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Planet X

Are we entering an Earth changes disaster period now?

by Jonathon Miller, M.A., M. Div.,
holistic educator, author, philosopher of human nature, health & reality

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Important Alert

The Planet X idea has generally been treated by authorities and the media as a silly "conspiracy theory" to discredit it. However, more and more researchers are investigating the growing evidence of the approach of a seriously disturbing visitor body and/or a field of asteroids and space debris.

There are many photos and videos online of the presence of a "second sun" or some unusual light reflecting body in the sky. Some believe one purpose of the artificial geo-engineering clouds may be attempting to block the view of this if it is indeed there.

Some believe we are already experiencing its arrival with growing earthquake and volcanic activities, as well as bizzare booms and other earth sounds. It is projected that we will eventually see Planet X in our sky, and that we may have to face widespread deadly meteorite showers, an asteroid disaster or massive destructive lightning bolts from the electric interaction of the bodies.

A visit by Planet X could cause devastating electromagnetic effects on the Earth, the sun and other planets, such as a possible coronal mass ejection from the sun or a monstrous lightning bolt that knocks out the power grid and all electronics for years with an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) event.

In addition, Planet X analysts are warning that this large body is probably accompanied by a huge debris field.

There are also scientists who describe the solar system changes as involving frequencies that have a negative effect on mental health. If so, there is a possibility of bizzare behavior by many people as the effects intensify. Getting adequate sleep is crucial to maintain mental and emotional stability.

Whether or not there is a celestial body approaching Earth or a greater potential for electromagnetic zapping, it is wise to prepare now for purposeful survival of the increasingly evident significant economic, social and earth changes that may cause major disturbances.

This information is obviously not revealed by the controlled media or educational systems. Perhaps the controlling interests want to avoid negative reaction or panic in advance, while insuring that the majority of people are not prepared when the time comes so that fear, chaos and death are maximized.


Is "Planet X" Coming Near?

Ancient texts from various cultures indicate that there is a celestial body or group of bodies that passes through our solar system on a long cycle. Most sources suggest an approximate 3600 year time frame for this period, although some believe it passes by on a shorter cycle, such as 360 years, possibly with varying nearness and intensity of effects on the sun and Earth.

(NOTE: There are other descriptions of cycles of approximately 2180 years, 13,000 and 24,000 to 26,000 years for various cosmic events that effect the Earth in dramatic ways. It has also been suggested that the Planet X visitation cycles may vary duration. Its speed and trajectory may change for some reason, such as a "slingshot" effect around our sun.)

A large space object is usually very influential on other bodies when it comes near. Whether from electro-magnetic energy, gravitational force or some other waves of plasma or frequencies, the harmful effects could be substantial.

The ancient Sumerians referred to a planet "Nibiru", that may be what today is called "Planet X". Other cultures had different names and descriptions for what could be the same phenomenon, such as "Wormwood", "Hercolubus", "Tyche", "Nemesis", and "Eris".

Planet X was first named by Percival Lowell, builder of the Lowell Observatory in Arizona in 1900 specifically to find what a suspected body beyond Neptune. In the process, his associate discovered Pluto at that observatory.

Planet X is thought to be on an extended elliptical orbit that takes it far beyond the sun. Probably in another plane, it may be hidden from view until its return to our part of the solar system.

It is thought to be drawn by the sun's gravity, but these bodies eventually mutually repel magnetically, possibly resulting in a paddle-ball like return, or possibly even a slingshot effect back and forth between two suns.

Many Planet X theorists believe that its return may be very soon. Some say that it is even now in progress. Individuals have taken photographs from various locations of what appears to be a second smaller body near the sun at sunrise and sunset.

In 1983, there were reports published in the mainstream media, including the New York Times and the Washington Post, of a mystery body that had been spotted beyond the edge of our known solar system by astronomers with newly orbiting infrared equipment. Some thought this object may be the unknown influence that causes strange disturbances in the movements of Uranus and Neptune. The presence of a suspected gravitational force had been detected a year earlier by the Pioneer 10 probe.

However, the publicized information about this possible Planet X was soon called a mistake by authorities. Discussion of it disappeared from government agencies, academic institutions and public media. Planet X theorists consider that a cover-up.

