An Important Message For Friends

By Jonathon Miller

Below is a message I have recently shared with many of my friends. Most of them have seemed very unaware of what is unfolding in this world. My hope has been to motivate them to dig a little deeper and learn more, then better prepare themselves and share the knowledge with others. I encourage you to do the same.


Hello my friend,

I have been investigating crucially important life concerns for many years. You may have heard me talk about one or more of these issues over time.

I apologize if I have not previously emphasized enough the importance of preparation for the coming times. Few of us like to be a bearer of bad news. Like many of you, I have been a practitioner of positive thinking. To counter the disturbing information, I will mention some hopeful thoughts as well.

If you assume me to be an eccentric "conspiracy theorist", realize that this term itself is part of a conspiracy "psy op" run primarily through the media.

Actually, as a social science philosopher, I am a conspiracy analyst. If you are not aware of the giant web of actual conspiracy that is strongly effecting our lives, it may be because it is large, long term and hidden by amazingly sophisticated deception.

Now the crises are becoming more obvious, which many alternative voices have been warning about for years. The media created culture of the normalcy bias is no longer justification for assuming everything is or will be alright without any concern or effort. The orchestrated hypnosis and deception that have sustained gross ignorance need to be exposed and dissipated.

I assure you, I have had the life circumstances, the extensive education, the capability and the will to have thoroughly researched the very serious circumstances we face, while acting to teach others about this. I feel we have been born at this time in human history to play roles in a major drama of transformation.

I have been at this for over 40 years, including writing my first book, Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health in 1978, and through lectures, seminars, recordings, newsletters, articles, letters to the editor, books, websites, and an online radio program.

Please, read my recent article, "Top 10 Concerns for 2014", as published at Activist Post (and the interesting comments), using the following link:

If you take the time to pursue the links in the article to much of what I have written and published online, as well as the other sources provided in all this material, you should come to understand the world we are living in much better.

Hopefully you will become familiar with my websites and

There is much more going on than what is described in these introductory materials, and the knowledge grows daily.

For example, I have just learned of a whistleblower warning that we are now in a sector of the galaxy with vast amounts of space debris beyond just what was left behind by Comet Ison. Several intense periods are expected over the next three years with meteors of various sizes very possibly hitting the Earth.

Have you heard about the many fireballs in the sky? The phrase "struck by lightning" may soon be replaced because of much more common incidents of "struck by a meteor".

The authorities and the controlled media have not warned us about this. In fact, they have kept much more than that from us over many years.

Please do not dismiss what I have prepared for you to know without looking into it. This is not information that is presented in the mainstream media. If it seems outlandish to you, that is by the design of hidden deceivers.

There are powers behind the scenes that are running a global multi-level chess game. They are anticipating a major disaster event to cause social chaos, whereupon they plan to implement severe military control of the remaining population on the way to a world government by high tech oligarchic bureaucracy.

It is now very late in the game to prepare for what is unfolding. We must act immediately if we want to minimize the shock and suffering that could arise from whatever life-changes cannot be avoided, whether natural or by sinister plan.

I encourage you to learn quickly, then share the information with as many people as you can, and as soon as possible. Meet for planning with those close to you. You can follow my radio program for updates.

Our hope lies in shortly reaching enough thoughtful people to generate peaceful actions to reform our whole situation. We must work together preparing support communities for dealing with whatever changes develop, and dissolving the movement toward tyranny before we are totally trapped as automatons in a technocratic dictatorship.

Know that there are good things happening to make our world better. For example, inventor, M T Keshe, claims to have technologies that will turn most major problems around, and intends to release them this year:

I have heard of this as well as other hopeful plans, although the validity of them is currently uncertain.

Through it all, know that the true reality is the power of love, which can transform the apparent evil so we may realize the beauty of being. This starts with awakening from the normalcy bias and the programmed hypnosis. Next is the refusal of poisons and deception. Meanwhile learn and teach the healing of hurt and loving beyond doubt, as well as survival skills.

Your friend, Jon


Jonathon Miller is a holistic educator, human nature analyst, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, a Master of Divinity, both from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon has an internet radio program and is the author of several books, and developer of several websites, such as and



For a deeper understanding of the developing economic, social, health and control challenges, and what to do about them, please read Jonathon Miller's important analysis:

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Jonathon Miller, M.A., M. Div.


holistic educator, philosopher of natural holism, human nature analyst

Crucial information you need to know.

NOTE: Jon has been investigating this for over 50 years.



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