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"Climate Change"

Is it Caused by You and Me?

by Jon David Miller, holistic educator and author

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 Are Normal Human Activities to Blame for Climate Change?

Are climate change, "global warming" (or cooling), extreme weather and/or earth changes, really caused by carbon emissions from normal human activities like heating our homes, driving our cars and producing our products? Is our modern lifestyle as a whole the primary reason for climate change?

"Carbon emissions" from what are called “fossil fuels“ generated due to routine human use of fuels and energy are falsely assumed to be the main cause of planetary warming or other issues of climate change and weather disruptions. This view is held by world leaders, convinced scientists and millions of concerned citizens.

Although I am a human nature social scientist, not a physical science expert, I have been investigating matters that effect our health and well-being for over 45 years, including earth change and climate theories.

The concept of "global warming" has been a common concern for at least 30 years. Before that there was worry about a new ice age, which some scientists still expect.

There are many credible researchers with views different from the "anthropocentric global warming" theory, who say that this is not at all "proven" as the real problem, not "decided science"

(NOTE: Some scientists have insisted the terms "decided science" or "settled science" are propaganda phrases, that each is an oxymoron. They claim that science is never "decided" or "settled", or it would be over and done. They consider science to be an investigative procedure to ascertain what some thing or process is, how it works and, possibly, how to change it and what the results will be.)

Warming and cooling trends have occurred repeatedly, and naturally throughout the life of this planet. The apparent trend of extremes in temperature and intensity of weather disturbances are likely due in part to cyclic changes underway in the planet and the solar system. Researchers indicate that other planets in our system, including the outer ones, have for years now been going through changes similar with our planet.

One respected scientist, Dr. Peter L. Ward, claims to have proven that it is "physically impossible" for carbon emissions from humans using fuels to generate atmospheric "greenhouse" warming. Rather, the atmospheric ozone layer has been less effective at filtering the sun's rays, while our planet is heating internally along with the others.

There are scientists who claim that the sun is in a cyclical period, on its way into a Grand Solar Minimum. Even if so, there may be other factors, perhaps galactic changes, that are causing hotter, brighter rays to come through at this time. There are claims that these rays heat the areas in direct sunlight abnormally more than the spots in the shade.

(NOTE: There is an alternate theory that a sun simulator, with a lens array for magnifying and intensifying rays, has been strategically placed in orbit in each of several locations, providing light and warmth on the days when the sun goes dimmer. Those investigating this theory think the artificial sunlight is hotter and more intense than the normal sun. This sounds like an out-of-bounds "conspiracy theory", but the simulator technology does exist and hiding its deployment may be part of the reason for the artificial cloud cover often created by geo-engineering for "solar radiation management".)

Beyond that, the geo-engineering weather manipulators have mastered the ability of warming or cooling an area targeted with their technologies. For example, Russian interests are melting and breaking up ice in the arctic to access methane and minerals, while opening a shortcut shipping lane.

Climate change from solar system cycles is natural, but the hidden climate engineering technology operations of the secret power cabal are manipulating the climate, the weather and earth change activities artificially.

Climate creation and modification of weather and earth dynamics are weapons of warfare and exploitation that the elitist cabal has been developing for decades.


Origins of the Climate Change Issue

The environmental movement had its roots in a plan presented in the "The Report From Iron Mountain" in 1963, later developed by the Club of Rome think tank in the 1970's.

Environmentalism was introduced through Germany and Sweden at that time, particularly at a conference in Stockholm in 1972. The danger emphasized at first was acid rain from burning coal with high sulfur content. Climate change overall was soon conceived as a bigger and easier threat to be propagandized.

The real motive for blaming the climate problem primarily on too many humans burning fuels is found in the eugenics movement from earlier in the 20th Century. The promotion of the overpopulation myth is also used to justify the depopulation and infertility protocols of the public poisons, including lab-created pandemic bio-weapons, the push for health-weakening toxic vaccinations, as well as a high volume of routine abortions.

By the late 1970's the elitist planners began to promote apparent climatic changes as a threat to life on this planet. Years later using the term "anthropocentric climate change" to lay the blame for intense weather events and apparent climactic trends on carbon emissions from human activities.

