to people's lives as soon as possible after their usefulness to the corporate system has subsided.

Public poisons are a major aspect of this depopulation agenda. Our health is eroded by agricultural, industrial, medical, water treatment and food chemicals, as well as radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phone and wi-fi transmissions. Public poisons kill vastly more people than conventional war actions.

This is one of the most serious issues we face. These ubiquitous toxins undermine health and shorten life. Mind numbing, cancer causing fluoride has been in most public water supplies in the U.S. for over 65 years. More than 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of medical drug, including vaccines, which are toxic bio-weapons. Geo-engineering chemtrail sprays fill the skies multiple days a week. GMOs are very difficult to avoid, especially without labeling.

We have been unknowingly exposed to many poisons most of our lives. Small doses of toxins from pollution and chemicals in foods, medicines, water, air, home furnishings and household products, are contributing to a variety of degenerative diseases and deaths.

Many cleaning products, personal care items and lotions contain harmful chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate or propylene glycol. There are hundreds more environmental toxins in our food, water, air and living spaces. Well known examples are chlorine, fluoride, aspartame and GMOs.

More and more people are coming to understand that these public poisons are intentional. This is depopulation agenda of the world corporate controllers, while feeding the coffers of their medical industry.

We must get together and organize to stop all this.


"Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world." - Henry Kissinger


Rest Stop

Take A Relaxing Breath

War has been obsolete from the start of civilization. Disagreement is resolved by discussion to agreement. Now it is time to love opponents to peace and forgive the doubt.

Caring For One Another



"Agenda 21" of the United Nations is designed to resettle people from rural areas to into small spaces in thoroughly monitored and managed eco-cities, with restricted energy consumption and limits on travel.

The National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress and signed by the president has included the provision whereby U.S. citizens could be arrested in the U.S. and detained indefinitely without charges or trial, or even access to a lawyer.

The Council on Foreign Relations basically operates the foreign policy of the United States in conjunction with interests in Britain, Israel, the Vatican and other centers of power.

Click here for a video from Truthstream Media on Illuminati mind control.

MKUltra program

Project Monarch

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


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