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Earth Changes

Natural And Human Caused Changes To Our Planet

by Jon David Miller, holistic educator and author



Massive Disasters Brewing?

You are may be aware of the increased incidence and severity of natural disasters caused by earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, sinkholes, storms, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, drought, fires and floods in locations around the world.

The destruction of the March, 2011 tsunami in Japan was horrific. The damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant and the ongoing leakage is still a major concern of those who are aware of the seriousness of the radiation that continues to spread across the northern hemisphere, contaminating soil, food, water and all living things in North America.

An increasing number of major earthquakes and volcanic events as well as sinkholes have manifested in the last few years. It is speculated this may have some relationship to sun cycles, or the cyclic positioning of the Earth in relation to the rest of the solar system and/or the changing position of our system within the galaxy, or possibly the effect of celestial bodies that may be passing through the solar system.

The sun goes through routine eleven year cycles of increase and decrease that have been well known for many years. Since the previous "solar minimum" period of low solar activity, as we reentered what was expected to be a time of more solar activity, what is normally a "solar maximum" period, solar flares did not increase as much as they normally would.

The sun's poles did go through their reversal as they normally do as part of the 22 year solar cycle (normally 11 years each of maximum and minimum). However, the sun has been abnormally quiet overall, as it was in times leading into past "little ice ages".

Although some of the flares and mass ejections that have occurred in this cycle have been very large, fortunately there has not been a direct blast toward the Earth, yet. A Coronal Mass Ejection that hits directly could knock out a substantial part of our power grid.

In the past, extremes of cold weather have been experienced during times such as this, when there was a low number of solar flares during a maximum. It is still possible that solar eruptions could increase in number and size, but before long we will come again to a minimum period that could be colder yet.

In fact, some scientists are convinced we are coming into a "Grand Solar Minimum", which may become a mini ice-age.

In any case, the sun has a major effect on planetary weather and other conditions.

There is also clear evidence that weather and other earth activities are often manipulated with secret powerful technologies that are effectively hidden by disinformation and a block on publicity.

Within the last few years a huge number of structures and crops have been damaged by storms, high winds, tornadoes, tsunamis, massive floods, drought, wild fires, extreme temperatures, deep snow, ice storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc., ravaging many areas and disrupting the lives of many thousands of people.

In some instances, millions have found themselves suddenly without power for days or weeks. There have been areas where little or no food was available for a long period.

In Russia, drought and fires ruined the 2010 season's crops forcing them to curtail wheat exports. In 2011 and 2019, Mississippi River flooding wiped out many acres of crops in the central U.S.A. Meanwhile drought and wildfires have devastated much of the nation the last several summers, with thousands of homes, millions of trees and vast amounts of crops lost.

With the planet's rumbling with greater intensity, the expansion of sinkholes, especially the one in Louisiana, the signs of what may possibly be a very rare planetary polar shift in progress, and the increase in space debris coming at our planet, it seems the Earth is entering a time of major changes. A sudden powerful geophysical event could be very destructive.

It is important to be aware that one or more major disturbances of nature could cause very serious food shortages. Food stocks are already drastically low in most areas of the world.

In recent years, FEMA has conducted several of the largest disaster drills ever organized, mostly in the New Madrid Fault zone around the Mississippi River. Earthquake experts think a major one there is likely soon.

Federal and state emergency services are woefully inadequate, and may barely function in a situation such as loss of all electrical power.

A serious agricultural disturbance in the Midwest breadbasket, such as flooding or a major volcanic eruption, could mean scarce food in the U.S.A. The manufactured drought and wildfires in California have been so severe that the U.S.A. population can no longer expect to obtain most of their fruits and vegetables from there in the future.

What if transportation were interrupted for an extended time by a calamity? Grocery stores and the average household have only enough food and water on hand to last a couple days if the supply chain were interrupted.

It is important to make plans to have necessities on hand for an emergency.


URGENT WARNING: There is much information being discussed about several possible events - an Electro Magnetic Pulse and power outage, magnetic pole changes, a geophysical shift of land masses and oceans, massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, entry of our solar system into a dangerous debris field of meteors, possibly due to a "Planet X" coming through our solar neighborhood -- some major change in our solar system that may cause serious disruptions of the sun and Earth with devastating effects to come, perhaps very soon.

Although there have been minimally publicized warnings issued by authorities and leaks from insiders, as well as information in alternative media, and foretelling in movies and fictional writings about potential disaster, the mainstream media has provided slight information or disinformation.



Navy Map of the United States after Earth changes

Composite U.S. Earth changes map from multiple sources

(NOTE: These maps are based on conjecture about potential ocean and earth changes from anticipated influences.)



Earthquakes & Volcanoes

The ongoing rash of earthquakes around the world suggest more of them are coming. An ongoing pattern the last few years of large, sometimes destructive quakes in the Pacific Rim, has been under observation to determine possible causes.

There is a great likelihood of a major new earthquake or a volcanic eruption at anytime at any of a number of locations. Much of the population of California are very used to minor earthquakes that rumble in the depths frequently along the San Andreas Fault.

As recently as 1989 a major quake in San Francisco during the baseball World Series there damaged buildings, highways and bridges with dozens of people losing their lives. The really large one just over 100 years ago in 1906 nearly destroyed that city.