At first the social planners expected and warned of global cooling -- a new ice age, which may be the real threat. However, a temporary warming trend was charted during the last half of the 20th Century, so they decided by the early 1990's to change horses in midstream, thinking it would be easier to convince scientists and the public that warming was the climate issue.

Many questions have been raised about the accuracy of statistics and charts used to support a long term global warming hypothesis.

Global climate of the last 60 years or so has certainly been altered by geo-engineering. Cabal scientists have been working on weather manipulation warfare methods since World War II.

Think tank social planners are trying to blame the modern human lifestyle for what they are now calling "global climate disruption" or the "climate crisis" or "atmospheric disturbance", exaggerated by staged and enhanced weather events.

Alternative researchers have uncovered the patents, plans, programs, methods and make-up of weather warfare, including the ubiquitous geo-engineering toxic metals spayed in the air and radio frequencies bounced off of them that are used to effectively control weather systems and other events such as earthquakes and fires.

The vast funded bureaucracy that has developed as a result of the climate change programming has used alarming verbiage to drum up more attention and criticism of dissenters by a public that is not knowledgeable in science and math.

How could people distracted by media, entrained in conventional assumptions and limited in scope by cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias and confirmation bias, with no thorough research of their own, not accept the manipulating media's transmission of whatever the international agencies feed them?

Many people still assume that conventional media delivers accurate information, when instead what they present is filtered and/or scripted to serve the elitist owners of the media corporations. These are the same interests that own the coal, petroleum, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical and big agriculture industries.

What is presented to the public is often a completely fabricated depiction or interpretation of events or information.

The controversy arose first about whether or not there is a long term global warming trend, and if so, then whether it is caused by alleged "greenhouse gases" for which the normal life actions of an excessive population with ever greater consumption are labeled as responsible.

Carbon emissions are said to be generated by routine human life activities such as heating homes, firing various fuels for energy, operating factories, driving automobiles, burning wood, cow farts and even breathing.

In reality, the carbon emissions generated by less than 20 ships sailing on the ocean may be more than that from everyone in the world driving their cars at the same time! The weather creation program itself has about that many ships circulating in the seas, at least in the Pacific, emitting carbon and sulfur to form clouds on purpose.

Vast amounts of coal ash carbon and other chemicals are sprayed in the skies in geo-engineering aerosols from airplanes almost everywhere, also forming artificial clouds

The clouds and the particulates in them are then manipulated with frequency zappers to generate weather events.


Manipulation of Weather and Data

The consideration that needs examined thoroughly is the critical claims by numerous respected professionals that the hype about anthropocentric global warming has been a sophisticated hoax.

If following the IPCC guidelines were possible, it would result in an improvement of only .05 of a degree according to their own projections. Normal variances are plus or minus .1 to .2 of a degree, more than 20 times the expected reduction. This negligible result would cost the people trillions of dollars and make many lives very difficult.

There has been an investigation of the intentional manipulation of statistics used to support the popular theory of carbon emissions from routine human activities as the cause of warming.

Serious questions have been raised about the raw temperature data for the "scientific" computer models that projected "global warming", both about how the data was collected and how it was repeatedly fudged to generate a false narrative.

Anyone familiar with statistics knows that numbers are easily cooked. Reports and graphic charts are then prepared to convince others who did not do the investigating and compile the raw data.

Another example of figure fraud is the false economic statistics published routinely. The real unemployment and real inflation rates are both significantly worse than the doctored numbers released by government related agencies. (See

The global warming/climate change narrative and protocols of the IPCC, United Nations, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, are being exposed as based on incomplete and falsified data and claims of paid propagandized scientists. It is considered a farce for purposes of carbon tax revenues and centralized control of the planet.

Many scientists accept the alleged false data and statistical manipulation, as well as the mistaken computer projections and questionable conclusions presented by supposed colleagues who are trusted to be credible. Just like politicians, "scientific experts" can be created, bought or threatened, and engage in strategic falsification of facts and documents.


(NOTE: I do not work for the petroleum industry, big coal or any other special interest. I love nature and being in the woods, and I have been an environmentalist since the early 1970's. I have started a food co-op, introducing my city to organic natural foods, helped develop the local community gardening program, and have been on the board of an organization promoting energy alternatives.

