Psyop Psyence

By Jonathon Miller

A "psyop" is a well-planned psychological operation designed to test, program or otherwise manipulate people. It can be a created or adopted event or policy utilizing fear, blackmail, threat, punishment, torture or tragedy, or it may offer happiness, incentive, reward or pleasure. It is a modern propaganda or predictive programming strategy of military and geopolitical planners.

A few examples of historic psyops include war, torture, public executions, assassinations, genocide, engineered pandemics, vaccinations, fluoridation, chemtrails, hypnotic television, movie and video game programming, "false flag" events, terrorism, security checkpoints, martial law and concentration camps.

The hypnotic false reality most of us are presently living in is the result of the most elaborate psyop in known human history.


Mass Hypnosis
What our senses detect, how our mind works and the way of interpreting our perceptions effected by our socialization and manipulation by the overlays of others, all combine to distort our thinking about the presentation of phenomena, and keep us from recognizing reality.

Little understood illusory images and symbols and their powerful references in human experience, mythology and theology, have long influenced consciousness.

Social conditioning, selfishness, trauma, misunderstanding and complacency, have been the major factors in impairing the advancement of perception and insight, and preventing full clear conscious awareness for most people.

Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, developed the science of "public relations" also known as propaganda. From there the tools and tricks were developed for manipulation of both individuals and the masses with concepts and images in politics, controlled news and advertising.


Controlling Essentials For Continuity of Power
Controlling basic needs is a key tenet of maintaining a captive population.

A modern lifestyle has been fashioned by those in power, in which distribution of "scarce" fuel, remotely delivered metered energy, commercially engineered food, medicine and access to avenues of communication, are all owned and controlled by their corporate system.

Over a very long period of time a multi-faceted operation to guide what the masses believe and accept about how things are has been developed. These controllers and their strategists and technicians have become masters of deception. Whatever developments can be utilized for their continuity of power are incorporated into their bag of tricks.

If you watch television programs and commercials, or listen to the radio for either news or entertainment, or watch movies or play video games, think about what concepts, philosophies, technologies, social conditions, abuses and violence are being presented. What ideas or emotions are they attempting to cultivate in the audience? What are they suggesting about human relationships, family life and social conditions?

As you observe events, read the news, and hear the president or other leaders around the world make statements, ask yourself, "What is really going on here? How does this possibly relate to a strategy of deception or manipulation by powers behind the scenes?"


Manipulated Science
What we have been taught and thus think we know about science has been falsely manipulated to create a powerful advantage for those in control. They have knowledge and technology far above what they allow even those in science-related education and careers to know, except for piecemeal information on a "top-secret, need-to-know, non-disclosure-or-else-serious-penalty" basis.


“Silent Weapons” Model For Social Control
In the late 1940's the elite energy and banking interests contracted with
Wassily Leontief, a Harvard economist, mathematician and early computer wizard, and other experts to create a computer model of the relationship between economic conditions and social conditions.

They wanted to know for sure if and how hard times would breed social disorder in the cities. Then they fostered crime, drugs and fear to effect the economy and the rest of the population.

In addition to economic and crime factors, other controlled inputs include: advertising and product marketing, "the media" (the content and presentation of music, movies, news, radio and television), politics, education, sports and medicine.


A reportedly leaked "top secret" training manual for those recruited to an in group of field agents for the control cabal was titled Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars.

This text was supposed to be only for the eyes of those who were carefully screened for the right mindset. These selected insiders, ranging from brilliant psychopathic control freaks to hard core thugs, were being thoroughly indoctrinated to work for hidden controllers.

In this manual, the average person was made out to be an ignorant, self-pleasuring clod, who deserved to be guided, abused, mind controlled, poisoned, and gradually eliminated when their usefulness has subsided.

Descriptions of conveniences and goods to be offered, manipulation via the media, and other methods of mass control were explained.

It is eerie that this document described almost exactly how the bulk of the hypnotized population has been led over the last 100 years or so to accept: unhealthy food and lifestyle choices, fluoridated water, medical control of health, vaccinations, widespread use of drugs, chemtrail sprays in the sky, genetic modification, fear-inducing crime, financial limitation and distress, political propaganda, nearly continuous wars, increasing costs of energy, repeated costly replacement of communications technologies, widespread enhanced surveillance and restricted freedoms.

These are the silent weapons for quiet wars against us.


A meme is an image, idea or keyword that calls forth an emotional or psychological response. It has symbolic, possibly unconscious elements. Memes may be used as part of mass hypnosis.

Memes can be social, economic, historical, political, scientific, religious, sexual, etc. They are used by the elite powers to guide people in thinking and social directions that are chosen for their purposes.

For example, the "War On Terror" meme is the basis for a long term major psyop that has been the justification of the expanding surveillance and extreme security protocols.

Memes may draw on previous social conditioning, including concepts developed and manipulated in education, entertainment, religion, etc. These are used in TV shows, movies, songs, even in comedy routines, to evoke assumptions conscious or unconscious.

It is believed that the elite powers reveal their future intentions in their media projects, and that they may assume some kind of karmic justification in their giving the public a hint. They may also sometimes orchestrate public hypnotic rituals.


Mind Control
Over the centuries those in power have gained vast experience and understanding of how to manipulate institutions and the minds of masses of people.

Their strategists and agents have employed methods familiar to those involved in covert operations: distraction, diversion, false threats, "false flag" attacks, fantasy, spin, acting, deception, fraud, psychological pressure, public ceremony and more.