WARNING: Larger earthquakes in southern California have occurred more frequently in the past than had previously been thought. A 6.0 to 7.0 Richter Scale quake is predicted for both Los Angeles and San Francisco sometime soon.


Similarly, a quake of 8.0 to 9.0 has been predicted for the northwestern U.S. coastal area. Rumblings and analysis in the Cascadia fault zone suggest a major quake or volcanic eruption could occur there anytime, with potential consequences on northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

In the last two years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted two of the largest disaster drills ever organized in anticipation of a massive destructive earthquake, both of these in THE NEW MADRID FAULT ZONE surrounding the Mississippi River. This is the area of the strongest earthquake in known history.

There is speculation that there could be a quake so large there that it could radically change the land mass with a separation of the continent by a large body of water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. This would disrupt or end the lives of millions.

Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") of the earth is considered the cause of numerous earthquakes in the Oklahoma area in recent years. Some of these are felt for hundreds of miles. There is concern these could set off a larger New Madrid quake.

The 5.9 quake centered in Virginia in 2011 was surprisingly powerful for the region. Due to the integrity of the massive underlying plate, the vibrations were sensed over much of the eastern United States.

There is also concern about inundation into all coastal areas by the ocean from tectonic movements in the ocean floor and/or volcanic activities. (See the links to projected maps above.)

Flooding, whether due to tidal waves hitting the coast or from rivers expanding due to excessive raining and/or melting of heavy snow, puts a heavy weight onto the land that could generate adjustments deeper underneath the accumulated water.

Of greatest concern, the means of generating earthquakes on purpose ranges from fracking to advances on a Tesla technology demonstrated a century ago. It is thought by many that those in power are secretly using such technologies periodically for various reasons.


Volcanoes in various locations have been increasing in activity in the last few years. A massive volcanic eruption anywhere in the world could generate a cloud of ash in the atmosphere that blocks the sun.

As a result, we could suddenly have year-round winter for a few years, making it difficult or impossible for crops to be grown outdoors. It could be too polluted for people to breath outside without special masks, and necessitate a good air filtration system indoors.

Also, this ash might make it too dangerous for jets to fly. A volcanic eruption in Iceland interrupted European air travel for more than a week a couple years ago.

Several large volcanoes and many lesser ones are currently becoming very active. The Icelandic volcanoes are still active and could blow anytime. The major caldera volcano at Yellowstone National Park, found not long ago to be larger than previously known, is also anticipated to explode at some point. It has become more active than normal recently, and so has Mount St. Helens in Washington, which had a major eruption in 1980.

Dating back to Tesla's work there are long established technologies to generate earthquakes or purposely set off a volcano.

WARNING: There are presently several volcanoes around the world on Level 8 Alert, the highest level. Just one of them could cause a "volcanic winter" with its ash plume if there is a massive eruption. Winter conditions could continue through summertime with bitter cold conditions and limited crop production resulting in famine.

URGENT: For some while there has been a highly dangerous volcanic situation in the Canary Islands near Africa. This volcano is expected to start an underwater landslide any time from now to beyond our own lifetime, that would cause a "Mega Tsunami". A wall of water as much as 150 feet high or more and a few miles deep would be generated, traveling across the ocean to hit the entire seaboards of eastern North and South America, western Africa and western Europe. Civilization would be destroyed for miles inland. Click here for the details of this major danger, which would effect all Atlantic coastal areas to a greater or lesser degree.


FEMA Preparations

It is reported that FEMA has accumulated millions of MRE's ("Meals Ready To Eat"), blankets, first aid kits and other disaster supplies in amounts much beyond their normal stock, all stored along with barracks style housing at their resettlement camps in various locations around the United States. However, they do not have nearly enough to feed and care for the entire population.

The federal government has also accumulated large quantities of body bags, burial containers and incinerators in preparation for mass deaths.

Life on the surface of the planet could be perilous or impossible at times during a period of earth changes caused by abnormal solar activity, a polar shift, a showering with meteors, or a large space object such as a "Planet X" coming near. Known examples are the flood of Noah's time, and the elimination of the legendary highly developed, long ago cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria.

It is known that in the long history of our planet that from time to time there have been gigantic volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and shifting tectonic plates, causing Earth changes on an unimaginable scale, possibly including tsunami's and extreme hurricane force winds with uprooting of trees and destruction of structures.

There is a credible scientific theory that the planet periodically expands, with changing land masses and increasing ocean size. Water could move from the oceans or from inside the Earth to cover great areas of current land. There could also be increased movements of land and sinkholes with a lot of damage to buildings and infrastructure, as well as emergence of new islands or expanded land masses.

Scientists who are aware of possible problems are warning people to move AWAY FROM ALL COASTS, and especially the NEW MADRID FAULT area and the Mississippi Valley in general, as well as the PACIFIC RIM FAULT areas, such as the west coasts of North and South America, and the coasts of Asia, Australia, etc.

Any coastal area in the world could be flooded with tsunami tidal waves. It would also be important to be AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM NUCLEAR PLANTS.



Sinkholes, Fireballs & Booms

Sinkholes have been opening in alarming numbers in multiple locations around the globe. A man sleeping in his home was swallowed up into a sinkhole in Florida a couple years ago.

During the April, 2016, earthquake in southern Japan, what were called "landslides" include crevices opening in the earth. There is a discussion that there could be a splitting of the land mass in Japan's Kyushu island, a major part of the nation.

