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Survive The Changes

Major Changes Are Clearly Underway That Will Effect Life As We Know It

by Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic social scientist, philosopher, educator, author

natural health pioneer


It is time to prepare now -- out of wisdom, not fear.

Do not fear the unfolding events, instead

value the confidence of being prepared.

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You may not like what you are encouraged to read at this website, but it is important that you know what we are facing. Clinging to an expectation of the continuation of "normal" (the hypnosis of the "normalcy bias") could be disastrous. There are serious challenges already underway for which preparation is crucial.

If you are skeptical, I suggest that you read this information thoroughly, then do some research yourself.


(NOTE: I suggest using as your search engine, which does NOT track you and your searches as others do.)


Major crises are happening now. These could get worse, and other looming troubles may develop. You can avoid the shock and panic of sudden changes. Preparing is very sensible and important.


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Important Information

I am a holistic philosopher and educator of human nature and natural health. My unique education includes a variety of the human sciences: economics, history, philosophy, religion, psychology and counseling; as well as natural health, organic growing, business and personal improvement. I have been researching, speaking, teaching and writing informative books and articles about essential matters since the 1970's.

Many important issues are covered here, such as the more obvious current economic challenges, as well as the very serious concerns for our well-being in the future.

What you will read is not presented to raise fear, but to help you and the people around you to know about information that effects all of us, much of which has been kept hidden by powers behind the scenes. You may not have learned about all of these issues elsewhere as they are ignored or marginalized by the controlled old-stream media and educational institutions.

A crucial aspect of overcoming these challenges is caring cooperation.

Also, the storage of high quality food items, water and water purifying equipment and other essential supplies is needed for a possible period of disruption in the normal distribution systems and outlets.

With increasing awareness of the possibly difficult years ahead, people are now more inclined than ever to store food supplies for times of shortage, and to take steps to have pure water to consume, alternative methods of warmth and waste management, and other necessities.

Take a break now and then while reading. I have included a rest stop on most pages, including a positive thought and a link to the section on caring for one another, which I suggest reading several times.


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Preparing To Face Challenges

It is crucial for people to understand that no matter how our lifestyle has been for many years, major changes can occur rapidly, even suddenly.
Every household needs to be prepared for disturbances in the normal avenues of distribution of food, water, electricity and other necessities.
If the power were out, how would you get food or water after a couple of days? What would others in your community do? How far could you go on just the fuel in your tank if none were available to buy or trade?
What if natural or unnatural disasters caused roads to be blocked or destroyed so delivery trucks could not get through? What if there was little or no access to fuel? Transportation systems would be disrupted, and deliveries of food, water and other supplies would be curtailed or very limited.
It is possible for the power grid as well as batteries of most types to be knocked out by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). It could take years to restore the grid to normal functioning after massive damage. It may take even longer to replace vehicles and appliances damaged by an electro-magnetic zap.

The amount of food stocked in local grocery stores would be gone in one day or less as people realize that supplies may not be replenished. They currently only stock enough of most items for about 3 days of routine sales.

Disaster scenarios have already happened on a large scale in many areas in the U.S. and around the world. Food supplies for much of the world have been short for many years now. One major setback, whether natural or human made, will make food an urgent concern for almost everyone.
What if temperature extremes greatly reduce the areas that crops can grow to maturity? What if there were a mid summer freeze, or the other extreme of burning heat and drought, that kills plants in the fields? What if a major volcanic eruption blanketed the world in an ash cloud that ruins production of crops? What if a pandemic prompts the authorities to lock down people in their residences?
Federal and state emergency services are woefully inadequate, and may barely function in a situation such as a major earthquake, a tsunami, a volcanic blast, a poisonous gas cloud, or loss of all electrical power. Think of New Orleans after the Katrina hurricane, the tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan and Hurricane Sandy's effect on New York and New Jersey.
Food storage and storing water are at the top of the list of preparedness. It is crucial to keep enough of these on hand for several weeks at the very least for everyone in your household. Some of those who have already prepared for such emergencies have enough survival supplies for six months, a year or more, which is wise.
It is also wise to have viable vegetable seeds, tools, soil building aids and other materials on hand for subsistence gardening, even indoors if necessary.

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Rest Stop

Take A Relaxing Breath

Breathe in life as inspiration and healing. Breathe out love as forgiveness and gratitude.


I know that this may be shocking information and a lot to consider at once. It is unlikely that everything that is mentioned at this website will happen, but much of it is in progress already. Beyond this, there are other possible scenarios even more incredible being described by some investigators that have not been mentioned here.
You can read more and research the details as you have time. However, time is of the essence so I have given you a brief alert and overview here.
No one knows for sure what will happen, but events that will change life for all of us are more than probable. They are already happening.
It is very important that you form an alliance with your close friends and relatives to help each other through difficult times. Such an alliance is your best resource for making plans to provide food, shelter and protection for yourselves.
The ideal would be to organize a self-reliant community with off-the-grid means of producing or exchanging for needed goods and services, preparing underground safety shelters, sharing food growing and preserving methods, developing an insightful educational and wisdom system, and expanding knowledge of natural methods of health care and holistic healing.
Awareness and cooperation are essential for humanity to make our way out of the deep trouble we face. We must break free of the ignorance, poisons, electromagnetic fields, and the hypnotic mind control by fear, distraction, deception and the illusionary hope of normalcy, that keep us confused and complacent.
It is my belief that the great challenges we face are a spiritual matter as much as just physical survival. The insights you gain and the bonds of love and friendship you develop in the process of living during this dramatic era will last for a long time.
Pray for guidance, healing, protection and loving kindness for yourself, your loved ones and the world.

Blessings of peace and goodness, Jon

For a deeper understanding of the developing economic, social, health and control challenges, and what to do about them, please read Jonathon Miller's important analysis:

The Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom

Part 1: Control By Crisis, Deception and Technology

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Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic social scientist, philosopher, educator, author

Crucial information you need to know.

NOTE: Jon has been investigating this for over 50 years.



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