Top 10 Concerns For 2014

By Jonathon Miller

There are many issues on the world's table that are of great concern. Life may change enough in the next year or so that everyone would be noticeably affected.

The 10 concerns presented here are priorities to consider for 2014, either because of being already in progress or imminent, or because, even if the event does not occur in 2014, it would be such a challenge if and when it occurs, that it is crucial to prepare for it now as well as possible.

Due to ignorance from the combination of mass drugging and mind control hypnosis with distraction and manipulation conducted by those wanting full control, as well as the normalcy bias, most of the population remains unaware of the urgency of these concerns.

To understand some of the issues it is important to realize that there has long been a controlling cabal running much of the world’s economic, political, military, social and media activities. Please read The New World Order Empire for a full description.

It is now time to awaken as many people as possible to the disturbing realities going on around us. The more people on board to prepare for protection or prevention the better.

We should be taking action now to make whatever arrangements are possible for protecting ourselves and our loved ones, and to prevent the further development of plans and policies that may be seriously harmful to us.


1 - Meteors

Comet Ison passed Earth on its way around the sun on November 28, and now has come back by us afterwards. NASA had initially said it had been diminished by the sun to become insignificant, but then it recovered and grew larger again.

Although not as dramatic in the sky as originally anticipated, Ison’s electromagnetic field could have had effects on the sun and Earth while in the neighborhood. Both have been behaving strangely. (See next concern below.)

There is another major concern about meteors falling from the debris field traveling with Comet Ison. There have been numerous fireballs in the skies occurring in various areas of the planet.

From now through January, Earth is moving through the path Comet Ison followed on its way into the sun. The debris and dust still present are already increasing the meteor show. One or more small ones may have already hit the ground. The big concern is whether a meteor of substantial size will make it through to smack the planet.

Furthermore, a government insider whistleblower has reported that we are now moving into a sector of the galaxy with vast amounts of space debris. Several intense periods are expected over the next three years with meteors of various sizes very possibly hitting the Earth. The phrase "struck by lightning" may soon be replaced because of much more common incidents of "struck by a meteor".

We have not been publicly warned about this. Bureaucrats would probably say they don't want the population to panic, so they withhold the information.


2 - Earth Changes

As we have seen with the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and elsewhere, thousands of lives can be lost or disrupted with Earth change events.

The increased levels of earthquakes and volcanic activities, as well as the appearance of sinkholes and fire balls are of significant concern to scientists and others monitoring these developments. The Yellowstone super caldera is much larger than previously thought, and is it is becoming more active, as volcanoes are erupting worldwide.

Most of the world could be thrust into year-round winter with major emissions of volcanic ash dust. Crops would be very difficult to grow, and starvation and death could be a worldwide problem.

Lesser natural disasters, such as drought, fires, storms, winds, floods, snow, ice and extreme temperatures, have already caused great difficulties. These have also intensified in recent years and could become worse.

The sun is in a period that by routine should be a “solar maximum” with lots of activity and dramatic flares, but it has been surprisingly quiet until very recently. However, some of the Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) it has had during this otherwise subdued stretch, have been very powerful.

The sun’s poles shifting more slowy than usual for mid cycle, may have been influencing Earth. Volcanic and earthquake activities have intensified in recent years, with bizarre booms and other loud sounds arising around the Earth.

Meanwhile, Earth's poles have themselves been moving in recent years, possibly in preparation for a vastly more rare planetary polar shift.

Another Earth change theory is that our planet may be expanding again, as it has previously over the billions of years.

Several analysts warn of potential major geographic changes along the coast lines and up the Mississippi River valley and New Madrid Fault zone, where FEMA has held several disaster drills in recent years.

The earthquake and volcanic activity in the Canary Islands is of particular concern since it was discovered that a large underwater section of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma is ready to slide dramatically into the ocean. This would likely set off a major tsunami that could devastate Atlantic coastlines, especially in North and South America. A recent quake and other signs of magma movement have raised the alert level.

It should be noted that many observers think that the HAARP installation in Alaska, derived from the technology breakthroughs of Nikola Tesla, can be used to manipulate and intensify weather, and a few believe that it or some other secret technology could also generate earthquakes and volcanoes on purpose.


3 - Public Poisons

The variety and pervasiveness of public poisons in our air, water, food and household items make it obvious that the poisoning is done on purpose.