A giant sinkhole has developed over the course of the last few years above an underground salt dome containing stored butane and possibly other dangerous materials, at Louisiana's Bayou Corne in Assumption Parish. Seismic activity has manifested there, that could cause an explosion at any point. A major damaging earthquake in the New Madrid Fault or Mississippi River Valley could be triggered.


Fireballs in the sky have been seen very frequently in recent years, sometimes with fiery debris falling. Some of these fireballs are pieces of meteors and comets.

Are there heavenly bodies coming close to Earth more than normally? Are we not receiving full information from authorities? Why are we seeing more earthquakes, tornadoes and strange weather than normal, and other unusual earth phenomena? Is there a much larger object and/or a major debris field coming soon?


Booms and strange moans from the Earth are happening in multiple areas. One thought is that these sounds may arise from shifts in plates or rock layers underground.

The booms are so loud that people nearby think a giant explosion has just occurred. These odd sounds seem to arise from just a few miles within the Earth. The booms are often associated with minor earthquake vibrations. Researchers think the sound of the booms may bounce off the ionosphere and back to the ground. They are heard only within a very localized area. Many of these booms have been around the Mississippi River basin.

There is a current theory of gradual planetary expansion. Consider the puzzle-like possible match of the west coasts of Europe and Africa with the east coastal lines of North and South America as an example of a possibly formerly combined land mass of a smaller planet.

Some people think hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") for natural gas may be causing or contributing to these booms, as well as to earthquakes. Methane explosions are another possibility. It could also be caused by the electro magnetic or gravitational effect of a celestial body or a frequency wave traveling through the solar system.

Despite blatant disinformation by official agencies such as US Geographical Survey (USGS), historic reports indicate that such booms and Earth sounds commonly precede a substantial earthquake.


URGENT ALERT! The maps linked below show a projected future United States with a bay up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Wisconsin.

The Louisiana sinkhole, the New Madrid Fault and earth booms together (see above) suggest the potential for a cataclysmic change in the center of our nation, as shown in these maps.

One possibility is that major shifts in the planet could be caused by the approach of Planet X. Even more troubling, there are clues that the elite controllers of world affairs are expecting, or may even be actually planning to set off, a dramatic change in the land mass. It is thought this could be done using a HAARP technology, seismic stimulator equipment or some other trigger.

In the early 20th Century, Nikola Tesla demonstrated the ability to generate an earthquake. His research materials were confiscated by the authorities upon his death. It is speculated that many secret powerful technologies have been developed since then.

The Louisiana sinkhole zone is already weakened and vulnerable due to the Gulf oil platform explosion, the release of methane from water seepage into the underground salt deposit, and the burying of explosive agents in the salt domes near the sinkhole.

Also, the volcano at Yellowstone National Park has become more active than expected in recent years.


Navy Map of the United States after Earth changes

Composite U.S. Earth changes map from multiple sources

(NOTE: These maps are based on conjecture about potential ocean and earth changes from anticipated influences.)



Hit By A Meteor

In an internet radio interview not long ago, an undisclosed insider from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned that our solar system is entering a sector of the galaxy with much more debris than we have encountered in known history.

The sudden near misses of asteroids that were previously unknown, and the amazing number of fireballs appearing in skies around the globe, are indications of this.

A meteor zipped into the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February, 2013. The explosion it generated in the air shook the city, broke windows and other items and sent 1500 injured people to the hospital.

In September, 2013 a small meteor hit the atmosphere near Peebles, Ohio, traveling at 114,000 miles an hour and generated an explosion. Fragments reaching the ground ignited a house fire, killing the two residents.

Meteors have been falling in many areas of the world. One in La Paz, Mexico, caused a loud explosion.

More recently a meteor started a forest fire in New Hampshire. There is speculation some the recent wildfires in the western USA may have been ignited by meteor fragments.

There is anticipation by officials that a major meteor could hit at anytime, possibly making life in the northern hemisphere risky, but to avoid panic, this has not been widely announced to the public. Further FEMA emergency drills were held not long ago in their Region III eastern U.S. coastal area, including Puerto Rico, out of concern for a large meteor strike and potential tsunami.

There are unverified indications that there will be increased meteor disasters during the next couple years effecting the east coast, especially the Caribbean. We may be confronted with an experience like dodge ball for life or death, with widespread meteorites raining down.

The phrase "hit by a meteor" may become much more common than "struck by lightning" as people are scrambling to avoid being damaged by anything from a random meteorite pebble speeding to Earth faster than a bullet to a massive destruction of millions of homes, people and infrastructure.

(NOTE: It has been reported that the elite people have underground hideouts, cities, tunnels and trains, all secretly prepared over the last 70 years or so with funds siphoned from the world economy.



Mega Storms And Drought

The Earth's magnetic field has changed significantly in recent times. The magnetic poles have been moving dramatically for the last 70 years, and the magnetic shield around the globe is diminishing in the last few years.

We are much more vulnerable now to solar flares, eruptions and radiation, and to dramatic changes in climate and weather.

The Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean has diminished, resulting in extreme winter weather in Britain and northern Europe. Massive winter snow storms have stranded travelers in both Europe and the U.S.A.

At the same time the Jet Stream over North America has moved, causing temperature extremes and dramatic storms. In recent winters millions of dollars worth of vegetable and citrus crops in Florida were ruined by record freezing temperatures there.