I have studied statistics and have also taught high school math. Statistics depend first and foremost on the input data, which can be manipulated by those gathering or compiling it. Validity is also subject to methods of compiling and making adjustments in the figures. Finally the presentation and interpretation of the information can be spun.

Still, there are very good reasons to minimize our burning of fuels: it generates pollution and waste, fuel might be spilled in production or transport, the limited remaining plant life of the planet cannot absorb and sequester as much of the carbon dioxide it needs, as it has been diminished and weakened by aluminum and other poisons from geo-engineering.)

There are clean energy technologies that have been suppressed by the powers-that-be. Free, clean energy hs been known of for more than a century.

Alternative investigators are convinced the carbon emissions climate change hysteria is a set-up by the cabal for purpose of increased taxation and continued control of the masses.


Scientists who have not done the actual research themselves, or who are not at all experts on climate data, and who may not be experts on statistics either, have wrongly accepted what are now alleged to be manipulated data and false conclusions from hired complicit scientists, institutional vested interests and their controlled media.

Many grants from manipulative elitist-controlled foundations have been issued to insure wide support from bribed or duped scientists who are onboard with the fabricated climate change agenda.

The project of building a momentum of belief in the concept of a climate crisis with a cited cause of too many humans, has been revealed to have been developed in think tanks, particularly The Club of Rome, and perpetuated by foundations and other institutions controlled by the wealthy, corrupt officials, insider science manipulators, involved corporations and funded scientists in academic institutions and laboratories.

Secretive geo-engineering technologies include: Stratospheric Aerosol Injection of heavy metals, nanobots and more into the atmosphere, ships on the ocean burning bunker fuel to generate clouding emissions, and ionospheric heaters, lasers and frequencies to ionize the particulates in the sky. The climate engineers create artificial clouds and the "albido affect" (whitening of the sky), steer atmospheric rivers, and cause or manipulate weather events and temperature extremes to convince the public of the climate change narrative.

The United Nations and several of its agencies are at the heart of using the global climate change agenda as a justification banner leading the movement of the mass mindset to accept a dominant world government. The Vatican is strongly congruous with this agenda, as are many other well-known leaders and celebrities.

Those promoting the green agenda are favoring a totalitarian world model of technocratic corporatist socialism that they do not understand as being tyranny by elite manipulators seeking to drastically reduce the population while exploiting natural resources for their own gain.


Controlling the Narrative

Some of the vocal advocates of the carbon emissions narrative have been compelled by greed, by ambition, or even by the threat of harm or death by controllers. Many others may just be ignorantly accepting the propaganda or assuming the dominant belief of their social group or political association without critical thought or research of their own.

The mainstream media is owned by the corporate conglomerate run by the controlling elitists. This controlled media is the main propaganda arm for the false realities the manipulators fabricate.

Several whistleblower scientists, as well as potential whistleblowers, in various key disciplines and positions have been poisoned, "suicided" or otherwise eliminated.

This is similar to the rash of top banking insiders that have supposedly killed themselves, some with two shots to the head to be sure of it, who knew details of the unfolding banking and financial crisis the cabal does not want revealed ahead of time.

There have also been many holistic doctors killed to end the momentum of their helping and teaching people to solve degenerative disease, particularly cancer. Consider also the mass propaganda campaign against "anti-vaxxers" for calling attention to the similar insanity of the propaganda for poisonous vaccinations.

If scientists, even those in the climate field, have been misled, how would lay people not follow right along? The general population and those in the media do not have the full information or the skills and tools to critically analyze cleverly falsified propaganda from accepted, trusted sources.

Have you read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World or George Orwell's book, 1984? Our nation and states have been quietly transitioning for decades to a totalitarian global system that uses falsehood and mind manipulation similar to the days of the Soviet Union.

After data is collected, whether validly or not, it may be adjusted to show support for the human carbon footprint agenda that serves the interests of elitist planners in multiple ways. Plausible reasons for data adjustments are offered and accepted without serious examination of all the factors by trusting scientists and the media.

A scientific analysis based on skewed data may be powerfully presented and seem certain, even to other scientists.

The scientific community, accepting carefully prepared analyses of incorrect data that they did not personally gather or peruse in the completely raw form, may believe an intentionally fabricated myth rather than what is really happening.