Chemicals from farming and industry have polluted our soils, water and air since the mid 20th Century. Chemical additives, including preservatives, colors, flavors, fake vitamins and drugs are laced into many of the commercial food products, in addition to the chemical residues from agribusiness. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup as well as aspartame and other harmful sweeteners are in all too many of these products.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a more recent addition to the mix of harmful ingredients. Worsening of digestive disorders is the usual first appearance of multiple GMO related health problems.

Chlorine is a deadly poison that has been added to water to control bacteria since 1910. It has also caused heart disease, cancer and other illnesses in numerous people.

Fluoride was introduced in city water supplies in the 1950's purportedly to prevent dental cavities. It is actually a terrible poison that fosters apathy and causes cancer.

The medical division of the tyrannical conglomerate pushes vaccinations and numerous drugs for almost any condition they can name, undermining health and shortening lives.

For more than 15 years atmospheric aerosol geoengineering ("chemtrails") have been increasingly sprayed in our skies, while most people still cannot recognize it being done or understand how harmful it is to be breathing aluminum, barium, other particulate metals and biological nanobot dust.

Stemming from Nikola Tesla's work and experiments by secret programs going back to the Nazis in Germany, various chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies are used for brain wave interference and mind control. Cell phones and other wireless communication devices are harming users while monitoring them.

Population control and elimination of those weakened through poor nutrition, chemical toxins and harmful frequencies, is a policy of the power controllers. Their slow kill manipulation methods run in the background while war, plague and disaster eliminate larger numbers faster.



4 - Nuclear Radiation

We have been radiated from the Fukushima nuclear disaster since shortly after the initial meltdown, and the radiation continues to worsen. Miscarriages, abnormalities in newborns and cancers in both humans and animals, are among the negative health and environmental effects from this silent killer unfolding significantly in Japan and on the west coast of North America, and gradually creeping eastward.

If the Fukushima situation worsens or another nuke accident occurs, life in the Northern Hemisphere may not be possible any longer. Several aging nuclear plants in the U.S. are leaking too. Nuclear plants are susceptible to natural disaster or to an enemy attack.

Rhetoric about the threat of nuclear war, reminiscent of the Cold War era, is being expressed again. Whether by missiles or strategically placed bombs, or by cyber-attack on nuclear plants, a nuclear event could be severely harmful.

Protect yourself by detoxifying and strengthening the immune system, while increasing the iodine in the thyroid gland and calcium in the bones.


5 - Power Outage

An Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a solar coronal mass ejection directed toward Earth, a strategically placed nuclear explosion high in the atmosphere or a blast from a possible secret high tech weapon, could knock out satellites, the electric grid and nearly all electronic equipment.

Most communications would end. The power could be out for much of the continent. Banks, ATM machines and retail stores would not function. Automobiles would not run, pumps would not pump, refrigeration systems would not cool and furnaces would not heat. Water would not be delivered to homes, and toilets would not refill for flushing.

A major cyber-attack might accomplish a similar power grid shutdown, but it would not last as long as an outage from grid transformers being fried by an excessive surge.

Janet Napolitano and a few other former and current government officials have warned that a power outage is a matter of not if, but when it occurs. Two drills have been held in just the last 6 weeks, practicing for a major power off emergency scenario. A number of companies were involved along with several federal agencies.

National Geographic recently aired a tv movie and presented a website depiction of a 10 day power out scenario that indicates how quickly it would be a problem. If it were to last for months or years, society would go through a major life changing disaster in which many people would likely die.

The warnings by officials, the media coverage, the large scale drills, and the fact that legislation to strengthen the power grid has been shelved in the U.S. Senate for years, are all indicators that a power down is highly likely.

What if one were planned as a false flag game plan to transform the United States into a third world tyranny state with a massively reduced population?


6 - Economic Collapse

Nearly all of the alternative economic analysts are talking about economic collapse, while the government and banking officials and their controlled media continue pushing the hoax of recovery using falsified statistics.

We are already in a slow collapse, an ongoing depression, that could become "The Greater Depression".

The international banksters are at the heart of the The New World Order Empire that has been developed since these high level criminals and their agents took over the apparatus of the government during and after the Civil War.

With the institution of the privately held Federal Reserve central bank 100 years ago in 1913, the control of our nation was turned over to a small cabal of powerful interests.