In the last couple of years deadly damaging storms with many tornadoes have ravaged numerous states. There were more tornadoes in two days of March, 2012, than normal for the whole month of March.

Hurricane Irene in 2011 triggered floods all over New England, as well as the unprecedented evacuation of part of New York City. More recently at the end of October, 2012, Hurricane Sandy combined with an arctic storm and another storm from the west to form the largest "Super Storm" of more than 100 years, effecting most of the U.S. population, and cutting power to 8 millions homes.

The increase in destruction from hurricanes and tornadoes in recent years has caught much of the population off guard. The shock of losing one's home and possessions, including irreplaceable documents and memorabilia, and the chaotic period after leaves people disoriented for a long while. Even deeper is the suffering of losing the lives of loved ones in such a disaster.

Winter storms including blizzards and ice storms have also wreaked havoc in both North America and Europe, effecting travel and shutting down operations for a time in a number cities.

The causes of the more powerful storm activity are debated by scientists, ranging from human activities effecting the climate, to polar shifting, changes in air and/or ocean currents and solar changes.

Severe prolonged drought has also been a serious issue in many parts of the Earth, including the "breadbasket" areas of Russia and North America.

Many alternative theorists believe that manipulation of atmospheric conditions by relatively undisclosed high tech weather change technologies, such as the HAARP installation in Alaska, the particle collider in Cern, Switzerland, and similar sites elsewhere in the world, can generate a variety of weather incidents. Some suggest that storms can be directed, moved and even intensified with such technologies.



Environmental Catastrophe

The Gulf oil disaster is an example of how a very localized mistake could disrupt the lives of millions of people. This incident was far worse than we have been told.

Lindsey Williams, confidante of "Big Oil" insider friends, stated that they told him the fluid pressure of the BP deep water well was so far beyond what has ever been encountered previously, that there was no known technology readily available to handle it. They made numerous attempts to stop the gusher before finally plugging the well with multiple methods. 

Williams and others have revealed that near the sealed BP well there are fissures in the sea bed that may be related, which are thought to be continuing to leak oil.

The most serious harm from this disaster thus far may have been from the toxic gases released from the oil well and the toxic dispersant used all over the Gulf. Methane, hydrogen sulfide, benzene and ethylene chloride were at extremes in the Gulf region's air on various occasions, These levels were hundreds of times greater than allowable EPA limits. Yet the public was not told of this. The health of millions is being effected from these toxins in the environment.

There were reports throughout the south, and even as far north as North Dakota of toxic oil rain that damaged crops. What effect have they had on human and animal bio-systems?

A vast amount of the oil emitted was precipitated and found on the ocean floor even miles away from the well, deposited there by the effect of the dispersant used to get the released oil out of sight. At the same time, there are reports that the dispersant itself has not fully dispersed, and that it continues to damage marine life.

Even worse, according to several sources, including Richard C. Hoagland, former science advisor for CBS News and later for the Coast To Coast AM radio program, a giant gas bubble had formed under the ocean floor in the Gulf, possibly from the change of pressure due to the deep well.

This bulge had the potential to explode like a volcano, spewing oil, methane and other toxic gases that would spread far and wide. In such a scenario, methane might burn on the surface of the ocean. The air in the region would become unsuitable for breathing. The ocean in the region would turn into oil soup. It is also likely an undersea eruption would set off a major tsunami (tidal wave).

The extent of the pressure reflected in the BP well and the gas bubble around it suggests that a massive map-changing earthquake could be generated by drilling such a deep well.

The Gulf oil catastrophe was not the first instance of extensive environmental harm. Actually, oil and gas, mining and other types of companies have secretly contaminated local ground water in many areas for years, with serious health consequences for local residents.

Hydraulic "fracking", fracturing of underground rock with high pressure fluid to access natural gas deposits, may have caused an extended series of earthquakes in Arkansas last year. Curiously, this is in the New Madrid Fault area where an earthquake of massive scale and destructive power is already being anticipated.

Now there is an expanding sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, with underground salt domes nearby where butane and nuclear waste have been stored. This is an even greater threat to the population of the Mississippi basin, with the potential for both the massive New Madrid earthquake that would rip open a bay from the Gulf to the Great Lakes, and serious nuclear contamination for any remaining people.

Meanwhile, the nuclear fallout from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster is still spreading around the globe. Some analysts think that the radioactive contamination in the U.S. and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere is much worse than authorities are acknowledging. The diminishing of life in the Pacific ocean has been worsened by this radioactivity. It has been called an "extinction level event".

Every nuclear plant is susceptible to damage from natural disaster or attack. How close do you live to one?

In the background of these major disaster events, is the ongoing chemical destruction of the environment from agricultural and industrial chemicals and toxic waste from both households and business. This contamination has been ongoing since at least the 1940's.

With the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in recent years, our crops, the ecosystem and the health of all living things is even more threatened.

When will another major environmental disaster occur, and how devastating will it be?



EMP Damage To The Power Grid

NOTE: Janet Napolitano, former head of the Department of Homeland Security (including FEMA), as well as James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, and Ted Koppel, former host of ABC's Nightline, have all emphatically stated that it is not a matter of if, but when that a widespread power outage occurs. Several other current or former government officials have also warned about how vulnerable we are to this devastating scenario, and there are several books on this serious matter.
What if all communications and power were knocked out for days, weeks, months or years by a major storm, or by a large solar flare? A cyber attack or an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) perhaps generated by an enemy with an explosion produced in the atmosphere by an effective weapon, could also knock out the power in a vast region, perhaps the whole continent.

