Dr. George Carlo is a scientist who was hired by the cell phone industry’s trade association to support cell phone use.  In examining results of research in a North Carolina laboratory, he noted that a genetic change consistent with a high risk for cancer was generated in human blood in test tubes exposed to cell phone emissions.

When Carlo discovered that the incidence of brain tumors on the outer edge of the brain on the right side, the normal side of cell phone use, is more than double in recent years, he could not support cell phone usage.  On ABC’s “20/20”, Carlo warned that the damage that cell phones cause to genes would lead to many instances of cancer.

“20/20” found that every cell phone that they had independently tested, exceeded the U.S.  Federal Communication Commission’s limit for EMF absorption. They predicted a coming widespread disaster, and advised that people avoid cell phones.

On the same ABC program, Dave Ashton, a researcher of the effects of EMF, said that just having the cell phone turned on is harmful, as the phone is constantly beaming out to find the nearest cellular relay tower to pick up a potential call.  He believes that long term health deterioration will occur from regularly having an active cell phone on or around the body.  He does not think that an ear piece, or even a shield, will counteract this ongoing problem.

Professor Leif Salford, a neurologist, has found that just two minutes of emissions from a cell phone shut off the “blood/brain barrier”, a chemical safety net that keeps harmful proteins and other toxins from getting into the brain.  He theorizes that increased instances of MS and Alzheimer’s could result.

As long ago as 1995, cellular phone sales in North America were greater than the birth rate.  There are many people that have been using them for years.  Worse, there are a number of young children that have had an active cell phone around them most of their lives

Dr. Carlo is particularly concerned about the accumulation of damage from repeated use over time.  The risks of the body’s cells going haywire, cell death, cancer and other serious health challenges, increase the more one uses a cell phone.  For young adults considering having children, genetic damage from cell phone use is inherited by offspring.


A separate study at Adelaide Hospital supported Dr. Carlo’s findings.  There was about double the incidence of B-cell lymphoma (a marker common to 85% of cancers) in mice that had been exposed to an hour a day of cell phone level EMR over an 18 month period.

Biologist, Roger Coghill, suggests requiring a health warning on cell phones.  He found that the emission of radiation from a cell phone lessens the infection fighting power of white blood cells.  He believes the radiation interferes with immune system communications.

From Germany, Dr. S. Braun gave a report to Britain’s medical journal, The Lancet, on cell phone EMF.  He found that the emissions increased blood pressure in users.

In Britain, Professor Sir William Stewart issued a report titled Mobile Phones and Health.  He cited four different research projects that caused him to be concerned about cell phone usage. 

One was a Swedish study lasting ten years that showed a tendency for non-malignant tumors in the ear and brain by cell phone users.  For example, tumors on the acoustic nerve were twice as likely among cell phone users, and occurred four times more on the same side of the head as the cell phone was normally held.  These tumors can cause deafness.

Stewart also referred to Dutch research  that found cognitive changes from cell phone use.   In Germany researchers found greater cancer rates around cell phone towers. Another study funded by the European Union came up with indications of impairment of cells from electromagnetic fields similar to cell phone emissions.   


Dr. John Diamond, M.D., was a major researcher and advocate of kinesiology (muscle testing).  His testing of a cell phone turned on and kept in a hip pocket, revealed disturbed brain activity. Also, the flow in several energy meridians was disrupted. 


Additionally, Dr. Diamond found that cell phone EMR interferes with the balance between hemispheres of the brain, disturbs the autonomic nervous system and reduces immune resistance.  He noticed that users readily became confused.  Of even more concern, he determined that a cell phone call effects the whole community around the caller with radiation.


In England, Dr. Alan Preece, a biophysicist at Bristol Oncology Center, citing 6 studies, declared that it now must be accepted that cell phone frequencies have a negative effect on the brain, stimulating harmful chemical changes involving stress proteins.


In other research in Australia, Dr. Peter Franch learned that the body’s cells are harmed permanently by using a cell phone.  Further, he determined that a 25% increase in asthma is related to the bronchial spasms caused by a near doubling of histamine production in people using a cell phone.


Dr. Jerry Mittleman, a retired holistic dentist, is sure that cell phone usage has negative dental effects.  He is concerned that there are a number of acupuncture points in the ear, jaw and other head areas near where a cell phone is usually held, that are adversely effected by cell phone usage.


Dr. Mittleman likens the EMR of cellular technology to living next door to a toxic waste dump!  He believes that the more than 1 nanowatt per square centimeter of “second-hand” radiation effecting anyone within 100 yards of a cell phone in use, is far more of a problem than being exposed to someone smoking a cigarette.


Similar to the tobacco companies, cellular companies say that there are no studies that establish any harm, when there are actually hundreds of such studies.  Dr. Mittleman points out that as long ago as 1927, chemist Ernst Muth found that red blood cells stack up in chains when exposed to even low-level radio waves.


According to Mittleman, the study at Bristol University found that cell phone radiation disrupted electrical transmissions in the brain, even warming the brain in some instances.  In another study he cites, done at the University of Washington in Seattle under Dr. Henry Lai, rats experienced loss of memory and eventual genetic mutations when subjected to radiation as from cell phones.


Dr. Mittleman also tells of an experiment at Montpellier University in France, led by Professor M. Bastwide.  Chicken embryos exposed to a cell phone on standby experienced a greater death rate of 5 to 7 times normal.  Young mice similarly exposed had greatly increased stress hormones.


The world famous insurer, Lloyds of London, will not insure cell phone companies against potential suits from customers for health damages.  Further, it has been reported that the lawyers who pursued the tobacco companies and won $4.2 billion are now working on cases involving cell phones.


Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is reviewing years of research to come up with a position on cell phone usage.


Even if you don’t use a cell phone, the growing number of cellular relay towers effects us all.  Those living or working near them experience substantially more of the detriments of the radiation, including lower immune strength, nervousness and tension, disturbed sleep, and difficulties in people getting along with each other.


There are communities in Canada, New Zealand and other countries that are successfully blocking installation of cellular towers.  These are not “high-voltage” units like the high-tension electrical wire towers that have also been controversial.  With cell towers, it is not the voltage that is the concern, but the cellular frequencies themselves.


No one should live or spend time near a cellular relay tower.  Further, if you see someone nearby talking on a cell phone, it would be best to move well away from them.  The “second-hand radiation” is not good for you.


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