How many children have been exposed to regular cell phone emissions their entire lives?  Have you seen pregnant women talking on a cell phone, or in the presence of someone on a cell phone?


The range of harm of a cell phone is more than 10 feet.  Lots of little children in arms, in strollers, and in cars are being radiated by cell phones repeatedly.


Dr. Michael Klieeisen and his team of scientists have determined that cell phone emissions from actually talking on it, penetrate deeper into a child’s brain tissue than previously thought – not just near the ear.


In a study they conducted in Spain, Klieeisen’s team examined the brain waves of children during and after a two minute cell phone call utilizing a Cateen scanner linked to a machine measuring brain wave activity. 


He said that they could see effects in less than a minute.  It was discovered that radiation went clear through the brain and to near the ear on the far side.  Further, a call of just two minutes changed the child’s brain electrical activity for as much as an hour.


Dr. Klieeisen is especially concerned about the delicate chemical balances in the brain, and the long term effects on immune resistance and degenerative diseases.

Environmental Health Perspectives published an online article about research on rats of an age comparable to human teenagers.  It was discovered that cell phone EMF's damaged neurons in the rats' brains.  The concern was raised about the greater vulnerability to long term impairment in brains that are still developing.

A child of any age is likely to have an effect on their developing brain and nerves from cell phone radiation, not to mention the disturbance to the rest of their system. 


Children should probably not use cell phones at all, or even be around a cell phone in use.  Some doctors are concerned that it could lead to moodiness, impaired learning and behavior problems.  Are cell phones negatively impacting children's performance in school?

Sir William Stewart, British author of Mobile Phones and Health, is particularly concerned about children.  He believes that scientists have grossly underestimated the risk of serious harm from cell phone use by children.  In Britain, the number of children from five to nine years old who regularly use cell phones increased by over five times in just a few years.

After Sir William Stewart's report, many schools considered banning cell phones.  The industry in Europe jumped up to intercede, claiming there was no clarity from research. 

Dr. Gerald Hyland, a world-renowned advisor on cell phone use, says that there is not a safe level of use that is known.  As we have seen, the bad effects of a cell phone call do not end when you hang up.   He advises that parents not permit a child to use a cell phone for EVEN A SHORT PERIOD.

In a European survey it was found that 87 percent of teens 11 to 16 years old had cell phones.  40 percent of them talk at least 15 minutes per day.  70 percent claimed they would not change how much they used their phone if the government advised them to reduce usage.


Too many young people have become addicted to being on the cell phone.  It is a “walkie-talkie” that works almost everywhere.  It is like having their friend with them as they go here and there.   Many teens are regularly carrying on lengthy conversations on cell phones. 


Knowledge of the detriment of using the cell phone for anything more than an important, brief, momentary message, may not convince a young person to abandon it.  Teens and young adults have traditionally felt invulnerable to harm.  They have a tendency to undertake risky adventures. 


Hopefully young people will reduce their cellular usage as they learn of its hazards.  Perhaps they will think about the value of themselves and their friends being alive in 20 or 30 years, and cut out the cell phone conversations.  Maybe they will realize that it is more enjoyable to communicate with friends in person anyway.



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