Some of the solar flares and related "coronal mass ejections" (CMEs) that have manifested in the last couple years have been massive, though fortunately not directed right at the Earth. With our magnetic shield in a weaker state, it is more likely than ever that a charged blast shot from the sun may get through to our planet's surface if directed our way, which can have a very serious effect on us.

Worse, the sun has been behaving oddly lately, first exhibiting extremely low levels of flares during what was expected to be a "maximum" period. Also the a recent routine pole shift of the sun took much longer than normal.

Consider the damage one major coronal ejection could cause if it comes our way. As a CME has done a few times in the past, transmissions by at least some satellites could be knocked out. Beyond that, a solar explosion could generate a massive pulse that destroys power grid infrastructure.

Research has revealed that a major solar CME has occurred previously about every 75 to 120 years. There were several lesser solar blasts in the 20th Century that interfered with satellites or shut off power to large areas of the Earth for a long period. We are way overdue for a really large event.
In 1859 such a major explosion (called the "Carrington Event") destroyed much of the new telegraph system in the U.S. Some telegraph operators were injured by the electrical surges through the lines. The telegraph network was set back in its development by a couple of years from this incident.
The last really large CME that hit Earth was in 1921, so we are way overdue for one.
Nuclear weapons are an ongoing threat beyond the physical damage they might cause. Even a small nuclear explosion generates an EMP. It is known that special weapons have been developed for producing an EMP.
An EMP set off by terrorists near a city could destroy the local power system, disrupting normal life for quite a while.
A "HEMP" (High-altitude EMP) could fry the power grids of much or all of the United States or other areas of the planet, and also damage satellites we rely on for communication. A nuclear explosion could be set off from a satellite, a high altitude balloon, or even a rocket from a ship miles off the coast, perhaps disguised as a fishing vessel.
Cyber attack is another method of shutting down the power grid by interfering with the computers that run it.
A sophisticated cyber attack or a couple of HEMP bombs high in the atmosphere could knock out the power grid of much or the whole of the North American continent.
There are rumors that Iran and North Korea practice launching missiles nearly straight up in preparation for attempting such a HEMP incident, with Russia or China provided technology and training. One or more of these nations that are threats to the U.S.A. may be planning to launch an attack to weaken and set the United States back.
The aging United States power grid lacks the modern transformers that could act as giant "surge protectors" in an EMP event. Many other nations have these already in place.

A few years ago the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to upgrade the grid by having these protective units installed, but the Senate held up action on the bill, leaving it in limbo. Recently the funding for the committee researching this was eliminated.

In any case, these transformers are not manufactured in the U.S.A., and there is a backlog of perhaps a couple of years or more in production and delivery.


Cyber Attack

Ted Koppel has written a book focused on the issue of cyber attack. His sources confirm that foreign hacking teams have penetrated the grid computers of the USA, and could turn off power any time.

This has already been done elsewhere, such as in Ukraine. We are vulnerable to a sudden loss of power, and it could take an extended time to recover.


Shut Down of The Economy and Society

Any of these methods could also be used by the global control cabal to bring about a power outage, probably blamed on a false perpetrator. Some believe it is in the plans of these elitist transnational powers to create massive chaos and shut down America so it can more easily be brought into the "New World Order".


If all electric power were shut down for an extended time, and your refrigerator, water, lights and heating system were not working; and you could not get cash from a bank branch or an ATM; and no stores or restaurants were open; and no gasoline or natural gas could be pumped without power; and the computer chips in modern vehicles were zapped so they would not operate; what would you do for food, water, heat, money and transportation? What would others in your area do?

Society would be in chaos within just a day or two. The military, government agencies and selected corporations run frequent drills to better prepare for such an event. Yet this is not being publicized enough that the populace can cooperatively prepare.

On the other hand, the fact that a number of officials have warned about it and the fictional TV shows "Revolution" and "American Blackout" are strong indicators that a coming power outage event is known by authorities.

The powers behind the scenes have given us the hints that they think are adequate for only those who are aware enough to prepare. They expect the chaos to serve them in depopulation and the implementation of their planned "New World Order".



Climate Shock

Those with incomplete knowledge debate whether there is overall global warming or cooling, and whether or not climate change is due to human activities emitting too much carbon dioxide. Meanwhile the ongoing release of methane from deep ocean reserves threatens a rapid changeover to an unlivable atmosphere.

Some warn that the Earth may become so warm in some areas at times that people cannot live there. Other voices say we may fall rapidly into an ice age with snow and ice so deep we get trapped in our homes. In either case, it is big trouble.

Thousands of species are currently going extinct on this planet. The Pacific Ocean is dying. We need to stop the release of methane, the spread of nuclear radiation and the spraying of toxic geo-engineering aerosols in the sky, while learning how to fix things.

Developing better energy sources than coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power is worthwhile, but methane release, widespread geoengineering and radioactivity are VERY much more serious immediate issues than carbon emissions.

Beyond that, we need unbiased scientists to analyze all the planetary and solar system concerns and determine a correct strategy to preserve our civilization.

(More on the Climate Change page.)

"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

-- The Club of Rome



Why Spray Aerosols In The Sky?

Have you noticed the frequent presence of unusually long-lasting emission trails from airplanes stretching across the sky?

