A significant part of the appeal of cell phones is that everyone else seems to be using one.  People don’t like to be left out.  But what if you or your friends aren’t around to enjoy each other in 20 or 30 years because of the use of cell phones now?


A real problem is that people don't notice pain immediately upon using a cell phone, so they think it's okay.  They may not even realize that it has disturbed their brain and left them less sharp minded.


It is time to spread the word so that no one is left out of the knowledge that using a cell phone is harming them and those around them.  As we learn about this, it is time to make a choice between convenience and health and life.  The disease states that are likely to arise from overuse of cell phones are not at all pleasant.


Vote against cellular expansion by withholding your dollars. Try to avoid financial support for the proliferation of cellular towers and cell phone use in public. 


Some people feel that a cell phone is essential for their circumstances.  If so, there are cell phone deals where you pay only for minutes used.  Keep the phone shut off almost all the time, using it only for emergencies and brief essential messages limited to only a few seconds.  It should not be used more than 10 minutes a month.


The “free” long distance of cell phone service is not really free.  How much is your brain worth?  And how many long distance calls could you pay for with the $30 to $50 a month it usually costs for cell phone service?


Many people have already joined a trend to get rid of their land phone line at home to use the cell phone for all calls.  This is not at all a good idea.  Use only a corded land line at home.  Support the growth of fiber optic cable for telephone and computer uses by purchasing those services instead of “wireless”.   Also choose cable TV over satellite transmissions, which bombard us all with frequencies.


If you have kids, do not get them a cell phone, or cancel service if you already have.  Get an extra land line for children at home.  Give kids some quarters for using a pay phone when they are out.  Children should not even use a cell phone except in an emergency.  If a brief conversation is essential it should be done with an ear piece.


If you have one, do not carry a live cell phone in your pocket, especially not near the heart or reproductive organs.


The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of a cell phone is displayed on the packaging.  The higher the SAR, the more radiation you are exposed to in using the device.  You can purchase a SAR shield that attaches to the antenna of the cell phone and blocks some of the microwaves.


A 2002 study in Britain found that few of these shields work, and the ones that do reduce reception.


Better than one of these antenna shields would be an external antenna and an ear piece to use when you make a call.  There are "hands free" kits available including some of these accessories. 


Do not count on these extra pieces to fully protect you, however.  In any case, avoid holding a cell phone near the head.


Speak up to complain when people are using a cell phone nearby to you.  Let them know that you do not want to be radiated by their device.  Ask them to “please shut it OFF when other people are around!” Tell them you don’t want the harmful emissions hitting you.  Don’t be embarrassed to walk away and get out of range of the cell phone’s emissions.


It may not be a good idea to gesture or speak to people using a cell phone while they are driving, as they could be already irritable, and go into “road rage”.  At least you can let your friends and relatives know of the hazardous brain impairment that an active cell phone produces.




What about cordless phones? People tend to have frequent long conversations on a cordless handset without even thinking about the consequences.  There is less information about this, but holding a cordless phone emitting 900 MHz next to your head also zaps your brain. 


With a cordless phone system, both the base and the phone are emitting radiation throughout the home.


Even worse, the new digital spectrum cordless phones are effective for 100 meters to a mile or more from their base.  These blast the brain and emit radiation throughout the neighborhood.


ANY cordless phone is harmful.  It is suggested that you use only cord-connected telephone equipment in your home.




We are in the midst of a giant experiment in terms of living in unnatural electromagnetic frequencies.  The proliferation of broadcasting from towers to satellites, the AC wiring in our homes, and the vast array of electrical appliances, all have been developed in just the last 80 years or so.  We have not yet determined how all these EMF fields effect us.


Meanwhile, do not spend lengthy time near any electrical device.  Keep well back from a television set, and do not run a TV when it is not really being watched.  Set your computer monitor as far away from you as possible.   Stand at least 5 feet away from an electric stove or a microwave oven. 


Research on women who sew for a living has found an increased potential for Alzheimer’s from extensive hours on an electric sewing machine.  There are many other situations where workers are exposed at length to electrical equipment.  Pregnant women are advised to not work many hours at a computer terminal.   (Short time use of small electrical items like shavers, hair dryers, irons, etc., is not a significant problem.)


At night while sleeping, do not use an electric blanket or a water bed heater.  If you have one, use it to warm the bed, then unplug it.  Turn off any computer in or near the bedroom.  Keep a clock, a radio, an answering machine, or any other electrical appliance at least 5 feet away from you.  Even a small clock puts out a 5 milligauss field for over two feet.  This is 10 times the normal electromagnetic exposure.  A battery operated clock is okay, as that operates on harmless DC current.


There are a variety of devices including magnets, diodes, polarizers, etc., that are offered to counteract EMF.  Their effectiveness is hard to verify.  Many people use kinesiology muscle testing to determine if something is helpful to them or not.




This is really unknown, but we must remain hopeful.  Based on my over 30 years of experience in the natural health field, I suggest a few things that may have the greatest restorative results:


First and foremost, it is important to maintain a positive attitude.  Avoid worry and anxiety about this problem.  Simply take action to cut out cell phone use and other EMF fields around yourself and your loved ones.


Most people are severely dehydrated, and usually overly acidic. The common diet, including the popular beverages coffee, soda pop and alcohol, are very dehydrating and acidifying.  On the other hand, the water people do consume, even filtered water, is not properly structured for hydrating the cells well.


A special agent that improves water's capacity to hydrate and to alkalize, is very important for clearing toxins, and restoring proper electrochemical transmissions in the brain and body.


Further, plant source nutrients, especially the entire spectrum of ionic minerals and vitamins and their necessary frequencies, are absolutely essential to restore and support health.  If nutrients are not in the right form and balance for cells to assimilate and use, the functions and repair of tissues will not be accomplished.


Together, enhanced pure water and comprehensive nutrients in ideal form, can feed and nourish the brain and body to restore the best possible health status.  Pursue only the very best sources for these items.



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