The most common Planet X theory is that a star smaller than our sun, perhaps a "brown dwarf" star, is traveling through the galaxy with our own sun. This smaller star may be in a long revolution around the sun, or in a mutual orbit with it. This second or "binary" star is considered likely to have smaller planets and moons orbiting it, as well as much accumulated debris traveling with them.

Some investigators think Planet X, often called "Nibiru" from the Sumerian texts, is a planet that orbits the brown dwarf star some refer to as "Nemesis", as well as our main sun. Others think Planet X is the small star itself, the light from which required special infrared equipment to be seen, at least until the last year or so.

A brown dwarf star is one that never fully ignited, usually because it lacks sufficient mass. It may be dark or perhaps glowing like a hot coal, rather than exploding with fiery energy like our sun. Thus a brown dwarf star may not be clearly visible in a telescope until it is fairly near, even though it could be at least the size of Jupiter and usually three or more times larger.

It may take an infrared telescope to perceive such a dark star, but there are a number of photos of a secondary body near the sun from various locations in the world. In some cases multiple bodies are perceived.

Binary stars, two solar systems traveling together, are known to be very common in the universe. In many cases the second star is much smaller.

Some think that Planet X itself may be a brown dwarf star or a very small sun accompanying a larger dark star. A few think that there could be a neutron star involved, a highly dense remnant of a former star that can result when the star goes "supernova".

As this planet or star system comes nearer to our sun, its energy waves are considered to now be causing changes in our solar system from Pluto inward as it approaches. Planet X is believed by some researchers to be now passing through our closer, better known planets somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

Planet X is described in ancient writings as a "winged planet" with a reddish cast and wings or "horns" on two sides. It has been speculated that it may have a high iron content, with a protruding cloud of iron rich dust, giving it this red appearance.

Whatever Planet X may or may not be, it is thought to be very large, somewhere from four times the size of Earth to larger than Jupiter. Ancient references suggest it has significant gravitational, energetic and/or magnetic effects on the various other bodies in our solar system when it comes around, especially the sun and solar activity, and the Earth.

Scientists have known for over 180 years that there is something that is a "perturber" of Uranus, effecting its activities. There was speculation about Neptune being the cause when that planet was first discovered, but Neptune was found not large enough to to do this. Further, it was also being effected by something, and it is not Pluto, considered of little such effect ever since it was spotted in the early 20th Century.

There is no doubt that large scale electromagnetic activity of the sun can cause serious Earth changes. Solar coronal mass ejections, blasts of plasma which are routinely fired from the sun, pose a potentially serious damaging threat. What effects the sun is a subject of astrophysicists.

Theorists say that if a Planet X passes through our solar system as described, massive upheavals and destruction would likely occur on Earth, as has been the case multiple times in the past, according to ancient records.

Earthquakes, volcanic activity and sinkholes have been increasing and intensifying in recent years. Fireballs and strange booms and other earth sounds are occurring, and the occasional X-flare ejections by the sun are larger.

A large solar blast or a massive plasma lightening strike from Planet X directed toward Earth could destroy power grids and drastically disrupt the convenient electrically powered lifestyle we have unwisely expected to continue uninterrupted. The magnetic shield around the planet is currently weaker than normal as the Earth is making magnetic field adjustments. The magnetic North Pole has moved a significant distance in recent years.

If the sun is emitting more damaging rays, as some now claim, humans may need to greatly minimize exposure to it. Climate changes, including both increased drought and flooding, are even now creating serious food shortages.

Major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes seriously disrupt society and make growing food more difficult. Much more massive numbers of people could die in such a catastrophe than have already.

If a planetary pole shift on Earth occurs from the effect of Planet X, or if earthquakes shake, land masses move, massive tsunami waves roll many miles inland along coastal areas, crevices and sinkholes open and volcanoes erupt, how much damage and loss of life will result?

According to the Planet X theory, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter may have been created by such a body or one of its moons colliding with a planet of our immediate solar system formerly residing in that zone. Some have suggested that Earth or our moon may be a remnant of this damaged planet that moved to the current location as a result of the collision.

It is anticipated that there is a field of asteroids and meteorites that travels with a large body like a Planet X, which could pummel Earth with meteors, rocks of various sizes falling like hail and causing great damage and death. In addition serious storms and rearrangement of the Earth's seas and continents may be generated as effects of Planet X. Craters on the moon and Earth are said to have been caused by meteors or plasma discharges from previous visits of Planet X.