If you keep your eye on the sky on days with visibility, you will probably notice eventually a whole sector or even the whole sky full of unusually long persistent streaks of chemical aerosols. Often you will notice the airplanes at work emitting these trails. Some are piloted, and some are possibly programmed drones on autopilot. These are usually not regular commercial aircraft, but there is evidence that those are sometimes being outfitted with aerosolizing equipment and used as well.

The sprays, consisting of coal fly ash, heavy metals, biological agents and more, are not normally coming from the airplane's engine exhaust, although chemicals can be added to fuels. These aerosols are often sprayed from nozzles deployed on the plane for that purpose.

Studying these chemical sprays when they are being dispersed, you'll see that they cross the sky and last a long time. Often the trails crisscross each other. They gradually expand out into artificial cirrus chem-clouds, wispy odd-looking streaks, often with abnormal layering or ribbing.

These are NOT the rare but normal airplane condensation trails familiar to sky watchers for many decades. Contrails are made up of frozen condensation from a jet's exhaust in certain conditions. Relatively harmless contrails may occasionally extend behind a jet plane from a few times its length up to perhaps a mile or so, depending on the moisture content in the surrounding air being about 72%.

Normal contrails usually occur high in the atmosphere where the air is extremely cold, and dissipate quickly, similar to the mist from your exhaling breath on a cold winter's day. However, the moisture level there is usually low, so ice contrails rarely occur.

The chemical aerosols are officially described as for the purpose of blocking solar radiation to ease global warming from the sun (with little mainstream media coverage). The spraying can be done at any time of day. Gradually a haziness coats the sky, often lingering for hours.

There are evidently other purposes of the spraying beyond the claim of reducing solar heating. In fact the artificial clouds counteract any cooling they might do with the warming from the carbon-retaining blanket they form in the atmosphere.

The aerosol sprays are also known to be part of a weather modification system that effects rainfall, which can cause drought or rain, sometimes including severe storms and floods.

In 1996 a military document was created called "Weather As A Force Multiplier". It outlined the use of aerosol layers of chemical agents from air tankers to incite, move and intensify storms or to create drought. The concept was developed in the 1980's and implemented at about the time this document appeared.

The metals in the aerosols may be used in conjunction with electromagnetic transmissions, in the past from the secretive "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP) installation in Alaska, now thought to originate from smaller mobile versions of similar technologies or from satellites. These activities are used for electromagnetic experimentation, weather and earth modification, control of the ionosphere, warfare and even mind control.

Further, the metal salts of silver iodide, aluminum, barium, strontium, thorium, cadmium and manganese, some of them radioactive; the sulfur dioxide (maker of "acid rain"), sulfur hexafluoride, plastic fibers and micro-crystals; and the BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES, the mycoplasma, the mold and fungal spores, algae, bacteria, blood cells and insect eggs; that are being released in the aerosol sprays, are nearly all harmful to humans, animals and plants.

You and your loved ones are breathing and swallowing these health damaging substances WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. There is a real concern that chemtrails serve a role in a planned depopulation program.

Learn to identify the chemical spraying so you can recognize what is going on above and around you, and better understand what may be happening to you. You may have already experienced "chemtrail flu".

(More in the Public Poisons Learning Module.)




A major issue of our time is pollution and destruction of the ecosystem, including the growing introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms, (GMOs.)

There appears to be a connection between the push for life-destroying genetically modified crops and stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering.

The poisoning from aluminum and other toxic metals in geo-engineering chemicals falling to the ground in rain are starving and dehydrating trees and plants, including agricultural crops. Chemtrails may be a tool in weather modification methods as well, including both drought and heavy rains.

Strangely, the producers of genetically engineered organism (GMO) seeds have developed some crop strains that are resistant to aluminum interfering with growth, as well as drought resistant strains.

Genetically altered foods can render consumers infertile and undermine the health of animals and humans consuming these "frankenfoods". They are hard to digest and may cause diseased tissues, circulatory disease and awful cancers, as they are not compatible with biological systems.

Livestock fed GMO corn and alfalfa feed suffer horrible digestive and other health problems that subside when their diet is changed to non-GMO. Similarly, wise doctors have found that switching patients from GMO foods clears up many terrible ailments.

In a recent French study, animals fed GMO foods developed astounding tumors and died early at an alarming rate.

As much as more than 90% of some of the following crops are currently GMO and usually grown with serious application of chemicals: soybeans, corn (including dextrose, maltodextrin and high fructose corn syrup), cotton (including cottonseed oil), canola (oil), sugar beets (if it doesn't say "cane" sugar it is probably from beets), Hawaiian papaya, alfalfa hay and some varieties of zucchini and crook-necked squash.

High-fructose corn syrup is almost all made from GMO corn. Much of the sugar in food products is from GMO sugar beets. Soy lecithin, textured vegetable protein and other soy based foods are made almost exclusively from GMO soybeans. Further, dairy products, meats and eggs may be contaminated by virtue of the livestock consuming GMO foods and/or genetically altered hormones such as rBGH.

GMO wheat has now been introduced. Wheat is not a good food for humans anyway, with many compounds in it that are irritants to the body. GMO wheat is not fit for even the field mice to eat!

GMO crops are designed to be integrated with certain agricultural chemicals, such as glyphosate, which are themselves very harmful. The pitch that the GMOs require less chemicals does not really hold beyond the first season or two.