Believers may have mistakenly trusted the proclaimed "undisputed fact" of global warming caused by humans generating carbon emissions, assuming that the "science" has been properly done by trustworthy scientists all the way back to accurate verification of the validity of the raw data.

The dis-informational use of terms such as "conspiracy theory" and "climate change denier" are floated by think tank planners deep state agencies and controlled media as memes to bring ridicule to alternative information, confuse the public and foster oppositional beliefs.

There are very credible scientists who are convinced we are entering a new ice age. This was Haymaker's hypothesis back in the 1970's. He advocated crushing rocks and spreading the dust all over the planet to re-mineralize the soils to nurture greater plant life, an early "green" advocate of carbon sequestration!

We need valid scientists to form a conscientious research movement to get at the truth of our world's crises and their causes, then form a real plan to solve them.


Accusations of Fraud

The actual assertion of critics is that fraud has been used to establish a made up theory as accepted "fact". If this is so, the whole thing is apparently a major psychological operation for purposes of control of populations and governments, while benefiting with financial gain.

The secret powers that developed the "blame the humans" psy op are said to be using this to justify other actions they engage. Their scripted conclusions have been routinely cited for reasons of politics, profit making and population control.

Particularly being examined by honest alternative analysts as the real major contributor of climate disturbance is the massive geo-engineering program, a major purpose of which is weather manipulation.

Many extreme temperatures, as well as numerous intense storms and other weather disasters, are generated and/or enhanced with geo-engineering, utilizing aerosol sprays laced with heavy metals and electromagnetic stimulation by advanced secret technologies.

To add to the confusion about all of this, there is an alternative counter theory that the powers behind the scenes have both set up and exposed the anthropocentric global warming pitch themselves. The idea here is that they may actually be fostering the controversy over whether there is global warming or not for the purpose of oppositional polarization and the confusion it generates.

Divide and rule strategies follow the Hegelian Dialectic, from mathematician and thinker, George Fredrich Hegel. Using thesis and antithesis polarities to set up oppositional viewpoints and foster contention, confusion and possibly crisis.

This debate is a major distraction, and the intensification of positioning on both sides and the confusion, serve the elitists' "divide and rule", "order out of chaos" strategy. Meanwhile they keep emphasizing the underlying narrative of overpopulation and conducting various earth and weather disaster events.

The depopulation solution offered and promoted in the media and politics, is the justification used for war, medicine, public poisons and other programs that serve the interests of the cabal and its plan for a controlled world.

The climate change controversy, among other distracting issues, takes the focus away from much more serious threats such as the nuclear crisis, the impending economic collapse, experimenting with deadly germs to generate a killer pandemic, or the ongoing methane release in multiple spots on the planet, including the arctic and the Gulf of Mexico.


Examples of scientific fraud effecting our lives:

Manipulation of economic statistics

Analysis of 9-11 building collapses by physics teacher

Could climate statistics be selected to fit a predetermined model?


Alternative Views of Climate Change and the Cause

Solar system cycles, cosmic radiation, internal planetary activities and weather manipulation by geo-engineering technologies  are the main reasons that climate and weather have been disturbed.

Real theories of climate change indicate that intensification of the planet's internal heating, volcanic activity, especially eruptions, movements of underground magma, increased spinning of the earth's core, and solar cycles in relation to galactic changes, are affecting many of the current changes in climate and natural disasters.

These changes are not just about warming, and they are not due to overpopulation, carbon emissions or human life routines.

The quiet geo-engineering of the "solar radiation management" program, and the manipulation of weather systems by the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), other ionospheric heaters and lasers beamed from satellites, may have been the major human factors effecting climate and weather, not the daily lives of people.

The HAARP antenna array in Alaska has been used intermittently for many years to bounce frequencies off of the metals in the atmospheric sprays to generate, guide and intensify weather conditions.

Although the HAARP ionospheric heater antenna field in Alaska was claimed to have been mothballed by officials, there are reports that the main HAARP facility has been turned on and off again, perhaps several times. In any case, the generation of these Radio Frequencies (RF) has also been duplicated in various locations. This is now being done from orbital platforms, Nexrad radar installations, cell phone towers, mobile units on the planet's surface including on ships, and perhaps by the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, Switzerland.