Through locking down the nation in debt, disengaging the currency from gold to be pure debt notes, expanding government size with excessive bureaucratic and military expenditures, manipulating markets and interest rates, and bailing out member banks to support them in their speculative profiteering, the banksters have brought the U.S. and most of the world to the brink of financial chaos and ruin.

This private agency of transnational bankers, is the largest holder of U.S. debt. The FED has been spending $85 billion per month in the latest round of "Quantitative Easing", pumping out several trillion dollars in the last five years as well as having lent additional money to European banks.

Now with the introduction of new bank regulatory measures and assuming that the banks are stable enough, the Fed has been raising interest rates from nearly zero, and announcing modest tapering of the routine Quantitative Easing bailout process. Experts warn that these financial changes may cause the stock market to drop, real estate sales to dry up and the already weak economy to slow further.

If the dollar loses its status as "petrodollar" and world reserve currency, as is currently underway with Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) and other nations agreeing to skip the dollar in their trade activities, the collapse will accelerate.

With few substantial jobs available, and more people losing their jobs or being cut to part time, how can people deal with the expected inflation? What if government payment programs are reduced or eliminated?


7 - Pandemic

The idea of a pandemic has been publicized repeatedly by the medical bureaucracies and the media. The dual purpose of raising fear levels and driving people to get flu shots are part of a psy op campaign furthering the goals of population control and reduction.

Severe viruses and bacteria have been developed as bio-weapons. These could be used strategically for a military objective, such as massive disturbance and elimination of population, or imposition of marital law.

There is little doubt among experts that the H1N1 virus, as a marriage of swine, avian and human strains, has been created in a lab on purpose. The announced deadly new strain of E-Coli bacteria that killed people in Germany not long ago, has also been described by knowledgeable experts as an engineered bio-weapon.

Further, it has now been publicized that an H5N1 virus that will transmit from human to human has been developed in a lab. How long before that gets released into the population somehow? What will happen with the airborn H7N9 virus that has reportedly appeared in China?

NOTE: Despite any warnings by authorities that a nasty virus is making the rounds, and any increased push for "immunizations", getting a "flu shot" is not a solution. In fact, in most cases, it is worse for you than the flu itself.

Meanwhile, MRSA and other antibiotic resistant staphylococcus bacteria have been cropping up increasingly in hospitals, killing some and sickening others.

Learning to support good health and strengthen the immune system is crucial.


8 - War

The U.S. continues to be at war. Our troops have been fighting and suffering trauma, injury and death in Afghanistan for over a decade. Although we officially left Iraq after 8 years of war, there are still several thousand U.S. troops in Iraq. Now we are playing war games in other middle east and African nations.

Where will full scale war be conducted next? Syria? Israel? Iran? Korea? The U.S.? Somewhere soon we may have more troops at risk of life and limb.

The war machine marches on. War is BIG BUSINESS. The banksters and weapons purveyors have been profiting vastly from war for centuries. The banks usually lend their freely created debt trap funds to both sides of a conflict, favoring whichever one will produce the most value serving their long term interests.

Defense contractors want their continuous flow of funds to be sustained and grow. Meanwhile, with their vast resources the agents of the financial-government- military- industrial complex have developed technologies far beyond the imagination of the public.

With the talk that nuclear weapons might be used somewhere soon. There is great concern about the enmity between certain nuclear nations, as well as the possibility of nukes in the hands of terrorists or rogue extremists.

The preparation for civil war in the United States is of great concern to those aware of it.


9 - Martial Law

It is expected that the President of the United States would declare martial law by "Executive Order" in the event of a possible breakdown in social order from natural disaster, civil disturbance, terrorist attack, pandemic, economic collapse, etc.

This may sound extreme, but the plans are already in place for deploying security forces into populated areas, which has been done in recent times after both the Katrina and Sandy hurricanes.

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and FED Chairman, Ben Bernanke, warned U.S. legislators several years ago that martial law could result from possible civil unrest due to economic despair if the 2008-9 "Bailout" was not approved by Congress.

Using this threat to get Congress to approve the bailout revealed that martial law is considered an option in the policy tool bag for events other than natural disasters.

If government considers this an option, then plans for implementation of population control measures are already set. In fact, the further preparation in just the last couple of years for broad sweeping surveillance, unconstitutional detention of citizens, and violent measures of population management, have generated major concerns and warnings from alternative news reporters and commentators. These plans could be put in motion with just one trigger event, such as a disaster, a violent demonstration or an apparent terrorist attack.

