Carbon Fraud Deniers

By Jonathon Miller

Those who try to expose the falsehood of blaming carbon dioxide emissions from common human activities as the cause of climate change, are commonly dismissed as “climate change deniers”. If you are under that misconception, you should dig deeper to understand what is really happening, rather than accepting conclusions from false data and assuming the fraud alerts are just “conspiracy theory”.

I urge you not to ignore what I present because I am not a scientist. Rather, please discover that even scientists do not agree on this, and that this confusion is by design. Faulty science is made to seem correct when endorsed by political and bureaucratic officials for their own reasons. Don’t let the fraudsters bamboozle you into being a “carbon fraud denier”.

The idea of pinning natural climate differentials on humans generating carbon was developed by the elitist organization, The Club of Rome beginning in the 1970’s. Gradually they arranged to have data manipulated (search “Climategate“) to support a fraudulent propaganda campaign, which included the mistaken conclusions in Al Gore’s presentation in An Inconvenient Truth.

The purpose of this carbon fraud misdirection has been to serve the energy industry in justifying higher prices for fuels, while at the same time introducing carbon taxes, creating a new market for carbon credits, rolling out the “environmental/sustainability/smart growth” industry and having leverage for programs of population reduction and control under Agenda 21 of the United Nations.

Climate change was originally presented as “global warming”, but the evidence of that was eventually found to be unsustainable. Then the term “climate change” was adopted to cover whatever developments could be included to lend support to the elite corporate agenda.

Many researchers are influenced by initiatives and funding from various agenda-driven elitist non-profit organizations. The powers behind these also own the mainstream media that broadcast the propaganda.

Carbon is among the most common elements on earth. Carbon dioxide does not cause climate change or ruin the environment. On the contrary, it is absolutely needed for plant growth. Carbon dioxide is one of the best supporters of “green”!

Climate change is as natural as the differences in seasons. The increasing earth changes of the last several years are primarily due to changes in the sun and in the position of our solar system in the galaxy. There is valid suspicion that the elite powers may be intensifying disasters to raise fear and embed their fraudulent paradigm.

Weather events can be manipulated by stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering, a quiet patented project rationalized by the false carbon emissions concept. Chemical sprays are widely sprayed in the skies several days a week. The sprays include aluminum, cadmium, radioactive barium and thorium, as well as polymer fibers and biological components.

One purpose of these “chemtrails” is weather control. They can be used either to induce rain or to foster drought. The HAARP antenna array in Alaska can bounce beams off of this atmospheric dust as part of generating, moving or increasing weather events.

At the same time our health is being undermined on purpose to bring us to an early death. These sprays are toxic and effecting all of us. The aluminum we are breathing and eating, in conjunction with other public poisons - fluoride routinely added to city water, aspartame in many consumable products, psychotropic medicines, electromagnetic frequencies, etc. - are intended to diminish intelligence so that we are less able to perceive what is happening to us. “Psy ops”, news, politics and entertainment are used to hypnotize and distract us.

It is important to realize that there actually is a secretive cabal of global powers who have worked gradually and incrementally to orchestrate financial, government, military, intelligence, corporate, technological, pharmaceutical, media and security policies to consolidate their control of humanity. I call this organization of the power cabal the “Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom“ (TICK).

A primary aspect of their agenda is massive reduction of the world population to less than one billion people, who are fully under their control. It is crucial for people to become aware of what we are experiencing, so we can work together to stop this and make a better world.

The perception of the chemtrail sprays in the sky is available to anyone who will look. Learning about them will awaken many. The suggestion is to WATCH THE SKY for the lasting streaks of chemicals emitted from airplanes that usually expand to a wispy fog and draw moisture, increasing haze or cloud cover. These are NOT rapidly dissipating normal ice contrails. This “solar dimming” is easy to see when in progress on days of good visibility.

Once you recognize we are in big trouble, learn as much as you can about the details, including how to protect yourself. Then share the knowledge and organize for mutual support and to turn things around.


Jonathon Miller is a holistic educator, human nature analyst, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, a Master of Divinity, both from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon has an internet radio program and is the author of several books, and developer of several websites, such as and



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