Agenda 21 and the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom

By Jonathon Miller

What Is Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is a protocol of the United Nations that is designed to greatly limit the lifestyle of populations, particularly in developed nations. It is being promoted to seem to address concerns about climate change, the economy, and social justice.

Climate change was originally described as “global warming” until the evidence of that was exposed as uncertain. Falsely blaming carbon emissions from human activities as the cause of changes in climate and weather was a strategy developed by a group of elite planners called “The Club of Rome” in the 1970‘s to justify programs to reduce what they consider to be overpopulation and save resources for their future profit and control measures. Carbon is not a toxin and is actually needed by plants to grow.

The planning by the elite powers resulted in the introduction of Agenda 21 through global environmental conferences in the 1990’s, and its evolution to now reorganize how people live in the 21st Century.

Agenda 21 emphasizes the development of what are called “sustainable communities” of green living. The plan calls for people to be concentrated in cities, residing in modest equitable spaces, with minimal use of resources. Water volume and energy use for heating and power are becoming monitored and limited with smart meter technology.

In the future, if you have a job it is expected that you will live in or near your work site. Your income will be about enough to meet your justifiable expenses, which will be audited through the cashless banking system. For that matter, your purchases, communications, activities and interests can be monitored through your digital payments, smart phone transmissions, and television-computer usage.

Transportation is to be restricted to conserve fuels and reduce carbon emissions. You should be able to walk, bike or take a public conveyance to wherever you need to go. If you get permission to go out to the country, you and your party can rent a smart car for the day.

Hopefully you will be pleased with your life. If you were found to be depressed, the prescribed medications, monitored by nanobots to insure compliance, in conjunction with the routine public poisons, including those from compelled vaccinations, may further reduce your intelligence or impair your enjoyment of the mass hypnosis media.

Even food consumption may be controlled in a future time of crisis. Codex Alimentarius is another associated international plan regarding food and nutrition that is considered part of the global scheme to restrain all citizens of the New World Order.


Who Is Behind Agenda 21?

Institutions such as the United Nations, the Club of Rome and many others, are part of a world domination structure that can be described as the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom. The acronym of this title for the global control mechanism is the “TICK“. It is a giant parasite sucking the life blood of the planet.

This massive top-down organization includes profit-making corporations, non-profit groups, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), foundations, educational institutions, political committees, regulatory and other bureaucratic agencies and even governments. At the heart of it is the military-intelligence-financial-industrial-petroleum-chemical-pharmaceutical-technology-media complex.

The TICK was gradually created over the course of more than a century by extremely wealthy elite powers groomed in a centuries-old tradition of controlling others. Their purpose and plan was to infiltrate, consolidate and operate global finance, governance, business and cultural institutions, with increasing knowledge and control of resources, technology, people and almost every activity.

Agenda 21 has been set up as a means to ultimately control the population, the infrastructure, the land and natural resources. In essence, it is Soviet style total government control.

The strategy is to have the policies that foster implementation of the agenda appear to be generated by grass roots local community organizations. However, the councils of government” or “policy coalitions” that have been established at various levels for “smart growth” planning usually consist of participants who are not directly elected to these bodies.

Often certain compatible elected officials on local governing councils or boards are referred or requested to be part of a non-governmental organization that does this sustainability planning. There are often other members though who are not elected to a position in any jurisdiction. Sometimes people insert themselves in the process if the group is open.

Members may be recruited or seek to participate on the policy-making council because of their interest in green communitarian ideas and/or social issues.

Thus for the most part the policy planners are not accountable to the public for their plans. Such a group is not only attractive to collectivist oriented operatives, this type of council has been created for them to exert their influence.

These policy coalitions commonly include or consult with TICK agents who are trained in group dynamics to evoke and repackage decisions to be in alignment with the preset protocols of Agenda 21, while making it seem like the policies came from the group‘s own ideas and work. There is a sequence of interrelated councils at local, state, regional and national levels that could become the governance structure of the United Nations.

The Agenda 21 concepts have been crafted to seem very appealing to those who are concerned about issues such as the environment, poverty and social justice. They would like to reduce “carbon footprints”, to avoid “food deserts” and to “redistribute wealth” so everyone has their needs met without harming the planet.

The TICK plans for the reduction and concentration of the population, the implementation of carbon taxes and the confiscation of private property, are being packaged as “progressive” United Nations programs to meet those motivating concerns. Anyone who opposes these policies may be subject to “reeducation“.

Since most municipal, county and state governments were long ago reformatted into corporations, and since they are already acclimated to pursuing the policies handed down from the parent national corporation, they are ready by design for transition into the format called for by the United Nations’ Agenda 21, as formulated by the cabal that operates the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom.


How Do We Stop Agenda 21?

First we can educate friends who are willing to be activist enough to investigate and question what is happening locally in regard to Agenda 21. We can seek out and attend the planning meetings where sustainable community development is being discussed.

If one is able to speak, they can contact local groups to make well-planned presentations about the situation. Writing clear letters to the editor of the local newspapers or calling local radio talk shows with sharp comments are other possibilities.

Forming a group to plan actions for raising awareness and demanding appropriate accountability from those planning your future could also facilitate development of a self-sustaining support community of like-minded friends for whatever the future holds.


Jonathon Miller is a holistic educator, human nature analyst, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, a Master of Divinity, both from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon has an internet radio program and is the author of several books, and developer of several websites, such as and



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