Imagine giant bolts of lightening, many coming near to or hitting the ground in a widespread area. The destruction this could cause is not as easy to imagine.

Just the magnetic or energetic effects of a Planet X could be stressful on humans and animals, possibly disrupting normal brain functions. Some advisors have suggested that wearing a lead lined helmet could help protect the brain while Planet X is close, but others think that would not be helpful. Superior nutrition, relaxation of stress and fear, and plenty of sleep, should bolster one's ability to withstand the effects.

One wonders if one of the purposes of the "geo-engineering "chemtrails" of metallic dust being routinely sprayed in our skies as part of "geo-engineering" is for screening out the observation of Planet X and or its star as it approaches. Another thought is that the metals in chemtrails might be for reducing radiation or other effects from a nearing dark star.

There are some theories that the technocrats have some type of laser technology that could be used in cloaking the approach of Planet X.

The question is, why would authorities be keeping knowledge from the public about Planet X and the potential havoc?

It is assumed the intent in covering this up is to avoid panic and social chaos. If and when it becomes obvious that Planet X is here, being plainly in view and/or causing major widespread damage, is it likely that normal attitudes and routine behavior would continue? Shunning work or other regular activities, people may be scavenging for food and supplies, seeking protective shelter or acting out irrationally.



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Error In Figuring Mayan Calendar End Date?

It has been postulated that the correlation of the date December 21, 2012, with the Mayan calendar end date may have been miscalculated. More likely is that it was misinterpreted. The anticipated change they projected may actually unfold gradually rather than suddenly. That date may have been the gateway to an era of great changes as Planet X approaches.

It is also conceivable that the date issue may have been hyped on purpose as a psychological ploy to lessen the public's interest in warnings from the alternative media about Planet X and preparation for it. The assumption is that the world controllers would like people to remain ignorant as long as possible about Planet X to insure a great reduction in Earth's population when its effects intensify.

Meanwhile it is claimed that the elite expect to be relaxing in deep underground cities they have constructed with black budget funds over the past many years.

Video about Planet X

Claimed Planet X Sightings


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Comet Ison Was HUGE

"Comet Ison" was a fairly large comet visible in the night sky in many locations. As it came in past Earth and approached the sun in late November, 2013, it could be spotted with the naked eye. Ison was certainly much larger than Comet Elenin was.

Some Planet X theorists believe that Comet Ison is traveling ahead of Planet X, giving us an even greater preview of what Planet X might be like than Elenin did.

NASA and other authorities announced Comet Ison, but minimized the information about it. It had been reported that the comet was broken up from the effects of the sun when it got very near and flipped around behind the sun from its gravitational pull. However, some sources thought that what remained of Comet Ison may still have contributed to disturbances on Earth. In fact, meteor showers in the sky at the time may have been associated with Ison's passing.

Ison had a debris field around and behind it that would likely have generated a lot of meteors. That might be just a sample of what may be coming later if there is a big planet on the way, or if as some say, we are now entering a part of the galaxy with a lot of debris.

For many months now there have been off and on an astounding numbers of fireballs being reported in the skies all over the world. These may have been smaller pieces of Ison related debris burning up in the atmosphere, followed by a much larger field of space junk that insiders have said may threaten us for the next few years.

Dr. James McCanney is an independent scientist that was following Ison. He is one several scientists holding to the theory that a comet may be not just a ball of ice crystals and dust, that it may have an electro magnetic field. He has reported that there was an electromagnetic interchange between the Comet Ison and Mars as the comet passed near that planet. Mars lit up, Ison turned green, and the sun simultaneously had a dramatic flare.

It was speculated that Ison may have had a profound effect on the Earth, contributing to the increased intensity of earthquakes and volcanic activity. Did it also effect the sun? There were several large solar coronal mass ejections while Ison was approaching, even though the sun has been otherwise fairly quiet during what should be a solar maximum period, a time when increased activity is expected.

Beyond that, will the debris of an even larger body still coming have further effects on Earth?