Some of the confusion about climate occurs because there are temporary warming trends in some areas of the planet, yet there is also significant cooling in other zones. Some scientists argue that there is cooling near the surface of the planet and warming in the stratosphere. Regional warming and cooling can both be generated with geo-engineering.

The surface of the arctic ice sheet at the far north of the planet has continued to expand and contract with the seasons, but the depth has thinned. The massive summer forest fires in the arctic are dropping black ash on the snow pack, which absorbs more light and heat and melts the ice faster.

Some researchers report that global energy interests, especially the Russians, are doing this to access under-ice oil and gas deposits in the arctic, particularly methane, as well as to open up nearly year-round shipping lanes through the arctic.

On the other hand, the southern Antarctic ice sheet has significantly changed in recent years also. Part of it is melting while ice is expanding on the other side. A ship carrying scientists that pursue the global warming theory was trapped in ice a couple years ago on the way to Antarctica in summertime! Then the icebreaker rescue ship got stuck in the heavy ice as well!

Many alternative scientific researchers believe that climate variations and weather disturbances are being caused primarily by natural earth and solar changes, and tweaked with geo-engineering. Others think the manipulation bears more responsibility for many earth events.

Scientists of one alternative view present strong evidence that we have been in a period of no substantial warming for about 20 years. Some of them think we could be entering a mini ice-age in conjunction with the lowest level of sunspots in 100 years, perhaps the start of a "Grand Solar Minimum" period.

Even during the recent solar maximum period normally lasting 11 years, there have been fewer solar flares than normal. However, the flares and coronal mass ejections still pose a serious danger of a resulting electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) that could destroy the power grid. An EMP could also be created by a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere.

If serious cooling occurs, a summer frost could destroy many crops and create a food crisis. An exceptionally heavy snow could lock down and put humans out of commission. Especially for those in cold winter weather areas, it is wise to prepare ahead with a food supply, water, alternative heat sources, blankets and other essential items.

Those who have dug deeper have found that weather extremes, storms, hurricanes and even earthquakes are being stimulated through artificial influence by the elitist controllers using geo-engineering chemical and electromagnetic and laser manipulation.

Weather modification was begun as cloud seeding for rain in the early to mid 20th Century, and continues to be developed. It can be used as a weapon as it has been in corporate war scenarios, such as in Viet Nam to flood and washout the Ho Chi Min Trail supply line. Today, storms can be generated as well as moved to a target location.

A lot of people caught on to the chemical ice nucleated snow frequently generated by atmospheric aerosols during cold weather. The last few winters, chemical snow from the yard was being melt tested by more and more people due to video postings on the internet of others doing it.

The HAARP antenna array in Alaska has been used for many years to bounce frequencies off of the metals in the atmospheric sprays to generate, guide and intensify weather conditions. This is now being done from orbital platforms, radar and cell phone towers, mobile units on the planet's surface including on ships, and perhaps by the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, Switzerland, and other similar smaller units.

HAARP and other high tech frequency beam methods have been used in conjunction with atmospheric aerosols to generate storms, or on the other hand to extend drought conditions in target areas. Some researchers are convinced that these or other high tech weapons can be and have been used to trigger earthquakes and volcanoes as well.

The reality of geo-engineering makes the debate about climate change from routine human life activities take a back seat. We do not know what the natural climate would be doing, as the disturbances of climate and weather are being manipulated by geo-engineering.



Geo-engineering with aerosol particulate sprays, which could be an actual source of any atmospheric "greenhouse effect", causes thawing methane to be unleashed from melted polar ice when that occurs in summer. Drilling for oil and natural gas also releases methane from stores deep in the earth, much of it beneath the ocean floor.

Geo-engineering and released methane are major threats to sustained life on this planet.

In the areas of the planet where warmer temperatures have occurred, it may be partly from natural changes in the sun and the Earth, and dramatically worsened by the very manipulation by geo-engineering. This widespread spraying is mandated by top officials and fraudulently justified to insider bureaucrats as needed for countering the global warming.

On the other hand, the toxic metals and other harmful agents in the sprays, as well as the methane that geo-engineering is releasing, will choke out life on this planet if not stopped.



Further, although CO2 has increased somewhat in recent years, the current world CO2 level is, according to some experts, relatively NOT VERY HIGH! Credible sources say it is actually not far above the lowest ever recorded.