The GMO producers as well as the processed food corporations using GMOs in their products, do not want the public to know that GMOs do this kind of harm, nor which food products contain GMOs.

These companies poured millions of dollars into a campaign of lies to convince gullible California voters in 2012 to reject a truth in labeling law that would have revealed what products contain GMOs. This would likely have led to food labels nationwide identifying if there are GMOs in a product. We desperately need so we can more easily determine which items to avoid.

Meanwhile, we can select organically grown foods (which by definition cannot be genetically modified), or look for "Non-GMO" labels at trustworthy natural health food stores.

Now scientists are experimenting with releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in certain areas, supposedly to breed with ones that carry disease and render them infertile. What side effects will develop, and what might be the effect on humans from genetically altered blood-sucking insects biting us, and/or on the human DNA in the blood these insects draw and spread to others?

Are the genetically modified insect eggs and/or the fungi, etc., that are found in the fallout from chemtrails causing the bizarre Morgellon's syndrome?

There are many more genetic modification projects on the drawing boards if not already in progress, including altered animals and humans. It is not hard to imagine nightmarish results.


Glyphosate Toxic to Living Things

Glyphosate has been among the most used agricultural herbicides for years. Nearly everyone has it in their body at a level that can be detected in their urine, 93% of test subjects (all ages).

Why do so many foods product like aspartame and high fructose corn syrup contain glyphosate and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?

Glyphosate damages the good intestinal bacteria as well as liver enzymes that deal with cholesterol and fat. It has an altering effect on our own DNA, and it is now known to be carcinogenic.

250 million gallons per year of glyphosate are sprayed in U.S.A. It is overused due to GMO seeds designed to resist it: soy, corn, sorghum, alfalfa, wheat and more. It is also used in lawn treatment, on golf courses, along roadways and in other locations of weed management.

As though modern lab prepared foods would be better for you, the phrase “transgenic foods” is now being applied as a smooth-sounding scientific term to try get genetically modified food items accepted.

Glyphosate is now also used on wheat, barley, beans, etc., in drying for harvest, so not just in GMO foods. It is in beer, wine, whiskey, cereals, beans and many food products that are not GMO.

We are being intentionally contaminated with glyphosate, GMOs, aspartame, estrogen mimickers, and many other public poisons, including chlorine, fluoride, aluminum, mercury, sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol and much more. What about the variety of agricultural chemicals and food additives for flavor, color, texture and preservation?

These toxins contribute to many of the illnesses people have. Some of these are serious brain toxins that lower IQ and foster apathy.

Learn how you are being exposed to glyphosate and other public poisons to avoid these as much as possible, while engaging in regular detoxification practices (as described in the Natural Health Wellness Learning Module).



Loss of Bees

Bee colonies in many areas have been suffering serious losses for several years. "Colony collapse disorder" has been suspected to be possibly from a virus or mold, from nicotine-based pesticides used in agriculture and/or due to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's), including cell phone transmissions, for disorienting bees so they could not find their way home.

Bees are our primary pollinators of food crops. Without bees, crop production would be decreased dramatically, bringing starvation to many. It is dubious that the recent introduction of "robo-bees", tiny robotic drones modeled after bees, will solve the pollination problem. Abandoning harmful pesticides is a better choice, but the chemical interests do what they can to keep those in use in the fields.

Meanwhile, anyone with the space, time, relatively clean environs and wherewithal should set up one or more hives and become a beekeeper to help increase the number of bees.



Pole Shift

There is clear evidence of periodic polar switches, when the Earth or its surface flips on its axis, approximately every 11,000 or 12,000 years. Massive destruction, and possibly an instant ice age is thought to occur with a pole shift. Serious scientists believe we are very near a pole change event.

The north magnetic pole has actually been moving toward the geographic north since the 1940's. For a while the drift accelerated, then it slowed and later accelerated again.

Bees and many animals that depend on the magnetic field for navigation are being disoriented. The magnetic field's defense against solar radiation is also weakened, allowing more heat and harmful rays to come through from the sun.

The discovery of an ancient mastodon (a large extinct animal) found frozen and intact with vegetation still in its mouth, suggests the suddenness of an Earth calamity that instantly changed the temperature radically, ending the life of this animal.  The disappearance of the many dinosaurs that once roamed the planet may have been a result of a rapid change like this.

A polar switch might set off a major earthquake, such as in the New Madrid Fault Zone surrounding the Mississippi River, the Cascadia Zone in the Pacific Northwest, or the San Andreas Fault in California, if nothing else triggers these first. Projections are that the land mass could be radically altered with a separation of the continent by a large bay from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes.

If a dramatic change of the poles occurs, the bulge of water at the equator being rapidly redistributed by a sudden planetary jolt could change the land masses greatly, putting many areas under water via giant tsunamis.

(See the maps of North America projected after the earth changes.)

This change would seriously disrupt or end the lives of millions of people. A few years ago in the Mississippi River area, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted two of the largest disaster drills ever organized in anticipation of a massive destructive earthquake there.



Nuclear Disaster

The Fukushima nuclear meltdown demonstrates how vulnerable nuclear facilities are to disaster. The radiation levels are so high in Japan that 30 million people may need to be moved. Even so, their health has already been seriously harmed, yet their government restricts information and issues disinformation about the danger.