This information is presented for your awareness and action, not to raise fear or draw attention. I am only reporting what is being posted online about these topics. I am not a scientist and have no means to verify the accuracy of Planet X, binary star or pole shift theories. What I do know is that multiple sources are raising these issues.

There is no use in panic. Instead, it is suggested to free yourself from the illusion of normalcy offered by the distracting and mesmerizing major media. It would be wise to direct your energy into preparing for possible upheavals, expanding your awareness and caring for your loved ones.

There are serious reports of large scale rehearsals of FEMA disaster personnel and military troops, especially around the New Madrid Fault area of the Mississippi River and the greater Washington, D.C. area (FEMA Region III), as well as Puerto Rico and other east coast areas. If you live near these areas or any known fault line, it would be wise to make plans for possible evacuation at some point.

If the power system goes out for a long time, social chaos, starvation and death will be shocking. If we are dodging meteor fragments and running from fires as meteor pieces explode in the air or reach the ground, or if we need to avoid volcanic ash or radiation from nuclear energy plants in meltdown, survival may be a perilous challenge.

Meanwhile elite insiders have vast, well-stocked underground facilities to escape to where they expect to wait out the havoc, while many of those on the surface of Earth might perish.

As bizarre as it may sound, there are people who claim to have knowledge that extraterrestrial beings from other advanced civilizations are present in and around the Earth. They are thought to be either observing what is happening, or possibly preparing to assist us during a time of massive Earth upheaval, or afterwards. The reports of sightings of star ships, balls of light and other UFO phenomena are amazingly numerous.

A few believe these visitors are ready for rescuing and moving people from disaster areas as needed. Others think the notion of aliens saving us is ridiculous.

It may be hard to believe that ET's are hiding in the heavens to help us, but in case it is true, you now are aware of the idea of it so it would be less surprising if it were to happen!

There are numerous people who claim to have had encounters with ET's. Many describe numerous abductions, including experiments on them, as well as communication. According to some, the less benevolent ones are in favor of massive reduction of the number of humans, and working in association with the elitist cabal of Earth to this end. They look at it as the human herd being culled of "useless eaters".

In any case, we need to work together cooperatively to figure out what is going on, and to prepare ourselves and do what we can to ease the situation.

Ultimately, any transformation of the Earth will be a radical change of life that is also a time of growth in consciousness.

It is always sensible to be ready for substantial changes in how we live and think.


Earth Changes Information

There is a vast amount of information about earth changes online, some of which includes citations of end times projections from The Book of Revelation and other controversial sources.

Below are links I have selected from among sensible presentations about Earth changes, Planet X or "Nibiru", polar shift and Elenin.

If you like, you can explore the additional videos that are offered when one of these concludes.

(NOTE: It is possible that the information linked to may be changed, removed or outdated at any time.)


Sumerian expert, Zechariah Sitchin explains Nibiru and Earth's creation in ancient writings.


Overview of Planet X (Nibiru) and The Cover-Up

NASA Panel Barely Dodges Planet X Question

Our era's discovery of mystery planet In 1983

Claimed Planet X Sightings

Article About Planet X

Alleged NASA Scientist Discusses Planet X (Nibiru)

Consideration Of Planet X & What We Are Facing

Navy Map of the United States after Earth changes

Composite U.S. Earth changes map from multiple sources


5 Part Series Of Videos About Planet X -- narrated by Marshall Masters

1) The Threat (8:26)

2) Scientific Proof (9:36)

3) Historical Proof (6:15)

4) Surviving (8:28)

5) Beyond 2012 (4:47)


Planet X 101 by Marshall Masters


44 minute movie on Nibiru, Earth changes and transformation of consciousness


Investigator Bob Fletcher Discusses Planet X


Other Related Concerns

FEMA's May, 2011, disaster drill In New Madrid Fault zone

FEMA webpage about New Madrid disaster drill

Earth Changes Disaster Warning From NASA & Renowned Physicist, Michio Kaku, PhD


Disinformation & Removal Of Information

A NASA scientist says NOT to worry about Nibiru

A video of NASA & other scientists warning of a solar ejection shutting off the grid was removed from YouTube.

NASA's alertful preparedness video for their own staff and families was also removed from YouTube.


Rest Stop

Take A Relaxing Breath

All ideas and events take place in the universal pulse of the creative source.


Caring For One Another

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