Plants and trees need carbon dioxide to grow and be healthy. Carbon dioxide is a nutrient to plants, not a pollutant to the environment. It is an essential part of the biological cycle needed by plants and trees in their life cycle. Carbon dioxide is one of the best supporters of "green"!

Some would argue that the problem is that too much carbon dioxide has been moved from the planet's surface to the atmosphere. However, nature would correct such an imbalance if its processes were not impaired by the geo-engineering chemicals sprayed in the sky, by excessive deforestation and by depletion of the mineral value of much of our soils.

Carbon in the atmosphere is a tiny component of "greenhouse gases". The primary one, 98%, is water vapor. Cow flatulence produces as much carbon emissions as other human projects. Termites at work are more to blame for releasing carbon than that!

The destruction of forests, including the growing epidemic of forest fires, some of them intentionally set, as well as diminished plant growth due to erosion of minerals from the soils, and poisoning of plants by geo-engineering and other chemicals, all contribute to increasing carbon dioxide and lessened oxygen due to less and weaker plants.

Analysts have stated that the aluminum and other metals in geo-engineering sprays make trees and shrubs more dry and flammable, contributing to the forest fire problems. One large forest fire or one volcanic blast can emit more carbon emissions than all concurrent human activities.

Clean energy technologies better than wind and solar have been suppressed by the cabal in their secret war of control. Support for "green" should be about lowering pollution, developing these more efficient energy sources and environment friendly technologies, restoring forests and building the health of the soils, especially those used for agriculture.


Re-mineralizing and properly managing soils through appropriate organic farming practices would foster healthy plant development. More carbon would be stored in the plants and soil so less of it goes into the atmosphere.

Decentralization in favor of local energy generation is also important. Meanwhile, alcohol, wood, oil, natural gas and even coal, utilized as cleanly as possible, are preferable by far to seriously dangerous fission nuclear energy plants until better, safer solutions are more well developed.

There is good evidence that carbon emissions from basic human use of energy resources is not really a significant cause of climate changes, although is now becoming a problem because of the diminished plant life to absorb the carbon.

The original climate change underway in the background is a natural process of the planet and the solar system, but it is being manipulated and exacerbated with advanced hidden technologies and exploited by the elite powers for greater control of us.


(NOTE: Oil and natural gas are now increasingly considered to not really be "fossil fuels" like coal, formed from decomposed ancient biological materials. More and more investigative scientists claim that to be a myth fostered by the petrochemical industry. The intent has been to convince the public that these are scarce limited resources to justify high prices and controlled usage. These substances may be naturally created inside the planet, rather than from long dead organic matter. This is called the "abiotic" oil theory.)


Is "Anthropocentric Global Warming" A Psy Op?

"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill . . . . But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

-- The Club of Rome, "The First Global Revolution", 1991


The idea of blaming humans for climate change has been revealed to have originated with a secret strategy developed for the U.S. government by a select panel of planners in "The Report From Iron Mountain" in 1963 during the Kennedy Administration.

The concept was further developed by The Club of Rome, one of a number of secretive idea and planning groups of elitist wealthy people who have long plotted and schemed to control what they perceive as the game of life.

Is the main purpose of introducing and promoting the global warming theory to generate a psy op?

Playing both sides of every major issue to foster division of the masses of people into many various opposing camps, the world manipulators distract attention, confuse and divide, while diffusing effective understanding and opposition to their real actions and intentions.

The sophistication of the planning and organization by think tanks like the Rand Corporation, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission, is beyond the comprehension and credulity of most people.

Not only have they been seeding the debate on global warming with falsified data from agencies they have controlled for generations, they may also have purposely clouded the issue by extending the debate with the countering voices.

These people are experts at playing both sides of an issue as part of their divide, conquer and rule strategy for world control.

These power controllers have been doing all this to set the stage for the introduction of several of their many "secret weapons" developed over the years to exploit, control and reduce the population.

A few of the anthropocentric climate change related memes, concepts, descriptors and/or projects include: "fossil fuels", "peak oil", "carbon emissions", "greenhouse gases", "solar radiation management", weather futures trading, "carbon taxes",  trading of "carbon credits", "Agenda 21",  "the 2030 Agenda", "sustainability", "sustainable development", "smart growth", "green lifestyle", and "climate change deniers".

