Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) have long been known to be disturbing to biological systems.  Since the negative effects are hard to quantify, there have not been a lot of statistics available.  But more is being learned.  Dr. Robert O. Becker has warned of the seriousness of electromagnetic pollution for many years.


The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from a cell phone is very powerful.  When a cell user is in a car or a building, the cellular tower sends a signal to the cell phone to boost its output to compensate.  Anyone within 10 feet is getting a serious amount of radiation.  Significant amounts of EMR can even be detected within 100 feet.


Multiply the emissions from one cell phone by millions of users per day.  Then consider all the devices, such as the increasing use of chips in automobiles, that are broadcasting signals.  Add these to the radio broadcasting that has been going on for 80 years and the TV broadcasts for 60 years, as well as all the radar, CB radios, etc.  The electronic devices in our home, including TV’s, computers and microwave ovens, increase the EMR in our living spaces as well. 


We are constantly walking around in a sea of electromagnetic pollution.  It has been stressing us and impairing our health for years.  Some scientists think that the bizarre disturbances and deteriorating health of various species of trees and animals is due to increasing EMR.




The cell phone is a much more intense danger.  Its powerful emissions are given off WITHIN the body’s energy field, often RIGHT NEXT TO THE BRAIN.  The effects on brain chemistry, blood cells, nerves, and ability to think; and the development of cancer and other degenerative diseases; are beginning to be noticed and researched.


Dr. Neil Cherry is a New Zealand biophysicist who has studied what cell phones are doing to people.  He has found stepped-up aging, greater Alzheimer’s symptoms, increased cancers (particularly brain tumors), arteriosclerosis and heart problems, and the death of cells, all from the microwaves emanating from cell phones and cellular relay towers.


The more immediate negative effects of talking on cell phones include: tiredness, fatigue and lethargy; dizziness, nausea, headaches, depression, anger, rage, and even violence and suicide.  The radiation disturbs the levels of calcium and serotonin in the brain.  Very small disturbances in mineral and hormone levels from cell phone use can create these problems.


Dr. Cherry is aware of 66 different studies of population statistics that indicate increased brain tumors in recent years.  Two of the studies are specifically about brain tumors from cell phone use.  He believes the risk of using these devices is extremely high.


Some scientists believe that the particular frequency band that cell phones utilize is especially hard on the human brain.  There are normally subtle transmissions of impulses from the brain and throughout the body.  These are necessary for communication to keep the body’s cells functioning as they should.  The EMR from cell phones interferes with memory, learning and internal communication, impacting the user’s life in many unhealthy ways.


Cell phone users may find they become more forgetful, confused, upset, and angry.  It may be progressively harder for them to concentrate, to grasp concepts and to complete tasks.  “Hands-free” phones with a speaker emit 10 times the disturbing frequencies than the hand-held phones.




A greater danger than the common concern about manipulating the phone for dialing while driving, is the impairment of faculties from using the phone.  The reduced alertness continues even after the call is over.


The National Highway Safety Administration has estimated that 85 per cent of those who own a cell phone use it sometimes while driving.  Further, they figure that 27 per cent talk on the cell phone on most of their trips in the car. 


Insurance companies are finding that the 600% greater number of accidents by cell phone users is not simply from handling the phone.  It is mostly from being less clear-minded for driving than if the person were drunk!


In a 3 month long research project by Britain’s main auto insurance provider, Direct Line, volunteers were tested on simulation equipment for reaction times.   Reaction averaged 50% longer than normal when driving while talking on a cell phone, and 30% longer than when legally drunk. 


Drivers were unable to maintain a safe distance from a preceding car, and unable to sustain a constant speed. At 70 mph this lag time means it would take an extra 46 feet to stop before encountering another car or object blocking the road.


Even with a "hands free" cell phone, the driving was more difficult than when drunk.  Also, more road warning signs were missed by cell phone users than by drunk drivers.


A University of Toronto study found that the greater risk of an accident lasts an average of about 15 minutes after completing a cellular call.  A number of governments are considering banning the use of cell phones by drivers, including: Brazil, British Columbia, England, Israel, Spain and Switzerland.


Even worse, when using a cell phone in an automobile, the radiation is magnified through the steel frame of the car.  Everyone in the car is effected.



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