This Is Only A Test - Watch Out!

By Jonathon Miller

Emergency Alert System

As far back as 1951 there has been an emergency communication system that uses broadcast media in case of severe storms, flooding and other disasters. Most people are familiar with the periodic test messages you might hear on radio beginning and ending with high pitched tones: "This is a test; this is only a test. If this had been a real emergency, you would have been instructed . . . ."

Sometimes there are actual storm, tornado and flood events for which emergency notifications are made, often with a few safety tips and other information.

Have you ever considered the hypnotic nature of those messages? Have we been programmed to expect an emergency because disaster is inevitable, and they want us prepared to follow instructions by the authorities rather than run off in a panic?

On the other hand, if the world is not raging outside your door, how much attention do you pay to an emergency alert on the radio similar to dozens of them heard before?



It seems very likely that before long we may experience several major life changes.

Has disclosing the potential for disruption of normal life been avoided by the controlled media to minimize panic ahead of time, or to maximize chaos if and when a disaster occurs?

The natural cycles of the sun and the earth are moving through changes. At the same time there is intentional manipulation of weather and earth activities by hidden powers using advanced technologies going on in the background.

Have you ever been effected by a flood? Dodged a tornado? Ridden out a hurricane? Seen a fireball in the sky? Heard an earth boom just outside your home? Felt an earthquake shaking you and your worldly goods? More and more people are having these experiences.

How about a sinkhole? Last year, one opened up in Florida and drew in a home, killing the man who lived there. The Corvette Museum in Kentucky was recently destroyed by a sinkhole. Eight antique Corvettes were swallowed up.

Volcanoes are smoking and blowing all over the planet. Earthquakes great and small are trembling in many locations.

In the last few years, FEMA has conducted multiple major disaster drills in the New Madrid fault zone of the Mississippi River region, suggest that there is concern of major earth change events in those areas.

Snow, ice and bitter cold have messed up routines in areas that had not experienced such weather in many years, repeating the abuse in some zones. In other places, unpleasant wintry conditions have lasted far longer than what has been normal in the memories of most residents.

The solar magnetic field recently changed poles, as it does every 11 years. The sun is now in a cyclic period of what would normally be maximum activity, when there are supposed to be increased solar flares. However, there have been so few flares that some scientists compare it to the pattern of previous periods of entry into a mini ice age.

On the other hand, some of the flares and the accompanying coronal mass ejections (CME), have been very large. If a CME is directed right at Earth, it might generate an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) that could zap out satellites and cause a widespread power outage for a long time.

Earth's magnetic poles have also been moving for several years, and may flip before long. That is a much rarer event than the sun's polar cycle, and it could be dramatic.

Meanwhile, the protective magnetic shield of the earth is in a weakened state. With minimal shielding, more harmful rays of the sun are already reaching us. It would be best to wear sunglasses that protect against ultraviolet rays and to avoid overexposure of your skin to the sun.

As solar activity increases, substantial amounts of plasma particles are bombarding us. These will become especially intense in the latter half of March.


Mental Instability

The ions flooding in from the sun cannot be seen or felt physically. However, according to earth scientist, Dr. Simon Atkins, they could have a dramatic disturbing effect on the brain.

People may be more susceptible to stress, be unable to get enough sleep, and may react irrationally. Especially vulnerable are those who are not well nourished, those already suffering mental problems, and especially those under the influence of fluoride, mercury, aluminum and psychotropic drugs.

There could be many more people whose brains are seriously disturbed. Dr. Atkins is very concerned that insane behavior may become quite common starting in late March and continuing for a while. This may be a reason why security forces are rumored to be in waiting in various spots around the nation, and why vast stores of ammunition have been purchased by government agencies.

Will these disturbances be sporadic and isolated, or will society be in a chaos of raging people, fights and aberrant behavior? Will we be able to function at our daily tasks? Will our lives be in danger from wild wackos?

We just don't know yet how out of balance people will be.


Hit By A Meteor

In an internet radio interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, an undisclosed insider from the DHS warned not long ago that our solar system is entering a sector of the galaxy with much more debris than we have encountered in known history.

The sudden near misses of asteroids that were previously unknown, and the amazing number of fireballs appearing in skies around the globe, are indications of this.

There is anticipation by officials that a major meteor could hit at anytime, but to avoid panic, this has not been widely announced to the public. Further FEMA emergency drills were held a few months ago in their Region III eastern U.S. area, including Puerto Rico, out of concern for a large meteor strike and potential tsunami.

The phrase "hit by a meteor" may become more common than "struck by lightning" as people are scrambling to avoid being damaged by a random pebble sized meteorite speeding to Earth faster than a bullet.



A lack of information in the major media about possible disasters does not lessen their potential to happen. With the likelihood that one or more of these changes may develop sometime soon, the first priority is to prepare for getting through whatever happens as well as possible.

The looming economic changes have been discussed widely. Earth change events are occurring around the planet. Radiation from the Fukushima disaster continues spreading. The power grid is vulnerable to disruption, and officials have warned of it.

There is much evidence of technological interference with climate and weather. The chemtrails in the skies are one aspect of this that can be seen almost everywhere.

It would be wise to bolster health with wholesome nutritious foods and super food items, and to learn about and have a supply of natural remedies.

Because of the potential for suspension of commerce due to a power outage or some other interruption, people are encouraged to have a stock of easily prepared foods, plenty of pure water and other essentials on hand. Keep in mind to have items that could be readily traded with others for additional needs.

If feasible, it would be wise to leave a city residence for a safer rural destination, especially if there are trusted friends to welcome and help you.

It is smart to plan and practice security protocols and production of sustainable food, water and heating with everyone involved in whatever location you are.


Jonathon Miller is a holistic educator, human nature analyst, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, a Master of Divinity, both from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon has an internet radio program and is the author of several books, and developer of several websites, such as and



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