These leading powers are very organized. They pull the strings of the United Nations climate change bureaucrats that operate through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and ICLEI. They have officials and experts in their network that have been cultivated, placed and developed for specific roles and/or actions, intelligence agency style, similar to the process for every pre-selected puppet president.

With manipulative troll posts on internet blogs and sites of all types, as well as the selective introduction of materials in the scientific arena to guide the establishment of "knowledge", this hidden tyranny is unfolding step by step, while even those considered experts know very little about true reality.

How many university scientists know about the astonishing technological developments already secretly in play that they would either think to be from 50 to 100's of years in the future, or impossible if they were told of them?

The technologies portrayed in science fiction over the last 60 years, like wireless "communicators" (cell phones, etc.), face-to-face on-screen conversations from distant locations, electronic tablets, scanners and "replicators" (3D printers), that are in the marketplace today are just the ones they have purposely chosen to release.

There are many more technologies that have been hinted at in leaks, but which have not been revealed. All too many breakthroughs that may have been of great benefit to us all have been confiscated and suppressed.

After analyzing and exploiting the weapon value of a new technology, it may be employed secretly in service only to those who seek to gain and maintain global control.


The Real Agenda Of Those In Control

It is known that the controlling powers utilize "problem-reaction-solution", "divide and conquer" and "controlled opposition" strategies whenever warranted.

They and their agents set up all sides of a debate or protest event, then pre-positioned agents play the roles! Liberal/conservative, left/right, Democrat/Republican, official authority/vested interest, global warming alarmist/global warming denier, are all managed oppositional divisions to engage, distract and propagandize the public.

Cabal think tanks and other strategists script the scenario of debate, create and define the terms and generate most of the talking points and barbs that get exchanged back and forth in the financial, political, academic and scientific theaters and the controlled media, as well as in blog comments.

The plan for a climate fraud project was developed starting in the 1970's by elite strategists in The Club of Rome for the reasons of profit, control and depopulation, and elaborated by various think tanks and committees.

Additionally, technologies have been in place since then, with more patents added since, that are used to generate, guide or intensify weather conditions.

Knowing the weather ahead of time sets up the reaping of mega profits from the commodities and weather markets for those in the know. (Yes, there are companies selling targeted weather services.) Meanwhile those in the target zones of high tech manipulation may be stressed with losses of homes, crops, livelihoods and even lives.

The alleged problem of carbon emissions being generated from burning what are called “fossil fuels“ is blamed by elitist leaders, controlled global agencies and their propaganda team scientists and other pseudo experts on the energy demands of the masses.

Since more scientists are questioning the theory of global warming caused by human energy consumption, the terms "climate change" and "climate crisis" were introduced to cover various weather anomalies and disasters. Many think these events may be created or worsened on purpose by the power manipulators.

The "harmful carbon emissions" concept is also a game that is being exploited by those using it for their own financial gain.

The adapting of propaganda to use of the more general term "climate change" has been somewhat effective. There is and has always been a changing climate. Who can sensibly deny that climate changes?

The slow implementation of depopulation protocols such as public poisons, geo-engineering aerosols, medical procedures, drugs, vaccinations, viruses, fluoride, GMO's, aspartame, electromagnetic abuse, bureaucratic educational control and other measures of decreasing intelligence, fertility and length of life, and the rapid increases in surveillance and preparations for social control by force in addition to mind manipulation, are evidence that Agenda 21, also known as the 2030 Agenda, is being incrementally rolled out.

Under this agreement originated in the globalist think tanks, humans will be moved from rural and suburban areas into mega-cities with a very restricted lifestyle. The planning for this is set up locally through "ICLEI", International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, a United Nations related organization.

Local mayors that are onboard with this and teams of activists sympathetic to the sustainability movement are planning and implementing the 2030 Agenda under various organizational names. Many of these individuals are unelected. They are convinced this restructuring of society is necessary to save the planet.

To build community support, interested people are invited to local sustainability meetings designed as rallies where participants are convinced by Delphi techniques of group thought guidance, that this agenda is the only right choice for society.

This world management system subsumes the rights of the individual to the rights of the community under the concept of "communitarianism", a modification of communism. These similar movements were both generated by elitist think tanks.