Meanwhile, radioactive leakage and fallout continues traveling around the world, particularly in the Northern hemisphere. High radioactivity levels on the U.S. west coast are not being well publicized. Ill and dying pacific sea life and food crops all over North America are being effected as the radioactive materials accumulate. We could breathe, eat or drink a damaging radioactive particle at any time.

Even worse, some of the used rods stored at Fukushima are still in danger of further meltdown, with removal an extremely dangerous process. A further accident could release radioactivity far in excess of any previous event.

You may not be aware that nuclear installations in Pakistan have been blown up by terrorist actions multiple times in recent years. The media does not reveal these incidents, either to prevent concern or to avoid encouraging further acts of nuclear terror.

In security drills at U.S. nuclear facilities, those playing the part of terrorists have often successfully made off with the target "nuclear material", or penetrated to where a terrible explosion could be set off. Most nuclear plants and processing facilities in the U.S. are guarded by lightly armed private security guards.

It is shocking how much nuclear material and advanced weaponry has made its way into the hands of rogue elements. They are planning and practicing attacks that could wipe out large cities and radiate the surrounding regions.

Some observers of events believe that there are secret interests that may set off a "false flag" nuclear incident to be blamed on someone else, similar to what close examination indicates about the 9/11 attacks.

Beyond terrorism, nuclear facilities are susceptible to other disturbances such as an earthquake, mega storm or power outage. These installations were not built to withstand all that could happen to them. Many of them are over 40 years old. What are called "small" leaks and other maintenance issues occur frequently and are not well publicized. Further, the onsite fuel supply for back up generators would last no more than 30 days in most cases.

It would be wise to live as far away as possible from a nuclear site or the normal wind patterns moving from it. Beyond that a well-prepared deep underground long term shelter would be a really good asset.

The U.S. military has used depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq and other theatres that contaminates the area wherever it lies.

Ever since World War II and the Cold War following it, the threat of nuclear war has hung over humanity. The sponsored terrorism in various hotspots, especially Syria, as well as rogue actors in many key positions in Ukraine and the Middle East, make the potential for World War III to be initiated a great concern. The U.S. seems to be taunting Russia and China in many spots around the world. Another world war could easily incorporate the use of nuclear weapons as well as lasers.

With either a direct nuclear detonation in a populated area, or an Electro Magnetic Pulse or direct attacks that shut down the power grid leading to the meltdown of nuclear plants, far too many people would be severely harmed.


Planet X

Is there a massive body or group of bodies approaching our neighborhood of the solar system. What is the evidence of this being a long term recurring event? What would the effects be? How could we prepare?

Learn About Planet X




It is assumed by most of those sounding the alarm that any foreknowledge of a major solar event, a "Planet X" coming near, a polar shift, an asteroid on a collision course, excessive nuclear contamination or any other significant earth changes, and the potential for devastation, would be withheld from us by our officials to avoid panic and a breakdown in social order.

The warnings being sounded from alternative sources about possibly damaging radiation, solar eruptions, Planet X, an energy wave, a pole shift or other Earth changes, suggest that if you and your loved ones are to survive a powerful disaster on Earth, you would be wise to make plans and take action to prepare your own shelter in the basement or completely underground as deep as possible, stocked with food, water, natural remedies and other essential supplies. Forming a survival alliance with neighbors and friends is very important.

It is known that Russia has constructed full underground cities for the majority of their population to retreat and avoid fallout of nuclear particles, volcanic dust or whatever contaminants and other problems.

No such safe facilities are available for the mass population in America, just for elitist insiders and their selected associates and servants, including selected "Continuity of Government" personnel.


Rest Stop

Take A Relaxing Breath

Creative loving awareness is holistic reality.

Caring For One Another



Earth Changes

Earth Changes Disaster Warning From Aware Scientists, Including Physicist, Michio Kaku, PhD

Click here for an article on the increased frequency and intensity of "natural" disasters.

Click here for a shocking video of sinkholes and crevice openings around the world.

Big southern California earthquake overdue.

Click here for a quake prediction website.

Fireballs are pieces of meteors and comets.

Click here and here for information on the Louisiana sinkhole and the mandate for people to evacuate the area. Click here for a May 5, 2013 video on this sinkhole. Then click here if you'd like additional information about the unusual water activity in the area and more.

CLICK HERE for a very interesting documentary that suggests that these little publicized earthquakes, sinkholes, fireballs and loud booms are possibly being generated or intensified on purpose, and how they may foreshadow what could become one of the most major events of our lifetime.

See for information on the abundance of water that the Earth produces from the deep.



ElectroMagnetic Pulse

Important: Warnings About Power Outage by Government Officials

An EMP Would Shut Off The Power

What If There Were An EMP?

"American Blackout" TV Movie by National Geographic

Jesse Ventura reports On NASA warning about solar event and blackout.

What Would You Do If There's A Power Outage?

Original warning by NASA & other scientists of a solar ejection shutting off the grid was removed from YouTube.

NASA's alertful preparedness video for their own staff and families was also removed from YouTube.

A Matter of Not If but When



Genetically Modified Organisms

In a French study a few years ago, animals fed GMO foods developed astounding tumors and died early at an alarming rate.

Click here to read an article and watch the award winning movie Genetic Roulette, directed by Jeffery Smith, as long as it is still being shown at no charge on YouTube. Consider purchasing the DVD to show to other people.

Click here for the Genetic Roulette movie trailer.

Click here for a list of the top 10 GMO foods to avoid and more details.


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