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Harmful Frequencies

physical harm & mind control via:

EMF, RF, ELF, Cell-Phones, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, 5 G

by Jon David Miller, holistic educator and author

We are living in an electro-magnetic soup, swimming in an electronic sea of frequencies, that is constantly impacting our health and well-being. The modern day electronic conveniences our population has become dependent on are harming health, reducing intelligence and shortening life.

Our health is being gradually undermined. The stress, mental disturbances and effects on physical health must not be ignored.

Cell phones, cordless phones, computers, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets, Wi-Fi, microwaves, smart meters, and other electronic devices generate a spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF, EMR, RF, ELF,Wi-Fi). Use of these devices has been linked to various stress-related ailments.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiation (EMR), especially wifi and microwaves, emitted from cell phones, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets, microwave ovens and smart meters, and extremely low frequencies (ELF) from power lines and electronic devices, are known to compromise health and well-being.

Additional studies have linked electromagnetic pollution to health concerns like fatigue and tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions. Prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and ELF causes a measurable stress response, a negative shift in energy in the human bio-field. We are subjecting ourselves to these harmful external stressors day in and day out.

People actually become addicted to their cell phones and pads, which have hypnotizing features built-in along with the bio-weapon harm.

The microwaves from wireless devices are slowly cooking us, especially if you have one in a car. The metal vehicle frame forms a Faraday cage which traps the damaging frequencies inside, bombarding you like in a microwave oven.

The gradual reduction in intelligence, balance, memory, etc., goes unnoticed until mental conditions become serious, such as developing dementia. Diminished fertility and brain cancer are other major potential negative results of regular exposure to EMF.

These frequencies may also be contributing to the loss of bees, needed pollinators for growing many crops.

The current roll out of smart meters and the next generation known as 5G will subject us to nearer, stronger fields, much more damaging. These technologies could be used for comprehensive surveillance and increased mental effects to control us completely, including mind and body.

Wi-fi radiation and EMFs from cell phones, cordless phones, computers, smart meters and other electronic devices, serve the agenda of the control cabal. There is a coordinated plan to foster illness, apathy, stress, mental disorders and early death.

The nanobot technology that is being delivered into our bodies by geoengineering aerosols, high-tech bioweapons and injections, food, water and interpersonal contact, can form an antenna system in the body, an artificial neural network that can be guided by certain frequencies to control us.

It is critical to learn to minimize exposure to EMF as well as public poisons, and ways of protecting ourselves as much as possible from the harmful effects.

Below is an extensive list of links to articles, videos and audio recordings on frequency technologies and their harm. Research as many of these resources as you can to have a good understanding of the issues.


"Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world."

-- Martin L. Pal, PhD - Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Medical Sciences at Washington State University 


Resources on Frequencies

EMF, RF & ELF ~ Cell Phones ~ Wi-Fi ~ Smart Meters ~ 5G ~ Protection from EMF & RF

NOTE: Due to censorship by the control system, some linked videos may have been removed.



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Cell Phones

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by Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic wellness educator, human nature researcher, philosopher, author

e-book written in 2006 warning about cell phones and wi-fi

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5 G

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Protection from EMF and RF:

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Shielding from RF/EMF:


cell phones, wi-fi, electromagnetic, frequencies, EMF, EMR, microwaves, radiation, smart meters, 5 G


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