The Russian communist revolution leading to the Soviet Union was set up and backed by the international bankers and their espionage networks. 100 years later, "communitarianism" is being offered as a softer, more appealing version of collectivism under the rubric of saving the environment.

All land and resources, including the people, are to be fully controlled and managed for "sustainable development" or "smart growth" because of the fabricated crisis of human caused climate change.

This control system is very desirable to the cabal and their multi-national corporations and institutions. It is seeking a world with no border limitations, no ownership of real estate by private individuals and a world government police state under uniform commercial law,

This agenda intends the elimination of the united States of America as we have known it. Through the chaos of economic collapse, possible power outage, social breakdown and possible civil war, they want the population reduced and the remainder relocated to "smart" mega-cities. They envision a new order to be implemented out of the chaos they generate.

This whole process is the plan of extremely wealthy psychopaths who have been manipulating world institutions and events for generations. The real motive of the elitist planners is world wide tyranny under a dictatorial oligarchy operating through controlled high tech bureaucratic regional management where everything is monitored and managed.



The terms "climate change", "climate crisis" and "climate disruption" are now used as the meme that can be raised in regard to any severe weather related disaster. The promoters utilize anything weather related to support the carbon threat agenda in the attempt to override the warming or cooling controversy with a universal belief in human caused earth change phenomena.

Propagandizing alarmists have been planted in key academic and policy positions by the think tanks that developed the climate change - global warming strategy as a means for achieving global control, likely via United Nations agencies. Numerous websites and comment posts echo the elitist agenda's story.

Divide and rule memes rely on cognitive dissonance (resistance to a concept triggered by its sharp difference from one's assumed reality). The normalcy bias (expecting normal to continue like it has been) and confirmation bias (conformity to the collective narrative of media and associates) cause people to ignore alternative views.

It is now thought by increasing numbers of investigators that abnormal climate change is due primarily either to solar and earth change activities developing naturally, possibly cyclically influenced by other bodies in or near the solar system, or perhaps most of all from the geo-engineering itself.

Now after limiting us to primarily carbon containing fuels for more than a century, they want to tax us for the carbon emissions they have set us up to generate, and greatly restrict our freedom.

Humans burning fuels containing carbon has a minimal influence on the planet's climate according to the majority of real, respected scientists who still think for themselves rather than regurgitate the propaganda. Still, it is a good idea to be as efficient as possible in our use of these fuels while developing cleaner energy methods.

There are far more valid experts that state that the "climate change due to human caused carbon emissions" issue is a sophisticated attempt at control of the population by the elitist powers using deception and manipulation in this and many other ways, than there are genuine scientists on board with it.

Citing alleged falsified statistics used to support an agenda narrative, the propagandists have convinced numerous people, including their conformist scientists, that normal human activities like heating homes or driving vehicles are driving radical changes in climate that they claim are ruining the planet.

There are areas of the globe where there is evidence of a warming trend, and others with dramatic cooling. There are dramatic floods or snowfall in some areas and droughts in others. These may be natural events, or caused or worsened by something humans are doing. We do not know how this is happening for sure with the picture clouded by geo-engineering and its secrecy.

Meanwhile the shadow manipulators are working to establish opportunities to gain greater profits and population control by selling the theory that carbon emissions are the main cause of global warming, climate disruption and severe weather events, while actually creating weather disturbances and serious climactic effects on purpose utilizing geo-engineering and related technologies.

The view of many independent investigators is that the prime intent of the carbon emissions issue is for the international powers to justify restrictive control of human life activities through governance by the United Nations and its agencies under the 2030 Agenda refinement of Agenda 21.

The power cabal proceeds with their programs designed to lead the sheeple through hypnotic gates toward one world government under their control using deception and fear.

Their plans include a global carbon tax to fund this governance system, and expanded manipulation of the weather, partly for increasing elitist riches and power with weather derivatives and carbon credits trading, and mostly to advance global tyranny.

These exotic financial markets were developed by powerful interests, who have funded the skewed scientific statistics and extensive propaganda to create or exaggerate a fabricated blaming of humanity for climate change. The distraction serves their own monstrous manipulative agenda.

Rest Stop

Take A Relaxing Breath

Clean energy is abundantly available and practically free.

Caring For One Another



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