The concepts, attitudes and behaviors of much of the world's population have been secretly guided by those who control religions, governments, military forces, resources, major industries, technologies and the media. All these are used for setting conditions and influencing the common mindset.

The power players are engaged in a multi-dimensional game of world control. They pull diplomatic, political, economic and media strings all over the globe, moving toward having everyone plugged into their system.

Much of the population has become duped, ignorant and enslaved over the decades that the controllers have been using ever more sophisticated psyop techniques of mass hypnosis and mind manipulation, including:

predictive and hypnotic programming in institutions and media, social expectation from peers and controllers, distraction, entertainment, excitement, mind numbing, mass drugging, debt, pressure, stress, cognitive dissonance, anxiety, fear, separation, polarization, shock, sex titillation and perversion, images of death, chemical manipulation, public poisons, electromagnetic manipulation and abuse.

Through targeting of individuals with trauma-based mind control and psychotropic chemicals and frequencies in the MKUltra program and Project Monarch, and commonly done for generations to selected children by the Illuminati, hypnotized, deranged, programmed assassins, mass murderers, patsies and other operatives have been created on purpose.

Many more changes in our world are being planned, orchestrated and executed by the leaders of the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom (The “TICK“).

The goal is one global corporate state, with all citizens fully registered, pegged into the appropriate slots, compliant with the rules, tracked for good measure, and fully controlled or eliminated if not needed for their purposes.



ELF Mind Control

There are magnetite crystals naturally in our brains, which interact with the Earth's electromagnetic fields, as with all living entities. These crystals are very vulnerable to a substantial electromagnetic pulse, which could suddenly turn many people into zombie-like, disoriented, insane crazies, especially those on psychotropic drugs.

ELF waves generated by the "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program"

(HAARP) or other methods can be used to entrain and manipulate thoughts, feelings and behaviors in humans and animals. Our own brains cycle at these low frequencies, and are susceptible to targeted transmission of external communication. The brain has no firewall. It can be reached by Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) microwaves.

Directed energy weapons are being used in military actions, by law enforcement, for behavior modification of inmates in prisons, to effect people in crowds, to influence populations, and even to control individuals.

A few investigators have said they have found engineered items, nanobots (micronized "smart dust"), in fallout from atmospheric aerosol geoengineering (“chemtrail”) sprays.

These microscopic crystals, many shaped like hexagons and pyramids, and intentionally designed, have been discovered in the chemtrail mix. Are they attempting to turn us into "transhuman" robots?

It may be possible with this technology, in conjunction with broadcast capability, like cell phone towers and HAARP, to deliver messages directly to our brains.

Analysis by independent scientists suggests that these nano-crystal semiconductors are surrounded by an organic shell. These are being delivered into our bodies, seemingly to replicate highly engineered biotech devices that may be designed to change us into some type of hybrid human robots.

The presence of the miniature devices inside us may make us more susceptible to communications to manipulate and control us, even more than they have been able to do already with television, fluoride, vaccinations, aspartame, electromagnetic fields, frequencies, etc.

Even worse, it is conceived that the "smart dust" nanobots may be programmed to alter our DNA. A synthetic nucleic acid called "GNA", or other genetically modified agents could be inserted into these devices for such a purpose.

Some think that DNA could be used for individualized tracking, and possibly for targeted electromagnetic manipulation. Authorities have been collecting DNA from infants for many years, and now frequently from adults as well. DNA information is going into the giant database with other personal information, including cell phone calls, emails, etc., so as much information as possible is being gathered about each of us.

How might we each be uniquely programmed?

What is possibly being created is an intelligent field of "smart dust" that we live and breathe in, controlled through programmed electromagnetic frequencies.

What we are experiencing may be called "trans-humanism", a newer term for eugenics.

For years there has been a concern about the RFID chips already being inserted in people for identification, tracking and commercial purposes. Many would want to refuse having one, considering that it may be what is referred to in The Book of Revelation as "the mark of the beast".

Now chips are so small there may be no way to escape having them inside us as we breathe these high tech devices in from the chemtrail fallout.

If a cell phone can be reached via a specific numerical code, how about a brain being reached by frequencies coded for that particular brain?

Just as there is a frequency assigned to the cell phone's particular number, and how a wireless computer interfaces with the web and is identifiable by frequency, you and everything about you could be known and controlled through frequencies interacting with the programmable microchips inside you, which you have breathed in or swallowed.

I know some of this seems way beyond the fringe. Much of what the powers that be are up to is difficult to discern because those that are doing it do not reveal much about it directly to us, or falsify what information may be available.

Through unavoidable technological manipulation, could we average people be tracked, weakened, subdued, sickened, manipulated, transformed into something else, perhaps programmable, task-oriented, asexual, unemotional, even keel, biological robots, or have our brains shut off?

What does this suggest about a staged event being generated using a targeted individual as an active perpetrator or patsy who is programmed to act from an alternative personality beyond the awareness of the normal self? Could this be done by a combination of hypnosis, trauma, training and ELF manipulation?

Can people be disturbed mentally, traumatized, manipulated, made ill and even killed, all by frequencies?


Jonathon Miller is a holistic educator, human nature analyst, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, a Master of Divinity, both from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon has an internet radio program and is the author of several books, and developer of several websites, such as and


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holistic educator, philosopher of natural holism, human nature analyst

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