The Federal Reserve Bank has been flooding the world economy with trillions of dollars created with no backing. Meanwhile, the oil industry bosses are planning to fulfill their intention to raise oil back to $150 per barrel, or $200 or more at some point.

Whether rampant inflation or a sudden collapse brings major economic chaos, or a disaster or power outage shakes things down, social unrest and clamp down are in the plans.

If martial law were implemented, many more liberties would be suspended. Citizens might be limited to going out only during certain hours, or generally restricted to their homes. Food, water, fuel and more could be rationed or even unavailable. "Dissidents" and the homeless may be taken off to detention camps.

FEMA, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security (which some are calling the "secret government"), has a number of such camps prepared and stocked around the U.S., with a regional administration structure already set up. Alarmingly, the barbed wire strands around the tops of the fences at some of the installations that have been observed by watchdogs are slanted inwards, as in a prison, to keep occupants inside!

Homeland Security and other government agencies have been ordering massive amounts of ammunition. Even with false flag terror events blamed on mind controlled patsies, guns have not been removed from the hands of the people as yet. An attempt to do this by force is not a more pleasant thought.

The bureaucracy has been encouraging citizens to spy on each other with video messages in Walmart and other locations, and forcing people through harmful X-ray machines or groping them in abusive searches at transportation centers. Highway checkpoints are also in the process of being set up.

In schools, children are being taught to report on the behavior of their parents and others, and introduced to practices of boycotting and social disruption. Further, there is a new policy under consideration whereby school administrators would monitor student conversations and even their communications on school buses and on the internet outside of school hours.

Technologies that have been introduced and promoted for us to use, including computers, cell phones, bank cards, etc., are being used to monitor our communications, interests and whereabouts. Most of these are also harmful to health.

Further, surveillance cameras are cropping up everywhere, on streets, in buses, in public buildings, at businesses, along highways, etc., that can be used with facial recognition software to identify most of us, drawing on a data bank of photos derived from driver's license records, social networking sites, etc.

These and other more sophisticated technologies for identifying unusual behavior and monitoring, tracking and controlling us have been kept under wraps by the powers that be.

For the last two years, the National Defense Authorization Act passed by U.S. senators and congressmen and signed by the president has included the provision whereby U.S. citizens could be arrested in the U.S. and detained indefinitely without charges or trial, or even access to a lawyer. This and other policies indicate that the Constitution is being left in the dust of the worldwide march to corporate statist bureaucratic tyranny.


10 - Social Change

Through controlled news, mass distraction and hypnosis, preoccupying people with sports, media, celebs, hand-held techno devices, social networking, mental and emotional disturbances, illnesses, medical problems, drugs, insurance issues, debt, crime, games, politics, religion and other divide and conquer polarizations, people are little able to perceive and understand what is really going on in the world.

The hidden agenda of the United Nations Agenda 21 being adopted in jurisdictions around the world, is a restricted urban lifestyle for nearly everyone, under centralized control.

Starting with homeless people being moved to controlled camps, rural people would then be moved from areas designated for wild lands, and property ownership would be less accessible to private individuals.

Since most of the jobs have moved to foreign lands, only a limited number of workers are considered to be needed in the U.S. With rationing of food and water, limits on energy use, and restricted travel, most of one's time would be spent in their assigned small living unit. Those willing to be upgraded with technological implants may be afforded a better status.

In the Agenda 21 society, the corporate conglomerate of companies, banks, governments, bureaucracies and law enforcement would monitor and run the lives of the work force, after substantial reduction of the population to a manageable level by use of multiple "Secret Weapons For Quiet Wars", possibly including one or more of the disasters mentioned in this article.



Work Together

The first priority for those becoming aware is to prepare as well as possible. Forming a self-sustaining support community with nearby family, friends and neighbors is very important.

Those who are inclined must step up and learn more about what is happening. Organizing in-home gatherings and small meetings, those who are better informed can transmit the information to others until nearly everyone is engaged in making things better.


Jonathon Miller is a holistic educator, human nature analyst, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, a Master of Divinity, both from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon has an internet radio program and is the author of several books, and developer of several websites, such as and


For a deeper understanding of the developing economic, social, health and control challenges, and what to do about them, please read Jonathon Miller's important analysis:

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